What kind of oil to pour into a VAZ 2105 carburetor. What kind of oil to pour into the engine, gearbox and axles for the winter in a VAZ. How to determine when it's time to change the oil

Criteria for selecting VAZ 2105 oil

All oils are selected based on compliance with SAE, ACEA, API.

  • In terms of composition, it is optimal to use semi-synthetics for used VAZs.
  • ACEA A3/B3-B4.
  • API SF for models up to 2000, for more recent API SG, SJ. VAZ 2105 was produced until 2010 inclusive.

AvtoVAZ offers the following table to select the appropriate viscosity:

Minimum engine cold start temperature, °CViscosity grade according to SAE J 300Maximum ambient temperature, °C

But most often, drivers pour 10w-40 into models with significant mileage, into more recent 5w-30.

Information on viscosity for a specific engine can be found in the motor oil interchangeability catalog: https://northsealubricants.com/en/oil-advisor

The catalog can be trusted, the data is taken from car manufacturers. In this case, you can choose not only oil for the engine, but also for the gearbox, power steering, brake system, and cooling system. That is, all liquids.

Original LADA oils



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Lada Ultra 5W-40 API SN/CF

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The supplier of original oils for AvtoVAZ is the Rosneft company, so branded oils can be replaced by any product from this manufacturer that meets the specifications.

Classification of motor oils

The manufacturer's recommendations do not regulate the type of oil applicable to the "Seven" engine. Mineral, synthetic and semi-synthetic oil can be poured into the engine if it meets the quality requirements.

Motor oil canisters are marked (for example, “API SJ” or “API SG/CD”), which informs about the quality of the product. When choosing oil, this is what you should pay attention to.

The abbreviation API ( American
Petroleum Institute )
means “American Petroleum Institute.” This is an American non-governmental organization that provides regulation of issues related to the gas and oil industries. One of the areas of API's work is the development of standards and recommended practices for the oil and gas industry.

Motor oil is standardized according to the following indicators:

  • toxicity;
  • washing ability;
  • corrosive activity;
  • effectiveness of protecting parts from friction;
  • the amount of deposits remaining on parts over the period of operation;
  • temperature characteristics.

The letters “S” and “C” mean that the oil is intended for gasoline or diesel engines.

The letter after "S" or "C" indicates the quality of the engine oil's performance characteristics. The markings are in alphabetical order. The further the letter is from “A”, the better the characteristics of the oil.

Oil suitable for VAZ 2107 is minimum “API SG/CD”.

Note: the SAE methodology (type “5W40” qualifies oil only by viscosity indicators. This classification does not take into account performance characteristics and quality.

Oil volume in the VAZ 2105 engine

EnginehpYear of release (beginning-end)Engine oil volume, l

Determining the oil change period

The presence of an oil pressure sensor on the power unit of the car greatly simplifies the determination of the right moment, upon the occurrence of which a planned replacement of the lubricant in the VAZ-2107 is necessary. For a more accurate timing, you need to pay attention to the oil pressure in different engine operating ranges. Basically, when the lubricant disintegrates (decomposes), the VAZ-2107 oil pressure indicator (installed on cars produced before 1988) indicates excess pressure in the system during startup and prolonged operation.

This occurs due to the liquefaction and boiling of the oil in the engine crankcase. If the vehicle does not have an oil pressure gauge, you should refer to the car manufacturer's instructions. The AvtoVAZ technical department recommends replacing the lubricant in the power unit every 6,000 kilometers when driving short distances and after 10,000 kilometers when driving regularly over long distances.

When replacing, it is best to fill in the exact brand of oil that was poured into the crankcase of the VAZ-2107 power unit before.

It is not recommended to fill old, worn-out engines with synthetics, because it washes away deposits that fill microcracks in the oil sump.

After running in the factory engine, it is better to immediately fill it with synthetic oil, since in a good engine, modern synthetic lubricant will prevent it from overheating and thereby significantly increase its service life.

Regardless of what distances the car has covered, if you replace consumables and operating fluids on time, then it will serve reliably for many years and delight you with its reliability.

In this article you will learn how to change the oil and what is associated with it. This will extend the life of the vehicle and promote proper operation. All work can be divided into several stages, which will be discussed below.

Oil selection table by season (winter, summer)

YearViscosity SAE all season
from +25 to -25 °C
from -35 to 0 °C
from 0 to +35 °C
Gasoline APIDiesel APITypeRecommended Manufacturers198015W-20 10W-30
5W-20 10W-20 10W-3020W-30 20W-20 25W-30 25W-20
SGCD-IImineralkaRosneft, G-Energy, Mannol, Lotos198115W-30 15W-20 10W-30
5W-30 5W-20 10W-2020W-20 20W-30 25W-20
SGCD-IImineral Kixx, G-Energy, Rosneft, Mannol, Lotos198215W-20 15W-30 15W-40 10W-40
5W-30 5W-20 10W-4020W-20 20W-30 25W-20
SGCD-IImineralkaLukoil, Valvoline, Kixx, G-Energy, Rosneft198315W-30 15W-20 15W-40 10W-40
5W-30 5W-20 10W-4020W-20 20W-30 20W-40 25W-20
SGCD-II mineral Mobil, Kixx, G-Energy, Rosneft, Mannol, Lotos198415W-20 15W-40
5W-20 5W-30 10W-4020W-30 20W-20 20W-40 25W-20
SGCD-II mineral water ZIC, Lukoil, Valvoline, Kixx198515W-20 15W-30 15W-40 10W-30
5W-20 5W-30 10W-30 10W-4020W-30 20W-20 20W-40 25W-30 25W-20
SGCD-II mineral water ZIC, Lukoil, Valvoline, Kixx, G-Energy198615W-20 15W-30 15W-40 10W-30
5W-20 5W-30 10W-30 10W-4020W-30 20W-20 20W-40 25W-30
SGCD-IImineral, hydrocrackingLukoil, Valvoline, Kixx, G-Energy, Rosneft, CONSOL198715W-20 10W-30 10W-20
5W-20 5W-30 10W-3020W-30 20W-20 25W-30
SGCD-IImineral, hydrocrackingXado, ZIC, Lukoil, Valvoline, G-Energy, Rosneft198815W-20 10W-30 10W-20
5W-20 5W-30 10W-3020W-30 20W-20 25W-30
SGCD-IImineral, hydrocrackingLukoil, Valvoline, Kixx, G-Energy, Rosneft198915W-30 15W-20 10W-30 10W-20
5W-20 5W-30 10W-3020W-30 20W-20 25W-20 25W-30
SGCD-IImineral, hydrocrackingG-Energy, Rosneft, Mannol, Lotos, Total, AGA199015W-30 15W-20
5W-20 5W-30 10W-3020W-30 25W-20 25W-30
SGCD-IImineral, hydrocrackingKixx, G-Energy, Rosneft, Mannol, Lotos, Total, AGA199110W-30 10W-40 15W-30 15W-40
5W-30 10W-40 10W-3020W-30 25W-20 25W-30
SGCD-IImineral, hydrocrackingMobil, Kixx, G-Energy, Rosneft, Mannol, Lotos, Total, AGA199210W-30 10W-40 15W-30 15W-40
5W-30 10W-40 10W-3020W-30 25W-20 25W-30
SGCD-IImineral, hydrocrackingGt-Oil, Kixx, G-Energy, Rosneft, Mannol, Lotos, 199310W-30 10W-40 15W-30 15W-40
5W-30 5W-40 10W-4020W-30 20W-40 25W-20 25W-30
SGCD-IImineral, hydrocrackingGt-Oil, Kixx, G-Energy, Rosneft, Mannol, Lotos199410W-30 10W-40 15W-30 15W-40
5W-30 5W-40 10W-4020W-30 20W-40 25W-30
SGCEmineral, hydrocrackingMobil, Kixx, G-Energy, Rosneft, Mannol199510W-30 15W-30 15W-40 5W-30
5W-30 10W-3020W-30 25W-30
SGCEsemi-synthetics, mineral water, hydrocrackingGt-Oil, Kixx, G-Energy, Rosneft, CONSOL199610W-30 10W-40 15W-30
5W-30 10W-3020W-30 25W-30 25W-20
SGCEsemi-synthetics, mineral water, hydrocrackingMobil, Valvoline, Kixx, G-Energy, Rosneft, Mannol199710W-40 15W-30 15W-40
5W-20 5W-30 10W-30 10W-4020W-30 25W-30
SGCE semi-synthetics, mineral water, hydrocracking Kixx, G-Energy, Rosneft, CONSOL199810W-30 10W-40 15W-30 5W-40
5W-3020W-30 25W-30
SHCF-4semi-synthetic, mineral waterMobil, Valvoline, Kixx, G-Energy, CONSOL199910W-30 10W-40 15W-30
5W-30 5W-4020W-40 20W-30 25W-30
SHCFsemi-synthetics, mineral waterValvoline, Kixx, G-Energy, Rosneft, CONSOL200010W-30 10W-40 15W-40 15W-30
5W-30 5W-4020W-40 20W-30 25W-30
SJCF semi-synthetics, mineral waterMobil, ZIC, Lukoil, Valvoline, Rosneft, Mannol200110W-30 15W-40 15W-30
5W-20 5W-30 5W-4020W-40 20W-30 25W-30 25W-40
SJCG semi-synthetic, mineral water Xado, ZIC, Lukoil, Valvoline, Kixx200210W-30 10W-40 15W-40 15W-30
5W-20 5W-30 5W-4020W-40 20W-30 25W-30 25W-40
SJCG semi-synthetics, mineral water ZIC, Lukoil, Valvoline, Select, Kixx, G-Energy, Rosneft, Mannol, Lotos200310W-30 10W-40 15W-40 15W-30
5W-20 5W-30 5W-4020W-40 20W-30 25W-30 25W-40
SJCG-4semi-synthetic, mineral waterMobil, Rosneft, Select, Mannol, Lotos200410W-30 10W-40 15W-40 15W-30
5W-30 5W-40 0W-3020W-40 20W-30 25W-30 25W-40
SJCHsemi-synthetic, mineral waterMobil, Select, Mannol, Lotos200510W-40 5W-40
5W-4020W-40 25W-30 25W-40
SHCH-4 semi-synthetic, mineral water Mobil, ZIC, Lukoil, Valvoline, Rosneft, Select200615W-40 10W-40 5W-40
0W-30 5W-40 5W-3020W-30 20W-40 25W-30
SJCH-4semi-synthetic, mineral waterMobil, Lukoil, Valvoline, Rosneft, CONSOL200710W-40 5W-40
0W-30 5W-4020W-40 25W-30 25W-40
SLCH-4semi-syntheticsMobil, ZIC, Lukoil, Valvoline, Rosneft, CONSOL200810W-40 5W-40
0W-30 0W-4020W-40 25W-40
SLCIsemisyntheticsMobil, Xado, ZIC, Lukoil, Valvoline, Kixx, G-Energy, Rosneft, Mannol200910W-40 15W-40 5W-40
0W-40 5W-4020W-40 25W-40 25W-40
SLCI semi-syntheticsMobil, Xado, Valvoline, Kixx, G-Energy, Rosneft, Mannol201010W-40 15W-40 5W-40
0W-40 5W-4020W-40 25W-40
SLCI-4semi-syntheticsMobil, Xado, ZIC, Lukoil, Valvoline, Kixx, G-Energy, Rosneft, Mannol

Characteristics of ICE 2105

The ICE of the fourth series 2105 was designed by analogy with the Ford Pinto engine, therefore it received a timing belt drive and attachments, and protection against bending/jamming of the valves in the event of its breakage while driving. The improved technical specifications are as follows:

Engine brandVAZ-2105
Years of production1979 – 1994
Volume1.3 l (1294 cm 3)
Power47.2 kW (64 hp)
Torque94 Nm (3400 rpm)
Weight104 kg
Compression ratio8,8
Nutritioncarburetor DAAZ-2105 Ozone
Motor typein-line
Number of cylinders4
Location of the first cylindernear the timing belt
Number of valves on each cylinder2
Cylinder head materialaluminum alloy
Allowable warpagemanifold gaskets (intake/exhaust) 0.08 mm
cylinder head gasket 0.05 mm
Valve seatwidth 2 – 2.4 mm, angle 45°
Camshaftone upper cylinder head inside, phase width 232°, exhaust valve advance 42°, intake valve lag 40°
Camshaft oil sealdiameters – 40 mm, 56 mm, width 7 mm
Cylinder block materialcast iron
Cylinder diameterclass A – 79 – 79.01 mm
class B – 79.01 – 79.02 mm

class C – 79.02 – 79.03 mm

class D – 79.03 – 79.04 mm

class E – 79.04 – 79.05 mm

Pistons and ringspiston made of aluminum alloy with tin coating,
cast iron rings, compression outside chrome plated (top) and beveled (bottom)
Piston diameterclass A – 78.94 – 78.95 mm
class C – 78.96 – 78.97 mm

class E – 78.98 – 78.99 mm

Gapspiston/cylinder wall – 0.153 – 0.173 mm (standard) or 0.19 mm (maximum)
piston rings – 110 mm relative to the cut plane
Upper compression ring1.535 – 1.555 mm
Lower compression ring3.957 – 3.977 mm
Oil scraper ring2.015 – 2.035 mm
Gap between piston groove and ring0.03 – 0.07 mm
Crankshaftcast iron, casting
Number of main bearings5
Gearbox neck diameter50.795 – 50.775 mm
Main journal gap0.1 – 0.5 mm
Connecting rod bearingsshaft journal diameter – 47.814 mm
liner thickness – 1.448 mm

liner width – 28.025 – 28.975 mm

Crankshaft oil sealsfront – diameters 42 mm, 60 mm, width 7 mm
rear – diameters 85 mm, 105 mm, width 10 mm
Piston stroke66 mm
FuelAI-93 (A-76 allowed)
Environmental standardsEuro 1
Fuel consumptionhighway – 6 l/100 km,
combined cycle 8 l/100 km

city ​​– 10 l/100 km

Oil consumptionmaximum 0.7 l/1000 km
Engine oil for 21055W-30 and 15W-40
Engine oil volume3.75 l
Replacement frequencyevery 55,000 km
Operating temperature80°
Motor lifedeclared 200,000 km
actual 500,000 km
Adjustment of valvesnuts and feeler gauge
Cooling systemforced, antifreeze-A40
Coolant quantity9.75 l
water pumppolymer impeller, mounted on a block
Ignitiondistributor ATE-2
Candles for 2105original – A17-DV,
Gap between spark plug electrodes0.5 – 0.6 mm
Timing belt122 teeth
Cylinder operating order1-3-4-2
Air filterdry with replaceable cardboard cartridge and pre-cleaner, temperature adjustment according to the season
Oil filterrecommended Mann W914/2
Flywheel129 teeth, 0.62 kg
internal hole diameter – 25.67 mm

outer diameter – 27.75 mm

number of mounting holes – 6 pieces

no offsets

Flywheel mounting boltsM10x1.25 mm, length 23.5 mm,
Valve stem sealsManufacturers Horse or Corteco
Compressionpressure in the cylinders from 11 – 14 bar, pressure difference in individual cylinders within 1 bar
Oil temperature80°С
Thermostat temperature80 – 84°С
Valve pressure inside the radiator cap0.7 – 1 bar
Content of harmful products in the exhaustCH
XX speed700 – 800 min -1
Tightening force of threaded connectionsspark plug – 20 Nm
flywheel – 60 + 90° Nm

clutch bolt – 20 Nm

bearing cap – 65 Nm + 90° (main) and 30 Nm + 90° (rod)

cylinder head – 4 stages 40 Nm, 60 Nm + 90° + 90°

A complete description of the internal combustion engine parameters is contained in the official manual of the manufacturer. It states that opposite the valves in the engine pistons there are slots that ensure the safety of the internal combustion engine in the event of a timing belt break - the piston will not be able to “meet” the valve physically. The user simply replaces the rubber product; no major repairs are required.

Recommended services for selecting automobile oils

If you already have preferences in the brand, then everything is even simpler. It is enough to go to any service for selecting automobile oils of the desired brand and the manufacturer will select the oil that will be compatible with your engine. The table contains the most popular brands and selection services from these brands. We go to any of the sites in the table and select the make, model of the car, engine and year of manufacture.

Oil brandLink to selection
GT OILgtoil.ru
Liqui Molyliquimoly.ru

When to change the oil

When the time comes for the VAZ 2105, you must follow the manufacturer's instructions. So:

  • If the car is new, then you can follow the manufacturer's recommendations.
  • If the car has significant mileage, then you need to learn how to determine these terms yourself.
  • In a new car, the manufacturer recommends changing the oil after 15,000 km.
    But if the car is no longer new, then this period should be reduced to 10,000 km or even 7,500 km.

Attention: In any case, when measuring the oil level in the crankcase, pay attention to the transparency of the oil and its viscosity. If the oil has darkened or even turned black, and the viscosity is no longer the same to the touch, then it is better to change the oil ahead of time.

The timing of an oil change is greatly influenced by the condition, quality of the gasoline you drive and the quality of the oil itself. If you have to change the oil on a VAZ 2105 engine, follow the instructions below.

What cars were equipped with ICE 2105?

This modernization could not satisfy users of the domestic automobile industry. The main drawback was the regular breakage of the timing belt, AvtoAZ management reduced production volumes, then removed the 2105 engine from production, so only three modifications of the Zhiguli were equipped with the engine:

  • 2105 sedan;
  • 2104 station wagon;
  • 21072 sedan.

Currently, tuning for the engine of this series is not difficult, but among the operating fleet of Zhiguli “fives” with the “native” engine there are very few left.

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