We change the speed sensor on a VAZ-2114 with our own hands (video inside

Speedometer sensor location

Regardless of the year of manufacture of the car, this device is installed on the gearbox housing .

It is attached to the drive using a threaded connection. To find this sensor you need to look at the gearbox in the area of ​​the right CV joint . Next, you should find a part with a connected electrical connector. Below is a photo of where the VAZ 2114 speedometer sensor is located. On older models, a cable is attached to the device. It is necessary to transmit torque to a mechanical speedometer.

Which sensor is needed for replacement?

From the factory, the VAZ 2114 is equipped with a sensor marked 2111-3843010, article number: 343.3843. The sensor is manufactured in the city of Kursk. Its cost at the moment is from 230 rubles and above. In addition to this, analogue sensors are offered:

  1. Fenox SS10102O7 price from 200 rub (Belarus)
  2. Manover MR21123843 price from 270 RUR (Germany)

When choosing a sensor, we recommend installing exactly the one supplied by AvtoVAZ from the factory. Although it is not uncommon for it to fail at 50–70 thousand km. One of the common causes of sensor failure is water getting inside. After which rust forms on the sensor rod and it jams.

Signs of a faulty speedometer sensor

The car owner can independently determine the failure of the speed sensor. This does not require specialized education. In most cases, a malfunction is accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • P0500 or P0503 on the electronic unit . In the first case, the error means loss of signal from the device. P0503 occurs when the signal supplied to the electronic control unit is unstable.

If errors occur, the cause of the breakdown may be not only the sensor, but also faulty electrical wiring. Often the transmission of incorrect data occurs as a result of oxidation of the contact pads of the connectors. In such a situation, to eliminate the malfunction, it is necessary to ring the wires and, if necessary, clean the connectors from oxidation.

  • Incorrect operation of the internal combustion engine at idle. If a breakdown occurs, the speed of the power unit is unstable. Spontaneous engine stop at idle is possible. Additionally, the symptom may be accompanied by a significant increase in fuel consumption. This is due to the fact that the control unit receives incorrect data and cannot correctly select the fuel to air mass ratio.
  • The speedometer or odometer does not work. The pointer needle may behave erratically or not move at all.

On cars with a cable-driven speedometer, incorrect operation of the indicator may not be associated with other symptoms. This means that the cable has broken. At the same time, the electronic part transmits correct data to the control unit.

  • Decrease in engine power. The ECU cannot normally determine the speed of the vehicle and puts the engine into emergency mode.

The location of the speedometer sensor on the VAZ 2114 allows you to independently dismantle it and replace it with a new part without the use of specialized equipment.


It is incorrect to assume that the DS serves solely to transmit information regarding the current speed of the vehicle. In fact, this device has several tasks.

  1. Transferring information to the dashboard, namely the speedometer, about the speed of the car.
  2. Supports optimal functioning of the idle air control.
  3. Transferring data to the electronic control unit in order to maintain optimal speed depending on the travel mode.

The DS is connected to the speedometer and controller using a mounting block located in the engine compartment. And inside the car, directly on the heater fan relay, there is a sensor fuse.

Errors and symptoms

If the device starts to work incorrectly or breaks down, you should pay attention to the on-board computer screen. Diagnostics of errors will determine that the DS has stopped functioning properly and measures should be taken to eliminate the breakdown

Error code What does it mean
P0500 This error indicates that the computer does not receive a signal from the speed sensor.
P0503 This error code informs about the receipt of an unstable signal from the DS, which is intermittent.

If these error codes appear on the dashboard, you should definitely inspect the electrical circuit for oxidation or damage to the integrity of the contacts. Often it is because of this that the DS stops transmitting information.

But there are other signs by which you can determine that the DS is out of order:

  • On the dashboard, the speedometer shows incorrect speed data or the needle does not move at all;
  • With a slight acceleration, the speed floats, the engine switches off on its own;
  • Fuel consumption increases;
  • Engine power is noticeably reduced.

These signs may be signals of problems with other systems. But if you find one of the characteristic signs of a DS failure, plus one of two error codes appears on the on-board computer, then the problem lies precisely in the speed sensor.

Functionality check

Do not rush to replace the device until you are sure that the faulty sensor is the culprit of the problem.

The check is performed in several ways. Decide for yourself which one you prefer.

Checking the operation of the DS

Before doing this, be sure to check the condition of the wiring and contacts. If they are oxidized or rusted, or there are breaks in the circuit, then the DS itself may well be operational. You just need to return the wiring and contacts to a functional state. If the check shows that everything is intact and there are no problems with the contacts, then diagnose the speed sensor.

  1. If you don’t want to remove the DS, then place the car on a level surface, secure it with blocks and lift the left front wheel with a jack. Connect the voltmeter to the contacts of the sensor and begin to rotate the wheel with your hands. At the same time, look at the voltmeter data. If the voltage increases with frequency in proportion to the increase in wheel speed, the DS operates normally.
  2. Another method also does not require removing the measuring device. But for this you will need a test lamp. Use a jack to lift the left front wheel and connect the test lamp to the DC contacts. After this, manually rotate the wheel. If the lamp lights up, the sensor is working well.
  3. The third method involves dismantling the sensor and then checking the input and output voltage. The device for measuring the indicators will be a voltmeter.
  4. The fourth method is actively used by those who prefer to repair their car with their own hands. Here you have to check the sensor drive. To do this, lift the wheel using a jack and remove the sensor. Feel for the DS drive, and then begin to rotate the wheel. You can feel with your fingers that the drive rotates. If there are no jams, everything rotates evenly, then the drive is in good condition.

If a malfunction of the DS is detected, the only correct solution is to remove it and replace it with a new sensor.

Having determined that your DS has already served its purpose, you can begin the replacement procedure.

How to check the speed sensor?

You can check the functionality of the device that determines the speed using a multimeter or a test lamp. Diagnostic measures are carried out in the following order:

  1. Locate the part.
  2. Disconnect the electrical connector.
  3. Set the multimeter switch to DC voltage measurement mode.
  4. Connect one probe of the device to the contact of the signal wire. For more reliable fixation, you can use a specialized clamp.
  5. Attach the second probe of the multimeter to the car body. The electrical equipment of the VAZ 2114 is made according to the single-wire principle. The car body is the negative contact.
  6. Jack up the front wheel. Before doing this, it is necessary to eliminate the risk of spontaneous rolling of the car. To do this, install anti-roll devices under the wheels.
  1. Turn on the ignition.
  2. Rotate the wheel with different intensity as the car moves. When accelerating, the voltage should increase, and when decelerating, it should drop accordingly.

You can check the device by removing it from the car. To do this, you should forcibly rotate its moving part and take measurements in the same way. If you don’t have a multimeter, you can use a 12V car lamp.

If during the diagnostic process it was revealed that the sensor is working, you should look for a fault in the wiring. In some cases, the pointer indicator fails.

Speed ​​sensor in the general scheme of sensors and devices

It doesn’t take long to guess where the speed sensor is located on a VAZ 2114. After all, it also performs the function of determining the speed of movement. Structurally, the speedometer drive remained in the same place, therefore the VAZ 2114 speed sensor is located on top of the manual transmission, in the area of ​​the right CV joint. The best access to the DS can be obtained from below, if you place the car on an inspection hole.

The connection diagram for the VAZ 2114 speed sensor is quite simple. In the general electrical circuit of the car, it is powered through the middle fuse, rated 7.5 A, which is located on the heater fan relay in the passenger compartment. On the instrument cluster in the front instrument panel, the output plug with the address - “DS” and the “engine control controller” has the same number - “9”.

VAZ 2114 speed sensor diagram

What does the speed sensor affect? It is directly connected to the controller and electronic speedometer. When in working order, the DS provides the necessary information about the current speed, ensures normal operation of the idle speed controller and maintains engine speed in optimal mode through the generation of adequate signals to the ECU.

Since electronic devices are subject to various external influences that lead to failures in the overall system, one must be attentive to preventive inspections and monitoring their performance. So, there is an opinion that if the speedometer on a VAZ 2114 does not work, then the speed sensor has definitely failed. However, there are methods for monitoring the electronic speedometer. Using special equipment on the stand, you can determine its performance.

Three measurements are taken at speeds - 40, 80 and 120 km/h:

  • in this case, the speedometer readings in km/h should be, respectively, “40.35 - 44”, “81.38 - 85”, “122.07 - 127”;
  • and the nominal frequency of the input signal in Hz is “66.66”, “133.33”, “200”.

Replacing DS with VAZ 2114

The part can be replaced at home. The work can be performed by a person who does not have specialized knowledge and experience. Replacement is carried out in the following sequence:

  • Turn off the on-board power supply voltage. To do this, remove the negative terminal from the battery.

  • Remove the corrugation. This is necessary for unhindered access to the sensor.

  • Disconnect the electrical connector. The plug is equipped with two latches that prevent spontaneous disconnection.
  • Unscrew the device counterclockwise.

Installation of the new part must be carried out in reverse order. In some cases, the sensor drive may need to be replaced at the same time as the sensor.

Self-replacement of the sensor

  1. Raise the hood and turn off the power by removing the ground terminal from the battery.

  2. For ease of operation, remove the air duct corrugation.

  3. When access to the sensor is open, disconnect the wires from it.

  4. Turn the sensor body counterclockwise by hand and unscrew it.
  5. If you suspect a malfunction of the drive, unscrew the nut securing it with a 10mm wrench and pry off the drive housing with a slotted screwdriver.

  6. Carefully remove the drive.

  7. Install the new drive and secure it.
  8. Install the new sensor and connect the wires.

What speed sensor is installed on the VAZ 2114?

Depending on the year of manufacture of the car, two types of sensor can be installed on the VAZ 2114. One with electronic communication with controller and speedometer. The second one has a mechanical connection to the speedometer and an electronic connection to the controller.

The market offers a wide selection of speed sensors for the VAZ 2114 from various manufacturers. The average cost is 350-450 rubles .

On VAZ 2114 cars, the speed sensor is used not only to transmit data to the speedometer, but also to communicate with the electronic control unit. The part can be replaced at home without the use of specialized tools.

Design and principle of operation

The sensor is a complex of mechanical and electronic components operating according to the Hall principle.

The rotating parts convert the electrical signal into a chain of pulses that are multiples of the rotation of the sensor axis. Due to the mechanical connection of the sensor rod with the wheel hub, the rotational movement of the wheel is converted into the distance traveled.

  • when the outer surface of the tire rotates 360°, the wheel moves horizontally a certain distance;
  • this path is equal to the circumference of the tire, it is programmed into the engine ECU;

    Important: Installing wheels of a non-standard size disrupts the operation algorithm of the VAZ 2115 speed sensor.

  • the corresponding block in the speedometer panel determines the distance traveled;
  • the distance traveled divided by the time of movement is nothing more than speed.

Both of these parameters are involved in the coordinated operation of the engine's electronic control unit.

Let's look at this design in more detail.

The Hall effect is that when a concentrated electric field passes through a magnetic field, an electrical impulse occurs. To “materialize” it, a semiconductor is placed in a magnetic field, at the ends of which a completely measurable voltage appears. This impulse is the same signal that is sent to the electronic speedometer and engine control unit. The speed sensor connection diagram clearly demonstrates the principle of operation of the speed sensor on a VAZ 2114 car.

As you can see, the signal goes not only to the speedometer unit.

In accordance with the operating principle of the Hall system, one revolution of the sensor shaft generates one electrical pulse. At the same time, there are no unnecessary mechanics: only the input shaft of the device connected to the output shaft of the manual transmission.

How impulses are converted into speed and mileage

There is a known quantity: the circumference of a car tire. Of course, this system works correctly only when installing standard tires and normal tire pressure. The ECU and sensor controller take readings and convert them into mileage. That is, the odometer has already received its share of information. Divide this value by time - we get the speed of movement.

Wear or breakage of the VAZ 2114 speedometer cable

Speedometer cable VAZ 2114 - is responsible for transmitting speed from the box to the instrument panel of the car’s speedometer. One end of this cable is connected to the drive gearbox, which is located on the gearbox, and the other end is connected to the speedometer mechanism itself, which in turn is located on the instrument panel.

The speedometer cable of the VAZ 2114 is located near the bottom of the gearbox housing and is attached to the gearbox, for clarity, so that you have at least the slightest idea of ​​where the cable is located, look at the photo below in which the arrow indicates the cable:

The speedometer cable is replaced in 2 cases:

Failure, and therefore the speedometer will not show any values ​​on the instrument panel. And also when it is deformed and when the nut that secures it to the gearbox or to the speedometer mechanism breaks. It is important to know: If you have a nut securing the cable to the gearbox, or to the speedometer, it is broken, then when driving you will experience sharp jumps in the speedometer needle!

Speed ​​sensor VAZ 2114, VAZ 2115 DIY replacement

Welcome, friends, to the DIY car repair website. If your car, be it a VAZ 2114-2115 or some other, starts to stall and doesn’t want to idle, the speedometer shows false data, gasoline consumption begins to increase or power decreases altogether, then most likely the speed sensor has failed ( DS).

Speed ​​sensor VAZ 2114

Looking ahead a little, I would like to note that replacing the speed sensor of a VAZ 2114, VAZ 2115 is not very difficult, you just need to know where it is. And such a minor breakdown is not worth the big money that you need to pay at the service station.

Speed ​​sensor malfunctions:

  • The speedometer stops working.
  • Gasoline consumption increases.
  • Engine power decreases.
  • The engine refuses to idle.

How does the sensor work?

It transmits a certain signal to the controller, which in turn adjusts the operation of the engine at idle, while activating the idle speed controller, which in turn regulates the air supply bypassing the throttle valve.

On VAZ cars, DS are installed, which differ in connection connectors. Let's say Bosch systems use square connectors.

The circular connector speed sensor is installed in vehicles with GM or January Four type systems. But the electronic parameters of the devices are the same - 6 pulses per revolution.

The system reads signals from the diesel engine and controls the threshold for turning off the gasoline supply and forcibly limits the speed of the vehicle. Over the years, three types of sensors have been used.

Attention! Before purchasing a new sensor, you need to know its markings specifically for your model, since they are not interchangeable.

At first they began to be installed on SAMARAs with an injection engine and a cable-driven speedometer. It is used as an intermediate link between the gear and the speedometer drive cable.

The question arises, how to check the speed sensor in SAMARA? The answer is no, its diagnosis needs to be carried out with a special device. A sign of a breakdown was that the car stalled when the speed was switched to neutral, but with such signs there could be other breakdowns.

Another example is used on all cars with an electronic speedometer. Checking the speed sensor of this sample is not necessary, because if it breaks down, the speedometer does not show any readings, so either it is faulty or the reason is in the instrument cluster.

The third type is one in which the work is based on the Hall effect, used on cars with electric power steering.

If the new type of speed sensor malfunctions, the steering force changes. They are not used on the fourteenth and fifteenth VAZ models, but only on Priora, Kalina or Grant.

Replacing the speed sensor VAZ 2114, VAZ 2115

Changing the DS yourself is very simple and this procedure is no different from replacing it on other brands such as the VAZ 2110. It is not difficult to find the sensor; it is located on the gearbox, on the back side, near the differential.

Before replacing the DS with a VAZ 2114, it is recommended to check the wires for breaks. The tools you need are a flathead screwdriver, pliers and a Phillips screwdriver. Depending on its model, you may need additional tools.

To avoid various troubles, it is better to disconnect the battery. First you will need to remove the intake pipe and air filter from the car. Remove the terminal from the sensor. If you use a cable speedometer drive, you need to disconnect the cable from the sensor.

Clean the place where the speed sensor is installed from dirt and debris. Then, using a tool, you can remove the sensor itself, first unscrewing the nut. It is unscrewed with a twenty-two key, sometimes by hand.

If you use a third type of DS, which is installed directly into the gearbox, you need to clean it of oil and close the seat. Afterwards you can install a new one, the procedure is repeated in reverse order.

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