How to change the oil in a VAZ 2109 at home?

Types of motor oil

There are several different types of lubricants for car engines, which we will now briefly review to make it easier for you to make the right choice.


Traditionally, such oils are made on a mineral basis, but they are not well suited for VAZ 2109 engines. The fact is that they do not meet the requirements for oil changes and do not meet the strict operational characteristics of power units.



Such oils for the VAZ 2109 are also made on a mineral basis, but some synthetic components are added to them to improve the characteristics of lubricants during cold engine starts. Semi-synthetic oils keep the internal surfaces of the engine clean and reliably protect it from wear.


Motor oils with high performance characteristics are created using synthetic base oils. They are suitable for filling into both gasoline and diesel power units. They guarantee reliable wear protection and well lubricate working mechanisms even during cold starts. Synthetic oils minimize friction that is harmful to the engine and keep it completely clean. They meet the highest quality standards according to the API system and meet the approvals of automobile companies.


All-season oil

All-season oil can be any of the above. It is designed for engine operation in temperate climates and is suitable for year-round use. In the winter months, such oils hardly thicken, and in the heat, under the influence of high ambient temperatures, the lubricant does not dilute very much. Similar oils for the VAZ 2109 include lubricants with the following SAE parameters: 5W-40, 10W-40, 15W-40.

Replacement methods

There are 2 ways to independently change the working fluid in the engine:

  • No rinsing. The usual procedure, which only involves draining the waste and pouring a new compound into the crankcase.
  • With flushing. Flushing additives, special flushing oils, or the oil that you are going to fill can be used here.

Additives are added to the engine while there is still old oil in it, then start it at idle, let it run for 10 minutes, and then follow simple instructions. Or you need to drive a certain number of kilometers with additives. It all depends on the specific type of additive and the manufacturer’s instructions.

Flushing oils are used differently. They can be poured into the engine, after draining the old lubricant, after which the engine is started and drained.

Motor oils are used similarly as a flush. The point is to change the fluid 2 - 3 times at intervals of about 200 - 400 kilometers.

Using regular oil is the most optimal solution, since no traces of additives or flushing compounds remain in the crankcase.

Experts recommend flushing the engine every 100 thousand kilometers, or more often if the car is operated in difficult conditions.

Materials and tools

To change the oil in a VAZ-2109 engine, you will need to take:

  • new oil filter;

  • fresh motor oil;
  • flushing agent (your choice if flushing is required);
  • rags;
  • a set of keys;
  • filter puller;
  • empty containers for waste, etc.

Don't forget about your own safety. Since you will be draining hot oil, there is a risk of it getting on your skin. To avoid burns, wear thick clothing, closed shoes, gloves and goggles.

Oil change features

Filter and plug location

Changing the oil in a VAZ 2109 engine is not the easiest process, but you can handle this task if necessary. If you buy a used car from someone else, you need to change the engine oil as soon as possible. In this case, it is recommended to flush the engine with a special liquid, since you do not know exactly what was filled in earlier.

It is also recommended to change the oil if you have not operated the VAZ 2109 for a long time. When the engine is not started for a long time, condensation accumulates in it and mixes with the lubricant, causing a deterioration in its properties and, as a result, increasing wear on all internal parts of the power unit.

To extend the service life of the oil poured into the engine, wean yourself from starting abruptly or accelerating hard. We strongly recommend that you fill in a certain type of oil for each season - winter or summer. Always refuel only with high-quality fuel at trusted gas stations. Dirty fuel does not burn completely, causing contamination of the lubricant.

If you are interested in changing the transmission oil in the gearbox of this domestic car, read a separate article on the website.

Replacement steps

The procedure for changing the oil in a VAZ-2109 engine is conventionally divided into 3 stages:

  • waste drain;
  • filter change;
  • Filling with new engine fluid.

Try to strictly follow the instructions on how to change the engine oil yourself. This will avoid unwanted errors.

The design of the VAZ-2109 is quite simple, access to all components for changing the lubricant is easy, which does not cause problems even for beginners.

Draining waste

To begin with, it is important to get rid of the old lubricant poured into the power unit of your nine as completely as possible. To do this you need:

  1. Warm up the engine to operating temperature. This will make the lubricant fluid and liquid, due to which it will easily and quickly begin to flow out of the pan.
  2. Place the car on a pit or lift it with a lift. Few people have the latter in their garage, so it’s easier to get by with a regular inspection hole.
  3. Under the car is the engine sump, on which you will see a drain plug. It cannot be unscrewed manually, so use a key.
  4. When the plug begins to turn, continue working with your hands, unscrew it completely and pour the waste into a pre-prepared container with a volume of at least 4 - 5 liters.
  5. Leave the container under the drain hole. The liquid will gradually come out. This usually takes about 20 minutes.
  6. When you replace the drain plug, be sure to change the gasket on it or replace the plug completely. Over time, they wear out, causing oil leaks.

In order for the oil to come out faster, you need to get rid of the vacuum in the upper part of the power unit of your VAZ-2109. This is done extremely simply. You need to remove the oil filler cap.

When you have managed to completely drain the old waste, you can start replacing the filter. Although this is usually done while the remaining oil from the VAZ-2109 drains into the container. Once you're free, move on to the oil filter.

Changing the filter

The next stage of changing the oil in the engine of a VAZ-2109 car will be dismantling the old one and installing a new oil filter.

First, replace the drain plug by replacing the O-ring on it.

The filter itself is dismantled manually, with a special puller or improvised tool. If there is no puller and when the housing cannot be moved by hand, take a simple screwdriver, pierce it across the filter housing and use the handle of the tool as a lever.

After dismantling the filter, take a new element, apply a small amount of fresh oil to its seal and threaded grooves. This will simplify the installation process and prevent the gum from sticking.

To protect the engine from oil starvation during the first start of the engine with new oil and filter, fill the filter element housing with lubricant to approximately 50% of its volume.

The element is installed manually; there is no need to use a tool or exert excessive force for installation, otherwise you risk simply breaking the filter.

Filling with new oil

When all the previous stages of work have been successfully completed, little remains to be done.

To fill engine fluid to the required level, follow the instructions.

  1. If you did not open the filler plug while draining the waste, now you will definitely have to remove it. On the VAZ-2109 it is dismantled by rotating counterclockwise.
  2. Now take a watering can or cut off the neck of the bottle. Insert the device into the filler hole, open the canister with fresh lubricant and begin to gradually fill it.
  3. Oils for the VAZ-2109 are quite viscous, so the crankcase will fill gradually. Do not rush to fill all 3.5 liters at once, since some of the old fluid remains inside the system in any case.
  4. First fill in about 3 liters. Wait a few minutes for all the oil to drain. Take the dipstick and check what level the lubricant is in the crankcase. If it's oil, add a little more.
  5. It is necessary to ensure that the oil film on the dipstick shows the level exactly between o and “Max”. If you fill in more than necessary, the excess will have to be drained. Therefore, it is better not to rush.
  6. When the oil is at the required level, close the cap and start the engine. Let the power unit idle for 3 to 4 minutes. Wait until the pressure control lamp on the instrument panel goes out.
  7. Turn off the engine and wait a few more minutes. Re-insert the dipstick and measure the engine fluid level.

That’s all, with this the work of independently changing the oil in the engine of the domestic car “VAZ-2109” can be considered completed.

But do not forget to re-measure the liquid level after a few days of operation. Sometimes car owners, due to carelessness or inexperience, do not tighten the drain plug properly or do not fully tighten the oil filter. Oil begins to leak out of them, which leads to a drop in its level.

Tighten all connections, add fluid to the required level.

Increased oil consumption in the VAZ-2109 engine indicates a problem. Simply adding or changing oil regularly will not correct the situation. The machine needs diagnostics and repairs to eliminate the reasons that provoked an increase in appetite in relation to this working fluid.

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Engine VAZ 2109

One of the main components of any car is its engine. In many ways, its service life affects the reliable operation of the entire vehicle. You can increase the service life of the VAZ 2109 car engine by ensuring high-quality lubrication of the device. To do this, in addition to using good oil, it must be replaced on time. The frequency of oil changes is influenced by the following factors:

  • Duration of use of the vehicle.
  • Modes of its operation.
  • Engine condition.
  • Seasons of car use.
  • The brand of motor oil poured into the engine.
  • The intensity with which the machine is operated.
  • The quality of the fuel used.

What is required for replacement?

Filter key

To change the oil in a VAZ 2109 you will need a filter, suitable oil, and, if necessary, flushing fluid. Also stock up on rags and prepare a set of keys.

The amount of oil in a VAZ 2109 engine reaches 3.5 liters, but in practice the engine usually holds only 3 liters. You can find out which oil to pour into the VAZ 2109 engine from the car’s operating manual, but we recommend using semi-synthetic or 10W-40 synthetic from Castrol, Shell or domestic brands that have a more affordable price.

So, how many liters of oil are in the VAZ 2109 engine and what oil to choose do you know, which means you can begin the process of replacing the lubricant.

Replacement frequency

In order to maintain the VAZ-2109 engine in good working condition, not to provoke premature wear of parts and loss of engine life, you need to change the oil in it correctly and on time.

If you look at the official operating manual for the Nine, the manufacturer advises changing the engine oil every 10 thousand kilometers. But the actual period of time or mileage between replacements is much less.

It is important to take into account that the VAZ-2109 has not been produced for a long time, therefore the majority of these cars have a noticeably worn out engine. Its resource is gradually running out, which is reflected in the condition and wear rate of the oil.

The following factors also negatively affect the physicochemical properties of motor fluid:

  • climate;
  • gasoline quality;
  • quality of the poured oil;
  • driving style;
  • terms of Use;
  • poor quality of road surface;
  • frequent driving under load (full passenger compartment or trailer), etc.

Negative factors contribute to the loss of beneficial properties of oils. They lose their effectiveness. The fluid does not cope with its tasks, which causes excessive wear of engine elements. If you do not change it in time, this will lead to major repairs or the need to completely replace the power unit.

Therefore, experts and experienced motorists operating the VAZ-2109 advise changing the oil approximately every 5 thousand kilometers, but at least once a year. It would be optimal to change the fluid twice a year if the engine is quite worn out

Drain the old grease

Old oil

To better drain the oil from the engine, warm up the engine first. Drive the car onto an overpass or inspection hole, or you can use a lift or raise it with a jack on level ground. Raise the front of the car by placing chocks under the wheels.

Place a container under the drain plug, tear it open with a key and carefully unscrew it by hand. Be careful not to get burned, as we pre-warmed the engine. When draining the oil, it is recommended to unscrew the oil filler cap, which will speed up the draining process (the vacuum will disappear in the upper part of the engine).

When to change?

The car manufacturer provides replacement regulations. According to the official document, the oil should be changed once or twice a year or every 10-15 thousand kilometers. From time to time the oil is checked, its condition and color. If it is unsatisfactory, it must also be replaced.

Additional signs that replacement is needed:

  • Year of manufacture of the power unit;
  • Vehicle mileage;
  • Vehicle operation style;
  • Seasons in which the vehicle is operated;
  • Fuel quality;
  • Engine loads (long idling, slipping and towing).

The color of the oil fluid is black, and the viscous and elastic parameters are lost? In such a situation, the liquid changes regardless of timing. This is done to maintain power and extend engine life.

Changing the filter

After draining the oil from the VAZ 2109, you need to screw the bolt into the drain hole and unscrew the oil filter. If you don’t have a special wrench and you can’t unscrew the filter by hand, use a regular screwdriver: pierce the filter crosswise with it and use it as a lever to unscrew it. Next, lubricate the gasket and threads of the new filter with oil and carefully install it so as not to strip the threads. When tightening it, do not use a wrench, but do everything by hand. It is also recommended to fill the new filter with oil about halfway to prevent oil starvation in the first moments of engine operation after starting.

Technological stages of replacement

To successfully change the oil in a VAZ 2109 engine, you need to stock up on consumables and tools.

It is advisable to prepare in advance:

5-liter plastic bottles in which water was previously stored are used for drainage. The funnel can be replaced by the cut off top of a plastic bottle. Care should be taken not to allow large amounts of old grease to get onto the open ground.

Old grease is drained

Before this stage, the engine warms up well (up to 80°C). The car is installed on an inspection pit, overpass, or lift. Craftsmen use several jacks to evenly lift the car. In such cases, the raised part of the vehicle must be securely fixed with stops.

The engine oil filler cap is unscrewed. This is recommended to speed up the process of draining the old fluid. The removed cover breaks the vacuum, the oil will flow freely.

Place a container under the drain hole. The plug is first torn off with a key set to “17”, then carefully unscrewed by hand. As soon as the first drops of old oil begin to ooze, the plug is unscrewed completely, pressing it against the thread. Then they sharply pull the hand with the stopper to the side to avoid getting the heated oil on exposed skin.

Changing the oil filter

After waiting for the old lubricant to completely flow out, screw the drain plug back in. After this, the oil filter is unscrewed. As a rule, this is done manually. In cases where the filter has become stuck, use a special removable key. Its absence is compensated by a thick screwdriver, which is used to pierce the filter and unscrew it with a lever movement.

The new filter is filled halfway with fresh lubricant. This will prevent the effect of oil starvation the next time you start the engine. The rubber sealing gasket is lubricated with a new substance.

After this, the filter is carefully, without fanatical effort, screwed onto the threaded rod. There is no need to use a key to secure the filter completely. You only need to press with your hands without unnecessary strain.

New engine lubricant is poured

A funnel is inserted into the open oil filler neck. The required amount of new lubricant is poured through it. This is done slowly so that the oil has time to pass through the neck of the funnel.

Wait 3–5 minutes, and then, using a dipstick, check the level of the freshly poured lubricant. It should rise above the minimum level. If there is not enough oil, then you need to add it a little.

The oil filler cap is screwed on. The engine starts. It is allowed to idle for several minutes. It is important to monitor the oil pressure warning light. It should go out after a certain time.

Stop the engine and check the oil level again. The best option is for the grease to cover the dipstick just above the middle, stopping between the minimum and maximum marks. There is no need to add oil to the maximum. Excessive pressure places unnecessary stress on engine sealing parts.

Changing the engine oil of a VAZ-2109 car is a simple task that does not require professional skills. Even an inexperienced motorist can handle this. And at first glance it may seem that in practice everything is as simple as in theory. And even experienced owners may have questions, given the fact that the VAZ-2109 is an unpredictable car that requires regular maintenance. In this article we will look at which oil is best to choose for the VAZ-2109, when to change it and how much to fill.

Technology for changing the oil in the VAZ 2109 engine

Place your car on a flat, horizontal area. It is advisable to place the car above the inspection pit or on a special overpass.

When changing the oil, it is recommended to intermediately flush the engine with a special flushing oil liquid or oil of the brand that you plan to fill in your engine. To carry out flushing, after draining the used oil, use a funnel to fill in fresh oil so that its level reaches the bottom line on the dipstick. Let the engine run without load for about ten minutes, then proceed to add fresh oil.

To comply with environmental regulations, do not allow used oil to come into contact with the soil.

Place a wide-mouth container under the crankcase of your engine, disconnect the drain plug and drain the used oil, then close the drain hole.

Remove the old oil filter using a special wrench. Lubricate the seal ring with the same engine oil.

Using a funnel, pour new oil into the engine. Check its level using the oil dipstick.

Remove the oil dipstick, clean it of any oil and place it back in the inspection hole. Pull out the dipstick. The normal oil level mark should be between the maximum and minimum marks.

After this, start your engine again and drive it for several minutes without load at idle speed. After turning off the engine, check the oil level again using the dipstick and add it if necessary.


Why change the oil

There are conditions that must be adhered to so that the lubricant present in the engine system fulfills its protective functions and does not become the cause of failure of the power unit.

There are several main points, you need to change the oil.

Recommended mileage exceededEach part has its own service life, during which the spare part uses up its existing resource. There is no point in continuing to use oil that should have been drained long ago. Otherwise, it may cause serious problems with the engine.
Change of seasonsFor winter and summer, it is recommended to fill in the appropriate type of lubricant. This is due to the degree of viscosity, outside temperature, characteristics of the intensity and cooling of the engine in winter and summer.
Changing the oil brandIf you want to switch to a new brand of oil, the old one must be completely removed from the system. Under no circumstances should you mix different oils, even by brand.
Difficult conditionsIf the car is regularly operated under high load conditions, oil changes are carried out more often than recommended intervals.

This is what old oil looks like
Regardless of the recommended replacement interval, always pay attention to the current condition of the engine oil. Various factors can cause the oil to wear out prematurely, so it will have to be replaced earlier. Plus, additionally eliminate the reasons why the lubricant did not serve its intended purpose.

Often in the summer they like to fill in more viscous oil than for the winter. During prolonged operation in the engine, it loses its properties, additives, and chips from the engine's rubbing parts begin to adversely affect its condition. Over time, if the oil is not changed, this may lead to the need for major engine repairs.

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