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Octavia forms

Despite the fact that this has already been confirmed by numerous documentation, there are several details by which one can clearly determine that the Skoda Octavia belongs to a certain price segment. The first point is the engines. It is known that a whole line of engines is offered for the Tour, amazing in the quantity and quality of the units provided. Among the modifications, there are both gasoline and diesel power units, differing in both power and dynamic indicators.



Externally, the Skoda Octavia mk3 has become more expressive. The impeccable severity of the second generation was replaced by sporty accents that were previously presented in the VisionD concept car:

  • LED optics received bright, youthful lines;
  • the body kit received a pronounced splitter and a “coal” shape;

  • the hood is cut by sharp stampings;
  • on the side there are also pronounced lines that are not typical of classic “family cars”;
  • a panoramic sunroof appeared on the roof.

Restyling Skoda Octavia 3 deserves special attention. Here the designers experimented, sending two-section optics to the market. Plus, the rear track has become wider by 30 mm, and due to the corrected architecture of the bumpers, the car has become longer by 11 mm.

By the way, in comparison with the 2008 model, the 3rd generation of Skoda Octavia has seriously gained in size. The wheelbase alone has increased by 108 mm. Current liftback dimensions:

Length, mmWidth, mmHeight, mmWheelbase, mmGround clearance, mmWheel radius

Skoda Octavia 3 in metallic color


There is nothing bad to say about the interior either. True, Octavia has lost some of her zest. The interior is painfully reminiscent of a typical budget VW, which is also not bad:

  • the quality of materials has become higher (especially plastic);
  • there is no fault with the ergonomics;
  • The dashboard is easy to read;
  • The multifunction steering wheel is pleasant to the touch;
  • The center console, although strewn with buttons, looks neat;
  • the gearshift knob is close to the driver;
  • two cup holders appeared on the central tunnel;
  • the seats became wider (there were complaints about the 2nd generation). The profile is typical for a golf class;
  • The rear is spacious, with enough legroom even for tall passengers;
  • In the top-end configuration, the chairs received a combined finish using eco-leather.

In terms of volume, the 3rd generation Skoda Octavia again sets records in its class. The luggage compartment offers 590 liters, with the sofa folded - all 1580 liters. The station wagon will please you with 610 hp. and 1740 l., respectively.

Salon Skoda Octavia 3

Technical data Skoda Octavia A5 1.6 MPI

With all the advantages of the 102-horsepower 1.6 MPI, it is obvious that the owner of an Octavia can only count on a calm, measured ride with it. The engine's traction characteristics are barely enough to provide the 1.3-tonne car with more or less acceptable acceleration. When equipped with a 5-speed manual transmission, acceleration to 100 km/h takes 12.3 seconds, while the version with a 6-speed automatic transmission is even slower – 14.1 seconds. If in a city crowd such dynamics are quite enough for successful maneuvering, then when driving on a suburban highway with one lane in each direction, the moment for overtaking must be chosen very carefully.

Chip tuning can add a little speed to the car, but it will not give a significant increase. At best, the increase in power and torque will be 5-10%, which is almost not noticeable. In addition, it is unknown how manipulations with the control unit will affect the engine life. But with factory settings and timely maintenance, the engine is capable of “running” 250-300 thousand km.

Detailed technical specifications of the Skoda Octavia A5 with 1.6 MPI 102 hp engine:

ModificationSkoda Octavia A5 1.6 MPI 102 hp liftback Skoda Octavia A5 1.6 MPI 102 hp station wagon
engine's typepetrol
Engine locationfront, transverse
Working volume, cubic meters cm. 1595
Number of cylinders4
Cylinder arrangementin-line
Power, hp (at rpm) 102 (5600)
Maximum torque, N*m (at rpm)148 (3800)
Manual transmission (MT)5-speed
Automatic transmission (AT)6-speed
Drive unitfront
Front suspensionindependent, MacPherson type with anti-roll bar
Rear suspensionindependent, multi-link
Front brakesventilated disc
Rear brakesdisk
Length, mm4569
Width, mm1769
Height, mm14621468
Wheelbase, mm2578
Front wheel track, mm1541
Rear wheel track, mm1514
Front overhang length, mm915
Rear overhang length, mm1076
Ground clearance, mm164
Trunk volume, l585605
Weight characteristics
Curb weight, kg1280 (1315)1295 (1330)
Total weight, kg1880 (1915)1895 (1930)
Fuel figures
Fuel consumption in the urban cycle, l. per 100 km 10.0 (11.2)
Fuel consumption in the extra-urban cycle, l. per 100 km 5.8 (6.1)
Fuel consumption in the combined cycle, l. per 100 km 7.4 (7.9)
Fuel AI-92
Tank volume, l 55
Speed ​​indicators
Maximum speed, km/h190 (184)188 (184)
Acceleration time to 100 km/h, s12.3 (14.1)12.4 (14.2)

Note: data in brackets is for modifications with automatic transmission.


The 2021 Skoda Octavia remains the VW Golf's closest relative, as it once again receives a modular platform (MQB) from the German hatchback.

A slight modernization of the platform - and the Czech liftback becomes even more spacious inside and larger outside: with the same wheelbase, the new body has increased in length by 19 mm. (up to 4689 mm), and in width - by 15 mm. (1829 mm.)

The Combi version offers the same dimensions, and the manufacturer continues to place a special emphasis on it, because in recent years the station wagon has accounted for about 2/3 of all Octavia sales in Europe.

New body

Like all other front-wheel drive models of the Volkswagen concern with a transverse engine, the new body for the Skoda Octavia 2021 is built on the modular MQB platform. The increased overall dimensions and wheelbase will allow the popular Czech car to maintain record space for the occupants of the cabin and the volume of the luggage compartment. The advanced capabilities of the multimedia system are combined with a large number of electronic assistants, and a fully digital instrument panel is available as an option. An improved streamlining coefficient and a lower curb weight, thanks to the wider use of high-strength steels, will have a beneficial effect on the efficiency and speed characteristics of the liftback. A leather interior with ventilated seats is available for an additional price.

Like all models of the concern with a transverse engine, the new body is built on the modular MQB platform

ModificationMotor and transmissionMin. price, rubles
1.6MT110 hp MT 1 219 000
1.6 AT110 hp AT 1 295 000
1.4MT150 hp MT 1 306 000
1.4 DSG150 hp RT 1 489 000
1.8 DSG180 hp RT 1 554 000

Octavia forms

In terms of car-class dimensions, the Skoda Octavia is close to the top position, but in some parameters it is slightly lacking. So, the dimensions of the Octavia:

  • height (length) – 4659 mm, which is 90 mm more than the previous model;
  • waist (width) – 1814 mm, 45 mm more;
  • height (height) – 1461 mm;
  • wheels (base) - 2686 mm, 108 mm more.

If you choose a model with maximum capabilities, the RS version, then the dimensions will be even larger.

The ground clearance of models sold in Russia is 145-155 mm.

This indicator varies due to the difference in wheel size and shoe thickness.

The combination of the listed dimensions is recognized as a signature feature. Therefore, every buyer finds his favorite sedan, hatchback or full-fledged liftback.

Qualitative characteristics

The car has acquired not only quantitative changes, but also qualitative ones. The highest grade plastic is used to make the body kit. The presence of all-wheel drive is successfully combined with an attractive exterior, similar to the Skoda Superb, a business-level car.

Power units are made of high strength steel. Innovative materials are also used here, through which the actual weight of the car has been reduced by 30 kg. At the same time, the aerodynamics of the body have only improved.

Visual assessment from the inside

Unlike other Golf models, the Octavia and cars such as the Skoda Rapid use excellent quality finishing materials in the interior. The pedals have a rubber anti-slip coating. The interior space is characterized by ergonomics and spaciousness in both rows.

The modern 2015 model, Skoda Octavia 3 Scout, is based on the VW MQB platform. The result of the modernization was the total trunk volume increased to almost three meters (taking into account the folded rear row of seats), as well as the increased dimensions, which were mentioned at the beginning of the article.


It is interesting to note in this regard that many potential buyers compare the Skoda liftback with sedans. And for example, even with all my effort, I cannot remember which of my friends or acquaintances compared the Octavia with hatchbacks from other manufacturers; when mentioning competitors, only sedans were mentioned.

This is a paradox, let’s take it into account for further narration. Full size The next important point is the choice of modifications.

Understanding how important the Russian market is for the model, the Czechs decided to supply us with as many of them as possible; in this aspect they simply have no competitors now. I have already said about two body types, now about engines, gearboxes and versions. It relies on five different engines, all 4-cylinder and valve.

NEW SKODA OCTAVIA: Test drive in the Moscow rules program.

The entry level is the 1.6-liter Octavia 1. Because of the reasons stated above, I compared not with hatchbacks, but with sedans - since this is a more real-life situation for this model, but anyone can remake the sign in their own way - by reducing with its five-door competitors, it will turn out almost the same.

Full size The photo shows not the most complete configuration with the Hockey Edition package; it can be recognized by the diamond-shaped upholstery of the black seats. In this case, you can see dual-zone climate control, a box armrest, parking sensors, a SWING audio system with a 6.5-inch diagonal touchscreen, six speakers, which is considered average, and other equipment.

A portable ashtray box and cup holders are available in all versions. This is an option for those who need a good car without any special equipment. At the same time, the “base” is by no means “empty”; it contains: The bare minimum, which sometimes suits buyers. You can add to this set the so-called “Package 1”, which includes air conditioning, a cooled glove box, Bluetooth and heated front seats - for 39 rubles, in this case the equipment will practically not differ from what is in the basic versions of direct competitors, and the price is lower can only offer one of them.

The picture is approximately the same for the version with automatic transmission. And if you carefully approach the choice of options, then this ratio can be maintained for more advanced trim levels. I dwelled on this issue in such detail because Octavia is most popular with engine 1. This indicator varies due to the difference in wheel size and shoe thickness. This pattern is observed regardless of what class the Skoda Octavia or a car of another brand belongs to.

The combination of the listed dimensions is recognized as a signature feature. Therefore, every buyer finds his favorite sedan, hatchback or full-fledged liftback. The car has acquired not only quantitative changes, but also qualitative ones. The highest grade plastic is used to make the body kit. The presence of all-wheel drive is successfully combined with an attractive exterior, similar to the Skoda Superb, a business class car.

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