Pros and cons of the diesel engine on the UAZ Patriot

Features of the diesel engine in the UAZ Patriot

In addition to the gasoline power unit, the Patriot is also equipped with diesel units from Fiat Ducato and ZMZ 51432, 5148 cars.

Motor Features:

  1. The weight of the UAZ Patriot engine on diesel fuel is greater than that of gasoline, so reinforced springs are installed on the front suspension.
  2. When a diesel unit operates at minimum engine speed without load, oil may enter the fuel supply system.
  3. Large volume with minimal fuel consumption.
  4. Turbocharging, which ensures rapid removal of combustion products.
  5. The design includes a special pump for pumping fuel.
  6. Closed type of cooling system based on the principle of forced circulation.
  7. There is GDI direct fuel injection.

A diesel engine requires periodic and timely maintenance.

UAZ Patriot cars with diesel engines are not only economical, powerful and safe, but also comfortable.

The cabin has additional seats for 9 people, including the driver.

Choosing an engine to replace the UAZ Patriot - which is better

Most often, car enthusiasts want to install a V6 or V8 engine on the UAZ Patriot. The most popular brand is Toyota. The engines of this company are reliable, last a long time, and do not require repairs up to 400 thousand km. With careful care, they can serve the owner for 1 million km. The easiest way is to find a motor in your city at a car repair shop or on the Internet. You can order contract spare parts from Japan; many companies in the Far East supply them.

Some companies provide a warranty on units. Before purchasing, you cannot check the performance of the motor, so it is better to buy from a supplier who provides a guarantee.

Toyota engine for UAZ Patriot - advantages and disadvantages

The most popular Toyota gasoline engines for UAZ Patriot:


The first version of the diesel engine for the Patriot was the Iveco Fia. Previously, the engine was installed on the Fiat Dukat. Its displacement is 2.3 liters, power is 116 hp, torque is 270 N*m. Then they decided to install a domestically produced engine on the UAZ.

The ZMZ-51432 diesel unit, corresponding to Euro-4 class, is equipped with a cylinder block made of cast iron and an aluminum cylinder head.

Has the following performance characteristics:

  • displacement – ​​2.3 l;
  • power – 113 hp;
  • permissible speed – 135 km/h;
  • torque – 270 N*m;
  • number of cylinders – 4;
  • number of valves – 16;
  • piston stroke – 94 mm;
  • cylinder diameter – 87 mm.

The UAZ Patriot diesel engine has a displacement of 2.3 liters.

The power unit has a timing chain drive with hydraulic tensioners. Due to hydraulic compensators, the thermal clearances of the valves are automatically adjusted.

Characteristics of Cummins ISF 2.8:

This engine, with its low standard power, has excellent traction, and the “stitched” UAZ Patriot has up to 174 hp. at 2500 rpm, thrust is - 520 Nm at 2000–2200 rpm

Pros of the Cummins ISF 2.8 configuration:

As for spare parts, you can find any spare parts for Cummins at dealers throughout Russia. Buy silicone cooling system pipes for UAZ Patriot or any other UAZ, engine control units, sensors, valves, heat exchangers, etc. due to their high demand, this is not a problem.

Cummins ISF 2.8 configuration problem and solutions:

Solution: You can mount the engine higher in the frame, which will require raising the body off the frame by 6.5 cm using spacers

Solution: find an extended rod.

Solution: Write special firmware for the “tidy” so that the data on the speed and number of crankshaft revolutions correspond to reality

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of the UAZ Patriot diesel unit are:

  • ease of overcoming snow drifts, sandy and clay roads by an SUV;
  • the ability to equip the car with a massive cabin with a spacious interior and trunk;
  • long engine life, minimal maintenance.

Autodiesel Patriot has the following disadvantages:

  • strong vibration in the cabin;
  • frequent failure of the timing belt and oil pump;
  • The Russian version of the motor cannot withstand severe frosts and the battery quickly fails.

The advantage of the UAZ Patriot diesel installation is minimal maintenance.

The presence of a second tank can be considered both disadvantages and advantages. The advantage is the ability to travel for a long time without the need to top up fuel. The disadvantage is that after filling one tank, you need to drive up to the pump from the other side to fill the second tank.

What is the difference between gasoline and diesel engines?

The petrol version of the internal combustion engine (displacement – ​​2.7 liters, torque – 217 N*m) is installed on the Patriot. A heavy fuel unit with a displacement of 2.3 liters and a torque of 270 N*m is used, which has a positive effect when driving outside the city. The gasoline engine allows you to accelerate to 150 km/h, which is 15 km faster than a diesel engine.

Features of operating a diesel engine:

  1. In severe frosts, you cannot immediately start the engine: you must turn on the ignition for 3 minutes and wait until the fuel in the filter warms up, only then can you start.
  2. When running in the first 2500 km, it is necessary to operate the car, setting the minimum load on the engine.
  3. It is necessary to use high-quality fuel, not lower than Euro-3.

The diesel engine cannot be started immediately in severe frosts.

The service life of a diesel engine is longer than that of a gasoline engine. If the machine is used in extreme conditions, the service life is reduced.

Installation kits

We prepare and sell kits for self-installation of a diesel engine on a gazelle or UAZ. Installation kit - a set of necessary units and parts for self-installation of a diesel engine in a car. There are several options for installation kits for each vehicle. When purchasing an installation kit, it is important to understand that in any case, replacing the engine yourself will require some effort. An important point is that some parts and work are carried out only on the machine, we cannot include them in our installation kits.

All engines included in the kits are tested before sale, their mileage is no more than 100,000 km, without mileage in Russia. The kit includes documents for the engine (purchase agreement and customs declaration (customs declaration)), confirming the legal origin of the engines.

Installation kits are produced for the following vehicles:

  • car Gazelle (only with manual transmission Nissan Atlas, Nissan TD27T and Nissan QD32T engines)
  • UAZ vehicle (with manual transmission Nissan Patrol, Nissan TD27, Nissan TD27T, Nissan QD32, Nissan QD32T engines)
  • UAZ-Patriot (at the Daimos gearbox, with an adapter plate, Nissan TD27T, Nissan QD32, Nissan QD32T engines)

“Diesel for Gazelle” kits:

We install 2 types of engines on the Gazelle: Nissan TD27T (2.7 l., 100 hp, turbocharged) and Nissan QD32T (3.2 l., 130 hp, turbocharged). All prices are for a complete installation kit. It is possible to install a diesel engine on a gazelle with your own hands if you have a good workshop and average technical skills.

Type 1. The simplest kit consists of an engine with engine mounts and part of the exhaust pipe of the muffler, clutch, manual transmission and splined part of the rear cardan. Version TD27T - 140,000 rubles. Version QD32T - 146,000 rubles.

Type 2. Set of the first type + traverse (“swallow”) [drill locally], fine and coarse fuel filters with brackets, oil filter, speedometer sensor. Version TD27T - 150,000 rubles. Version QD32T - 156,000 rubles.

Type 3. The most complete kit for installing a diesel engine on a Gazelle. In addition to Type 2, engine mounts, engine wiring parts, heater pipes, air intake exhaust pipe with pipes, temperature sensors, and muffler blanks are included. Version TD27T - 165,000 rubles. Version QD32T - 171,000 rubles.

How is a diesel engine serviced?

A diesel car requires special care:

  1. The engine oil on a diesel power unit is more contaminated than on a gasoline one. Therefore, you need to change the oil and filter more often.
  2. You need to choose the best fuel filter, replace it more often and refuel at high-quality gas stations.
  3. Check the operation of the glow plugs and, in case of malfunction, replace them promptly.

The main reasons for the malfunction of a diesel engine are fuel leakage and airing of the system. To prevent this, you need to monitor the tightness of the fuel supply system.

How much fuel is needed for 100 km

According to reviews from motorists, in the urban cycle the fuel consumption of a diesel UAZ is no higher than 12 l/100 km. The consumption of the gasoline version in the city can reach 20 liters. On the highway, at a speed of 80-90 km/h, the diesel model will require 8-9 l/100 km. In mixed mode – 10 l/100 km.

The fuel consumption of a diesel UAZ is no higher than 12 l/100 km.

Is it worth installing a Toyota engine on the UAZ Patriot?

“Patriots” from the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant are often called “people’s” cars in Russia. And they fully correspond to this high title, including due to their relatively low price. However, every experienced motorist knows that Patriots have their own drawbacks, one of which is the not very reliable power unit from the Volga manufacturer. Low reliability is also confirmed by the fact that GAZ has already abandoned the plant’s products.

There are many ways to solve this problem. Some people simply turn a blind eye to it and continue to use their favorite car, but others do not want to put up with the problem and often install V8 engines from Toyota in their cars.

First, let's look at the main problems of the Patriot's stock engine. There are a few of them:

  • fairly high gasoline consumption (12 l / 100 km);
  • low power for an SUV (150 hp);
  • poor reliability (it can break at any time if you are unlucky with quality).

Motorists may encounter various problems while operating a car with ZMZ 409: burnt valves, cracks in the cylinder block

, destruction of pistons and much more. Drivers often attribute all problems to the low quality of consumables used in production and poor assembly.

The engine has not changed globally since 1997. Yes, it has repeatedly undergone modifications and upgrades, its volume and environmental standard have changed. However, overall quality has not increased much. Even the manufacturer of these engines themselves recommends overhauling their engines after 200 thousand kilometers, but many of its components often do not survive to the 100 thousand kilometer mark.

There are several ways out of this situation. First of all, you can try tuning the engine itself. But even after a certain improvement in the characteristics of the motor, it will still remain not very reliable. A much more effective way to fix problems is to replace the engine with a more powerful one.

The large Toyota 3UZ-FE engine is very popular among motorists who are inclined to recycle their vehicles. This is a real long-liver, the service life of which (according to reviews from car owners) sometimes reaches a million kilometers. Of course, it also has weaknesses and vulnerabilities, however, again according to reviews, any problems that arise are relatively easy to solve.

At the same time, this engine has very good characteristics: 282 hp. With. with relatively the same fuel consumption, which ranges from 10 to 14 liters per kilometer. In addition, after the replacement, drivers note improved driving dynamics on highways and better cross-country ability on bad roads.

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Stages of removing and installing the engine in a car

The engine is dismantled to perform a major overhaul of the unit.

Stages of work:

  1. Remove the hood and disconnect the battery.
  2. Disconnect the fuel lines and the adsorber hose from the receiver fitting.
  3. Drain oil and antifreeze from the radiator.
  4. Disconnect the wires from the phase, temperature, and throttle position sensors.
  5. Loosen the throttle cable and bend it to the side.
  6. Loosen the clamp of the vacuum booster discharge hose, then disconnect it.
  7. Disconnect the adsorber from the receiver fitting.
  8. Unscrew the receiver mounting nuts and remove the negative wires.
  9. Disconnect the wires from the crankshaft sensor, idle regulator, ignition modules, starter, generator and knock sensor.
  10. Remove the hoses from the stove.
  11. Remove the hoses and wires from the oil cooler and crankcase.
  12. Remove the power steering belt, unscrew the pump, and move it to the side.
  13. Hook the forklift hooks onto the eye of the intake manifold and generator.
  14. Unscrew the exhaust pipe from the bracket on the gearbox and move it to the side.
  15. Separate the engine mounts from the frame.
  16. It is good to check the disconnection of all hoses and wires and lift the engine up.

Reinstalling the unit is done in the reverse order.

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