UAZ Patriot clutch: original system and good replacement options

Initially, the UAZ Patriot is equipped with a factory clutch, the quality of which leaves much to be desired. According to the owners, the clutch on this car has to be replaced after almost a year of active use.

This is especially true for cars manufactured in 2010, which were equipped with a low-quality clutch.

In this way, the plant tried to reduce the final cost of the car, while at the same time placing the responsibility for quickly replacing this unit on the shoulders of car owners.

Although, it is worth noting that until 2010 there were attempts to give a good clutch to the UAZ Patriot from Luk, which easily drove 80-100 thousand km, which is an excellent result for a full-fledged SUV.

Therefore, if your car is already showing signs of the imminent death of the clutch, you should not buy the cheapest option, since you will have to change it more often.

In addition, the procedure for replacing this unit on any car is one of the most labor-intensive operations.


This article will look at clutch kits from different companies in order to understand which option is best to install on the UAZ Patriot.

It is no secret that most versions of the UAZ Patriot are equipped with a ZMZ 409 gasoline engine, and the clutch of gasoline engines is usually weaker than that of diesel engines (which have more torque).

Therefore, among all other options, installing a “reinforced” clutch from a diesel Patriot also makes sense.

So, on the UAZ Patriot, all that can be said about the standard (factory) clutch is that you need to get rid of it as soon as possible. Clutches from KRAFTTECH and VALEO for UAZ Patriot have a quality similar to the factory one, namely, they are weak and fail quickly. We recommend installing models from the following companies:

  • TAYA;
  • Suchs;
  • Luk;
  • From Gazelle.


The clutch of this company takes a leading position among others. Oddly enough, the manufacturer is a Russian company, which did not prevent it from earning the trust and popularity of car owners; you can find many positive reviews about this product on the Internet. “Taya” is praised for its soft stroke and excellent pedal sensitivity, while at the same time it has a long service life.

The clutch of this manufacturer is produced not only for the ZMZ 409, but also for the Iveco diesel unit. Here are its advantages:

  1. Supplied as a kit, which includes the following parts: the friction disc itself, the release bearing and the basket.
  2. The disk itself has numerous ventilation holes to prevent overheating.
  3. The presence of pressure spring lift limiters on the product casing, protecting the disk and flywheel from damage.
  4. The reasonable price of the kit is around 9,000 rubles (for a diesel engine).

It is recommended to purchase a replacement kit, since the main parts of this unit wear out evenly. If the disc is worn out, there are most likely signs of wear on the bearing basket.


For diesel Patriots, the best solution would be this clutch option. And all because the clamping force of the basket is increased compared to the standard.

Germany acts as the manufacturer, so the price tag may scare off many; for such a kit you will have to pay more than 10 thousand rubles.

However, in the end you get a life-saving clutch from the BMW 635/735, which has the following advantages:

  • absence of extraneous noise;
  • soft pedal stroke;
  • mileage is about 100,000 km.

Product catalog number 3000 458 001. Despite the fact that this is one of the most reliable and durable options, difficulties may arise during installation - you may need to drill an additional hole for fastening the basket 4 mm away from the standard one.


As mentioned earlier, this clutch has a fairly long service life, it will be an excellent option for those whose UAZ Patriot is used in mixed mode - light off-road and mainly city roads. Luk was installed on UAZ Patriot from 2008 to 2010 directly on the assembly line. This clutch is suitable for both petrol ZMZ 409 and Iveco diesel engines.

The product has catalog number 624318609. The production is carried out by the Suchs concern, so there is no need to talk about the quality of workmanship, it is at its best here.

At the same time, the cost of the kit does not exceed 6,000 rubles.

Also, the advantages include: absence of noise and vibrations due to the built-in damper, increased pressure on the basket (compared to the standard, for example) and a “light” pedal in the cabin.

From Gazelle

As an option, you can install a Sachs clutch from Gazelle Business. This option is optimal if heavy loads are transported on an SUV. This option is also suitable for severe off-road conditions.

This clutch is initially installed on Gazelle trucks with Cummins diesel engines, but fits on the UAZ Patriot without any modifications. The mileage using such a unit can easily exceed 120 thousand.

km, since the Gazelle a priori weighs more than the Patriot.

When replacing, it is recommended to immediately install a release bearing from the same company, so that you do not soon have to remove the box and change a low-quality standard bearing. With such a kit, you can forget about all sorts of twitching when starting off, and confidently overcome difficult snow and mud sections of the road.


In addition to all of the above, you can assemble your own clutch kit to suit your needs. Some craftsmen achieve this experimentally, by combining parts from different manufacturers, while obtaining the highest wear resistance in the most extreme driving conditions. But, you need to understand that this option cannot cost little.

An excellent option for enhanced clutch would be to install a disc with wear-resistant ceramic linings and a damper on the UAZ Patriot, for example. And pair it with the ZMZ Turbo basket (article 4064-01-6010900-04), which has the greatest clamping force of all those listed.

For a UAZ Patriot with a 409 engine, there are other clutch options, but, unfortunately, they have a lot of negative reviews and we will not consider them; it is better to focus on which clutch from those already listed to put on the engine of your UAZ Patriot.

Determining clutch wear

There are signs by which you can determine an upcoming clutch replacement on a UAZ Patriot. These include:

  • Difficulty shifting gears, accompanied by loud clicks, grinding noises and other extraneous sounds.
  • The clutch pedal “grabs” in the highest position - when it is almost completely released.
  • When accelerating, the car moves jerkily. This causes the friction disc to slip, the linings of which are most likely already very worn.

When replacing the clutch, always check the condition of the flywheel. A badly worn or poor-quality disc can damage the surface of the flywheel, leaving grooves on it. With further operation, even with a new disk, such a flywheel will generate vibrations and noise when starting off.

We recommend watching a video with a detailed description of replacing this unit:

Choosing a UAZ Patriot clutch: main types, advantages, methods of adjusting the pedal


Until 2010, Luk clutches were installed on cars. This is a fairly high-quality product and made it possible not to think about replacement until 80-100 thousand km. mileage This is a pretty good result, so when choosing, you should not save too much, but choose from several models that have proven themselves the most:

  • Taya;
  • Suchs;
  • Luk;
  • Clutch disc from Gazelle.

Let's take a closer look at all the advantages and disadvantages of these models.

Clutch TAYA

This model is produced by a Russian company and during its existence has already gained popularity and trust among car owners. Initially, this model was produced for cars with Iveco F1A and ZMZ-409 engines. When purchasing, you must consider the model and type of engine. The advantages of this manufacturer include the following:

  • The housing design has special stops to fix the rise of the pressure spring and maintain the surface of the flywheel.
  • the presence of ventilation holes to protect against overheating.
  • modernization of links to eliminate noise from gears.

The cost of such a kit starts from 8,000 rubles. The set includes a disc, basket and bearing.


This model is the best option for diesel engines. They are distinguished by a soft stroke and increased pressure on the flywheel. Thanks to this, it becomes possible to increase the speed, unlike the standard model.

Short description

The Iveco F1A engine belongs to a family of commercial engines intended for use in commercial vehicles. The engine is used for installation on Iveco Daily, Bremach T-Rex, Fiat Ducato cars. The Iveco F1A engine was installed on UAZ Patriot cars. The engine is heavy and tall, but has a long service life and good maintainability due to its unique design. The Iveco F1A engine is famous for its low fuel consumption - at a speed of 90 km/h it consumes only 9.5 liters of diesel fuel, and at a speed of 120 km/h - 12.5 liters.

Choosing a clutch: what is better to choose for the UAZ Patriot?

Luk clutch basket

There is an opinion that the 2011-2014 UAZ Patriot is not equipped with the best clutch. Many owners of domestic SUVs complain that the standard unit wears out in record time (1-1.5 thousand km).

km). And all because, starting in 2010, the Patriot began to install a mechanism from ZMZ of not very good quality. From 2008 to 2011, a LUK clutch was installed on the SUV, which honestly worked out for 50-150 thousand km.

Today, many are concerned about this state of affairs, because an SUV is designed to help in difficult situations, and not break down at the most inopportune moment.

Therefore, after purchasing a new UAZ Patriot, you need to immediately think about which clutch is best to purchase. Below we discuss different types of UAZ Patriot clutches, as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

It is worth noting that a device running on a gasoline engine will not work as well as on a diesel engine.

Clutches for Patriot from Sachs

A more democratic version of Sachs

The best choice for diesel Patriots would be Sachs devices. The clutch of this manufacturer has a very soft basket installed. In this case, the pressure exerted on the torque disc, which is pressed against the flywheel, is much more important.

This allows you to increase the speed of rotation compared to the standard mechanism. The torque disc repulsion device eliminates cycling, increasing clutch performance.

Of course, the equipment of this manufacturer is expensive, but quality and reliability are guaranteed.

If your UAZ is equipped with a ZMZ-409 engine, the best solution would be to install a LUK clutch from the manufacturer Sachs.

The mechanism is of high quality, not to mention its durability. A Patriot equipped with such a clutch feels confident both on asphalt surfaces and on severe off-road conditions.

True, the SUV will require a little testing to develop a new device.

Having installed such a mechanism, you will immediately feel a number of improvements. Firstly, the noise characteristic of a standard transfer case will disappear. Secondly, the damping of cyclicity will increase 3 times, which will significantly increase the pressure on the rotating disk.

A cheaper version of the Sachs clutch is installed on SUVs with the ZMZ-406 engine. This device is manufactured in Germany, but do not think that it is used in the German automobile industry. Reviews from UAZ Patriot owners about this mechanism are rather negative.

When opening the kit, it becomes clear that such technologies have long been abandoned, since the torque disk gaskets have copper-metal connection units. In addition, the device has a pungent unpleasant odor, characteristic of Chinese products. There is no hint of high quality here.

Clutch mechanisms from Starco

The manufacturer Starco produces automotive transmission mechanisms according to an international project, which was developed by 5 companies from different countries.

Starco covers several market segments and has a good option for a domestic SUV - SPK 24203/6SP. This set of devices is very similar in its features to the standard LUK clutch that was equipped with the old-style Patriots.

Due to its affordable price, the mechanism is a good replacement for worn-out SUV equipment.

Another worthy copy of the Starco company is the SPK 24102/2D device. The mechanisms of this series are called Ceramic, since metal ceramics are used as the main material in production.

These devices exceeded all expectations during test drives on off-road and flat surfaces. Metal-ceramics are not afraid of elevated temperatures and loads. The mechanism does not become oily and is designed for a long service life under the most severe conditions.

It is for this reason that such devices are used on off-road vehicles in long-distance sports.

Top model Starco SPK Kevlar for sports cars

You can also install the top-end Starco series called SPK Kevlar on the UAZ. This product is manufactured in the USA under the Tribco Inc. brand. As the name suggests, the spinning discs are made from Kevlar, a material commonly used in body armor.

Thanks to its high strength, the clutch can last up to 5 times longer than the standard mechanism. Spare parts to which SPK Kevlar is connected wear out much less. This is due to the increased resource indicators of the mechanism.

The design is made in such a way that abrasive wear at the conjugation points of the flywheel, lining and rotating disk is extremely low.

Even metal-ceramic devices cannot compare with the strength, heat resistance and speed of disk rotation.

SPK Kevlar is used on sport utility vehicles that compete in off-road conditions. Of course, such a kit will cost a hefty sum, since it has practically no competitors.

Alternative clutch options for Patriot

The device with serial number 624318609 from the manufacturer LUK is a standard clutch for the old-style Patriot. The sufficiently high-quality design of the mechanism allows us to guarantee the performance of the clutch with a mileage of up to 70-80 thousand km. The device has many positive reviews from owners of domestic SUVs.

The 828009 series mechanism from the manufacturer VALEO has good workmanship, in particular, it is worth mentioning the design of the damper mechanism of the rotating disk. True, there are often reviews that note that this kit is best chosen for moving on an asphalt surface. In off-road conditions, the mechanism wears out much faster.

Kits from the manufacturers “ADS Expert” and “TRIAL” do not have any distinctive features. These are economy class clutches. Such devices are more suitable for traveling on flat surfaces in megacities. They are not intended for off-road use.

You should avoid clutches from the manufacturer KRAFT TECH with serial number 1240H9. This type of mechanism has been used for quite a long time on small-sized Gazelle trucks. It does not meet the requirements of SUVs, so installing it on the UAZ Patriot is not recommended.

Technical characteristics of the Patriot

Power system features

The diesel Patriot differs in many ways from previous car models. So, the first difference can be noticed already in the features of the SUV’s power system. In the new Patriot automobile series you can see a completely different fuel supply scheme.

This characteristic had a positive effect not only on the performance of the vehicle, but also reduced fuel consumption on the UAZ dizel. It is worth noting that you can save money only if you have a powerful motor installed.

EngineConsumption (highway)Consumption (city)Consumption (mixed cycle)
Hunter 2.210.6 l/100 km
Patriot 2021 2.29.5 l/100 km12.5 l/100 km11 l/100 km
Patriot 2.29.5 l/100 km

Clutch on UAZ Patriot: operating principle and adjustment

The smoothness of movement and gear shifting depends on the correct operation of the clutch of any car, including the UAZ Patriot. This part requires maintenance and timely replacement of worn parts.

UAZ 3163 Patriot is a Russian-made SUV.

It is produced at the Ulyanovsk plant, where other popular models also came from: 3741 “loaf”, 3162 Simbir, 3151. The UAZ Patriot clutch is an important part of the car. This mechanism is designed to smoothly change speeds, transmit torque, dampen vibrations, and temporarily separate the transmission and flywheel.

When worn, damaged clutch elements must be replaced.

Clutch kit UAZ Patriot

Principle of operation

UAZ Patriot cars have the following type of clutch: single-disk with a centrally located diaphragm spring.

By the type of friction it is dry, by the mode of activation it is constantly closed. Diaphragm clutch is also called petal clutch.

This type is also used in other UAZ models: 3741 “loaf”, SUVs 469, 3151. Petal is also used for cars of other brands.

It consists of the following parts:

  • pressure disk (basket),
  • clutch disc (driven),
  • release bearing,
  • release bearing drive fork,
  • drive system,
  • off pedal.

The pressure plate is housed in a stamped steel housing, bolted to the engine flywheel. The driven disk is clamped by a spring, it is located between the flywheel and the pressure plate. During operation, the closed type bearing does not require lubrication.

The clutch release drive on UAZ Patriot vehicles is hydraulic. Its composition:

  • master cylinder,
  • working cylinder,
  • pedal,
  • a tube,
  • hose.

Adjusting the UAZ Patriot clutch
The purpose of the drive is to transmit force from the pedal to the fork. When the pedal is applied, a piston located in the master cylinder moves and forces fluid through a pipeline into the slave cylinder.

A piston placed in the slave cylinder acts on the clutch release fork. Then the fork moves the bearing along the guide.

The bearing, in turn, acts on the diaphragm spring, which stops pressing the pressure plate against the flywheel. The clutch switches off.

Paddle clutch has the following advantages:

  • less weight of parts,
  • smaller part size,
  • long service life of parts before the next maintenance,
  • improved functionality,
  • easier maintenance.


Sometimes it is necessary to adjust the UAZ clutch, which consists of changing the position of the clutch pedal. For this purpose, the main cylinder has an adjustment unit.

The pedal travel is adjusted by changing the length of the pusher.

  1. The pusher is disconnected from the pedal.
  2. The nut of the pusher assembly is loosened.
  3. The eyelet turns in the appropriate direction, achieving the desired result.
  4. The nut is tightened and the pusher is connected back to the pedal.

The free play of the pedal cannot be adjusted. Only the full stroke is adjusted, which should be in the range from 13 to 17 centimeters.

Replacing the UAZ Patriot clutch

Causes of wear

Clutch replacement occurs in the following cases:

  • Wear due to slipping when starting off,
  • discrepancy between engine speed and driving speed as a result of clutch wear,
  • The car jerks when starting off.

In the first case, the car does not have enough torque to start moving. When the speed is turned on, sufficient speed is maintained, but the car does not start to move. In such situations, the clutch linings wear out.

The latter case is associated with weakening of the damper springs on the clutch disc. Weak springs do not absorb shocks. This malfunction is aggravated by frequent off-road driving and when replacing standard wheels with larger wheels.

Clutch replacement

The clutch of UAZ Patriot SUVs is being replaced on an inspection pit or overpass. The following operations are performed:

  1. The driveshaft is unscrewed from the gearbox and handbrake and removed. The clutch slave cylinder is unscrewed and removed.
  2. The catalyst is removed, then disassembly of the gearbox begins: the oil is drained, the parking brake cable is disconnected, the plugs are disconnected, and the bolts are unscrewed.
  3. The gearbox is removed.
  4. The clutch basket and discs are unscrewed and removed.
  5. Installing a new clutch occurs in the reverse order of removal.

Additional tools may be needed to replace the clutch. To unscrew some fasteners you will need extensions. To remove the gearbox, which weighs quite a lot, you can use a jack and nylon slings. Ropes will help lift the gearbox into place.

When installing the driven and pressure (basket) clutch discs, they must be centered relative to the flywheel. This is done using a mandrel that fits into the crankshaft bearing. It can be replaced with the gearbox input shaft.

All UAZ vehicles (Patriot, “loaf”, Hunter and others) require timely replacement of the clutch. Then they will work properly for a long time.

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Clutch UAZ Patriot 409 engine

Like all ordinary modern cars, the UAZ Patriot is required to be equipped with a factory standard clutch.

It is of extremely low quality, and all owners of a popular SUV know about this, which after several years of full operation necessarily needs to replace a device such as the clutch mechanism, sometimes, but it happens and this happens much earlier. The mechanism we are considering wears out extremely quickly in cars produced since 2010, when an updated body was released, and the clutch was of low quality. Due to such a low-quality mechanism, many could purchase an updated UAZ at reasonable prices, but after only a few thousand kilometers repairs and replacements were required, as various defects began to appear.

Until 2010, the Russian UAZ Patriot was always equipped with a clutch manufactured by Luk. As practice has shown, the operational period of this mechanism was plus or minus 80-100 thousand kilometers, and this is a very good result, despite the fact that Patriot is designed for driving on severe off-road conditions.

Therefore, the owner of such a car, if the clutch has become unusable, needs to think about installing another option, but not a cheap one. We invite you to consider several of the most popular clutch kits, certainly for a car with a 409 engine.

We will also tell you about the clutch release bearing, the clutch disc included in the kit and much more.

Sachs SUV kit

Not everyone knows that for the UAZ Patriot, equipped with an Iveco F1A diesel power unit, the most optimal clutch remains the mechanism supplied by Sachs.

The kit we have indicated has, perhaps, the best clutch basket mechanism, due to the best indicator when the clutch disc is pressed against the flywheel without fail, and this along the chain allows you to increase the speed, which is simply impossible on a standard-installed mechanism, and is also due to excessive softness progress.

This clutch is produced in Germany, hence the indecently high cost, because it costs over 10 thousand Russian rubles per set. rubles Not all owners of Patriot diesel or gasoline versions are willing to spend so much money on a mechanism that still needs to be changed after a certain time.

This is especially true if the car we are considering is actively used in the harsh conditions of Russian off-road conditions, in which even high-quality German parts are subject to accelerated wear.

The positive aspects of the clutch kit for the UAZ Patriot, it does not matter whether it is an Iveco F1A diesel engine or a 409 engine running on 92 gasoline:

  • There is no extraneous noise during active operation of the mechanism.
  • The pedal always has a fairly soft stroke.
  • The so-called service life is about 80-100 thousand km of vehicle mileage.


Changing the oil in the Iveco F1A engine. Changing the engine oil in the Iveco F1A engine on Fiat Ducato and Iveco Daily cars must be done every 40,000 km. For UAZ Patriot - every 20,000 km. Lubricants recommended by Iveco are Urania Daily, Urana LD 5, SAE 15W40, 5W 30. How much oil to pour into the engine: Iveco Daily and Fiat Ducato in the engine crankcase - 5.9 liters, with an oil filter - 7 liters of oil. The volume of engine oil in the F1A engine for the UAZ Patriot is 4.2 liters. Adjustment of valve clearances is not necessary; hydraulic compensators are installed on the engine. The air filter needs to be replaced every 80,000 km.

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