Gas airsoft pistol WE TT-33 Tula Tokarev - assessment of authenticity and overall quality

Advantages and disadvantages of the model

Any weapon (even the best) has both positive and negative sides. To get acquainted with them, it is not enough to study the design and tactical and technical characteristics. Sometimes you have to seek help from gun owners or experts to get their opinion. It was based on the reviews of such people that we compiled the following block:

Cost (it is unlikely that you will be able to find another pistol with the Blowback system for 1000 rubles)Low durability (due to the fact that the gun is made primarily of plastic)
Simple design (allows even those who do not understand weapons to disassemble and assemble the model)Narrow focus (due to weak muzzle energy, the pistol can only be used on airsoft)
Similarity to the original (there are both external and structural similarities)Recoil in automatic mode (an eternal problem with pistols with low mass)
Can be purchased at almost every gun store or on a specialized websiteSmall guarantee (the official manufacturer services pistols that have fired no more than 1000 shots)

Having compared all the pros and cons, we can conclude that the weapon is one of the best models for airsoft among budget weapons. If you use the TT carefully (do not drop it or throw it), then it is unlikely to cause much trouble to the owner. As for recoil, it can be compensated for by increasing mass, but more on that later.

How to make tuning

One of the main drawbacks - the self-release that has appeared - is quite easy to “cure”. To do this, we slightly file the trigger, which has a barrel-shaped irregularity in front of the protrusion. We will cut it down using a needle file. After such an operation, the self-release disappears.

Now we get rid of another nuisance - magazine play. This is even easier to do - take adhesive tape (insulating tape, tape patch) and stick the required number of layers onto the clip. It may not be as beautiful, but it is reliable.

The tight movement of the trigger can be corrected by lubricating all moving elements with an autobreaker. If it doesn't help, you can replace the springs with weaker ones. To improve accuracy, we eliminate play in the barrel guides. To do this, we will put a tin sleeve on the rear bushing, leaving a millimeter gap.

Review of the KWC TT-33 air pistol

The KWC company from Taiwan has been working in the pneumatic market for more than twenty years, becoming quite famous and popular. By the way, many popular manufacturers (for example, Gletcher and Crosman) make their pistols and rifles at its numerous factories. And under its own brand, the company produces very high-quality variations of popular firearms.

The full name of the review model is KWC KM45D TT-33. It is smooth-bore and shoots only balls. You can produce a lot of them in one can – up to 150 pieces.

Unlike many similar analogues, the pistol can be stored for months with a charged cylinder. A very useful quality. It’s also good that the cylinder is inserted in the same place as the bullets – into the clip.

Advantages and disadvantages

Pros of the TT-33 airsoft pistol:

  • A metal body without creaks or play, which looks solid and brings the appearance of the pistol closer to a combat model.
  • Ergonomic grooved grips on the handle.
  • Lightly cock the trigger with your thumb.
  • Thanks to a well-thought-out mounting design, the cylinder does not poison gas during storage. It is inserted conveniently into a removable magazine.
  • Good power characteristics and speed.
  • Disassembly is quick and easy.
  • Good quality barrel.
  • The gift comes with a box of 250 balls.

Disadvantages of the model:

  • Release hook too tight.
  • The magazine has some play and can easily fall out if handled carelessly.
  • The pistol is inconvenient for left-handed people.
  • There is no possibility of self-cocking shooting.
  • The screw on the can is short.
  • The paint coating on sharp edges wears off quickly.
  • Over time, a self-release appears even with a slight pressure on the cock (the problem is solved with a file).

Photo of the KWC TT-33 air pistol

Where is it used?

This is a good training model that allows you to feel the heaviness of a real weapon in your hand and get used to it. Good for both beginners and experienced shooters. It’s also a good idea to use a gun for entertainment. The optimal distance to targets (cans, bottles) is ten meters.


Technical characteristics of the KWC TT-33 airsoft airsoft pistol:

CharacteristicsIndicatorsUnit measurements
Typegas cylinder
Shootingin semi-automatic mode
Charges usedBB balls
Charges in the clip19PC.
The smooth trunk has a length9,6cm
Device length (total)19,4cm
Powered by a carbon dioxide cylinder12G
Maximum bullet speed130m/s
The can is enough for a total of shots80-150PC.


As mentioned earlier, the pneumatic model of the Tula Tokarev used the latest modification of its combat counterpart. This allowed engineers to create a simple pistol with a simple design. However, to make the model more like the original, we had to use several design features, one of which is even indicated in the name of the weapon:

  1. The Blowback system is one of the main reasons why most people purchase products from Gletcher. The mechanism simulates the movement of the bolt frame during a shot, as on the combat model. And although the cartridges do not fly out of the barrel, you still get the impression that you have to shoot not from a pneumatic gun, but from a firearm.
  2. The Quat Trigger system is another feature of the submachine gun, which allows you to customize the rigidity of the trigger to suit your needs. Such a system will seem extremely popular among novice shooters, since it is they who jerk their hand during the shot, thereby changing the vector of movement of the ballistic projectile.
  3. The cocking of the hook is a “trick” that is not particularly necessary, but it gives the maximum resemblance to its combat counterpart. To fire a shot, it is not enough to simply jerk the bolt and remove the weapon from the safety. You will have to cock the hook up, which will activate the automatic fire system.

As for the rest of the design of the model, it is nothing special. Among other things, the only thing worthy of mention is the 18-round magazine, which makes it possible not to worry about running out of ammunition during war games.


The model consists of two cast halves connected with self-tapping screws. Some of them are clearly visible - they are located in the upper part along the entire length of the body.

To disassemble the device, you must first remove the clip with balls and a cylinder from it. Then remove the plastic handle covers (to do this, unscrew the screw).

Now it's the turn of the screws. We unscrew them, making sure to remember which one is where (the length is different). When all the screws are unscrewed, you can carefully pick up and divide the case into two parts.

One of the halves housed a barrel on a spring, a release device connected to a hook, and a valve mechanism. All this can now be removed without much difficulty. When we pull out the barrel, hold the spring so that it does not jump off.

Pistol KWC TT-33 disassembled

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