Pistol Mauser HSc (Germany)

Self-defense weapon: traumatic pistol Mauser HSc Mod.90T (Germany)

Traumatic pistol Mauser HSc 90T

Traumatic pistol Mauser HSc 90T

Typegas pistol with the ability to fire a rubber bullet
Muzzle energy of a bullet30-70 J
Weight without cartridges595 g
Weapon length165 mm
Weapon thickness (maximum)30 mm
Magazine capacity7 rounds in detachable box magazine

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Self-defense weapon - traumatic pistol Mauser HSc mod. 90T is produced in Germany by Röhm GmbH; the model name is licensed by Mauser, which itself has not produced pistols for a long time. Externally, this traumatic pistol is stylized as a Mauser HSc Super combat pistol, developed by Mauser and produced in the 1970s-80s under license in Italy by Renato Gamba. The Mauser HSc 90T traumatic pistol is distinguished by good ergonomics and high-quality finishing, however, its magazine capacity is slightly smaller than that of other traumatic pistols of comparable dimensions and caliber.

Self-defense weapon - the Mauser HSc 90T traumatic pistol is built on the basis of automatic blowback action. The pistol is made almost entirely of aluminum alloys, the barrel is made of steel. The return spring is located around the fixed barrel. The barrel is rigidly fixed in the frame; to prevent firing of hard bullets, it has protrusions protruding into the barrel bore - “teeth”, through which the rubber bullet passes due to its elastic deformation. The trigger mechanism is double-action (self-cocking), with an open hammer. The safety is located on the left side of the bolt, and when engaged, it safely decocks the hammer. The first shot after turning off the safety can be fired either by self-cocking or by first cocking the hammer manually. The sights are open and non-adjustable. The pistol is fed from detachable steel box magazines with a capacity of 7 rounds. The magazine release latch in the basic version of the pistol is located at the base of the trigger guard on the left side of the handle and looks like a button.

You can buy weapons in almost any specialized store. Average price for Mauser HSc mod. 90T 13 thousand rubles. For those who want to save money, I will inform you that the official supplier of the pistol, RossImportOruzhie, sells the Mauser HSc mod. 90T on its website at a price of 10,450 rubles. Agree, quite a bit for a pistol of this class and quality.

For the purpose of self-defense, many acquire weapons that have a non-lethal effect on the enemy. This is especially common in countries where the free possession of firearms is prohibited or limited by current legislation.

This type of self-defense means is equipped with ammunition that, when fired, sprays an irritating substance - gas, which allows the effective use of such weapons at a distance of up to 10 meters, depending on the model and characteristics of the device.

The operating principle of gas weapons is completely identical to their firearm counterparts. The difference lies in the ammunition, as well as some parts and mechanisms of the weapon. Externally, the self-defense weapon completely replicates the appearance of the military firearm , of which it is a replica. This fact allows you to have a psychological impact on the enemy, suppressing his desire to attack.

Mauser, history of the HSc 84 model

This model of firearm was produced in Germany by the company of the same name even before the start of World War II and , above all, was intended for law enforcement officers. The small arms were self-loading, with a self-cocking trigger. This feature was most often found in revolvers of that time.

appearance of the Mauser HSc 84 gas pistol

When the hammer was not cocked, the shooter needed to increase the effort on the trigger so that the hammer would be cocked and, accordingly, the pistol would be ready to fire.

The Mauser HSc 84 model received a second life already in the sixties of the 20th century. The production was launched at Mauser-Werke GmbH. Due to the fact that the company was engaged in the production of small arms even before the official presentation, several batches of the Mauser HSc 84 pistol were delivered to France.

According to experts, the entire enterprise produced about a quarter of a million weapons. The principle of operation and mechanism of the pistol were left unchanged, despite some complaints regarding the trigger mechanism.

Almost all firearms produced were intended for further sale abroad. There were two types of model depending on the caliber (7.65x17 HR or 9x17). The caliber of ammunition also influenced the magazine capacity of small arms and was 7 or 8 rounds.

To increase safe handling, a system of fuses independent of each other has been developed. Firearms engineers have managed to combine five independent safety systems into one pistol. Due to this, it is impossible to make a shot by chance.

Gas option

The appearance of the Mauser HSc 84 gas pistol is completely identical to a combat pistol. It has earned its popularity due to its small size and, as a result, the possibility of convenient concealed carry. A traumatic weapon is easily recognized by the smooth transition from the trigger guard to the extreme point of the bolt (its front part).

The operating principle of gas weapon mechanisms is based on the use of recoil energy, which is also common in combat models of many pistols. The trigger in a gas pistol is easily cocked with your thumb, despite its somewhat specific location.

The main performance characteristics of a gas pistol are summarized in the table below:

On the left side of the bolt there is a safety switch in the form of a flag, which is quite convenient, since this arrangement of the safety flag is familiar and familiar to many owners of small arms.

There are several models of the HSc 84 gas pistol. Modifications differ in caliber and type of ammunition used. These are .315, 9 or 8 mm calibers. Additionally, signal cartridges can be used. For these purposes, it is necessary to use a special attachment for the gun.

Factory markings, as expected, are present. It is located in the following places:

on the shutter housing on the left on the shutter housing on the right

When fired, parts of any small arms leave unique marks on the cartridge case. The diagram of such traces, characteristic of the Mauser HSc 84 gas pistol, is presented below:

trace: 1 - reflector, 2 - ejector hook, 3 - striker

The parts and mechanisms of the gas pistol are almost completely similar to the original. The cheeks of the handle are usually made of natural wood. The gun itself is susceptible to oxidation technology, which increases the reliability and service life of the device.


Dimensions, weight and safety of Mauser HSc

The appearance of the Mauser is completely copied from the gas pistol of the German company Rohm RG-88. The company's engineers simply adapted the weapon from a gas system to traumatic charges.

You only have to look at this gun once and you will immediately understand that there is something about it that distinguishes it from its competitors. Once you start looking at the Mauser HSc carefully and in detail, you realize that the cheeks of the handle are attached to simple bolts that are not disguised in any way. True connoisseurs of design avoid Mauser because of such a small element.

Generally speaking, the size of the pistol and the body make it an easy-to-use weapon. It does not have any sharp or protruding parts that could make it difficult to remove from a pocket or holster. The light weight of the weapon allows you to carry it covertly every day without discomfort. All controls are located so well that the pistol will be comfortable to shoot for both a person with a small palm and a person with a large palm.

Many potential buyers are interested in the issue of safety and speed of bringing the Mauser HSc into combat readiness. When the safety is on, it separates the trigger and hammer, smoothly lowering the latter, and also completely blocks the firing pin. A special feature of this system is that the shutter casing is not blocked. This allows the Mauser to be put into combat readiness in less than a second, which is a definite plus for a weapon for self-defense.

general information

2004-2005 are considered the richest years for the traumatic weapons market. Moreover, then not only many types of these weapons appeared, but also many companies that were engaged in their production. In 2005, the Mauser HSc, produced by Rohm, entered the market. I brought a pistol to the Russian market.

Despite this, Mauser had a good advertising campaign, thanks to which buyers were found in sufficient quantities. There was no excitement only because the Internet began to appear at that time, people learned to write and read reviews on the Internet. Other people now helped the person avoid making the wrong choice.

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