Do-it-yourself oil change for a Chevrolet Lacetti

Chevrolet Lacetti manual

Chevrolet Lacetti Changing the engine oil and oil filter

We change the engine oil in accordance with the maintenance regulations every 15 thousand km.
We carry out the replacement with the engine not running, preferably immediately after the trip, before the oil has cooled down. We unscrew the oil filler cap on the 1.4/1.6 engine...

...on a 1.8 engine. From the bottom of the car, we clean the oil pan from dirt around the drain plug.

Using a spanner wrench or a 17mm socket, loosen the drain plug. We place a wide container for used oil with a volume of at least 4 liters under the hole...

...and unscrew the plug manually and drain the oil. Be careful - the oil is hot. Drain the oil for at least 10 minutes.

We check the condition of the sealing copper washer of the plug. If the washer is severely deformed or worn, replace it. After wiping the plug, screw it on and tighten it. We remove oil leaks from the engine oil pan. Place a container under the oil filter. Unscrew (counterclockwise) the oil filter. If this cannot be done manually...

...loosen the filter with a puller. If there is no puller, we pierce the filter housing with a screwdriver (closer to the bottom, so as not to damage the engine fitting) and unscrew the filter, using the screwdriver as a lever.

Remove the oil filter. We clean the filter seat on the cylinder block from dirt and oil drips. Apply engine oil to the filter O-ring. We wrap the oil filter by hand until the sealing ring comes into contact with the cylinder block. Then turn the filter another 3/4 turn to seal the connection. Pour 3.75 liters of oil into the engine through the oil filler neck. Screw the neck cap clockwise. We start the engine for 1–2 minutes. We make sure that the indicator of insufficient (emergency) oil pressure in the engine in the instrument cluster has gone out and there are no leaks from under the plug and filter. If necessary, tighten the oil filter and drain plug. We stop the engine, after a few minutes (so that the oil flows into the crankcase pan), check the oil level (see Checking the oil level in the engine crankcase pan) and bring it to normal.

Oil change on Chevrolet Lacetti

For different seasons it is necessary to use oil of different viscosity. For cold weather, preferably 0W-40 (for Northern regions) or 5W-40 (for temperate climates). For warm weather - 10W-40 or 20W-40. The manufacturer recommends changing the oil every 15,000 km, but most car owners change the oil once a season. Most often, when changing the oil, the oil filter is also changed.

What is needed to change the oil

Before replacing, you should obtain:

  • a container for used oil with a volume of at least 4 liters (an old canister from already used oil will do);
  • new oil filter;
  • 4 liter oil canister;
  • new gasket for the drain plug.

If you are changing the oil yourself for the first time, it would be a good idea to purchase a special oil filter puller. It will be needed when you cannot unscrew the filter by hand.

Special puller for oil filter

How to change oil

  1. Drive the car onto an overpass or into a viewing hole. If this is not possible, you must ensure that the machine is lifted safely while maintaining its horizontal position.
  2. Open the hood and unscrew the engine oil filler plug located on the engine.
  3. Place a container intended for old oil under the drain plug. It is located on the engine sump.
  4. Using a 17 mm socket wrench, unscrew the drain plug. Wait until the oil is completely drained from the engine.

  5. Unscrew the old oil filter counterclockwise. It is located next to the dipstick for checking the oil level.
  6. Lubricate the rubber band of the new filter with oil. Install the new filter in place of the old one, rotating it clockwise with little force.
  7. Install a new gasket on the drain plug and screw the plug into place.
  8. Pour about 3.7 liters of new oil into the engine oil filler neck. Close the neck with a lid.
  9. Start the engine for 5 minutes, then turn off the car and after a few minutes check the oil level with a dipstick. If necessary, top up.

Instructions for changing engine oil in a Chevrolet Lacetti car

Changing the oil is part of the scheduled maintenance of the Chevrolet Lacetti. The recommended frequency is set by the manufacturer and prescribed in the technical documentation for the car, and also depends on the conditions in which the car was operated. The procedure can be done with your own hands if you follow a certain sequence of actions. In this case, it is necessary to select the correct oil itself, since an error can lead to a decrease in the service life of the unit or its breakdown.

The process of changing the oil in a Chevrolet Lacetti engine with your own hands

Necessary tools for changing fluid in a Chevrolet Lacetti car engine:

  • key to 17;
  • funnel;
  • filter removal device;
  • container for waste liquid;
  • clean cloth napkins;
  • new oil;
  • oil filter.

Changing the engine oil on a Chevrolet Lacetti 1.6 with your own hands is done with the engine off. You can start working immediately after traveling, while the liquid has not yet cooled down. This will allow the solution to flow out faster.

Step- by-step instructions for changing the lubricant are carried out in several stages:

  1. Initially, you need to unscrew the drain cap;
  2. Place a container for used oil;
  3. Carefully drain the solution;
  4. Screw on the valve;
  5. Clean the engine with a special product;
  6. Start the engine and let it idle;
  7. After the oil check indicator stops lighting on the taskbar, let the engine run for another 5-10 minutes;
  8. Place the container under the pan again, unscrew the drain bolt and collect the liquid after flushing;
  9. After thoroughly cleaning the internal combustion engine, you can fill in new oil in the amount of 3.75 liters;
  10. Tighten the plug on the neck and check the fluid level in the system;

This completes the procedure for changing the engine oil. On a Chevrolet Lacetti station wagon, replacing the fluid in the engine is carried out in a similar way.

When changing the oil, many experts and car enthusiasts also recommend replacing other consumable parts in a Chevrolet Lacetti car - air, oil and cabin filters.

When to replace

The manufacturer's recommended replacement frequency is every 12.5 thousand km. mileage for engines up to 1.6 liters. and 15 thousand km. for units over 1.8 liters. At the same time, it is necessary to change the oil and filter in the Lacetti at least once a year, even if the specified mileage has not been reached.

These periods can be reduced to six months (up to 7.5 thousand km) under certain operating conditions:

  • regular short distance driving;
  • leaving the car at idle for a long time;
  • driving on dirt roads and broken surfaces;
  • increased loads when towing;
  • frequent alternation of movement and stops;
  • polluted dusty air;
  • low quality fuel.

The above applies, first of all, to traffic in an urban environment, where short distances, constant traffic jams and a polluted environment lead to increased load. This is especially true in winter conditions, when for short periods the engine does not have time to warm up to normal operating temperature. Also, more frequent replacement will be required if you use low-quality oil.

Which oil to choose

The oil recommended by the manufacturer, which is poured at the factory into the engines of Chevrolet Lacetti cars, is GM Dexos II 5W30, and for diesel modifications it is the same with a viscosity of 5W40. This is an all-season lubricant that ensures stable operation at temperatures from -25 degrees Celsius.

As analogs to the original Chevrolet Lacetti oil, products of other brands that match it in viscosity and meet the following requirements are also suitable:

  • standard not lower than SM according to API classification;
  • marked A3/B3 and A3/B4 according to ACEA;
  • A3/C3 for diesel engine.

For the Chevrolet Lacetti diesel engine, you can also use oil with a viscosity of 0W40. It is suitable for all-season use and does not lose its properties at high temperatures. The choice should always take into account the climatic operating conditions. The first digit of the marking indicates the lower limit of permissible temperatures (30 degrees must be subtracted from the number), and the second indicates the hottest conditions under which the lubricant retains its characteristics.

It is good to fill the engine with oils of those brands that are marked by the manufacturer itself as best suited to the Chevrolet Lacetti model, in particular fully synthetic viscosity 5W30:

  • TEBOIL Diamond;
  • Comma Syner-Z;
  • Liqui Moly Special LL;

  • MOTUL Specific LL A/B 025.

What and how much oil to pour into the engine in a Chevrolet Lacetti

The more attention we pay to the engine of our Lacetti, the more grateful we will be and the longer it will delight us with trouble-free operation. The first and main point of the engine care rules is timely replacement of oil and filters. Moreover, you need to know what oil to pour into the Lacetti engine, how much oil is in the engine and what filter to install.

What is poured into the Lacetti engine from the factory?

Regardless of the engine type, 3.75 liters of GM 5w30 Dexos 2 oil are filled at the factory . At the same time, the manufacturer recommends a range of oils compatible with Lacetti engines.

The manufacturer fills it with GM 5w30 Dexos 2 engine oil.

However, you need to understand that no matter what the lubricant is called, the main indicators and its characteristics are already laid down in the standards. There are several of them :

  1. Oil classification according to SAE , this standard was developed by the American Association of Automotive Engineers and this standard is used most often than others. The oil must meet a temperature viscosity of 5w30 or 5w40 , however this standard does not provide any more data on other properties of the product.
  2. Classification according to the standards of the American Fuels Institute API is carried out based on the area of ​​application and properties of the oils. According to this standard, all oils are divided into two categories - for gasoline engines (S) and for diesel engines (C) . Products that have a standard of at least SM are suitable for the Lacetti.
  3. Classification according to the European ACEA standard . The classification principle is similar to the American API, but is carried out taking into account the peculiarities of European environmental standards and engine characteristics. For Lacetti, oils marked ACEA A3/B3 and A3/B4 . These are lubricants for high-performance injection engines of passenger cars for all-season use.

Step-by-step replacement instructions

Many car repair shops recommend flushing the engine before replacing it. This is justified by the need to remove combustion products and mechanical impurities. At the same time, this issue causes a lot of controversy. Foreign liquid changes the properties of the lubricant poured into the engine, primarily its viscosity, which can negatively affect its operation. Therefore, when performing the flushing procedure when changing the oil yourself, you risk not taking into account a number of operating features of the unit and only worsening its condition.

Important: Up to 10% of the oil remains in the engine when changing. Therefore, the best way to clean it is to replace it more often, rather than washing it with foreign chemicals.

To replace it yourself you will need the following:

  • oil filter (preferably original);
  • metal gasket for the drain plug;
  • filter puller;
  • metal brush;
  • rags;
  • funnel;
  • key for 17 or 19 (depending on the model);
  • container for draining.

An oil change in a Chevrolet Lacetti is carried out as follows:

  1. Warm up the engine well (to about 70 degrees).
  2. Place the machine on an overpass or above an inspection hole.
  3. Unscrew the engine protection.
  4. Locate the drain plug in the engine pan and clean it with a wire brush if necessary.
  5. Place a container under the plug to drain the used lubricant.
  6. Carefully unscrew the plug with a key. Remember that the drained liquid has a very high temperature.

  7. Unscrew and remove the oil filter.

  8. Prepare a new filter: fill it with oil, lubricate the rubber O-ring with oil.
  9. Wait until the old oil is completely drained. This usually takes at least 20 minutes.
  10. Replace the metal ring on the drain plug and reinstall it.
  11. Install the new filter, carefully without over-tightening.
  12. Fill with 3 liters of new oil. You shouldn’t pour in the entire volume at once; it’s better to do it gradually, checking the level with a dipstick.
  13. Start the engine and wait a few seconds until the oil pressure indicator goes off. If the light is on for more than 5 seconds, this indicates a malfunction; you must immediately turn off the car and find out the cause of its occurrence.

After following all the instructions, you need to make sure that there are no leaks anywhere. Also, after the engine has cooled down, you need to check the oil level again and add it if necessary.

Procedure for changing engine oil

Before changing the lubricant, you should prepare 4 liters of new engine fluid, purchase an oil filter and a new metal gasket for the drain plug. You can buy an original filter element - GM Original under number 832.6. There is a replacement for it - for example, Mann filter No. 798, or Mahle No. 903. You should prepare a rag, a metal brush, a funnel, a filter puller, a 17mm wrench, as well as a container where the waste will be drained, with a volume of at least 4 liters. Changing the oil in the Lacetti is carried out in a certain order; even a novice car enthusiast can do this.

  • We drive onto an overpass or place the car over an inspection hole. The engine must be warmed up.
  • Open the hood and release the filler neck. By the way, looking through it, you can assess the condition of the engine. Just need to light it up.
  • We go down and remove the engine protection. We clean the space around the drain plug from dirt.
  • Using a key, loosen the plug and substitute an empty container. Carefully unscrew the cap so as not to get burned.
  • Drain the grease until it stops dripping completely. We put a new o-ring on the plug and tighten it.
  • Place a container under the oil filter. It is located next to the dipstick. Using a puller or breaking through the housing with a screwdriver if there is none, unscrew the filter element by rotating counterclockwise.

  • We clean the surface of the cylinder block - in the place where it was screwed on.
  • Lubricate the rubber o-ring of the new filter with oil. We also fill half of its volume with lubricant from the canister.
  • We screw it on, but don’t clamp it too hard – after resistance appears, we do a little more than a half turn.
  • We move under the hood. In a Chevrolet Lacetti, you should pour about 3.5–3.7 liters of oil fluid.
  • We tighten the neck and start the engine. We wait until the icon indicating insufficient lubricant pressure disappears.
  • We check the drain plug, as well as the filter for oil leakage. We measure the liquid level with a dipstick. Top up if necessary.

Do-it-yourself oil change for a Chevrolet Lacetti

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Every 10,000 km, a mandatory oil change for the Chevrolet Lacetti is recommended. At the same time, solving this issue requires an individual approach, since the operating conditions for each vehicle are different. There are often cases when the oil is changed much more often due to difficult road conditions and increased load on the vehicle.

Changing the Chevrolet Lacetti oil yourself is accessible even to a novice car owner. The main thing is to choose the right type of engine oil. To do this, refer to the operating instructions for the machine. You will also need to purchase an oil filter, a special removable wrench for it and a 17” wrench for unscrewing the drain plug. Although, if you do not often change the oil in your Chevrolet Lacetti, then you don’t have to buy a key; you can try to unscrew the oil filter by hand or, as was done on old VAZs, take a thick screwdriver and pierce the filter housing with this same screwdriver, and using it As a lever, twist the filter counterclockwise.

The car is installed strictly horizontally. As a rule, changing the Chevrolet Lacetti oil is done on a warm engine, so all manipulations should be carried out carefully so as not to get burned. The first step is to open the engine filler cap to fill the oil. Place a container in the place where the used oil is drained and carefully unscrew the drain plug, from which hot oil will begin to pour out. After it has drained, you can begin to remove the oil filter.

Chevrolet Lacetti oil filter - article number, engine oil volume 1.4, 3.8 liters.

Before installing a new filter, you need to lubricate its threads and O-ring with oil, and then install the filter by hand. The next step is to tighten the drain plug. It is important to know that its sealing ring on the drain plug is disposable and therefore must be replaced, otherwise oil leakage will occur.

Now you can start filling the engine oil. It is recommended to use a funnel. Overfilling of oil is not allowed. The oil volume in the Chevrolet Lacetti is 1.4 liters and 3.8 liters. The oil level should be below the max mark.

How to remove saffron milk caps from a car body

Screw on the neck cap and start the engine. It is necessary to monitor the oil pressure. Approximately 5-7 seconds after starting, the warning light on the instrument panel should go out. After five minutes of work, turn off the engine, wait a few minutes, remove the oil dipstick and check the oil level. It should be located midway between the min and max marks.

Do-it-yourself oil change for Chevrolet Lacetti.

Do-it-yourself engine oil change for a Chevrolet Lacetti.

Good afternoon, on a Chevrolet Lacetti car, it is recommended to change the oil every 10,000 km. In this article I will tell you how you can make it your own.

1. Open the hood and remove the oil filler cap. 2. The oil filter on the Chevrolet Lacetti can be unscrewed both from the top of the engine compartment and from the bottom. We place some container under the oil filter and unscrew it. You can easily unscrew it by hand, or use an oil filter puller from Force.

The number of a non-original oil filter from Fram is PH10008, or Mann is W71275. 3. Raise the car and use a wrench or a 17 mm socket to unscrew the drain plug from the pan. 4. Wait for the oil to drain and screw the plug into place. 5. Lubricate the rubber seal on the oil filter with oil and screw it into place.

6. That’s it, now you can fill in the oil. Approximately 3.2 liters of oil are poured into the engine of the Chevrolet Lacetti, but if you don’t know the amount of oil to fill, you can do this. Feel free to fill in 2 - 2.5 liters of oil, and then add 100 - 200 gms and check the oil dipstick readings each time until the oil reaches the maximum mark on the dipstick.

After this, close the filler cap and start the engine; when the oil pressure light goes out, the engine can be turned off. And again we check the readings on the dipstick; as a rule, it will show the oil level we need, and this is slightly below the maximum, or in the middle between maximum and minimum. This way, you can do your own car maintenance.

Changing the oil in a Chevrolet Lacetti engine

Chevrolet Lacetti from the South Korean company GM Daewoo, which appeared in Russia in 2004, went on sale in five different trim levels: Plus, Star, Elite, Premium and Platinum. Depending on the type of equipment, four types of engines and 3 types of gearboxes were installed on the car. All engines are sixteen-valve, volume: 1.4, 1.6, 1.8 liters complying with Euro 3 standards. And since 2007, cars have also appeared with a 2.0 TCi diesel unit with a power of 121 hp.

In this case, using the example of a Chevrolet Lacetti with a 1.6 engine, the engine oil was changed, and we will show how it happened in photo report format.

Chevrolet Lacetti oil change

Chevrolet Lacetti is a compact car from GM Daewoo from South Korea. To this day, assembly of the sedan model continues in China and Uzbekistan. But the five-door station wagon and hatchback body styles have already been discontinued. Lacetti came to replace the already obsolete Daewoo Nubira. It was produced from 2004 to 2009 and was replaced by the Chevrolet Cruze. The model ceased production in Russia in 2014.

Russian Lacetti assemblies received a choice of three engines - 1.4 E-TEC II (95 hp), 1.6 L E-TEC II (109 hp) and 1.8 L E-TEC II (122 hp). With.). They are no more difficult to maintain than any other. The manufacturer recommends a complete change of engine oil (and filter, of course) every 15,000 km. For maintenance, you do not need to visit service centers or private mechanics; you can do it all yourself without outside help with a minimum set of tools in an hour.

When to change the oil in a Lacetti engine

When operating a car, the owner must periodically undergo routine maintenance (MOT). The interval between maintenance during which the engine oil is changed by the manufacturer is determined to be 12 months or 15,000 km .

However, there are a number of conditions when the oil change period is reduced to 6 months or 7500 km . Such conditions include:

  • regular trips over short distances (up to 10 km);
  • prolonged operation of the engine at idle speed. For example, in traffic jams in a big city;
  • driving on country roads and unpaved streets;
  • frequent trips in mountainous and/or hilly areas;
  • towing a trailer or other vehicle.

Replacement may also be necessary if an oil leak is detected in the engine.

Changing engine oil on a Chevrolet Lacetti

Changing the oil in a Chevrolet Lacetti is a simple procedure and differs little from the same process on other cars. According to the official maintenance regulations, an oil and filter change on a Chevrolet Lacetti must be done once every 15 thousand kilometers. Or once every 12 months. Even if your car has been driven a little, the oil still loses its properties. To replace it yourself, you will need a pit or overpass. After all, you will have to crawl under the car and unscrew the plug in the pan.

Next, we offer detailed instructions with photos on changing the Chevrolet Lacetti oil.

Warm up the engine to operating temperature. we turn off the engine. This is necessary so that the oil warms up thoroughly, so it drains faster. We tear off the hood and unscrew the Lacetti oil filler cap.

How much and what kind of oil to fill in a Chevrolet Lacetti

For Lacetti gasoline engines of any volume, the amount of oil poured is the same and is 3.75 liters . But a diesel engine will have to be filled in one and a half times more - you will need 6.2 liters of lubricant, including an oil filter.

The engine life depends on the quality of the selected oil. Therefore, its choice should be approached with all responsibility. The manufacturer suggests using a lubricant with a classification no lower than API SM or ILSAC GF-IV with a viscosity of SAE 10W30, and for operation at temperatures below -25°C with a lower viscosity, namely SAE 5W30. The Lacetti is filled with GM Dexos II 5W-30 from the factory. And as a rule, it is precisely this, the original, that is recommended to be filled in.

For diesel engines, motor oil of classification MB 229.31 and ACEA C3 with a viscosity grade of 5W40 is used.

Necessary tools and materials for oil change

To work you will need the following tool:

  • key to “17”;
  • funnel;
  • device for removing the filter;
  • containers for processing of at least 4 liters;
  • clean rags;
  • as well as a new filter and oil.

Oil: original synthetic General Motors “Dexos 2 5W-30”, order code for canister (5 l) - 95599405. Price about 1,400 rubles.

Filter: original oil filter from the manufacturer General Motors 93743595. The cost of this will be 400 rubles. But you can save on the original and buy analogues at half the price: Opel-Daewoo art. 9374 3595 – 200 rubles, Purflux LS206 – 190 rubles or Pmc PBC009 – 120 rubles.

Genuine General Motors parts: shock-absorbing spring for the sump plug, catalog no. 96490031, O-ring art. 94525114, and if the thread on the drain plug of the oil pan has been torn off, then you may also need that, its code is 94535699.

Prices are current for autumn 2017 for Moscow and the region.

We will change the oil in the Chevrolet Lacetti 1.6 engine. Open the hood. The replacement should be carried out with the engine not running, preferably immediately after a trip, until the oil has cooled down.

We do our own oil change on a Chevrolet Lacetti

We update the lubrication system

The frequency of replacing lubricant in any vehicle must correspond to that specified in the documentation supplied with the vehicle. There is no need to waste money on oil with an oil filter. The potential of the machine depends on its characteristics.

Changing engine oil on a Chevrolet Lacetti

Selecting lubricant for Chevrolet Lacetti

Chevrolet has established special maintenance regulations for each model of car it produces. However, sometimes the frequency of replacement of certain materials, such as lubricating fluid, may differ significantly from those specified in the documentation. The oil change in the Chevrolet Lacetti engine should be carried out either after 15,000 km or once a year. But this is the required minimum.

In practice, the quality of fuel, as well as driving style, forces you to change the Chevrolet Lacetti oil much more often than recommended.

It is necessary to use a fluid of at least Api Sl class (according to the global classification), its viscosity should be Sae 10w30, if changing the Lacetti oil is carried out in cold weather (at temperatures below 25 degrees), the viscosity should be Sae 5w30. The volume of oil fluid in the Chevrolet Lacetti engine is 3.75 liters. Optimal brands of lubricants:

Engine oil TOTAL Quartz Energy 9000 0W30

TOTAL Quartz Energy 9000 0W30;

Stages of replacing lubricant in a Chevrolet Lacetti

The oil is changed according to the standard procedure, first the old waste is drained, the filter element is changed and new oil is poured. Access to components during replacement is quite convenient, so you can carry out maintenance yourself.

The Lacetti model is very popular in the world; it can also be found under other names, which it received for sale in different countries. Therefore, oil change instructions apply to the following brands:

  • Chevrolet Lacetti;
  • Chevrolet Estate;
  • Chevrolet Nubira;
  • Chevrolet Optra;
  • Daewoo Gentra;
  • Daewoo Lacetti;
  • Ravon Gentra;
  • Buick Excelle;
  • Holden Viva;
  • Suzuki Forenza;
  • Suzuki Renault.

The most popular engines are 1.6 and 1.4 petrol, although the 1.8 liter capacity is also quite common. There are no fundamental differences in the process of changing engine oil; there is only a slight difference in volume.

Draining waste fluid

It is necessary to drain the used engine fluid when the engine is warm. This is due to the fact that heated oil is more liquid. This makes it easier for it to leak out of the thin channels of the lubrication system.

Chevrolet Lacetti oil change

It is recommended to change the engine oil of a Chevrolet Lacetti at least every 10-15 thousand kilometers. Along with the oil, the oil filter should also be changed.

To replace them ourselves, we will need motor oil (recommended by the car manufacturer), an oil filter, which can be selected from the table below, a special filter puller, a 19mm socket wrench, a container for collecting used oil, and a rag.

Manufacturervendor code
Bosch0 451 103 079
Blue PrintADG02102
Toko CarsBE1-113TOKO
Muller FilterFO317
FiltronOP 570

Changing the oil should only be done when the engine is warm. If the engine is cold, warm it up for 5-7 minutes, place the car on a pit or overpass, lift the hood, and unscrew the filler cap.

Replacement frequency, what oil to fill

According to the manufacturer's regulations, service changes of engine oil on the Chevrolet Lacetti are carried out after 15,000 kilometers or at intervals of 1 year. But some car owners consider this interval to be a little too high, recommending that it be shortened taking into account operating conditions.

According to the passport and the operating instructions, the tolerances that the engine oil must have are given. The manufacturer's recommendation indicates the use of original oil, in this case it is GM Motor Oil 5W-30 Dexos2.

The manufacturer allows the use of analogues, the only thing is that they must be Dexos2 approved. Among the owners of the model, the following brands were most popular:

  • Castrol EDGE 5W-30
  • Elf Solaris LLX SAE 5W-30
  • Liqui Moly Top Tec 4600 5W-30
  • Mobil 1 ESP 5W-30
  • Shell Helix Ultra Professional AG 5W-30
  • Total Quartz Ineo MC3 5W-30
  • Valvoline SynPower MST C3 5W-30
  • Wolf Official Tech 5W-30
  • ZIC X9 LS 5W-30
  • Lukoil Genesis Claritech 5W-30
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