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The Auto Maxima car service center in the Southern Administrative District of Moscow offers repair services for UAZ engines.
We guarantee that once you visit our car service center, you will become one of the regular customers who appreciate the quality and speed of our work.

The basis of our successful work is utmost attention to every detail, consideration of the individual characteristics of the engine, deep knowledge and extensive practical experience.

This approach allows us to repair the UAZ engine with a guarantee of its subsequent long and trouble-free operation.

Modern cars are equipped with technically complex power units that require competent maintenance and professional repairs.

If earlier a car engine could be repaired with improvised means, today this requires special knowledge and high-precision equipment.

The main signs of a UAZ engine malfunction

You can determine that a UAZ engine repair is needed based on the following characteristic signs:

  • Traces of engine oil leakage appeared;
  • Oil consumption has increased. This may indicate a malfunction of the piston group parts. If the malfunction is confirmed, the element will need to be replaced;
  • Extraneous noises, grinding noises during engine operation;
  • Unnatural color of exhaust gases.

If at least one of these signs appears, you must immediately contact the specialists of our auto center, who, using specialized diagnostic equipment, will accurately determine the breakdown and take measures to eliminate it.

Ignoring the problem can lead to more serious troubles, including major repairs.

How to remove the engine on a UAZ 469

Rating of a car owner named Elisha: The largest ground clearance in its class. economical. In summer, the consumption of AI-95 showed 8.4-8.6 liters, in cold weather - 9.0 liters. We live in the suburbs, without traffic jams.

Category: Car repair

Vehicle characteristics: The vehicle dimensions are as follows, body length - 3160, width - 1100, height - 1480 mm. The wheelbase is 2267 mm. Ground clearance 113 mm. The car is equipped with a hybrid power unit. The 4-cylinder engine is equipped with a system that provides engine power output. There are 4 valves per cylinder. The diameter of one cylinder is 71 mm, the piston stroke is 77 mm. The engine crankshaft accelerates to 4000 rpm. Maximum torque is maintained up to 4000 rpm.

UAZ engine diagnostics

When carrying out computer diagnostics, disassembling the motor is not required. The unit is connected to a specialized computer and, using a scanner, malfunctions in the functioning of all engine components are detected. However, conventional scanners do not always detect all problems. To ensure high-quality and comprehensive diagnostics, our specialists use licensed software and special scanners from UAZ. Such diagnostics of the UAZ engine allows you to obtain the following information:

  • Throttle valve opening value in percentage;
  • Engine speed;
  • Engine temperature;
  • Voltage of on-board electrical network;
  • The temperature of the air supplied to the engine;
  • Ignition timing;
  • Data from the air flow sensor;
  • Fuel injection time by injectors;
  • Motor load level;
  • Oxygen sensor data.

Before starting diagnostics, our service technicians “listen to the engine.” Then they scan with computer equipment, and only after identifying faults, our specialists can determine the required amount of work to eliminate them.

Repairing the body of a UAZ

UAZ 469 is a domestic SUV, famous for its endurance and ease of operation. In common parlance, the “loaf” easily plows Russian off-road terrain and withstands any conditions. A UAZ can be easily restored with a set of tools, so even a novice driver can get the car back into working order, no matter where it is.

painted UAZ

Compared to foreign cars, a good UAZ repair prolongs its functionality for many years. The new UAZ 469 model is equipped with the following parts:

  • strong metal bumper;
  • 2.7 liter engine;
  • split bridges;
  • updated gearbox;
  • fuel consumption has been reduced to 10.6 liters per 100 km;
  • updated power steering;
  • disc brakes;
  • 2 roof options: awning and metal.

Do-it-yourself UAZ body repair is quite simple, in particular, car lifting. Installing large-diameter wheels allows you to increase the vehicle's maneuverability even in mountainous areas.

With the right approach, it is possible to increase the body lift to 27 cm. The lifting is accompanied by strengthening of the subframe and fastening of the body with durable gaskets. At home, they can be easily replaced with hockey pucks.

UAZ engine repair in Moscow

Car service center "Auto Maxima" offers repair of UAZ engines in Moscow at affordable prices. Experienced specialists carry out high-quality repairs of both gasoline and diesel power units. We carry out work of any complexity: diagnostics, maintenance, local and major engine repairs. The car service is equipped with the necessary modern equipment for diagnostics and high-precision settings, which significantly speeds up the work process.

Repair of gasoline and diesel engines

The legendary reliability of UAZ cars has earned them wide fame and popularity among Russian car enthusiasts. However, harsh operating conditions, poor quality roads and fuel can damage even the most reliable mechanism. Sooner or later, repair of UAZ engines in Moscow may be necessary for every car owner.

The Auto Maxima service center provides prompt and high-quality repairs of both gasoline and diesel power units. We carry out work of any complexity: diagnostics, maintenance, local and major repairs of the UAZ engine.

DIY UAZ 469 repair

The Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant specializes in the production of off-road vehicles. The history of the enterprise began with the arrival of the evacuated capacities of the Moscow ZIS plant, which produced trucks. During the war, the ZIS-5 was produced here, and with its end, the GAZ AA “lorry” was produced. In the mid-1950s. GAZ-69 went into production.

The first independent development to hit the production line was the UAZ-450, a representative of the first generation of the famous “tablet”. Subsequently, for a long time (more than thirty years), the “goat” UAZ-469 was mass-produced. The cargo UAZ-3303 also found its niche.

The large production volumes of these cars and modifications necessitated the need to repair UAZ cars with your own hands.

The simplicity and maintainability of Ulyanovsk SUVs have always been highly valued in their “habitat” - rural areas, the army, and off-road conditions.

The UAZ model “469” is operated year-round, in different climatic and road (usually off-road) conditions. The main load falls on the engine, clutch and suspension elements. Spare parts for these units can be purchased without any problems.

The UAZ engine is often prone to overheating when driving off-road, which leads to destruction of the pistons and cylinder liners. Many owners end up having to change the complete power unit.

On our website you can find a short video course on how to replace it. Car enthusiasts also have access to materials on replacing suspension elements and installing rear disc brakes.

These tips will make repairing the UAZ-469 a little easier and will allow you to correctly replace worn-out parts.

Do-it-yourself repair of a UAZ-3303 often involves replacing body parts or altering it. During such work, owners should not forget that such operations require certain calculations and plumbing experience, since the rigidity of the body after the alteration should remain the same. With us you can avoid mistakes in this.

A separate “item” during operation is the repair of mufflers. Its location is quite inconvenient when driving for a long time on deep off-road conditions - the muffler often simply rips out. Repairing a UAZ often comes down to just this operation. The video tutorial will help you install the part more correctly, thereby extending its service life.

Competent repair of UAZ-3303 and other models of Ulyanovsk jeeps, when fulfilling all the manufacturer’s requirements and under the guidance of experienced specialists, will increase the service life of the vehicle as well as the mileage between services.


UAZ gasoline engine repair

If there are extraneous noises in the operation of the engine, the consumption of gasoline and oil has increased - this is a clear reason to contact a car service center.

Repair may result from:

  • Failure to comply with oil change schedules;
  • Severe filter contamination;
  • Use of low-quality oil and gasoline;
  • Neglect of regular maintenance, with replacement of consumables (belts, rollers, etc.)

Timely repairs or maintenance of a gasoline engine using professional equipment will cost much less than replacing it. Naturally, all work on the main component of the car should be carried out only by experienced mechanics.

At the Auto-Maxima car service center, the repair procedure includes the following types of work:

  • Motor diagnostics to detect all problems;
  • Engine removal, partial or complete disassembly;
  • Establishment of the repair method and direct repair;
  • Assembly and installation of the engine.

UAZ diesel engine repair

Repairing a UAZ diesel engine usually costs much more than repairing a gasoline engine, because the complexity of the unit is higher. Entrust the repair of your UAZ diesel engine to service center employees who have the necessary knowledge, tools and equipment to carry out high-quality repairs.

Common reasons for repairing diesel engines are:

  • Problems in the fuel system;
  • Failure to comply with oil change schedules.

The most common cause of problems is a malfunction of the fuel system; natural wear and tear of parts is also common.

Frequent signs of diesel engine problems:

  • Difficulty starting the engine;
  • Unstable operation, poor acceleration, jerking;
  • Increased consumption of diesel fuel and oil.

The diesel engine repair process at the Auto-Maxima car service includes the following steps:

  • Diagnostics;
  • Disassembly of the motor and repair of components;
  • Checking tightness and eliminating leaks in cooling and lubrication systems;
  • Boring, lining, honing;
  • Installation and configuration.

Due to the complexity and specificity of these works, they can only be performed in a serious professional car service center, for example, like ours.

What is important to consider when overhauling the UAZ 3303 engine

Before you begin disassembling it yourself, the engine should be carefully cleaned of fuel oil and slag. For dismantling you will need special tool kits, such as 2216-B and 2216-M.

All working parts should be cleaned and replaced or marked with markers or stickers to avoid confusion in the future. In case of any breakdown or malfunction, the connecting rods and covers should not be separated from them. When changing the crankcase, you need to measure the angle of connection of the crankshaft axis with the rear end of the crankcase. Next, remove the clutch and locate the indicator post on the edge of the crankshaft. The oscillation radius of the crankcase edge and slot should be approximately 0.1 mm.

After cleaning, all engine parts must be degreased. Carbon deposits can be carefully cleaned off with a knife or other hard object. There is another, easier and safer way. To clean aluminum parts you need to prepare the following solution:

  • 10 g of laundry or other alkaline soap;
  • 18 g soda ash;
  • 8 g liquid glass;
  • 1 liter of water, heated to 90°C.

This solution is suitable for cleaning steel parts:

  • 25 g caustic soda;
  • 30 g soda ash;
  • 5 g of laundry or other alkaline soap;
  • 1.5 g of liquid glass;
  • 1 liter of clean water at a temperature of 90°C.

When the parts are clean, they should be rinsed in clean water and dried. When assembling the UAZ 3303 engine, certain rules must be followed:

  • all parts exposed to friction during operation must be lubricated with engine oil;
  • all new threaded parts must be installed on lead;
  • use nitro varnish with one-piece parts;
  • When tightening nuts and bolts, use a torque wrench.

UAZ engine overhaul

A major overhaul of a UAZ engine , due to the high complexity and responsibility of the event, can take several days and consist of the following stages:

  • Removing and disassembling the engine, thoroughly washing and cleaning all elements;
  • Defeating – identification of parts and assemblies that cannot be restored;
  • Restoring the working condition of the cylinder block, cylinder head, crankshaft, etc.;
  • Engine reassembly;
  • Cold running and engine tuning.

Employees of the Auto-Maxima car service strictly control each stage of work, and only with positive results do they proceed to the next one. Thanks to this approach, we carry out major repairs of the UAZ engine with consistently high quality and ensure further trouble-free and long-term operation of the vehicle after its repair.

Features of repair of the UAZ 3303 cylinder block

The cylinder block is the simplest component of the engine. Problems in its operation arise due to wear and tear of the components. Therefore, you just need to replace the old worn parts with new ones or repair them.

Sleeves need replacement more often than other parts. A part can be considered worn out when the gap between the skirt and the sleeve increases to 1/3 mm. The height of the liner protrusion in the cylinder block should be no more than 0.05 mm and no less than 0.005 mm. If the protrusion is too small, then the antifreeze will definitely end up in the combustion chamber, which will result in a breakdown. The size of the sleeve is measured without taking into account the O-ring. The liners in the cylinder block are fixed with washers and bushings. It is better to replace over-bored sleeves with new ones.

The cause of failure of the cylinder block may be deformation of the surface adjacent to the block, complete wear of the valve guides and seats. The distortion of the head plane should not exceed 0.5 mm. Otherwise, the head needs to be polished.

The condition of the piston rings should be monitored. It is better to change them every 80 thousand km. Each piston has 2 compression rings and 1 oil scraper ring. Thanks to the grooves on the inner surface of the ring, excess oil is removed from the system when the piston is lifted up.

High-quality UAZ engine repairs in the Southern Administrative District of Moscow

The Auto-Maxima car service center offers highly professional UAZ engine repairs. In our work, we are guided by the interests of our clients, so we try to minimize costs.

What do you get by contacting the Auto-Maxima car service:

  • One of the lowest prices in the region;
  • Excellent quality and efficiency of work execution;
  • Professionalism of the staff, constantly improving their skills;
  • Free consultations;
  • Performing work on new equipment that ensures high accuracy and quality;
  • Repair of any engines, regardless of brand and year of manufacture;
  • Use only high-quality components.

We value our reputation, so we always do quality work. We will be glad if you become our regular customers. If you need UAZ maintenance, diagnostics or repairs, call us, we are always ready to help.

Do-it-yourself UAZ Patriot repair

To repair a UAZ Patriot with your own hands, you first need to download and read the instructions. Repair instructions: Download the instructions for self-repairing the UAZ Patriot

Installation of additional equipment for the UAZ Patriot is described here

UAZ Patriot began production in the last month of summer 2005. This is a four-wheel drive passenger car that has high cross-country ability.

The body of this model is five-door, all-metal, the car itself is capable of crossing roads of varying complexity.

Before you start and repair the UAZ Patriot with your own hands , you need to familiarize yourself with the characteristics of this car.

Unlike the UAZ-3162 Simbir, the UAZ Patriot is a more advanced and comfortable model. In the production of the model, components from various foreign manufacturers are used.

The Patriot's transmission is from Dymos, the dashboard is from RAR, Bosch Automotive Lighting headlights, ZF power steering and Luk clutch.

However, if an experienced technician takes on the repair, replacing any of these parts will not be difficult.

Patriot of the UAZ concern is one of the first high-quality brands of domestic cars. The off-road design, including the frame and solid axle, allows you to save the car if you have to drive on a less than smooth road.

Thanks to the energy-intensive suspension, the driver does not have to worry about the safety of his car when driving through destroyed sections of the road.

Maintenance and repair of a UAZ vehicle must take into account all the characteristics of this model.

Speaking about the interior, it is worth noting that it is particularly comfortable and spacious. Ergonomics are thought out in detail, good lighting, excellent front panel design.

There is more than enough space for passengers, and thanks to the folding benches, up to eight people can fit in the cabin. A spacious trunk is also not a small advantage.

In addition, every driver will find it comfortable to drive a car with a high seating position.

It is quite simple to improve and change the model. There are a large number of accessories on the market. These are luggage racks, protection, bumpers, lift kits and much more. The range of additional parts is so large that it will allow you to radically change the standard model.

As for the technical characteristics. The parameters of the UAZ Patriot car, in relation to height, width and length, are 1900 mm, 2080 mm and 4647 mm. Due to the arches on the roof, the height reaches up to two meters.

The wheelbase is 2760 mm, the track of the front and rear wheels reaches 1600 mm. Ground clearance reaches 210 mm. The curb weight of the car reaches 2070 kg, and the total weight is 2770 kg.

The carrying capacity of the UAZ Patriot is 600 kilograms with standard dimensions.


Prices for UAZ engine repairs

Petrol engine repairPrice, rub.
ICE repair gasoline 8 valvesfrom 20 000
ICE repair gasoline 16 valvesfrom 25 000
Engine repair gasoline V6from 50 000
Engine repair gasoline V8from 55 000
Engine repair gasoline V10from 60 000
Engine repair gasoline V12from 70 000
Detection of an internal combustion engine defect (with the cylinder head removed)from 5 000
Removing the internal combustion enginefrom 8 000
Installation of internal combustion engines from 10 000
Diesel engine repairPrice, rub.
Repair of internal combustion engine diesel 8 valvesfrom 55 000
Repair of internal combustion engine diesel 16 valvesfrom 65 000
Repair of internal combustion engine diesel 5 cylinders in-linefrom 75 000
Repair of internal combustion engine diesel 6 cylinders in-linefrom 75 000
Engine repair diesel V6from 85 000
Engine repair diesel V8from 90 000
Engine repair diesel V10from 95 000
Detection of an internal combustion engine defect (with the cylinder head removed)from 5 000
Removing the internal combustion enginefrom 15 000
Installation of internal combustion enginesfrom 18 000
Other engine repair workPrice, rub.
Oil pressure sensor - replacementfrom 800
Crankshaft position sensor - replacementfrom 800
Speed ​​sensor - replacementfrom 800
Coolant temperature sensor - replacementfrom 800
Throttle valve, idle air valve 8V - replacement, cleaningfrom 2000
Throttle valve, idle air valve 16V - replacement, cleaningfrom 2000
Ignition coil - replacementfrom 900
Valves - replacementfrom 8000
Exhaust manifold - replacementfrom 4000
Valve seals 8V - replacementfrom 12 000
Valve seals 16V - replacementfrom 16 000
Piston rings - replacementfrom 15 000
Muffler lambda probe - replacementfrom 1 000
Exhaust manifold lambda probe - replacementfrom 1 500
Oil pump - replacementfrom 5 000
Rear engine mount - replacementfrom 1 500
Left engine mount (gearbox) - replacementfrom 2 000
Right engine mount - replacementfrom 1 300
Heater stove (radiator) - replacementfrom 5 000
Engine sump - replacementfrom 3 000
Muffler cushion - replacementfrom 600
Intake manifold gasket - replacementfrom 2 000
Exhaust manifold gasket - replacementfrom 2 500
Camshaft replacementfrom 6 000
Rear crankshaft oil seal - replacementfrom 12 000
Front crankshaft oil seal - replacement (with the timing belt removed)from 400
Front crankshaft oil seal - replacementfrom 2 000
Camshaft oil seal - replacementfrom 850
Generator pulley - replacementfrom 4 500
Replacing the engine cooling radiatorfrom 3 000
Replacing the thermostatfrom 1 500
Replacing the engine cooling fanfrom 1 500
Replacing the pumpfrom 2 500
Replacing the expansion tankfrom 1 000
Replacing the cooling system pipefrom 1 200
Replacing the cooling system pipe clampfrom 300
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