Traumatic pistols "Osa": technical characteristics, how to obtain permission for a traumatic pistol

Traumatic pistols "Osa" are the so-called barrelless trauma pistols with many functions of non-lethal weapons, the main task of which is protection from attack and the supply of lighting signals.

"Osa Compact"

The very initial prototype was shown to the general public during the international arms exhibition in Moscow in 1996.

The history of the creation of the Osa PB-4 pistol

The PB-4 "Osa" pistol was designed at the Research Institute of Applied Chemistry (Sergiev Posad) as a non-military weapon.

To achieve a high efficiency of using a pistol, it was necessary to equip the pistol with other ammunition.

To hit the enemy, the pistol is based on the principle of hitting with rubber bullets and hitting with strong sound and light.

Traumatic pistol "Wasp"

To avoid the temptation for some craftsmen to convert the pistol into a combat pistol, a “cartridge-barrel” version with electrical ignition was used. Using this option allows the cartridge case to be recessed into the bullet.

At the moment of the shot, the front component of the cartridge case is also the barrel, which allows you to accelerate the bullet and direct the Wasp’s self-defense in the required direction.

Due to the fact that the Wasp barrel is absent as a component of the pistol, the traumatic gun is classified as a “barrelless self-defense weapon.”

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this year, cartridges for the Wasp were equipped with rubber bullets and a steel core located inside the bullet

In 1997, the first cartridges for the Osa pistol were equipped with rubber bullets and a steel core located inside the bullet, which was needed to give greater mass to the bullet and the ability to be detected by X-rays if the bullet penetrated inside the human body.

The weight of the bullet is 8 grams, the energy at the moment of departure of the bullet is 105-115 Joules.

In 2001, the bullet parameters were changed:

  • bullet energy - 80-85 Joules;
  • bullet weight - 11.6 g.

Pistol PB-4-2 Osa
Designers have invented not only rubber bullets, but also those that impact the enemy with a flash of light and a strong sound.

There are also cartridges available that allow you to illuminate small areas with light flashes.

During the use of the PB-4 pistol, several stages of design changes were carried out.

  1. The first Osa pistols were equipped with a mechanical barrel selector and the cartridge ignition circuit was powered by a magnetic pulse generator (MIG).
  2. The manufactured Osa PB-4M pistols have already been equipped with an electronic circuit for selecting the firing barrel. The circuit assumes the ability to use the property of the electric primer of the 18x45 cartridge to pass a weak electric current when the cartridge is ready to fire, and not to pass the current after the cartridge has fired. When you press the trigger, the electronic circuit uses a small current to check the serviceability of the primer of the first cartridge in the firing order in a very short period of time, and if it is working, it fires a shot, applying full current to the capsule.
  3. The next stage in the development of the pistol was the Osa PB-4-1 pistol, manufactured in 2003. The weapon has a more comfortable grip and is easier to shoot. Other innovations include equipping the pistol with a laser and replacing the magnetic pulse trigger generator with a lithium battery.
  4. Trauma variant Osa PB-4 for special services and rapid reaction forces. The difference from the civilian version is the special notches for aimed shooting and belt mounts. The weapon has been in service since May 2002 and has the code GRAU 6P56. Can fire cartridges with a caliber of 18x45 and more - 18.5x70. There are no military pistols available for sale.

The Osa PB-4-1 ML pistol is a traumatic weapon with four cartridges, two at the top and two at the bottom. In this pistol, the role of the barrel is played by cartridge cases.

Pistol PB-4-3 "Compact"

According to experts, the best aspects of the PB-4 Osa pistol include high reliability, while the negative side is the large thickness of the pistol and a small number of cartridges.

Charging process

The pistol frame is made from a special type of durable, mechanically resistant plastic. The barrel block is connected to the frame using a conventional hinge mechanism. The weapon should only be loaded (!) one cartridge at a time. To bring the pistol to the desired condition, it is simply “broken”, as is the case with hunting double-barreled shotguns. The cartridges are partially released from the chambers due to the action of a spring ejector. Their final extraction is carried out manually. Pulling out used cartridges is easy and requires minimal effort.

Technical characteristics of PB-4-1ML Osa

Dimensions PB41ML Osa
Length119 mm
Height114 mm
Width39 mm
Weight PB41ML OsaWeight without cartridges 340 g.
Caliber PB41ML Osa18×45
Unit capacity4 rounds
Trigger force3.54-5 kgf
Power supplyfor firing, pulse generator MIG1K1; for laser center lithium battery CR123
Temperature range of applicationshooting from -30° to +50°C, laser pointer – from -10° to +40°C;
Accuracy of fire at a distance of 10 metersfor a series of four shots no more than 220 mm

Features of the trigger mechanism

The trigger mechanism is electric, working on the principle of a dynamo. The current is generated at the moment the trigger is pressed, and therefore no additional power sources are required for the weapon. But there is an exception: if you need a laser target pointer, you will have to worry about having a lithium battery. The “pointer” switch is located above the pistol grip, on the left side of the weapon.

All users of the Wasp should remember that this is a weapon. Reviews and repeated cases where the pistol was handled carelessly indicate that a shot from it can be lethal. Firstly, some people have a low threshold for pain perception, and therefore death can occur from pain shock. Secondly, if a bullet hits the eye or bones of the skull, severe injury that can lead to death is almost guaranteed.

Review of the latest Wasp models

Let's consider the difference between the latest models of the Wasp injury, the technical characteristics of which differ from earlier versions in terms of power and damage.

  • larger caliber size compared to its predecessors;
  • increased effective power of the pistol;
  • cartridges from older models cannot be used in the latest model pistol;
  • The powder weights became larger, which allowed the bullet to have more improved ballistic characteristics.

Double-barreled Osa PB-2 "Aegis"

Options and modifications

  • PB-2 "Aegis" - modification with 2 cartridges of 18x45 mm size. Produced since 2006;
  • PB-4 "OSA" - modification for 4 cartridges 18x45 mm. Manufactured since 1999, production started in 1999. Currently out of print;
  • PB-4V (index GRAU-6P56) is a military modification of the pistol. In service since 2002;
  • PB-4-1ML - a 4-charge version oriented to the cartridge size - 18x45 mm. A laser target designator is available. Manufactured since July 2003;
  • PB-4-2 is a pistol made with 4 charges. Cartridge - 18.5x55 mm, slightly longer barrel and improved sight;
  • OSA Flare Gun - the model has a plastic body that is painted orange. Equipped with 4 cartridges;
  • PB-4-3 “Compact” - modification made for 15x40 mm cartridges;
  • M-9 is a variant of a four-load pistol chambered for the 18.5x55 mm cartridge. It differs from other models - it is a sensor that turns on the laser center automatically when you wrap your hand around the handle.

The new traumatic pistol "Osa Compact" belongs to the category of "weapons for self-defense." In accordance with the adopted legislative acts in the Russian Federation, the Osa traumatic weapon is a firearm of limited destruction.

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The Osa Compact firearm has some characteristic differences from the Osa PB-4-1ML pistol:

  • The Osa Compact uses a 15×40 cartridge, which has a thinner case wall thickness and a shorter cartridge case compared to the Osa PB-4 pistol. Such innovations reduced the thickness of the pistol;
  • the Osa Compact pistol is equipped with a double-sided safety catch, which, when turned off, turns on the laser center;
  • "Osa Compact" is equipped with a laser target designator to briefly blind the enemy;
  • Unlike other versions, the Osa Compact is not equipped with a trigger guard. On the one hand, this reduces the size of the pistol, but on the other hand, it must be carried only with the safety on.

Technical characteristics of Osa Compact:

Length:117.5 mm
Height:106 mm
Width:32 mm
Weight without cartridges:350 g.
Unit capacity:4 rounds
Trigger force:0.9-1.04 kgf
Power supply for shot and laser pointer:CR-123 BATTERY

Side view
Technical characteristics of the double-barreled Osa PB-2 Aegis:

Ammo used18x45T (with rubber bullet)
18x45SZ (light and sound)
18x45С (signal)
18x45O (lighting)
Rubber bullet diameter15.3 mm
Number of cartridges2 pcs
Weight with cartridges240 gr
Weight without cartridges190 gr
Length113 mm
Width27 mm
Height104 mm
Initial flight speed of a rubber bullet120 m/s
Effective firing range10 meters
Trigger force3.5-4.5 kgf
Power supply
for shootingpulse generator MIG-1K1
for laser centerLi-ion battery
Temperature range of application:
shooting from-30° to +50° C,
LCC – from-10° to +40° C;
Firing accuracy at a distance of 10 meters:for a series of 10 shots no more than 300 mm

Registration of weapons

After purchase, the pistol must be registered within two weeks. This procedure is carried out in the permitting and licensing department. It is necessary to present the weapon and documents for it for inspection.

After the injury is registered, the license document will be replaced with ROH. Based on it, you can purchase cartridges. The case for monitoring compliance with legal regulations regarding the storage of weapons is for five years. After this period, the holder needs to worry about renewing the permit. It is possible to buy traumatic weapons in specially designated sections of gun stores. Prices for this type of self-defense weapon range from 10,000 rubles and above, depending on the model and characteristics.

Conditions for obtaining permission

Many ordinary people believe that the complexity of purchasing a traumatic weapon is comparable to buying bread in a nearby store. Alas, the reality is somewhat different. In particular, it is not so easy to obtain permission for the Osa pistol. Unpleasant incidents that occurred as a result of the forced use of the “stinging protector” led to the fact that devices of this brand were included in a kind of “black list” of officials from licensing authorities.

According to the law, local police departments must give the go-ahead for the purchase and operation of Os. A minimum package of documents, a safe installed at home and a modest state fee - that, it would seem, is all that is needed in order to feel like the owner of a trauma vehicle. However, in practice, applicants have to take an exam on their knowledge of federal weapons laws, and not everyone is able to answer the test questions correctly.

Brief overview of the Compact version

A new era in the history of the creation of domestic traumatic weapons was marked by the appearance of such a defensive device of limited destruction as the Osa-Compact. The pistol of this model debuted in October 2013. Moreover, the name was not chosen by chance: the new product was able to be adapted to a cartridge with a smaller diameter, which, naturally, led to an overall reduction in the dimensions of the structure.

The revolutionary breakthrough of the Compact version was not limited to purely design solutions - the Osu was equipped with a powerful laser target designator and a bolt mechanism similar to semi-automatic pistols. The model, in fact, lost the trigger guard - its function was assigned to a switch connected to two fuses.

Self-defense equipment that does not require a license

There are several types of self-defense means that do not require mandatory permission:

  • Air pistols or revolvers - the muzzle force (power) should not exceed 7.5 J, and the bullet diameter should not exceed 4.5 mm.
  • Gas cartridges with various fillings are especially popular among representatives of the “weaker sex”, they take up little space, and are easy to use. The main requirement for the owner is the age of majority.
  • Stun guns - allow you to immobilize an attacker, operate on batteries and require skill to use. The maximum effect is achieved by direct touch, and this is not always possible, especially in winter.
  • “Udar” is a device that is a combination of gas and pneumatic weapons that shoots special capsules containing liquid. It works well regardless of the weather or time of year.

The signal, noise, starting type pistol - “Zoraki 914” is not a military weapon and is used for its intended purpose in sports competitions. It creates a loud noise effect with the emission of flames and is more suitable for signaling in case of danger or as a dog repeller. The Zoraki model fires blank cartridges. By unscrewing and removing the special plug, the gun can be used as a flare gun. It is allowed to buy a Zoraki injury without a license, but using it as a means of self-defense is prohibited by law. In addition, there is also a prohibition on sending this product by mail.

Advantages and disadvantages of Osa brand barrelless pistols

Among the main advantages of the first configuration, it is especially worth noting the strength of the body - the secret lies in the use of light alloys and in the absolute optimization of the design. In addition, the traumatic pistol PB-4 “Osa” boasts of its “unpretentiousness” to operating conditions: both at 30 degrees of frost and at 50 degrees of heat, all important components of the firing mechanism work flawlessly.

Of the “four’s” shortcomings, the recharging process causes the most criticism. Setting up the mechanical controller of the powder charge activation unit cannot be called convenient either.

The “Osa-2” pistol, also known as the “Osa – Aegis PB-2” pistol, on the contrary, is extremely easy to use. However, the presence of only two cartridges in the cassette largely neutralizes its excellent characteristics.

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