Why do you need an air recirculation function in a car?
What happens when recirculation is turned on? In order to understand correctly, you need to understand two
5 climate control problems you should try to fix yourself
Climate control Volkswagen Polo There was a time when not many cars drove with the windows closed.
How to clean injectors on a Cummins ISF 2.8 engine
Checking the injector without removing it from the engine To check the serviceability of the injector, turn off the ignition and
How to make a water injection system into an engine
What is it? Water injection into an internal combustion engine is an idea that came to the automotive industry from the aircraft industry.
Setting up the Tomasetto gearbox 2nd generation carburetor
Setting up the Tomasetto gearbox 2nd generation carburetor
After successful installation of a 2nd generation LPG system on a car, and passing a test for its functionality
Diesel engine. Similarities and differences
The starter turns, but the engine does not start: we look for and eliminate the cause
Which engine is better: gasoline or diesel? Answered by an experienced motor mechanic Hello, dear subscribers and
HBO on the injector. What types of HBO are there, part 2
What does HBO 2 consist of for injector 8. Anti-pop valve. 9. Injector operation emulator.
Comparison of batteries: lead-acid, gel and AGM
Explanation of the names of GEL and AGM batteries GEL stands for Gelled Electrolite. As an electrolyte
Pistons and connecting rods of VAZ 2101 Zhiguli
Piston Cast from aluminum alloy. To improve run-in, the outer surface of the piston (Fig. 5) is coated
It's time to change a clogged particulate filter
3 effective methods for removing particulate filters
Reports from hell Servicemen also know how to disable the catalytic neutralization system for diesel engines with
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