Review of the traumatic pistol P-M17T

The P-M17T traumatic pistol is a prototype of the legendary nine-millimeter Makarov combat weapon, which does not require special permission to purchase, carry and use. Basic technical indicators, comments from purchasers and a description of the device will allow you to get a complete picture of the weapon.

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  • Reviews of the traumatic pistol P-M17T


Externally, the Temp-1 traumatic pistol is almost identical to its prototype, the JORGE-4 model. However, there are defining differences in the internal design. Thus, “Temp-1” has a reinforced barrel rack mounting unit, stronger and more massive pins of the trigger mechanism.

The sample acquired an angular bolt, the recess of which is in many ways reminiscent of the design solutions that are characteristic of the SigSauer series pistols. In particular, the model has a narrow upper part of the bolt, which has a very positive effect on the convenience of hidden transportation under clothing and facilitates quick removal of the pistol from the holster.


Delivers the pistol to the buyer in original packaging with the company logo. Inside there are compartments for the injury itself, a magazine and a box of ammunition. The niches are made of soft but durable material, which ensures safe transportation of the product to the recipient. The kit includes:

  • trauma;
  • box of cartridges;
  • passport;
  • certificate;
  • instruction leaflet.

All indicators of a traumatic weapon do not prohibit its free sale, which is indicated in the personal document for the injury. If a weapon is purchased in person at a store, its functionality should be checked on site. It is worth paying special attention to the safety and the movement of the shutter.


The Temp-1 series are traumatic pistols without a license, which have a double-action trigger mechanism. In other words, if there is a bullet in the chamber, the first shot can be fired either self-cocking or with a manually cocked hammer.

The fuse here is located in the rear of the shutter and is presented in the form of control flags. During activation, the latter disconnect the trigger rod from the sear when the hammer is cocked.

The Temp-1 traumatic pistol has a trigger reinforced with a steel insert, which is located in the working part of the mechanism and prevents wear of its surfaces.


The PM injury is not a simple traumatic weapon. This pistol is a limited-kill firearm. It has an external resemblance to Makarych, but if you thoroughly disassemble the device, principle of operation and individual parts, it will become clear that the PM-17T is an object that has the right to life as an individual. Key Features:

  1. Different outer surface. Another quality of barrel polishing. A unique technology using modern equipment is used.
  2. Modified controls. In addition to the trigger, the barrel has been changed. It has an imitation of “rifling” on the muzzle. Another spring mechanism valve has been installed. Now it is milled, created on a modernized machine. The magazine is slightly elongated.
  3. Different color of protective coating. Now it is not completely black, but has a sea-green tint when viewing the injury under the rays of the sun or good lighting.

It should be mentioned that the designers paid special attention to spare parts. Thus, the fastening screw on the handle was replaced with another, longer one with a relief, as well as a groove for fastening. It is convenient to care for the weapon due to modifications, because traumatic objects are prone to thermal oxidation. Experienced shooters can easily change their grip due to the large, duplicated notch on the outer surface of the bolt. There is an anti-reflective knurling along the ridge, which guarantees the shooter's invisibility.

Enlarged rear sight and front sight. It’s difficult to notice this visually, but if you take measurements, the difference is significant. This makes the P-M17T more similar to the silent Makarych variant. This nuance also ensures more productive shooting in low light. The ergonomic shape has no sharp protrusions that will catch on clothing or damage the material. It is convenient to charge the device even with one hand. Technological features of the shutter: it is cast, made from solid milled parts.

The presence of a free bolt ensures that the barrel is locked due to the inert mass. In this case, the spring does not participate in the process, but only returns to its original position after the action is completed. An important point: there is a risk of an unauthorized shot if the injury falls from a great height due to a loose firing pin. Experts refute this theory. They are confident that the weapon does not have enough mass for such a probability to be high. In total, the device consists of 32 parts. The kit contains a diagram of the fastenings of all parts.

PM-trauma provides for the presence of a safety lock and a safe release of the trigger. The checkbox is on the left. Additionally there is a shutter equipment. It locks, like all combat pistols. The cartridge case is ejected to the right after the shot. The standard eight-round magazine is easy to replace. To do this, you need to install a shutter stop. To remove the bolt, you will need to remove it from the slide using the lever on the left of the frame. The latch, which puts the injury into combat readiness, is located at the base of the handle. This clever decision by the designers will not allow the magazine to accidentally come out of the barrel.

There is a trigger axis, and on the prototype it is a trunnion version. The frame of the new pistol has a small “beaver tail” at the rear. Disassembly is carried out according to standard methods. No trigger separation required. In the collapsible version, it becomes clear that the barrel is made of high-quality steel marked 40X, and the firing pin is 40X13. Other details exactly repeat the legendary PM. The trigger mechanism is quite smooth, which allows you to use the P-M17T almost silently. Accuracy of fire at a distance of 5 m is no more than 60 mm (diameter).


The specific design of the barrel is a key feature of the Temp-1 pistol. Immediately after the chamber there are two side protrusions. The latter form a rectangular cross-section of the barrel channel. Next comes a short cylindrical acceleration section, which ends with similar protrusions. However, their placement is perpendicular to those contained behind the chamber. At the end of the section there is a smooth channel 65 mm long and 9.5 mm in diameter. This barrel design allows the sample to demonstrate impressive muzzle energy.

The main purpose of the pistol is sport shooting and self-defense. The design of the pistol has undergone major modifications, its appearance has acquired a more modern look. Thus, the cross-section of the bolt became rectangular, the bolt stop and the general ejector structure were modernized, and the classic front and rear sights received streamlined shapes.

“Vostok-1” will be equipped with a variety of frame overlays, as well as replaceable magazine covers, which will allow the pistol to be adapted to the hand of a specific user, improve the visual component and adapt the weapon to the assigned tasks.

Absolutely all elements of the pistol, down to small springs and pins, are made from modern high-strength steel. In the production of polymer parts, only foreign materials are used with 30% filling of long carbon fibers. This provides high impact resistance, wear resistance and an attractive appearance. Thanks to this approach, the gun is simply pleasant to hold in your hand.

The external concept of the barrel has also changed, as well as the way it is connected to the frame, which opens up wide modification potential for the developer and the possibility of using large-caliber ammunition.

Partial disassembly of the Vostok-1 pistol

As a result, the thickness of the barrel walls was increased, which almost completely eliminated the possibility of its swelling or rupture during clogging and other unpleasant situations. The internal design of the barrel has been significantly modified to improve shooting accuracy. This figure was almost doubled compared to the predecessors of Vostok-1. The dependence of the position of the midpoint of hitting the target on the use of ammunition from different companies has also been significantly reduced.

The main technical data of the Vostok-1 traumatic pistol are presented in the table below:

The entire trigger concept was completely redesigned, which made it possible to reduce the trigger force by about 1-1.5 kg both when firing with and without pre-cocking the hammer. The descent became smoother and softer, which also had a positive effect on shooting accuracy. The return spring, at the request of the public, is now mounted on a guide, thus increasing the ease of assembling and disassembling the weapon. The stroke of the extended safety lever is now smooth and relaxed, which undoubtedly improves the overall ergonomics of the pistol.



As is known, in air pistols, when a bullet moves along the barrel, it changes from a round shape to an elongated one. The higher the speed of the cartridge, the greater the distance in this form it travels along the acceleration section. Consequently, a certain mass of powder gases, penetrating between the walls of the channel and the bullet, is ejected from the barrel into the atmosphere.

The lower the speed of the cartridge, the faster it acquires a shape close to spherical. Thus, the area that allows excess powder gases to escape is reduced, which affects the power of the weapon.

The Temp-1 pistol, when loaded with 9 mm caliber cartridges, demonstrates a power of 91 J. This figure is close to the parameter permitted by law, which makes it possible to operate such a weapon without the need to obtain special permits.

Recommendations before purchasing P-M17T

Travmat-PM is easy to use and has a long service life. It is recommended to periodically polish the gun, which will significantly prolong the presentable appearance of the gun even with active use. Other advice from experts and purchasers:

  1. It is worth purchasing a holster separately, which guarantees additional protection for the item. Reduces the risk of abrasions and scratches.
  2. Many people want to increase the power of their weapons themselves. Sometimes the teeth are placed too close to the chamber, then there is also an overexpenditure of energy for pushing, because the ball has not yet accelerated, but retention is already occurring.
  3. Before purchasing, you should make sure that the store sells products from an official manufacturer. There is always a risk of purchasing a fake.
  4. Regular cleaning does not require complete disassembly of the weapon.
  5. The reliability of the mechanism is influenced by the competent selection of the spring for the power of the cartridge, the structure of the mechanism itself and, of course, the quality of processing of the parts.

Basic recommendation: store in a dry place out of reach of children. It is important that the room temperature is comfortable and that the packaging is not exposed to direct sunlight.


What are the advantages of Temp-1 (pistol)? Owner reviews indicate the following:

  • soft, pliable release and comfortable angle of inclination;
  • impressive penetrating ability of cartridges;
  • high accuracy and shooting accuracy;
  • availability of a large capacity magazine;
  • convenient firing from both the right and left hands due to the large trigger guard and the placement of safety flags on both sides of the bolt.

Cost is always a separate issue for users. How much will the future owner have to pay for such a traumatic pistol? The price of the model on the domestic market today starts from 25,000 rubles and may vary depending on the configuration.

Disassembly of P-M17T

Cleaning doesn't take much time. Even a beginner can handle disassembling the device if he follows the instructions. The site should be prepared for the procedure. Lighting plays a big role. To work, you will need a Phillips screwdriver, an awl, rags, a lubricant and an anti-corrosion agent. It is better to lay out the parts in the order they were removed, so that you can then repeat the way back. Algorithm of actions:

  1. Remove the fastening screw. Remove the door frame.
  2. All fasteners holding the body are unscrewed.
  3. Insert the rod into the bottom of the grooves in the magazine body.
  4. Compress the spring until it stops.
  5. Remove the magazine extension from the body.
  6. Remove the rod and separate the spring with the “paddivator” from the body.
  7. Disassembling the trigger mechanism. It consists of 3 parts. After unwinding, the hook, spring and rod are presented separately.
  8. The pistol valve is removed. To remove the fixing plugs, you should use a knife or awl.
  9. After the fasteners are unscrewed, the valve is removed by moving it towards you.
  10. It is important to be careful when removing the fuse. First, unscrew the three bolts, then press the mechanism, then move it to the left.

When reassembling, special attention should be paid to a number of points. When inserting the feeder with the spring into the housing, you should wait for a characteristic click. When the rod is inserted into the grooves, it is necessary to avoid skewing the part. When putting the extension on the body bends, it is important that it goes in completely. Only after this is the screw tightened securely.

The screws are very small. To avoid losing them during the disassembly process, it is worth using a small box for the fasteners.

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