The famous Strizh pistol and its characteristics

Pistol Arsenal Firearms Swift / Strike (Russia)

Strike One pistol

Strike One pistol compared to Sig Sauer SP 2340

Partial disassembly of the 9-mm Strike One pistol
The Strizh pistol was developed by the Russian private company Arsenal Firearms and is a modern self-loading pistol that has an original barrel locking system, a plastic frame with an ergonomic handle and the absence of strongly protruding parts, as well as a large-capacity magazine.
Strizh/Strike pistols are intended both for the armed forces and law enforcement agencies, as well as for shooting sports and self-defense of citizens. Strike pistols intended for the foreign arms market are available in four calibers - 9x19, 9x21 IMI, .357 SIG and .40 S&W. The Strizh pistol, created for Russia, is produced only for the 9x19 cartridge, but it can use 7N21 and 7N31 cartridges, which are more powerful than those intended for the civilian market, despite the fact that the weapon functions reliably and safely with them. The Strizh/Strike pistols, first shown to the general public at the IWA-2012 exhibition, represent a new stage in the development of the domestic design and production of short-barreled weapons. However, these pistols will be produced in factories in three countries, including Russia, for different markets and consumers, taking into account the legislation of different states. The Strizh / Strike pistol manufacturing company has production facilities in Russia, Austria and Italy, but its headquarters are located in Russia. The owners of Arsenal Firearms are the famous Russian businessman and weapons collector Dmitry Streshinsky and Italian Nicola Bandini. The Swift / Strike pistol was developed by the creative team of Arsenal Firearms. The idea of ​​the locking system used in it belongs to Dmitry Streshinsky and Nicola Bandini, which is reflected in one of the patent applications. Prototypes of these weapons were produced and tested in Moscow at the Arsenal Firearms industrial site, and pistols for IWA 2012 were manufactured at the Tanfolio plant. The production of Strizh/Strike pistols is planned simultaneously at three technological sites - in Russia, Italy and Austria. The magazines for these pistols are supplied by Mec-Gar. The developers of the Strizh pistol constantly consulted with employees of Russian special forces units. As a result of numerous changes and improvements made to the design, the weapon has good combat and performance qualities. The weapon is distinguished by a thin profile of the plastic frame and the absence of a manually operated safety with protruding levers, which makes the weapon convenient and quite inconspicuous when carried concealed. The automation works according to the scheme of using recoil with a short barrel stroke. The barrel is locked using a swinging cylinder. The clutch of the pistol barrel with the bolt-casing is ensured by a vertically moving U-shaped locking cylinder with a lower protrusion, driven by a tracking groove at its base. The locking cylinder fits into a special groove in the breech of the barrel and into the grooves of the bolt-casing. The larva covers the trunk from the sides and bottom, and the groove in the trunk prevents the larva from moving in the longitudinal plane. On the outer surface of the cylinder there are lugs that fit into grooves on the inner surface of the bolt casing. The lower protrusion of the larva has a through inclined groove. The transverse pin of the barrel lock passes through this groove. At the moment preceding the shot, the barrel and the bolt-casing are located in the extreme forward position. The pin holds the locking cylinder in the upper position. The lugs of the larvae connect the barrel and the bolt-casing. When the bolt-casing and barrel begin to move rearward after firing, the interaction of the inclined groove of the cylinder and the pin reduces the cylinder. After a short period of short stroke, the lugs of the locking cylinder disengage with the grooves of the bolt-casing. When the barrel and the bolt-casing are separated, the barrel stops when its breech meets the steel frame liner. The shutter-casing then moves backwards by inertia. He uses the ejector to remove the spent cartridge case. During the reverse movement, when the bolt-casing moves from the rearmost position forward, it sends a new cartridge from the magazine into the chamber of the barrel. When the barrel moves forward, the locking cylinder rises, rigidly locking the barrel and the bolt-casing. One of the most important advantages of the locking system used is the straight movement of the barrel. The Strizh/Strike pistols do not have a lower barrel, like most modern pistols. The barrel was placed as low as possible, bringing the central axis of the barrel as close as possible to the butt plate of the handle. This, as well as the minimum mass of parts moving in a vertical plane, ensured minimal toss, quick re-aiming after each shot and high accuracy during high-speed shooting. The automation system used in the design of this weapon is based on the developments of Louis Schmeiser at the beginning of the 20th century. Using the example of the Swift / Strike pistols, it is clear that the revival of old, but very good ideas, when refined and modern technologies, gives an impressive result. In addition to the main model of Swift / Strike pistols, Arsenal Firearms has also created a so-called pistol-carbine with a barrel extended to 300 mm. This version of the pistol can be equipped with various accessories, for example, a forend with Picatinny rails and a stock. Swift/Strike pistols use a single polymer frame with a steel liner. Various sets of barrel, bolt-casing and magazine for different calibers can be used. The bolt-casing of the Strizh pistol has a rectangular shape with a large straight notch, made as on the side edges of the rear part, and is easy to handle when chambering a cartridge. The trigger mechanism is striker-type, with preliminary, partial cocking of the striker. The mainspring of the firing pin is partially cocked while moving the bolt-casing to the rearmost position and then forward. To fire a shot, it is cocked solely by pressing the trigger. This system is a classic single-action trigger with additional additional cocking of the striker. The pistol is equipped with automatic safety locks for the striker and trigger. The shutter stop lever is located on the left side of the frame. The barrel lock is located above the base of the front part of the trigger guard. The pistol handle is ergonomic, but does not have interchangeable modules to adjust its dimensions to suit the owner’s hand. For ease of use by owners with a left dominant hand, the Strizh pistol is equipped with a double-sided magazine latch. Strizh/Strike pistols are fed with ammunition from box-shaped double-row magazines with a capacity of 17 or 30 rounds, with a single-row exit. The neck of the magazine window is made with inclined internal surfaces, due to which attaching a new magazine is significantly simplified and the weapon reload time is reduced. At the bottom of the front part of the Strizh pistol frame there are Picatinny guides, with the help of which a variety of additional equipment can be attached to the weapon, for example, a tactical flashlight or laser designator, or a guidance unit combining a flashlight and a laser designator. According to the manufacturer, the firing life of the Swift / Strike pistol is 50,000 rounds. Main characteristics
Caliber: 9×19 / 9×21 IMI / .357 SIG / .40 S&W Weapon length: 210 mm Barrel length: 127 mm Weapon height: 143 mm Weapon width: 33 mm Weight without cartridges: 750 - 890 g. Capacity magazine: 17 or 30 rounds Source

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Interesting additions

In addition to the above, the Strizha magazine can be quickly removed with both the left and right hand. This can be done thanks to the unusual arrangement of latches on both sides of the gun. Now even those soldiers who are comfortable shooting left-handed can feel comfortable. The company’s specialists also realized that under stress in a combat situation, the shooter’s hands may tremble, in which case it is quite difficult to place the magazine. The handle of the Swift expands, thereby simplifying the loading of new cartridges. And you can even reload the pistol on clothing, which is done through notches on the bolt. All innovations help inexperienced fighters shoot well even in battle. The pistol does not require any special experience. It is unpretentious to use and thus convenient for everyone.


Of course, Swift will also be sold abroad. Not only the Russian army will be able to use the best pistol. Swift has quite a few competitors. The main purpose is the army and law enforcement forces. But in those countries where it is legal to use weapons for self-defense, Swift can also be popular. In addition, the pistol can also be used in sports. In general, the Swift is not only a universal pistol for the army and law enforcement agencies, but also a weapon with great potential for use. In almost all characteristics, it leaves other pistols far behind. The traumatic pistol "Strizh" has also already been implemented.


In addition to those already mentioned above, the pistol can be distinguished by other innovations and advantages over others.
Especially for those combat conditions that would require constant shooting at short distances, a modification of the Swift was developed, which allows almost automatic fire in bursts. For this purpose, a fire mode translator was developed. Of course, shooting at high speed cannot be accurate, but at short distances this is what you need. Also, the total fire on the target will be much more powerful than the damage from the same number of bullets, but fired one after another. This innovation helps you hit your target faster. The Russian pistol "Strizh" is practically a complex of melee weapons. Firing can be carried out both in bursts and with single projectiles, at a distance of up to 50 meters or more. The Strizh's barrel can be equipped with various accessories necessary under certain conditions, such as a silencer or a laser sight. Thus, we can say that the Swift is truly a universal small arms. It can replace many others. And even more so pistols of various foreign brands.

The “carbine body kit” helps to conduct the most accurate shooting at incredible distances for this type of weapon. It was specially developed specifically for Swift. The element is an improved copy of FAB Defense's KPOS 2 kit, which was the world's leading kit at that time. The “carbine body kit” is a body made of alloyed aluminum, which has a butt and a front handle. Essentially, the innovation turns the pistol into a machine gun and allows shooting at fairly long distances. The submachine gun is very popular in the army.

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