How many liters of oil should be poured into the VAZ-2109 engine injector and carburetor

How much oil is in the VAZ 2109 engine

VAZ-2109 is a Soviet-Russian car in the body of a five-door hatchback, produced since 1986. This model is also known as Lada Samara or Lada Sputnik. The cost of the car as of 1986 was 8,900 rubles. The car debuted a year later than the VAZ-2108 (1985).

The hatchback was equipped with a 65-horsepower 1.3-liter engine, like the V8. Initially, the engine was coupled with a five-speed manual transmission. A modification of the VAZ-21091 with a 1.1 liter (54 hp) engine was exported. In 1990, an updated version of the “nine” appeared. The car received a so-called “long wing” and a new radiator grille. In the 1990s, the car was available with a 1.5-liter carburetor engine that developed 70 hp. With. As an option, they also offered a 78-horsepower version with a fuel injection system. A hatchback with a VAZ-415 rotary piston engine with a capacity of 120 “horses” was also produced in small quantities.

In the period 1996-1998, the Lada Samara Baltic model was produced at a plant in Finland, which was an improved version for sale in Europe. The car had a more modern front fascia with an optional airbag. In recent years, the VAZ-2109 was produced in (Syzran). The production continued until 2005. In Ukraine, the car was assembled until 2011. Instead of the Soviet hatchback, they began to produce a modernized model with the index 2114.

Step-by-step instruction

Changing the oil in a VAZ 2109 engine is not difficult. Every car owner can handle this job. We offer you step-by-step instructions for performing this service work.

Carrying out service work does not depend on the specific engine size of the VAZ 2109 and the modification of the power unit.

  1. First you need to warm up the engine, for which we let it run for about 5 minutes.
  2. The car is driven into a garage pit or overpass. With a certain amount of skill, you can carry out all the work without a pit or overpass. In this case, you need to carefully crawl under the car and place a flat container under the crankcase for old lubricant.
  3. We find the drain plug on the oil pan and use a 17 key to unscrew it. Dark waste fluid will begin to flow out of the crankcase. We wait until it flows out, this usually takes 20-30 minutes.
  4. After this, we change the filter, which is unscrewed manually without using a tool. In rare cases, the threads of the filter may become rusty, making it impossible to unscrew it by hand. In this case, you can use a special wrench or simply pierce the filter housing with a screwdriver and act as a lever.
  5. As soon as the old auto lubricant stops dripping from the drain plug, you need to screw in a new filter, then screw the plug into place and carefully clamp it with a wrench. When tightening the filter, you should pour a little oil into it and lubricate the rubber gasket, which will prevent it from burning to the threads and will ensure better sealing of the system.
  6. We unscrew the filler plug located on the cylinder head. We recommend adding oil using a funnel to avoid spilling it on the engine. Subsequently, such spilled liquid will burn for a long time and cause an unpleasant odor.
  7. After filling three liters, you should check the dipstick, which will allow you to determine how much oil you have poured into the engine. If necessary, add fluid so that the level is between maximum and minimum.
  8. Close the filler plug and start the car. Let the engine run for a few minutes, then turn off the engine and check the lubrication level again.
  9. Inspect the car for leaks and, if necessary, tighten the oil filter or drain plug in the crankcase.

This completes the oil change in the VAZ 2109 engine.

The 5-door hatchback VAZ 2109 became both a continuation of the Samara line and a modification of the 2108 model (the eight had 3 doors). Serial production of the Nine was launched in 1987, and the car itself remained on the assembly line until 2011. The new product had front-wheel drive, an attractive appearance and good dynamics, provided by the engine range of the VAZ 2108. In 1990, the manufacturer carried out a small update of the model, changing the design of the radiator grille and adding a “long wing”, and in 2011, the place of nine was taken by a new car with the index 2114 .

Under the hood of the hatchback, the same engines with volumes of 1.1-1.5 liters settled, but the main difference here was the serial production of the injector for the 2111 engine. Next, detailed information will be provided on the types of oil to be filled and its recommended quantity. The Nine in the basic configuration received a 65-horsepower 1.3-liter carburetor engine (maximum speed 156 km/h, acceleration to one hundred in 18 seconds). As in the case of the eight, the most popular option on the Russian market was a car with a 1.5-liter engine (70 hp). With it, the 2109 achieved the first 100 km/h in 13 seconds. There was also an injection version 1.5 with 78 hp. All engines were combined with a manual transmission with 5 gears (4 gears for the modification with the 1.1 engine, offered for export).

The key features of the car were good ground clearance and dynamics, as well as a successful chassis design. However, this is no longer a sports hatchback, as was the case with the V8. Nine has become a family option with improved visibility and sound insulation. Technical data allowed it to receive the title of a cult model. And this status is well deserved, given the participation of Porsche specialists in fine-tuning the VAZ 2109 engines. It is not surprising that the Nine is still in great demand in the secondary market as the first car for young people.

VAZ 2109 oil change, tolerances and volume

In order for the engine to operate reliably, efficiently and for a long time, it is extremely important to monitor the quality and quantity of oil in it.

For the VAZ 2109, the recommended engine oil change interval is 10 thousand kilometers. But you need to focus on your specific situation. Practice shows that replacement is sometimes carried out much more often.

Replacement frequency

In order for the engine to maintain its performance, it is necessary to constantly monitor the level of oil fluid and fill it in a timely manner. The oil change in the VAZ 2109 engine is carried out when:

  1. Reaching a certain mileage. This indicator can be found in the technical documentation that comes with the car. Under normal conditions, it is recommended to fill in new oil after 10-15 thousand kilometers.
  2. The end of the warm and cold seasons.
  3. Using a new type of lubricant. It is important to note that in such circumstances it is recommended to upgrade to a higher quality product. The reverse approach should only be used in extreme cases.

Also an important factor influencing the frequency of filling new lubricant into the VAZ 2109 engine is the operating conditions of the vehicle. For example, if the car is used more often at low temperatures, the frequency of engine oil changes increases.

Why change the oil

There are conditions that must be adhered to so that the lubricant present in the engine system fulfills its protective functions and does not become the cause of failure of the power unit.

There are several main points, you need to change the oil.

Recommended mileage exceededEach part has its own service life, during which the spare part uses up its existing resource. There is no point in continuing to use oil that should have been drained long ago. Otherwise, it may cause serious problems with the engine.
Change of seasonsFor winter and summer, it is recommended to fill in the appropriate type of lubricant. This is due to the degree of viscosity, outside temperature, characteristics of the intensity and cooling of the engine in winter and summer.
Changing the oil brandIf you want to switch to a new brand of oil, the old one must be completely removed from the system. Under no circumstances should you mix different oils, even by brand.
Difficult conditionsIf the car is regularly operated under high load conditions, oil changes are carried out more often than recommended intervals.

This is what old oil looks like.
Often in the summer they like to fill in a more viscous oil than for the winter. During prolonged operation in the engine, it loses its properties, additives, and chips from the engine's rubbing parts begin to adversely affect its condition. Over time, if the oil is not changed, this may lead to the need for major engine repairs.

How to change engine oil on nine

The performance of the car depends on the condition of the engine. And the health of the power plant is largely determined by what type of lubricant is used and how often it is filled. Changing the VAZ 2109 oil is a mandatory procedure that is performed on a regular basis. If you do not fill in new fluid in time, the amount of soot and other deposits on the engine elements will gradually increase, as a result of which the latter will fail.

A little about oil

Before you begin the replacement procedure, you need to find out what and in what quantity should be filled.

In VAZ 2109 cars (1.5L engines) usually fill from 3 to 3.5 liters of oil. At the same time, we recommend buying a standard 4 liter canister so that you have something to add during operation.

Check the oil level periodically with a dipstick. It is optimal for a trace of oil to remain on the dipstick between the maximum and minimum marks. Golden mean. It’s not worth filling above the maximum level, just like driving with a level below the minimum.

We have decided on the volume of oil. What exactly should it be?

The most important thing in disputes about motor oils: we will not name brands or viscosities. Let's just say that the oil must NOT be fake and comply with the car manufacturer's approval. For VAZ it is ACEA A3/B3 or A3/B4, or API SJ, SL, SM, SN. Please note that API certification is required only for the USA, but if it is assigned to the oil you have chosen, you can buy with confidence.

Experience shows that VAZ engines run on semi-synthetic for a long time. The initial requirements of the manufacturer are mineral water, because... The motor was developed a very long time ago. Semi-synthetic oils are very suitable, do not leak through oil seals and seals, and are not consumed.

In terms of viscosity, VAZ engines run great all year round on 5w40 oil. If you wish or need to start it in frosts below -35 degrees, you can fill it with 0w40, and in the summer, on the contrary, 10w40.

Do not mix different brands of oil under any circumstances, and when replacing, first flush the system with a flushing compound, and then fill in new fluid.


This technology is as important as pouring oil into the box of a VAZ 2109, which can be done independently or at a service station. An oil change must be done immediately after purchasing a used car. This recommendation is explained by the fact that the new owner does not know what fluid the previous owner of the car used. In such circumstances, you should also pre-flush the engine. The same should be done if the car has not been used for a long time.

Before starting the procedure you need to prepare:

  • new fluid and filter;
  • key to 17;
  • rags for wiping;
  • container for draining waste material.

The work is carried out as follows:

  1. The engine is warming up. This must be done to make the liquid more fluid, which will make the whole process go faster.
  2. It is better to place the car on a flat surface above the hole. This will make it easier to get to the bottom.
  3. By placing a drain container under the bottom of the machine, you can unscrew the drain plug. The oil will flow immediately, so it is better to wear gloves on your hands.
  4. At the end of the drain, which will take about 10-15 minutes, the plug is installed in place.
  5. The oil filter is unscrewed and a new one is installed. First you need to pour about 200 ml of liquid into it and the sealing gum is treated with lubricant.
  6. New oil is added. It will take about three liters.
  7. After filling, you need to check the fluid level. If it is not enough, it is necessary to gradually add lubricant, constantly monitoring its volume using a dipstick.
  8. At the end, you need to close the lid and turn on the engine for a few minutes, letting it idle.

Oil change period in the VAZ 2109 engine

Owners of VAZ-2109 cars are recommended to change the engine oil every 10 thousand km. In this way, it will be possible to avoid deterioration of lubricating properties, which can occur much earlier or later than the specified period, depending on operating conditions. If the car often drives in city traffic jams, is subjected to sudden starts and braking, overloads, etc., in this case the engine may overheat and the oil shelf life may be reduced. The spoiled fluid is not able to effectively lubricate and cool the internal combustion engine parts, resulting in the effect of dry friction between them, which can be avoided by changing the oil earlier - for example, every 6-7 thousand km.

Is flushing necessary when changing engine lubricant?

The last question that any car owner faces when changing lubricant is whether flushing is necessary. Flushing is required:

  • If you do not know what oil was used at the previous change or have forgotten
  • If you decide to change the brand
  • If the waste drained from the engine is heavily contaminated

In other cases, washing is a personal matter for each owner. It has its pros and cons. The advantages include:

  • Removing soot, carbon deposits and deposits from the lubrication system, as well as wear products from parts that are not washed out by oil
  • Cleaning the previous lubricant protects the new one from precipitation and loss of properties in case of incompatibility with the previous brand
  • Not all of the rinsing is washed out of the engine; its remnants dilute the new lubricant, which makes it lose a little in its properties.

Therefore, the best flush is a lubricant that you will use later, although it can be expensive to use as a flush. Engines with high mileage usually require flushing. That's all, the question on the VAZ 2109 where to fill the oil is closed once and for all, I hope. If you forgot something or didn’t quite understand, read from the beginning or watch the video.

Changing the engine oil of a VAZ-2109 car is a simple task that does not require professional skills. Even an inexperienced motorist can handle this. And at first glance it may seem that in practice everything is as simple as in theory. And even experienced owners may have questions, given the fact that the VAZ-2109 is an unpredictable car that requires regular maintenance. In this article we will look at which oil is best to choose for the VAZ-2109, when to change it and how much to fill.

The AvtoVAZ company has established an oil change schedule for the VAZ-2109. It is about 10 thousand kilometers, but may vary depending on climatic and road conditions. The worse the conditions, the shorter the fluid change interval. The fact is that under the influence of negative factors, oil quickly loses its beneficial properties. As a result, the fluid becomes unusable, and with it the engine components. It is possible that an untimely oil change will lead to a major overhaul of the engine, and in the worst case, you will have to buy a new power unit assembly. Therefore, it is advisable to replace it according to the regulations, or even better, look at the condition of the oil. After all, if the fluid has darkened and smells burnt, then replacement may be required much earlier - for example, after 5 thousand kilometers.

In addition, you need to pay attention to your driving style. The more aggressive the driving style, the faster the internal combustion engine components wear out, and at the same time the oil itself deteriorates faster. It is better to drive a car like the VAZ-2109 smoothly, without sudden movements. Firstly, the car is not new, and secondly, it is made of cheap parts that have an extremely unpredictable breakdown rate.

How much oil to pour into the VAZ 2109 engine

First generation 2109, 1986-2004

Model 2109 is a more expensive version of the V8 due to its five-door body with an enlarged trunk. Initially, the car was offered with a 4-speed gearbox, and in 1989 a new 5-speed manual transmission appeared. The modification 21091 with a 54-horsepower 1.1 liter engine was exported. In 1990, production of the updated “nine” began with an extended wing and a new radiator grille, and in the mid-90s the car received a carburetor 1.5-liter internal combustion engine with 70 hp. With. Its injection version produced 78 hp. With. A hatchback with a rotary piston VAZ-415 with a power of 120 hp was produced in a small edition. With.

Gasoline engines 1990-2004

  • 1.1 54 l. With. (21081), oil volume - 3.5 liters, tolerance and viscosity: SH, SG, SJ; SAE 5W-40, 0W-40, 0W-30, 5W-30, 10W-30, 10W-40
  • 1.3 64 l. With. (210993), oil volume - 3.5 liters, tolerance and viscosity: SH, SG, SJ; SAE 5W-40, 0W-40, 0W-30, 5W-30, 10W-30, 10W-40
  • 1.5 70 l. With. (210990), oil volume - 3.5 liters, tolerance and viscosity: SH, SG, SJ; SAE 5W-40, 0W-40, 0W-30, 5W-30, 10W-30, 10W-40
  • 1.5 78 l. With. (21099i), oil volume - 3.5 liters, tolerance and viscosity: SH, SG, SJ; SAE 5W-40, 0W-40, 0W-30, 5W-30, 10W-30, 10W-40
  • 1.6 81 l. With. (210994), oil volume - 3.5 liters, tolerance and viscosity: SH, SG, SJ; SAE 5W-40, 0W-40, 0W-30, 5W-30, 10W-30, 10W-40

Lubricant volume

From the technical documentation for the car it also becomes clear how much oil needs to be poured into the power unit.

According to the factory specifications, each fluid change will require about 3.5 liters of new material.

However, it is recommended to purchase products in 4-liter containers. This is explained by the fact that during the operation of the car, the volume of oil in the engine changes unevenly. As a result, before a scheduled oil change, it may need to be topped up.

In general, the final volume is determined using a dipstick, which is constantly located in the corresponding engine compartment.

What oil to use for the VAZ 2109 engine


Owners of VAZ-2109 cars can use mineral, semi-synthetic or synthetic motor oil with different viscosities. Thus, for year-round operation, a 10W-40, 10W-30 or 5W-40 all-season oil is recommended. In the winter season, it is better to fill in 0W-30, 0W-40 or 5W-30, and in the summer you can opt for 20W-40 or 25W-50.


Owners of VAZ-2109 cars prefer inexpensive motor oils from domestic brands Lukoil, Rosneft, G-Energy and Gazpromneft. When choosing a suitable product, it is necessary to take into account the API approval, which is selected depending on the year of manufacture of the car, as well as the type of internal combustion engine. For example, for a gasoline VAZ-2109 produced in 1987. All-season mineral oil with parameters 15W-20 and API-SG is suitable. For cars of the 2006 model year, semi-synthetic API-SJ is recommended. Below are the best options for analogue motor oils for the VAZ-2109.

  • Mobil Super 10W-40
  • Elf Evolution 700 STI 10W-40
  • Shell Helix HX7 5W-40, 10W-40
  • Lukoil Genesis 5W-40


Video materials

Below is a video with a visual guide and a step-by-step explanation of the owner who changes the engine oil on camera at a mileage of 8-9 thousand km.

Gasoline APIDiesel APITypeRecommended Manufacturers
15W-30 15W-20 10W-30 10W-205W-20 5W-30 10W-3020W-30 20W-20 25W-20 25W-30
S.G.CD-IImineral water, hydrocrackingG-Energy, Rosneft, Mannol, Lotos, Total, AGA
15W-30 15W-205W-20 5W-30 10W-3020W-30 25W-20 25W-30
S.G.CD-IImineral water, hydrocrackingKixx, G-Energy, Rosneft, Mannol, Lotos, Total, AGA
10W-30 10W-40 15W-30 15W-405W-30 10W-40 10W-3020W-30 25W-20 25W-30
S.G.CD-IImineral water, hydrocrackingMobil, Kixx, G-Energy, Rosneft, Mannol, Lotos, Total, AGA
10W-30 10W-40 15W-30 15W-405W-30 10W-40 10W-3020W-30 25W-20 25W-30
S.G.CD-IImineral water, hydrocrackingGt-Oil, Kixx, G-Energy, Rosneft, Mannol, Lotos,
10W-30 10W-40 15W-30 15W-405W-30 5W-40 10W-4020W-30 20W-40 25W-20 25W-30
S.G.CD-IImineral water, hydrocrackingGt-Oil, Kixx, G-Energy, Rosneft, Mannol, Lotos
10W-30 10W-40 15W-30 15W-405W-30 5W-40 10W-4020W-30 20W-40 25W-30
S.G.C.E.mineral water, hydrocrackingMobil, Kixx, G-Energy, Rosneft, Mannol
10W-30 15W-30 15W-40 5W-305W-30 10W-3020W-30 25W-30
S.G.C.E.semi-synthetic, mineral water, hydrocrackingGt-Oil, Kixx, G-Energy, Rosneft, CONSOL
10W-30 10W-40 15W-305W-30 10W-3020W-30 25W-30 25W-20
S.G.C.E.semi-synthetic, mineral water, hydrocrackingMobil, Valvoline, Kixx, G-Energy, Rosneft, Mannol
10W-40 15W-30 15W-405W-20 5W-30 10W-30 10W-4020W-30 25W-30
S.G.C.E.semi-synthetic, mineral water, hydrocrackingKixx, G-Energy, Rosneft, CONSOL
10W-30 10W-40 15W-30 5W-405W-3020W-30 25W-30
SHCF-4semi-synthetic, mineral waterMobil, Valvoline, Kixx, G-Energy, CONSOL
10W-30 10W-40 15W-305W-30 5W-4020W-40 20W-30 25W-30
SHCFsemi-synthetic, mineral waterValvoline, Kixx, G-Energy, Rosneft, CONSOL
10W-30 10W-40 15W-40 15W-305W-30 5W-4020W-40 20W-30 25W-30
S.J.CFsemi-synthetic, mineral waterMobil, ZIC, Lukoil, Valvoline, Rosneft, Mannol

Elimination of internal leaks.

If the cause of large internal leaks (fumes) is the hardening of the oil seals, we also recommend that you first try a simple and inexpensive method - the German Liqui Moly Oil Verlust Stop additive.

An important point in preventing oil leaks is the use of anti-friction additives, which reduce friction and prevent engine wear. Anti-friction additives in the engine extend its life by reducing ring wear, which will reduce engine oil consumption. You can read more about the differences in antifriction additives here.

An integral part of wear prevention is the use of the correct and recommended lubricants for this type of equipment and regular flushing of the engine before replacing lubricants, observing the recommended replacement intervals. You can select the necessary flushing here.

In addition, it must be remembered that improper operation of the fuel system contributes to accelerated waste consumption. For example, if the injectors are dirty, then they incorrectly spray fuel into the combustion chamber, which directly correlates with the amount of oil consumption (waste).

In this case, the fuel system should be cleaned, for which there is also an inexpensive and simple solution - fuel additives (in the tank). You should choose additives from well-known, reputable brands that will not only clean the fuel system, but will also do it safely for all fuel equipment. We recommend choosing fuel additives from the German company Liqui Moly. More detailed information can be read here.


Each engine has a clearly established lubricant consumption rate. There is a normalized level of consumption and oil consumption is higher than normal. The level of consumption that does not meet established standards occurs due to two factors: external leaks and internal ones (waste). If your oil consumption is low and has only recently appeared, there are simple and inexpensive ways to fix the problem. To do this, first of all, use oil system sealant. Flushing the oil system, anti-friction additives and fuel additives will help you prevent consumption that does not meet the standards. If the consumption is higher than optimal, then this may result in other reasons for increased oil consumption, which, in turn, will lead to large expenses for engine repairs.

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