The US Air Force B-52 strategic bomber conducted a training bombing of Crimea
“Cart-Start” is used when aircraft urgently need to take off. For example, this
Modification of Tu-22PD - a museum exhibit in Engels
Strategic bomber - Tu-22 aircraft: history and performance characteristics
Our story is about the famous military aircraft Tu-22 (according to NATO codification, the very first aircraft
Marine knife EXTREMA RATIO MK2.1 EX/128MK2DW Desert Camo
Which sheath is best to choose for a knife? You will have to decide how the knife will be oriented
The Navy will receive torpedoes and new generation nuclear submarines
Purpose The universal deep-sea homing torpedo (UGST) is designed to destroy submarines, surface ships and
Sniper rifle SMLE Mk III (T) / Mk III* (T)
06/04/2013 Sniper rifle MK12 MOD0/MOD1 (USA) Special purpose rifle Mk12 MOD, like its
Cyma FN P90 submachine gun with extended barrel (CM060A)
History of creation[edit] The MP5 submachine gun was first introduced by Heckler & Koch in 1966,
the latest weapons
New weapons 2020: Twenty-five loading shotgun KGS-25
Section: News for 2020 Date of publication: 01/25/2017, 12:17 80 Russia is a military power,
DIY Mongolian bow at home. Mongolian bow: why the Mongols had no equal in battle. photo. Ancient bow equipment
The invention of the bow, the oldest long-range throwing weapon, completely overturned previously existing ideas about hunting
The Black Sea Fleet did not allow US ships to approach Crimea by firing
Briefly about the comparison of the Russian and US fleets. There is no reason for scientific analysis here.
types of ancient people
Final testing in the subject “History of the Ancient World” history test (grade 5)
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