Il-112V is a replacement for outdated An family vehicles. First flight. Results
The Il-112 aircraft is a light transport aircraft project developed by the Ilyushin design bureau. The main task
How to choose a crossbow for hunting. Hunting with a crossbow.
For a hunter with a crossbow, the main type of prey is wild boar. Not particularly common in Russia
individual diet irp 1
Packed rations for Russian soldiers were recognized as the best in the world
Requirements for dry soldering A modern dry soldering must meet the following requirements: Everything that is included in
'Submarine "Shark"' title='Submarine "Shark"' data-width="660
Series of third-generation multi-purpose nuclear submarines Project 971 “Shchuka-B” (Akula)
Submarines today belong to the class of warships, and in wartime they are part of the armed forces.
Henry Deringer guns
The latest examples of foreign-made personal small arms
Hand Pistol Samuel Colt invented the hand pistol. It used a multi-barrel system. It consisted
Universal, landing, aircraft-carrying: where did dock ships come from?
Artillery boats pr. 1400A, 1400MP pr. 1400E – • (30)
In the Soviet Union In the USSR, submarines were used to transport goods and transport people
Be-200 multi-role amphibious aircraft (6 photos + 1 video)
Be-200 Be-200ChS pours water, painted in the colors of the Russian flag, at MAKS-2009 Type multi-purpose seaplane
Non-contact bottom mine MIRAB. Controversial weapons of the USSR Navy
For the term "Torpedo" see also other meanings. Launching a torpedo from a submarine
Nuclear "Typhoon": how a unique submarine kept the West at bay
Submarines of Project 941 "Shark" - video The tactical and technical specifications for the design were issued in
The Kombat T-98 armored car has become even more brutal after tuning at Smirnov Design Bureau
T-98 Combat - Russian armored SUV for transporting VIPs in a combat zone. Designed by
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