DIY repair instructions for the VAZ 2107 5 mortar gearbox

The design of the gearbox of classic domestic cars suffers from low reliability and inability to withstand high loads. Repairing a VAZ 2107 5-speed gearbox is a rather complex procedure that requires a responsible approach and extensive experience. However, if you know the procedure and are technically trained, you can perform the maintenance yourself. As a rule, cars begin to have problems with the inclusion/deceleration of speeds and the loosening of the rocker. With such symptoms, surgical intervention in the structure will be required.

Signs and causes of box malfunctions

Among the most popular reasons for visiting a service station are:

  • the appearance of specific noise while driving;
  • extraneous sounds during acceleration;
  • one or more gears do not engage, it is knocked out.

The symptoms are a clear sign of wear on the gears and synchronizers. Mechanics are often cited as the cause of the breakdown.

  1. Overly aggressive driving. Stock transmissions are not designed for such driving conditions. Acceleration before the cutoff, too high a pace of movement on dirt or low-quality asphalt roads.
  2. Natural wear and tear. Some cars are equipped with a frankly weak transmission. Such devices rarely survive the 200,000 kilometer mark.
  3. Mechanical damage. Impacts against stones and curbs can damage the crankcase of the device, which causes lubricant leaks and dry operation.
  4. Using low-quality oil or neglecting to service the device. If you pour a surrogate lubricant into the gearbox, the reaction can be unpredictable. Similarly, the mechanism responds to the lack of replacement of the working fluid.

When and how often should a gearbox be repaired?

The manufacturer does not set a strict time frame for repairing the device. The only recommendation is a scheduled oil change.

The company recommends changing the fluid after 2,000 kilometers for the first time and after 60,000 kilometers for the second time. Further maintenance is limited to maintenance every 20,000-30,000.

Box faults

There are several types of symptoms of breakdown or wear of the VAZ 2107 gearbox.

  1. Lack of response to the inclusion of a position.
  2. The speed takes off at full speed.
  3. Increased noise, howling or grinding coming from inside the mechanism.
  4. The gears are stuck in tightly.
  5. Oil leaked.

The transmission does not start

The reason for the lack of an adequate response to the driver’s manipulations is:

  • wear of gears and gears;
  • abrasion of synchronizer bushings;
  • mechanical damage to the guide bushings;
  • synchronizer spring wear.

Knocks out gear when driving

The next trouble is the gearshift lever clicking out immediately after engaging the gear.

The reasons are:

  • the lever joint is jammed;
  • physical breakdown of the direct lever - the part is changed;
  • the shift forks in the gearbox are bent;
  • The clutch is not working properly.

Crunching and grinding in the box while driving

The following breakdown is caused by the following factors:

  • wear of bearings on shafts;
  • gear splines are worn out, parts are replaced;

  • There is not enough oil in the crankcase of the device, it is recommended to add lubricant.

Increased noise

The consequence of the following problems is increased noise emission.

  1. Lack of lubrication in the gearbox housing. The mechanism runs dry, which provokes the appearance of extraneous sounds.
  2. The fluid hasn't been changed for too long. After the lubricant wears out, a large amount of thick ointment consisting of soot, acids, and metal shavings forms inside the mechanism. The mass clogs the channels and oil starvation occurs.
  3. Wear of gear teeth and bearings.

Difficult gear shifting

In this case, you will need to check the clutch - the device may not work correctly. Damage to the basket or disk is also relevant. Separately, the cause may be pouring an excessively thick lubricant or a malfunction of the synchronizer.

Oil leak

Lubricant leakage can be caused by factors.

  1. Mechanical damage to the crankcase when it hits or hits another surface.
  2. Wear of oil seals and seals caused by natural aging of rubber.
  3. Overflow of liquid and, as a result, its displacement from the mechanism.

Elastic coupling VAZ 2107

The key function of the described part is shock absorption. An elastic coupling on the VAZ 2107 is needed to minimize the effects of shock loads that occur when the crankshaft rotates. The part performs the following functions: Protects drives and mechanisms during crankshaft rotation; Smoothes out shocks and shocks at the moment of starting the mechanism; Connects misaligned shafts. The coupling is the simplest option for compensating for shock loads arising ...

Diagnostics of box bearings

To check the condition of the gearbox bearings, the device must be disassembled and access to the parts must be opened. This method is the most accurate and effective.

After dismantling and disassembling the unit, you should check the shafts for play, the integrity of the seals and sealing rings. Additionally, the condition of the seats is checked. In normal condition, the formation of backlash and damage to rubber seals is unacceptable. If this is found, the part should be replaced.

Clutch VAZ 2107

If, when you press the pedal, the clutch does not disengage (“drives”), and the pedal itself is soft, you should pay attention to repairing or adjusting the clutch drive. To do this, it is necessary to remove and repair (or replace) the main and slave cylinders of the clutch hydraulic drive and bleed them. VAZ 2107 clutches: the “Seven” device has a dry single-plate clutch. The clutch hydraulic master cylinder is located directly...

Rules for disassembling and assembling the gearbox

If the user has never encountered the repair of such a complex unit, the procedure should be carefully prepared.

  1. Disassembly of the mechanism is carried out only after it has been completely cleaned of dirt.
  2. All the tools required for disassembly are pre-prepared - keys, squeezes, pliers, lock ring pullers. It is also advisable to have a separate container for storing small bolts, nuts, and washers.
  3. It is necessary to dismantle the mechanism parts by first treating the bolts with an anti-boiling agent.
  4. When disassembling, the units are folded in the dismantling sequence.
  5. Human memory is extremely unreliable - a photograph of a disassembled mechanism before its reassembly is the best reminder.
  6. All gaskets without exception must be replaced. Recycling of seals is strictly prohibited.
  7. No one has canceled the abundance of the cleaner. When washing the structure, you should not skimp on the cleaning material; the better you wash it, the more fun it will be.
  8. Assembly of the unit is carried out exclusively in the reverse order.
  9. If after installation there are excess parts left (which is not uncommon), the entire gearbox is completely rebuilt.

It is also necessary to maintain maximum cleanliness during work. Dust, metal shavings, or foreign objects can cause serious damage to the gears.

5-mortar repair

The above procedure involves complete disassembly of the unit as a preventative measure. However, it happens that the manual transmission unit knocks out or slips during driver manipulations. Moreover, the VAZ five-speed transmission suffers from such things all the time. The reason for the repair may be one of the following factors:

  • the rocker lever gets stuck;
  • extraneous noise when driving;
  • one of the gears falls out;
  • Positions are difficult to switch on.

For a more accurate understanding of the process, you can watch video master classes of the process from experienced specialists.

4th gear slips out

On a five-speed VAZ 2107 gearbox, fifth speed overshoot can provoke wear of the gear, synchronizer, and related parts.
During the repair, the 3/4 clutch, the damaged element and a complete set of seals that are subject to separation during disassembly are replaced.

Note! Some mechanics claim that in 40% of cases, replacing the driveshaft mount and clutch fork saves the day.

5th gear slips out

The five-speed gearbox of the “seven” periodically gives out vagaries to the user due to insufficient gear lubrication. It is recommended that in case of knockout or tight engagement of a position, completely change the synchronizers, gear, fork and bushings - this will ensure stable operation of the unit.

Note! Before purchasing spare parts, it is necessary to troubleshoot them. Some stores sell "crooked" parts.

Repair of gearbox lever (backstage) VAZ 2107

If the gearbox linkage (handle) becomes loose, repairs can be carried out even without removing the unit from the car. However, some experts recommend using “garage” repair parts. For the convenience of the reader and a clearer explanation of the process, it is better to complete the description in pictures.

  1. Dismantle the cover and remove the locking bar from the rocker bushing.

  1. After release, the lever axis is removed; for convenience, you can push the insert with a screwdriver or a pusher.

  1. Usually the bushing itself wears out; you can replace it with a new insert or a standard M10 bolt.

  1. Next, fasten everything in the reverse order and tighten the structure.

Old style gearbox repair

Before repairing an old-type VAZ gearbox, it is advisable to study the user manual or technical documentation. The main nuance is the absence of 5th gear - the classic system has only 4 positions. Therefore, the reverse gear is located separately. This should be taken into account during repairs.

Repair of the rear axle gearbox on a VAZ 2107

Torque from the gearbox is transmitted to the rear wheels of the “seven” through the rear axle gearbox. The gears installed in the gearbox wear out over time and begin to make noise when moving. In this case, you will have to change or repair the rear axle gearbox of the VAZ 2107. Where is the rear axle gearbox located? As the name suggests, the VAZ 2107 gearbox is located in the rear part...

Replacing bearings

It is impossible to repair the bearings - when they wear out, the non-separable structure changes entirely.

Main shaft bearing

For dismantling you will need:

  • clamp the input shaft into a yew;
  • Using a special puller, remove the bearing from its seat.

The removal procedure is accompanied by slight tapping of the part. The installation procedure is performed in reverse order.

Secondary shaft bearing

The only difference between the procedures is the use of different sized bearings.

Replacing the intermediate shaft bearings

The procedure is carried out similarly with the intermediate element. Using yews and a special puller

Self-locking differential for VAZ 2107

The design of the “classic” VAZ, as well as subsequent models (except for the VAZ 2121 and models based on it), does not provide for the possibility of differential locking. Car owners who have to drive off-road try to increase the cross-country ability of their cars by installing the blocking themselves. Why is a self-locking differential needed on a VAZ 2107 and how justified is its installation on a car that does not provide such a structural part? How …

Replacing oil seals

Structurally, the oil seal is a sealing device that closes the passage to oil. When a part wears out, the housing stops holding liquid and an oil leak occurs.

To dismantle the part, you will need to perform a certain sequence of actions.

Input shaft oil seal

The procedure is performed like this:

  • completely disassemble the gearbox to open access to the oil seal;
  • pry off the seal ring with an awl;
  • remove the oil seal itself from the shaft;
  • Installation of the new part is carried out in the reverse order.

Secondary shaft oil seal

Disassembling the secondary shaft oil seal is more difficult.

  1. Remove the centering device from the shaft flange.
  2. Use a special puller to pull the flange off the secondary shaft along with the washer;
  3. Use a screwdriver to pry the oil seal out of its socket.
  4. Carefully install the new seal.

Replacing the clutch on a VAZ 2107

Most of the problems identified during the operation of the car need urgent correction. A clutch malfunction can lead to breakdown of the entire assembly or even the gearbox, making it impossible for the vehicle to move further independently. Therefore, it is unacceptable to ignore the symptoms of a malfunction and promptly carry out such an operation as replacing the VAZ 2107 clutch. VAZ 2107 clutch failures The clutch assembly consists of many parts, which makes ...

How to replace gears and synchronizers

Initially, it is recommended that if replacement is necessary, contact a car service center. However, if you are confident in your abilities, you can perform the operation yourself. For this you will need:

  • yews;
  • special puller;
  • flat head screwdriver.

Next, the procedure is performed as follows.

  1. Remove the shaft from the gearbox and clamp one side of it into a yew, having previously wrapped it with a soft lining.
  2. Using a screwdriver or awl, remove the retaining rings and all bearings.
  3. Then rest the shaft against the double support and remove the gears from it in direct sequence.

Transmission repair without removing the box

In case of emergency, you can repair the VAZ 5th transmission without removing the housing from the car. When performing the procedure, the car is driven onto an overpass or inspection hole. All manipulations are performed upside down, which complicates the process. Therefore, experienced auto mechanics prefer to first dismantle the unit from the car.

Replacing the driveshaft crosspiece on a VAZ 2107

In rear-wheel drive cars, which include the VAZ “classic”, torque from the gearbox to the rear axle gearbox is transmitted via a cardan shaft. The design of the latter is simple and reliable. However, like all car components, the VAZ 2107 cardan requires condition monitoring and periodic maintenance. The need to repair the cardan arises in the following cases: the crosspiece has collapsed (worn out); the shaft alignment is broken; came out …

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