What kind of oil to pour into the Kamaz 740 engine

What oil is best to use in a KamAZ engine?

When choosing engine oil for a KamAZ engine, you need to consider the following factors:

  • Year of manufacture and type of power unit (brand, compliance with Euro standard).
  • Operating conditions in the case of KamAZ trucks are difficult.
  • Degree of wear of the motor.
  • Compatible with other oils used in the system.

Also, when choosing which oil to pour into a KamAZ engine, you should listen to the manufacturer’s recommendations. For example, the manufacturer's instructions for viscosity must be taken into account, which must correspond to the degree of engine wear and environmental conditions.


The KamAZ-740 engine has high technical characteristics that are known not only in the CIS, but throughout the world. Thus, in the 80s, trucks of the legendary German were equipped with power units from the Kama plant. Of course, this did not last long, because DAF developed its own power units that were better suited to these cargo giants.

Production of 740 engines continues to this day. The KAMAZ company produces a fairly large number of engines, and in 2021 it is planned to release a new engine labeled 740.80-300.

This is a 5th generation power unit with Euro-5 environmental standards, which will have a new injection system, which, according to the developers, will change the concept of turbodiesels in trucks. The stated power will be between 500 and 800 horsepower.

Repair and maintenance of KamAZ-740 engines is quite simple and does not require any special skills or abilities of specialists. Unlike its Western counterparts, the KamAZ engine has simple design features, which makes repairs simple, and the absence of complex automated electronics simplifies tasks.

The durability and reliability of the power unit of cars from the Kama Automobile Plant depends precisely on what kind of oil is poured into KAMAZ engines. They are known for their reliability, durability, unpretentiousness and extended service life. And the lubrication system of automobile engines played a significant role in this. Depending on the brand of the unit and its design, different lubricants are used.

Today there are a large number of different brands and types of oils on the market. And here the main thing is to make the right choice, because the main indicators of the engine’s performance will depend on this. Oil for the KAMAZ engine is selected in strict accordance with the engine specifications. And every owner of a truck of this brand must decide what oil to fill into the Kamaz engine, based on the manufacturer’s recommendations. Oil for KAMAZ engines should be used in group CD according to API classification or group D in accordance with GOST 17479.1. KAMAZ engine oils are most often used in accordance with international classifications from SAE 15W-40, for all seasons of use, to SAE 5W-40 or 5W-30, for areas with cold climates and severe operating conditions. KAMAZ engine oil for seasonal work or for maintenance in a temperate climate area can be used with SAE 20W.

What oil is better to pour into a Kamaz engine?

One of the most common oils for Kamaz diesel engines is KAMAZ SAE 15W40 API CI-4/SL K10-40.50 oil. What kind of oil to pour into the KAMAZ engine is chosen in each specific case by the mechanics themselves who service the vehicles. Sometimes, KAMAZ SAE 15W40 API CI-4/SL OPTIMUM KO15-40.50 engine oil is used for Kamaz engines, which has improved characteristics. Oil for the KamAZ 740 engine is selected based on the future operating conditions of the vehicle, most often it is Lukoil-Super (SAE 15W-40, CE/SG) or Lukoil-Super (SAE 15W-40, CF-4/SG). The brand of oil for the KAMAZ engine has a serious impact on the operation and performance of the engine. And its durability and reliability depend on what kind of oil is poured into the Kamaz engine. KAMAZ engine oil grades CES 20078, 20076 have improved friction properties and contribute to less wear of rubbing parts.

Modern engines of the Kama Automobile Plant, which meet modern environmental standards, require special lubrication. Oil in the Euro 3 KAMAZ engine is poured from Lukoil Super series with different viscosities, since the principle of operation of the power unit with supercharged air is fundamentally different in design from atmospheric. KAMAZ turbo engine oil Lubri-Loy15w40 API CJ-4/SN, CES 20081, Lubri-Loy API CI-4/SL Multi-Grade or CES 20072 contributes to the durability and reliability of power units.


KAMAZ PJSC recommends that, first of all, oil produced under its own brand be used. The manufacturer offers several lines for its trucks:

  • KamAZ: these are universal semi-synthetic and mineral motor oils for all-season use; Lubricants contain antioxidant and dispersant additives. Regular use of oil provides anti-corrosion protection and prevents the formation of high-temperature deposits. This line is designed for diesel turbocharged internal combustion engines of light trucks.
  • Kamaz Optimum: all-season semi-synthetic and mineral motor oils. Created for four-stroke diesel engines of medium- and large-tonnage KamAZ trucks that meet European Euro 5 standards.
  • Kamaz Professional: synthetic-based oils for any season, used for diesel engines operating in particularly harsh conditions. Suitable for trucks with any environmental European standard.

KAMAZ engine oil

Possibly Sibi Omsk. Also normal. Slava Well, in principle, too. If you buy a barrel it will cost about 70 rubles per liter. Although in such a situation the avant-garde is preferable. Let’s say it’s more diesel-like at almost the same price. Yes, for Kamaz, in principle, any. You arranged them according to their quality class. Vanguard CF will suffice. If it’s euro, then ultra-extras are also possible. What are the advantages of avant-garde?

No need to sweat winter-summer. The hot viscosity is higher than that of summer oil 10g2ka, the cold viscosity and pour point is lower than that of winter oil. Accordingly, the hot pressure is higher, and the blowtorch and starter work less.

The engine is much cleaner. Oil resource. The replacement period can be slightly increased. In general, I decided to fill it with Lukoil Avangard. Let's see how the engine digests it. Just right for such cars: Freight transportation and Tow truck services….

Answers (1)

Dump truck rental services. Rent a truck without a driver. Loaders, moving, cargo transportation, general workers... Last questions. What are the reasons why the stove does not heat well? Hello, please tell me I have problems with the brakes. Hello, the outer front boot of the grenade is tired.

Tell me what it's suitable for.


Avangard series oils are suitable for KamAZ engines meeting Euro environmental standards. The manufacturer recommends the following types of oils:

  • Avangard: in summer, turbocharged units use oils of at least CF/CD/SF quality according to API numbers 20, 30, 40, 50, 60; 10W-30, 10W-40, 15W-40, 20W-50 according to the API CF-4/SG standard - for use in any season in Euro-2 engines.
  • Avangard Extra: for KamAZ engines Euro 3 and 4, oils 10W-30, 10W-40, 15W-40, 20W-50 of CH-4/CG-4/SJ quality according to API have been developed.
  • Avangard Ultra: oil numbers 5W-40, 10W-30, 10W-40, 15W-40, 20W-50 API quality CI-4/SL ensure long-term operation of Euro-3, -4, -5 engines.

Assortment of oils for KamAZ engines

Original motor oils from the KAMAZ brand:

SAE viscosity grades10W-40,15W-40
Capacity(L)18; 50; 216,5
EndorsementsPJSC "KAMAZ", OJSC "Avtodizel" (YaMZ), OJSC "Remdizel"
Meets requirementsAPI CF-4/SG
SAE viscosity grades5W-40,10W-40,15W-40
Capacity(L)18; 50; 216,5
EndorsementsSAE 15W-40 - API CI-4/SL (licensed), MB-Approval 228.3, Volvo VDS-3, Cummins CES 20078, MAN M3275, Mack EO-N, MTU Category 2, Renault IV RLD-2, Deutz DQC III -10, KAMAZ PJSC, Avtodizel OJSC (YaMZ), Tutaevsky Motor Plant OJSC; SAE 10W-40 - KAMAZ PJSC; OJSC "Avtodizep" ("YaMZ"), OJSC "Tutaevsky Motor Plant"
Meets requirementsSAE 5W-40 - API CI-4/SL, MAN M 3275-1, MTU Category 2, MB-Approval 228.3, Deutz DQC III-10, Volvo VDS-3, Mack EO-M+, Renault IV RLD-2, SAE 10W-40 - API CI-4/SL, ACEA E7, Global DHD-1, MAN M 3275-1, MTU Category 2, MB-Approval 228.3, Deutz DQC III-10, Volvo VDS-3, Mack EO-M+, Renault IV RLD-2, SAE 15W-40 Cummins CES 20071/2/6/7, Caterpillar ECF-1, ECF-2, Mack EO-M+
SAE viscosity grades10W-40
Capacity(L)18; 50; 216,5
EndorsementsAPI CI-4, Scania LowAsh, Renault RLD-2, Volvo VDS-3, Deutz DQC IV-10LA, MB-Approval 228.5,228.51, MAN M3477, MTU Category 3.1, Cummins CES 20078
Meets requirementsACEA E6/E7/E4, JASO DH-2, DAF Extended Drain, Renault RXD,RLD

About oil viscosity

In the temperature conditions of Russia, oil viscosity is the most important parameter when choosing. In Russia, the driver needs to focus on the season:

  • Winter: Low viscosity oils are suitable for cold weather because high viscosity oils thicken quickly at low temperatures.
  • Summer: in the warm season, oils with a high viscosity index are used, since the low-viscosity reagent liquefies under the influence of high temperatures.

It is better to determine which oil to fill into a KamAZ 740 or Cummins engine in a service station during maintenance. Based on the condition of the engine and other components of the car, the specialist will select the appropriate brand and number of oil.

The KamRemCenter company offers new and used KamAZ engines, for which quality guarantees are provided, and any other spare parts.

How much oil to pour into a KamAZ engine

For different car models, it is necessary to pour a certain amount of oil into the engine. This is due to the design features of internal combustion engines of models that differ from each other.

ModelOil volume
KAMAZ 5320/4310, 740.1028 l.
KAMAZ 65115 740.11/740.1330 l.
KAMAZ 6520/55111, 740.50/740.5133.2 l.
KAMAZ 43118, 740.5528 l.

In conclusion, let us recall that the approximate temperature range for the use of motor oil according to SAE classes in winter (in cold weather) is determined based on the cranking rate (imitation of a cold engine start). According to the accepted notation system, the “winter capabilities” of a motor oil are characterized by the first value in the marking with the letter W (from the English word winter). When choosing winter oil for a KamAZ engine, you should focus on the following viscosity values:

The second indicator in the viscosity designation (for example, in SAE 15W-40 it is “40”) characterizes the viscosity of the oil at engine operating temperature. A higher number means higher viscosity, which means a thicker oil film in friction pairs. The requirements for this indicator are determined, first of all, by the design features of the engine. In terms of determining the possibility of using oil based on the second indicator in hot climates, you should strictly adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendations, since the use of low-viscosity oils can lead to engine failure due to insufficient lubrication.

What and how much oil to fill into a KamAZ engine is decided in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s requirements, based on the engine brand, viscosity, taking into account operating conditions and degree of wear, the level of performance properties and the presence of a special permit, if established by the manufacturer. Motor oil of inadequate quality can lead to rapid failure of individual systems, their accelerated wear, and premature engine overhaul.


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