Changing the oil on a VAZ 2112: step-by-step instructions

All car owners, without exception, are well aware that the trouble-free operation of their car directly depends on the correctness and regularity of the relevant service work. That is why it is necessary to carry out such maintenance on a regular basis. Changing the oil of a VAZ 2112 in an engine with 16 valves will extend the service life of the engine and save the car owner from the need for complex, expensive repairs of the power unit.

Getting ready for replacement

You can perform this procedure for changing the oil in service workshops or independently. Such maintenance of this engine is not difficult, which will allow every car owner to perform it, saving on the services of professional craftsmen.

It should be remembered that the quality of the service work performed directly depends on the quality of the consumables used. That is why it is necessary to take a responsible approach to choosing an oil that must fully comply with the requirements of the car manufacturer.

A VAZ 2112 with a 16-valve engine can be filled with inexpensive domestic semi-synthetic oil, which will allow you to save some money. At the same time, the lubricant ensures high-quality engine operation and cooling of its moving parts.

Replacing the oil filter and oil in the VAZ 2112 engine

One of the conditions for the uninterrupted operation of the power unit and the long service life of its components and parts is high-quality lubricating fluid. Therefore, it is necessary to periodically change the engine oil and oil filter. The procedure is simple, so even a novice car enthusiast can handle it using detailed replacement instructions.

How often should you change your oil?

In the operating instructions, the manufacturer recommends changing the engine oil every 8-10 thousand kilometers or a year of operation. But this period is reduced if the car has difficult operating conditions. These include:

  • driving in the city, when you have to stand in traffic jams, the engine idles for a long time;
  • low temperatures at which the viscosity of the lubricant increases, which increases the load on engine parts and components;
  • off-road driving, especially on dusty, sandy roads.

The lubrication life is affected by the driver's driving style. If the vehicle is idle for a long time, condensation collects, which enters the oil fluid and changes its characteristics.

In order for engine parts and components to last a long time, you need high-quality lubricating fluid. The need for replacement is indicated by the color of the lubricant. It becomes dark in color because residues from fuel combustion enter it. They worsen the performance characteristics of the oil.

How much and what kind of lubricant to fill

There are differing opinions on the volume of how much oil to fill. Some drivers bring the lubrication level to the maximum level, others make sure that it is between min and max. In addition, the volume of lubricant depends on the type of VAZ 2112 engine. It can be an 8 or 16 valve unit. If we take average indicators, the volume of engine oil poured should be in the range from 2.2 to 3.5 liters. Therefore, a four-liter canister is enough for filling and will remain for further refilling.

The subsequent operation of the vehicle depends on the quality of the consumables. Therefore, you need to take the choice of lubricant and filter element seriously. The lubricating fluid must meet the conditions in which the machine will be operated and the manufacturer's requirements. Along with the lubricant, it is recommended to change the filter, which cleans the oil of foreign matter and wear products. You should purchase the original in a specialized store so as not to buy a fake.

You can fill the VAZ 2112 power unit with inexpensive semi-synthetic oil if you want to save money. But at the same time, it will provide high-quality protection of elements from corrosion, premature wear and removal of excess heat from rubbing parts.

All lubricating fluids are classified as mineral, semi-synthetic and synthetic based. When choosing, you need to take into account the following factors:

  • if the engine is in good condition, does not consume excess oil, and the pressure in the cylinders is normal, then a synthetic lubricant can be used all year round;
  • If the power unit has significant mileage, the use of semi-synthetic seasonal lubricant or mineral water is allowed; they have a higher density and therefore do not burn out so quickly during operation of the power unit.

There is a wide selection of lubricants on the car market, so it is not difficult to choose the best option for matching price and quality. You can use seasonal oil for summer and winter, which will have to be changed when the season changes. The best option would be an all-season lubricant that you can use all year round.

Changing the lubricant and filter element: step-by-step instructions

Before the procedure, you need to perform several preparatory measures. Replacement is carried out on a hot engine so that the lubrication is high-quality and fast. The easiest way to do this is after the trip. If the car was at rest and the engine was cold, you need to start it and let it warm up to a temperature of about 70 degrees, forcing it to idle.

In order to correctly carry out all the steps, you should study the VAZ 2112 operating instructions before starting work. If you have experience in repair work, you can contrive and carry out the replacement on a level surface. But it is more convenient to carry out the work on an inspection ditch, overpass or lift.

Changing the oil of a VAZ 212 without a pit and a lift.

Tools and materials for the procedure:

  • standard set of keys;
  • screwdriver with a long blade;
  • puller for removing the oil filter;

  • a container for draining waste liquid with a volume of about 5 liters (a five-liter water bottle will do);
  • funnel (you can cut off the neck of a plastic bottle);
  • clean rags;
  • gloves;
  • new consumables.

We begin work by draining the working fluid. First, lift the hood and unscrew the cap from the filler hole. This promotes better drainage of liquid.

Next, we go down under the car and find the drain plug. We place an empty container under it. We unscrew the plug with a 17" wrench from the pan very carefully, since the lubricant is very hot.

You need to be careful not to get burned. We wait until all the liquid flows out of the crankcase. This takes about 10 minutes.

Then we clean the surface of the pan from traces of waste, remove dirt from the plug and screw it back on.

The next step is flushing the engine. We do this if:

  • the type of lubricant changes;
  • the car was bought secondhand and it is unknown what was filled in before;
  • the drained lubricant contains a large amount of wear residues from engine parts.

Flushing is performed either with oil purchased for pouring into the engine, or with a special flushing agent. How to use the wash is described in the instructions on the package.

After draining the waste, pour flushing liquid through the filler neck, bringing its level to a minimum. It is controlled using a probe. Next we start the engine. Let it run idle for about 10-15 minutes. After this, the flushing agent is drained, just as the waste was drained.

Flushing makes it possible to clean the engine of various deposits that form during the operation of the vehicle from oil combustion.

Further actions consist of a sequence of steps:

  • After washing, we proceed to the procedure of replacing the lubricant filter. To do this you need to unscrew it. We are trying to do this manually. If that doesn't work, use a special puller. If there is no puller, use a long screwdriver or other similar tool. We pierce the housing of the filter element closer to the bottom so as not to damage the thread. Using the tool as a lever, we unscrew the part. This may cause some grease to leak out.

  • Before installation, lubricate the rubber ring on the new filter element with fresh oil. We also fill half of the new product with it. This is necessary so that when starting up after changing the oil, the elements of the lubrication system do not work without lubrication.

  • We clean the place where we will install the filter and the area around it from dirt. They can get into fresh lubricant and degrade its properties. We screw the filter into its original place, first until the gasket comes into contact with the cylinder block, then another ¾ turn. Do not tighten too much so that there are no problems with unscrewing the next time you replace it.
  • Next, unscrew the plug from the oil filler neck. Insert a funnel or the top of a cut plastic bottle into the hole. Pour in about 3.3 liters of lubricant.

  • We check the oil level in the crankcase using a dipstick. It should be between the minimum and maximum marks.

  • Next, check for any leaks in the area of ​​the drain hole and oil filter. When we find them, we pull up the elements.
  • Now we start the engine for five minutes. When starting, the oil pressure indicator may light up. 10-15 seconds after the engine is running, it should go out when the required pressure is reached in the system.
  • We turn off the engine and wait for the lubricant to drain. Let's check its level again. If it does not meet the requirements, top it up to normal.

This is where the work ends. Regularly changing the VAZ 2112 oil will help extend the life of the power unit. If you perform the operation yourself, it will save money and time on visiting a service station.

Changing the oil on a VAZ 2112.

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What kind of oil should I use?

At the request of this automaker, the oil should be changed every fifteen thousand kilometers or once a year, whichever comes first.

If the car is operated primarily in the city with a large number of engine hours, servicing of the power unit must be performed after a mileage of ten thousand kilometers.

The oil sump volume of this power unit is 3.5 liters, so we can recommend that you buy a 4-liter canister, which will be enough in the future for possible topping up of oil during the operation of the car. Do not forget about the need to also purchase a new filter element, which should be purchased at the original spare parts store.

Many experts recommend additional flushing of the engine with a special cleaning solution, which is poured into the engine after draining the old oil. The engine with the flushing composition is started and the engine is allowed to idle for 5-10 minutes. After washing, the cleaning composition is drained and new oil is poured into the engine. This flushing will allow you to clean the engine of coked resinous deposits formed during the combustion of lubricant during vehicle operation.

You can purchase such special cleaning fluids at the same time as oil. They are affordable and easy to use.

The correct choice of filter for cleaning the oil of a VAZ 2112 car

If in a car, after starting the engine, the oil pressure control light goes out with a delay of about three seconds, the driver should pay attention to the condition of the oil filter. Most likely, it is clogged, the valve of the product has stopped holding and is dumping oil into the car pan. A new VAZ 2112 oil filter must be selected taking into account the following recommendations:

  • Pay attention to the cover and body of the device. They must be made of high-strength material, and the seal of the product must be elastic.
  • The manufacturer and its brand play a role. It is better to give preference to those that have proven themselves to be reliable and responsible suppliers with a large number of positive reviews from consumers.
  • Availability of quality certificates. In addition to GOST standards, it is better if the products are manufactured in accordance with ISO (international quality system).
  • The approximate price of an oil filter for a VAZ 2112 car is 150 rubles.

Step-by-step instruction

  1. To carry out oil change work, you need to slightly warm up the engine, which will allow you to easily drain such fluid oil. All work is done on a lift or garage pit. With some skill, the car owner will be able to change the engine oil by placing the car on a flat surface. You will only need to carefully unscrew the drain plug, placing a suitable flat container under the leaking oil.
  2. We drive the car onto the overpass, warm up the engine, after which you can drain the oil from the engine. To unscrew the drain plug you will need a #17 open-end wrench. Carefully unscrew the plug in the pan and wait for the technical fluid to drain from the crankcase. As a rule, this takes 10 minutes. After this, we wipe the oil pan and screw back the drain plug.
  3. If you plan to flush the engine immediately after the old lubricant has been drained, you need to pour flushing liquid into the engine and let the power unit idle for about 10 minutes.
  4. Next, drain the liquid and begin replacing the filter. The oil filter can be removed with a special puller or you can pierce the filter element housing with a flat screwdriver. If you use a screwdriver for these purposes, then you need to pierce the filter as far from the thread as possible.
  5. Carefully unscrew the old filter and drain the remaining liquid from it. Next, screw in the new oil filter, having previously lubricated its rubberized gasket. The filter must be tightened three-quarters of a turn. You should not tighten its thread as much as possible, since it will be difficult to replace it in the future.
  6. To add fresh engine oil, you need to manually unscrew the oil filler cap, then carefully pour approximately 3.3 liters of lubricant into the engine through a funnel. We check the level with a dipstick, which should be between the maximum and minimum marks.
  7. You should also check the tightness of the drain plug and filter, after which you should start the engine and let it idle for about 5 minutes. The first few seconds after the engine is started, the low pressure warning light may come on. However, literally after 10-15 seconds the pump will provide the necessary pressure in the system, and the control lamp will go out.
  8. We turn off the engine, after which you will need to wait about half an hour, check the oil level and, if necessary, top it up to normal.

This completes all work on changing the engine oil in the VAZ 2112. All work will take you no more than an hour, and you can save several thousand rubles, which you would invariably pay if such a service was performed in a repair shop.

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To some extent, it performs the roles of insulation (sealing for piston rings between the liner and the piston) and noise absorption (reducing the level of mechanical noise).

Signs of a bad oil filter - when starting a cold engine, the oil pressure light does not go out immediately , but only 2-3 seconds after starting the engine. And all because it doesn’t hold the valve - it dumps oil into the sump overnight.

When to change the oil filter? Usually it is changed along with changing the oil in the internal combustion engine. Or they change it when a low-quality oil filter is encountered.

How to choose an oil filter? Note:

  1. on the filter housing and cover (they must be strong and the seal must be elastic).
  2. on the manufacturer's brand (it is better to choose an oil filter that is popular and dominates the survey).
  3. on certification data (it is desirable that the filter complies with the international ISO quality standard).

The price of an oil filter for a VAZ 2110 is approximately 100-150 rubles.

Replacing the oil filter on a VAZ 2110 is quite simple (if you don’t know where it is , then use the instructions), try unscrewing the oil filter by hand. If it doesn’t work, then you can pierce the oil filter with a screwdriver and unscrew it using the resulting lever. There is no need to drain the oil to replace the filter; when changing the filter, a small amount of oil will run out, which should be added after installing the new oil filter.

So, let’s vote and leave reviews about VAZ 2110-12 oil filters :

  1. What oil filter did you choose?
  2. What kind of filter did you have before this?
  3. Impressions and comments on oil filters.

ps Off-topic comments will be deleted.

Which oil filter to choose for VAZ 2110-12?

EXAMINATION: VAZ oil filters. Cirrhosis of the liver

After all, the engine has its own brain - the controller, its own nervous system - the electrics, the heart - the cylinders, the blood - the motor oil. Only the reproductive organs are missing, which is a pity... But the engine also has its own liver, that is, an organ that serves to cleanse the body: a kind of dump, a garbage heap! This is an oil filter. And, fortunately, it can and should be changed at every oil change - the engine does not need liver cirrhosis!

Work progress:

  1. We drive the car onto an overpass or inspection hole.
  2. We install a prepared container for used oil under the engine.
  3. Unscrew the oil filler plug.
  4. Next, use a 17 key to unscrew the drain plug on the engine crankcase and completely drain the used oil.
  5. Unscrew the oil filter by hand or with a puller.
  6. Wipe the mating surface of the oil filter on the cylinder block with a clean rag.

Installing a new oil filter and adding new oil.

Before installing a new filter, it is recommended to fill it 2/3 full with oil. Next, apply clean engine oil to the rubber sealing ring on the filter and screw the filter into place.

Screw the filter in carefully so as not to damage the O-ring and only by hand.

Next, pour new engine oil through a watering can, monitoring the level using a dipstick (the oil should be in the middle between min and max), and tighten the filler cap.

We start the engine and carefully look at the dashboard; if everything was done correctly, the oil icon should go out a few seconds after starting.

All steps to change oil for engine “21120”

We change the oil with the engine fully warmed up. First, engage the handbrake and unscrew the neck plug. Then remove the plastic cover.

Fastening – 4 metric screws

Possible options: fastening with screws (key “10”) or with rubber bands. In the second case, simply move the lid up.

There is a plug on the bottom of the oil pan. It is unscrewed with a 17 key. First you need to substitute an empty container.

The plug is unscrewed with a key

As a result, 3.2-3.3 liters of waste will be drained. You need to wait at least 10 minutes.

When the oil is drained, the plug is returned to its place. Recommended tightening torque is 28.7-46.3 N*m.

Replacing the oil filter

If the filter will not be replaced, proceed to the next chapter. The filter housing is very easy to find: you need to stand near the right wheel and look under the exhaust manifold.

Found the oil filter housing

The old filter can most often be unscrewed by hand. If that doesn't work, take a puller. Installation of a new filter is done as follows:

  1. Residues of “working off” are removed from the crankcase;
  2. The filter housing is filled halfway with oil (100-120 ml). Also lubricate the rubber gasket with oil;

Prepared the part for installation

The tightening force for the filter housing is 37.48–87.47 N*m.

Instead of a puller, a screwdriver is sometimes used. Then the filter jar is pierced closer to its bottom!

Finishing touch

Know that on a VAZ-2112, changing the oil does not end with one fill:

  1. 3.2 liters of new material is gradually poured through the neck;
  2. Start the engine and wait 3-4 minutes. It’s good if the Oil Can lamp goes out;
  3. Stop the engine, remove the dipstick, check the level;

You need to know how much to add

Replacement instructions

As soon as the engine fluid turns dark , this indicates that it is time for a replacement.

You should not delay this procedure - further repairs and replacement of oil seals, valves and other engine parts will cost more. The entire procedure for changing the oil in an 8-valve

VAZ 2110 can be divided into three stages. Namely:

  1. Drainage of waste;
  2. Flushing the system;
  3. Filling with new engine mixture.
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