Chevrolet Cruze oil change in a box: we look at it from all sides

Oil change Chevrolet Cruze 1.8 detailed instructions with photos

Oil change Chevrolet Cruze 1.8 . The powerful power unit with a displacement of 1.8 liters is one of the most popular in the Chevrolet Cruze. It is not difficult to carry out the oil change procedure yourself. The manufacturer requires changing the oil and oil filter every 15,000 kilometers. Some drivers carry out this procedure a little more often, for example once every 10,000 kilometers. But if you are confident in the quality of the purchased oil, then you don’t have to deviate from the regulations.

A special feature of changing the oil on a Chevrolet Cruze 1.8 can be considered that a special rubber gasket is used under the drain plug; it is advisable to buy it in advance. Reuse is possible, but only if the gasket is not heavily compressed and does not have cracks or tears.

As for the oil filter, here it consists of a separate filter element and a plastic housing. That is, only the filter element will have to be changed. To work, we will need a Torx T-45 sprocket to unscrew the drain plug, a “13” socket to unscrew the pan protection, and a “24” socket to unscrew the oil filter housing. To replace it, we will need a pit or overpass.

We carry out the replacement with the Chevrolet Cruze engine not running (preferably immediately after the trip), while the oil has not cooled down. Remove the engine oil filler cap.

The power unit protection should be removed from the bottom of the car. Using a 13mm socket, unscrew the four bolts securing the power unit protection to the front suspension subframe. We remove the protection of the power unit, supporting it with an adjustable stop, or use the services of an assistant.

We clean the engine oil pan from dirt around the drain plug. Use a Torx T-45 wrench to loosen the drain plug. We place a wide container for used oil with a volume of at least 5 liters under the drain hole.

Unscrew the plug by hand and drain the oil. Attention! Be careful - the oil is hot. Drain the oil for at least 10 minutes. Check the condition of the rubber sealing ring of the plug. If the ring is torn, cracked or severely compressed, replace it with a new one.

After wiping the plug, wrap it and tighten it back into the pan. We remove oil leaks from the engine oil pan. Place a container under the oil filter. Use a 24mm socket to loosen the oil filter cap. Unscrew it by hand and remove the cover with the oil filter.

We remove the filter from the cover, overcoming the resistance of the four clamps. The lid is sealed with a rubber ring. If the ring is torn, cracked or severely deformed, replace it with a new one. Usually the O-ring comes with the new filter element.

We wipe the inner cavity of the cover, insert a new oil filter into it and press the filter until the latches snap into place. It is best to buy an oil filter for a Chevrolet Cruze 1.8 in a reliable store so as not to run into low-quality consumables.

Screw and tighten the filter cover. A lot of force is not required, since the threads can be stripped from the plastic cover of the filter housing. Pour 4.5 liters of oil through the oil filler neck. Reinstall the oil filler cap. We start the engine for 1–2 minutes. We make sure that the indicator of insufficient (emergency) oil pressure in the engine in the instrument cluster has gone out. Now we carefully inspect the oil leaks from under the drain plug and the filter cover. If there are leaks, you need to tighten the plug and cap a little.

Choosing oil for a Chevrolet Cruze engine

The official manufacturer recommends using oil with a viscosity of 5W30 in Chevrolet Cruze engines. One of the main requirements is the availability of certificates of compliance with Dexos 2 approvals.

Original General Motors oil “Dexos 2” 5W-30

The original oil poured into the Chevrolet Cruze engine from the factory is General Motors “Dexos 2” 5W-30. Reviews from car owners about branded lubricant are very opposite.

Some believe that it is not worth buying products from third-party manufacturers, but many argue that the GM “Dexos 2” brand forms a lot of deposits in the engine, even if replaced in a timely manner.

The cost of branded oil is about 1500 - 2900 rubles.

General Motors allows the use of oil with viscosity 0w30, 0w40, 5w30, 5w40, 10w30, 10w40. Recommended third-party manufacturers and their product prices are listed in the table below. Any non-branded oil that a car owner wants to fill must have dexos2 approvals.

Manufacturer Cost, rubles

ZIC 5W301300-2300
Castrol Magnatec 5W – 30 A1;1100-1500
Mobil 1 ESP formula 5W-302200-2700
Lukoil Genesis Claritech 5W-301000-1500
Motul Specific Dexos2 5W-301700-3000

Oil for Chevrolet Cruze from a third-party manufacturer

Engine oil filling volume

How much oil is required depends on the engine size and replacement method. So, depending on the power plant, you will need:

  • for a 1.4 liter engine and 140 hp. filling volume is 4 l;
  • for a 1.6-liter and 109-liter power plant, 4.5 liters are required;
  • for a 1.6-liter engine with 124 hp. 4.5 l required;
  • for the most powerful power unit of 1.8 and 141 hp. 4.5 liters required.

The automaker recommends a complete oil change. Despite this, some car owners neglect this requirement. If you change the oil without removing the oil filter, 3.5-3.8 liters of lubricant are required.

When changing brands, it is advisable to flush the engine. Therefore, the required volume of oil can increase to 7-8 liters.

Replacement frequency

The official manufacturer recommends changing General Motors “Dexos 2” 5W-30 oil every 15,000 kilometers or 2 years of operation, whichever comes first. Experienced car owners recommend reducing the replacement interval to 10,000 kilometers. During urban vehicle use, even such a reduction in the lubricant change period may not be enough.

The photo below shows a 2011 f16d engine with the valve cover removed. Its mileage is just over 65,000 kilometers. The oil was used exclusively original and changed every 10 thousand km. Despite this, there is a lot of deposits under the valve cover.

Engine with valve cover removed

For the above reason, if the car is frequently used in city traffic jams, it is recommended to reduce the oil change interval to 5-7 thousand kilometers. A similar rule applies to the use of lubricants from third-party manufacturers. The car owner must determine how much it costs to drive until the next replacement, based on operating conditions and the condition of the fluid being drained.

In addition, changing the engine oil ahead of schedule will be required in the following cases:

  • foreign technical fluid has entered the lubricant, for example, antifreeze or slurry poured into the steering wheel;
  • the engine overheated;
  • the oil froze in winter;
  • a crack was found in the box through which lubricant enters the motor;
  • spark plugs often fail;
  • an increase in the level of lubrication was noticed;
  • Water got into the oil.

You can determine the condition of the lubricant by dropping it onto a napkin. You can determine the need for an oil change by comparing the spot to the image below.

Determining the condition of the oil by a stain on a napkin

Normal oil consumption in a Chevrolet Cruze engine

The manufacturer considers oil consumption to be up to 1 liter per 1000 kilometers as normal. Exceeding this indicator indicates the need to repair the power unit.

According to reviews from experienced car owners, engine oil consumption in normal technical condition rarely exceeds 150-200 grams per 1000 km. Usually, during operation, there is enough lubricant from filling to filling, so additional pouring is necessary only on worn-out motors.

Required Tools

In order to successfully change the oil yourself, you need the tools shown in the table below.


Head• T45 with extension (for drain plug); • by 24 mm (for the filter cover).
RatchetWith dynamometer
PullerFor oil filter

Also, for replacement you will need a container for draining waste and rags.

Consumables that will be needed for replacement

Before you begin replacing the mala, it is recommended to prepare the following consumables:

  • Oil filter, article number 96879797 or 93185674. Its cost is about 480 rubles. You can use a cheaper filter MANN-FILTER HU6122X, the price for which is 350 rubles. Bosch F026407006 has also proven itself well, costing about 250 rubles.
  • Rubber gasket for engine oil drain plug. Its article number is 90528145 or 94525114. The cost is in the range of 30-40 rubles.

DIY oil change process on a Chevrolet Cruze

Change the engine oil according to the instructions below.

  • Warm up the engine.
  • Raise the car on a lift or install it above the inspection hole.
  • Open the hood.

Appearance of the engine compartment

  • Go down into the viewing hole.
  • Place a container under the drain plug.
  • Using a ratchet with an extension, unscrew the drain plug.

Unscrewing the drain plug

  • Remove the plug and visually assess the condition of the drained oil. It should be taken into account that how much liquid will drain depends on its temperature.

  • Change the sealing gasket on the drain plug

Replacing the gasket

  • Unscrew the cover with the oil filter housing.

Removing the oil filter

  • Install a new filter element into the housing.

Installing a new filter element

  • Place the new filter in place.
  • Tighten the oil filter cap using a wrench.
  • Screw in the drain plug.

The process of tightening the drain plug

  • Pour fresh oil into the engine.
  • Using a dipstick, check the engine oil level.
  • Start the engine. If the warning light comes on about insufficient lubricant pressure, then there is nothing to worry about. After some time, the indicator should go out.
  • Check the oil level and add if necessary.

Self-oil change in 1.8 and 1.6 Chevrolet Cruze engines

Regularly changing engine oil is a mandatory procedure for any vehicle without exception. One of the few conditions that allows you to extend the life of your car. Pay attention to the regularity and regulations established by the manufacturer. Of course, it is different for each car, but there are average “mileages” for any car, after which it is advisable to replace fuel and lubricants. After all, if you do not adhere to the replacement schedule, you can end up with serious problems with the engine that you will have to carry out a major overhaul.

How much oil is in a Chevrolet Cruze engine?

Filling with new engine oil is a simple and at the same time very important procedure, which to one degree or another extends the life of the power plant.

At the same time, an equally important task is the choice of engine oil.

So, in this article, using the example of the popular Chevrolet Cruze car, we will consider what parameters you should pay attention to when choosing oil, and how much to fill depending on the engine displacement.

Do I need to replace it often?

The answer to this question depends on the operating conditions. So, if the car is constantly used in regions with stable temperatures and a moderately warm climate, then it will be enough to pay attention to the official regulations, which for the Chevrolet Cruze is an average of 20 thousand kilometers.

If the car is operated in harsh climatic zones, for example in Siberia, as well as on bad and dusty roads, in this case the replacement frequency is halved. For example, Russian motorists are recommended to replace them every 10 thousand kilometers.

Perhaps this is the most optimal indicator for our climate, in which the oil will not have time to lose all its beneficial properties, and the engine will last much longer.

How often should you change the oil in a Chevrolet Cruze?

If we look at the manufacturer’s regulations, then on average the period is no more than 10,000 km or a year. In addition to the driving characteristics and manufacturer’s requirements, a number of other factors need to be taken into account:

* Of course, this is the quality of the liquid. What kind of oil was filled in the Chevrolet Cruze, fake or original? • Technical condition of the “heart”. • Frequency of operation, and overall intensity. • The time of year, as you understand, there is a significant difference when the majority of the machine works - summer/winter. • Find out what kind of oil was filled in the Chevrolet Cruze engine by the previous owner. This question is pressing when you buy a car second-hand, without knowing its service history. In such cases, it is better to adhere to the manufacturer’s standard recommendations. Try to follow the approximate factory regulations, especially if the machine is used regularly.

Do-it-yourself engine oil change, automatic transmission Chevrolet Cruze 1.6, video

Below we will look at how to change the oil in the engine, as well as in automatic and manual transmissions on a Chevrolet Cruze.

This car is equipped with different engines, but for our consideration we will take the most common one - a gasoline engine with a volume of 1.6 liters.

How much and what kind of oil should I pour into the engine?

Let's start with the engine. It’s good for those owners of this car who have a system for calculating the frequency of oil changes. They do not need to monitor the mileage, since the electronic unit itself will determine the need for replacement and display a message on the on-board computer display.

Owners of a Chevrolet Cruze with a 1.6-liter engine that is not equipped with this system have to monitor the mileage and independently determine when to change the engine oil.

The manufacturer of this car indicates in the technical documentation that the engine oil should be changed every 15 thousand kilometers or once a year if it was not possible to cover the specified mileage during such a period.

But the manufacturer immediately makes allowances for the fact that under difficult operating conditions, the replacement frequency can be reduced to 10 thousand kilometers. This is where the owner has to determine the conditions under which the car was operated.

Now about the oil. There is no exact recommendation regarding the oil manufacturer for this car; only its characteristics and properties are indicated.

  • It is generally recommended to fill the Chevrolet Cruze engine with synthetic oil with a viscosity of 5W30, but not always.
  • In harsh winter conditions, it would not be entirely correct to use such oil, so it is permissible to use a lubricant with a viscosity of 5W40.
  • Of course, you can also fill it with semi-synthetic, although it is not recommended, and the viscosity data is conditional.

Choosing an oil brand for Chevrolet Cruze

There are no problems with choosing a brand; there are a huge variety of manufacturers. At the same time, the main thing is not just to choose a brand, but to choose a high-quality and original liquid. After all, for a Chevrolet Cruze what kind of oil to fill is not a simple question. If we pay attention to the factory’s recommendations, the names and characteristics for the liquid are clearly indicated there. The Corporation recommends initially using the 5W30 classification. But, taking domestic winters as an example, we must not lose sight of the weather features; it is permissible to use 5W40 fuels and lubricants with a viscosity suitable for harsh climates.

Of the manufacturers, naturally and traditionally, preference is given to GM 5w-30 and Motul SPECIFIC 5w-30. Although the use of other brands is not prohibited. Many are not averse to filling the popular Castrol, with the appropriate viscosity characteristics. I would like to add that it is better not to change the brand of liquid being poured. If there is still a need, then at first it is necessary to shorten the interval between replacements so that the engine “gets used” to the new fluid. We hope that in general the answer to what kind of oil the Chevrolet Cruze “uses” has been given. Of course, you don’t have to adhere to the recommended list of manufacturers, but you will have to adhere to the viscosity grade if you want to get all the advantages and reliable, faithful service from the machine.

Power steering oil for Chevrolet Cruze

The principle of changing power steering oil is the same for all three generations of Cruise. First, we buy power steering oil. Official dealers recommend GM Dexron VI (catalog number 1940184).

Complete power steering oil change

  1. We immobilize the car using the hand brake. We adjust the stops under the wheels on one side and the other. Raise the front of the car using a jack.
  2. We pump out the oil from the tank using a syringe.
  3. Unscrew the container itself.
  4. Remove the return line (thin hose) from the tank.
  5. We place a bottle, or better yet, a bottle under the return line that we removed from the tank.
  6. We remove the tank. If necessary, clean the walls from slurry.
  7. We put it in its place and fill in 0.5 liters of new fluid.
  8. Turn the steering wheel from left to right several times. After you start turning the steering wheel, oil will begin to flow out of the return line into the bottle. It should yield approximately ~1 liter.
  9. As you drain the old oil, add fresh oil to the container. At the same time, observe that as soon as fresh water flows (you can tell by its purity and color), you can stop draining. While working, top up the level to the maximum “MAX” mark.
  10. To clean the power steering pump, run the engine for a few seconds. Monitor the level carefully and do not allow air to enter the system.
  11. We connect the return line back to the tank.
  12. Add the oil level to the maximum mark.
  13. We check the operation of the hydraulic booster with the engine running.
  14. Check the level after the first trip and top up if necessary.

Partial oil change for power steering (power steering)

Partial replacement involves a simpler process.

  1. Open the Cruze power steering reservoir cap.
  2. Use a syringe to pump out all the liquid from the tank.
  3. Fill the oil to the maximum mark.
  4. We turn the steering wheel, thereby driving new oil through the system.
  5. If the oil in the tank is very cloudy, you can repeat the pumping procedure and add more new oil.
  6. After work, we check the operation of the power steering.

Preparing consumables (gaskets, filter)

We figured out which oil is best to fill in a Chevrolet Cruze engine. Now the question is how to choose the right filter, they have their own specification. Keep in mind that depending on the engine model, the filter size differs. So, the “heart” 1.6 XE requires a consumable with catalog designation GM96879797. Modifications 1.6 XER are equipped with a filter with the distinctive number GM93185674.

I would like to add that it is better to use original materials; the manufacturer monitors compliance and quality for a particular model. If necessary, you can use analogues, the main thing is to select non-counterfeit parts. Among analogues, brands such as Bosch (for Cruz designation 0451103079), Mann W71222, Finwhale LF402 or BIG FilterGB108 have proven themselves well.

Changing the oil in the 1.8 2H0 (18XER) Chevrolet Cruze engine


  • Driver for 3/4″ socket bit
  • Knob attachment 13 mm

  • Knob attachment 24 mm
  • Torx key (asterisk) T45
  • Parts and consumables:

    • Technical capacity
    • Sealing rubber for drain plug (90528145)

    • Oil filter and its O-ring (93185674)

    • Engine oil (type SAE 5W-30)
    • Funnel (if necessary)


    This article shows how to change the oil in a Chevrolet engine.

    The frequency of oil changes is every 10-15 thousand km or once a year. Add oil of the same brand, viscosity and quality class as that used previously.

    We carry out the work on an inspection ditch or overpass. We carry out the replacement with the engine not running (preferably immediately after the trip), while the oil has not cooled down.

    1. Unscrew the four engine crankcase protection bolts (bolts shown with red arrow) and remove the protection.

    Chevrolet engine crankcase protection.

    2. Place a technical container and unscrew the engine oil drain plug.

    3. Drain the oil into a prepared container.


    Be careful - the oil is hot.


    Drain the oil for at least 15 minutes. The drain plug ring is disposable (the ring is shown by an arrow). It needs to be replaced with a new one every time the plug is unscrewed.

    Chevrolet engine drain plug.

    4. Replace the sealing ring of the plug and install it in place.

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    Calculator for calculating engine oil consumption rates

    Calculation of engine oil consumption. Online calculator of oil burn rate per 100l and 1000 km

    The production of Chevrolet Cruze cars in Russia began in 2009 at St. Petersburg. These cars were equipped with 1.6 liter (118 hp) and 1.8 (141 hp) gasoline engines. Using the Chevrolet Cruze 1.8 liter as an example, we will show how to independently change the engine oil.

    Procedure for changing oil in a Chevrolet Cruze

    Chevrolet Cruze in the pit

    Chevrolet Cruze oil changes are performed at car service centers where vehicles undergo maintenance. But some drivers prefer not to contact specialists and change the oil for the Chevrolet Cruze on their own.

    Since this procedure is not particularly complicated, independent work is quite acceptable. Of course, only if the vehicle owner has the appropriate skills, knowledge and experience.

    Required materials and tools

    To carry out a procedure such as changing engine oil in a Chevrolet, you will need the following set of tools:

    • keys;
    • screwdrivers;
    • any container for draining used oil (approximately 5 liters);
    • puller for unscrewing the filter.

    Advice! The oil is drained when the engine is warm. For example, immediately after a just completed trip. If the engine has already cooled down, it must be started and allowed to warm up to normal operating temperature.

    When to change, how much and what kind of oil to fill in a Chevrolet Cruze

    In accordance with the car's operating manual, the engine lubricant should be changed every 15,000 km , but at least once a year.

    The manufacturer also recommends changing the oil every 10,000 km if the engine was operated under “difficult conditions”. Such conditions include:

    • driving a car in dusty and rough terrain;
    • trips with frequent stopping and starting of the engine;
    • frequent driving with an overloaded car or towing a trailer;
    • “aggressive” driving style.

    In the Chevrolet Cruze, the automaker provides for filling General Motors “Dexos 2” 5W-30 synthetic motor oil that meets all necessary standards. If you were unable to buy what is poured from the factory, then it is also possible to use motor oils from other companies that meet the GM LL A 025 approval and are not lower than the quality level of API SM.

    Depending on the maximum and minimum temperature ranges in the area where you plan to operate the car, you should select the oil by viscosity.

    For areas where the temperature drops below 25°C, it is suitable to use ACEA (A3/B3) 0W-30, 0W-40 or ACEA (C3) 0W-40 lubricant. For areas with temperatures above -25°C, use ACEA (A3/B3) 5W-30, 5W-40 or ACEA (C3) 5W-40 lubricant.

    Changing the oil on a Chevrolet Cruze

    Chevrolet Cruze is a car created by General Motors, an alternative to the outdated Chevrolet Lacetti. The Delta2 platform (which is also based on the Opel Astra J) was used as a basis. In Russia, hatchbacks and station wagons were produced in St. Petersburg and Kaliningrad, respectively. The model was sold from 2009 to 2015. The line has 3 generations in which the second is indexed J300, and the third J400.

    Engine oil

    First generation 2001-2008

    For the first Cruise, oils with API classification are suitable - SL, SH, SG and SJ. The exact viscosity must be selected based on the climatic conditions of your region. For example, viscosity 0W-20 is suitable for ambient temperatures from -30 to +10 degrees Celsius. 5W-30 - for temperatures -30 to +30 degrees. 10W-30 - from minus 20 to +30. 10W-40 - minus 20 to +40. 15W-40 - suitable for hot climates where the temperature does not drop below -15 and reaches +40.

    The filling capacity is 3.8 liters. If you change the oil on a dry engine, you need 4.1 liters.

    J300 (2008-2015)

    The second generation J300 was introduced in 2008 for the South Korean market. Suspension: MacPherson strut at the front and H-beam with springs at the rear. The generation had several engines to choose from - 1.4 Ecotec, 1.6 Ecotec, 1.6 Ecotec Turbo, 1.8 Ecotec, 2.0 VCDi SONHC and 2.0 VCDi DOHC. In 2012 and 2014, the model “survived” an update of its appearance and interior.

    Engine oil for this brand needs to be changed every 15,000 km or after a period of time of 1 year (whichever comes first. A good habit is to change it ahead of schedule at about 12 thousand. This way you can be sure that you will be using the Cruze car for another normal, which has not yet lost its lubricating properties. Do not forget that along with the fluid you need to change the oil filter. It is selected specifically for your engine, so when purchasing, indicate the car make and engine version.

    What kind of oil to pour in a Chevrolet Cruze
    • 1.4 Ecotec VVT Turbo (2010 - 2016) - with viscosity 5W-30 - Castrol Magnatec Stop-Start C3, MOTUL 6100 SAVE-LITE, MOTUL 8100 ECO-LITE
    • 1.4 Turbo DOHC (2016 - ) - Castrol Magnatec Stop-Start C3, MOTUL 8100 ECO-LITE 5W-30
    • 1.6 Turbo Diesel DOHC (2016 - ) diesel - Castrol Magnatec Stop-Start C3, Castrol EDGE C3, Evolution FULL-TECH MSX, Synthoil High Tech, MOTUL SPECIFIC dexos2
    • 1.8 Ecotec VVT Turbo (2010 - 2016) - Castrol Magnatec Stop-Start C3, MOTUL 6100 SAVE-LITE, MOTUL 8100 ECO-LITE
    • 2.0 Turbo Diesel DOHC (2014 - 2016) diesel engine - Castrol Magnatec Stop-Start C3, Castrol EDGE 5W-30 C3, Castrol Visco 7000 0W-40, Evolution FULL-TECH MSX 5W-30, Synthoil High Tech, MOTUL SPECIFIC dexos2
    How much to pour

    For 1.4 and 1.6 liter engines you will need

    For units with a volume of 1.8, buy 4.5 liters.

    J400 (2014)

    The second generation Cruze (J400) began to be produced in China exclusively for the domestic market. In 2021, we decided to export the international version. The model was equipped with 1.4 and 1.5 liter units.

    Owners of the Cruze J400 change the oil every 12-14 thousand km, although according to regulations this can be done once every 15,000 km. Along with the fluid, you also need to change the cleaning filter, which must be selected for a specific engine.

    Tips for changing Chevrolet Cruze oil

    It is better to change the oil immediately after the trip, while the engine is still warm.

    It is most convenient to drain the oil in an inspection hole or overpass.

    After a test run of the engine, we make sure that there are no oil leaks on the oil filter and on the drain plug.

    Necessary tools and materials for oil change

    The list of necessary tools and materials for work includes:

    • T45 head with extension (for drain plug) and 24 mm head (for filter cover);
    • ratchet;
    • cleaning cloth;
    • special filter remover;
    • container for draining waste (at least 5 l);
    • new oil filter;
    • canister of motor oil (5 l).

    Changing engine oil in a Chevrolet Cruze: photos and videos

    Regardless of the engine type, the engine oil on a Chevrolet Cruze must be changed every 15 thousand kilometers according to regulations, but experienced owners advise reducing the oil change interval to 7–8 thousand. This is due both to the quality of the lubricant sold by us and to the operating conditions. In addition to the oil, today we will also replace the oil filter.

    Video about changing engine oil on a Chevrolet Cruze:

    What is needed to change the oil on a Chevrolet Cruze

    Before you start changing the oil, let's prepare everything you need and find out what is needed for the change:

    1. Original GM oil or any other with a viscosity of 5w-30 (5w-40) that meets the dexos standard according to the markings on the package.
      You can use this oil.
    2. Oil filter .
      Depending on the engine modification, the following filters can be used on the Chevrolet Cruze: for the 1.6 XE engine, an original filter with GM catalog number 96979797 or any analogue is used, and for 1.6 XER, 1.8 XER engines, a set of filter elements is used and an o-ring with catalog number GM 93185674 or its equivalent, АСDelco PF 2257G. Removed original oil filter.
    3. You will also need either a copper o-ring with index 94525114 for the 1.6 XE engine, or a rubber o-ring for the other two engines.
      The catalog number of the ring is 90528145. The rings must be changed after each oil change, since they are disposable, but they help maintain the tightness of the plug without excessively tightening the threads on the plug and pan. O-ring 94525114.
    4. Oil filter puller (for 1.6XE engine).
    5. Socket wrench or socket 13.
    6. A container for draining oil with a volume of at least 5–7 liters.

    If everything is at hand, you can start changing the oil.

    Replacement algorithm

    All Cruise engines use the same technology for oil changes. The only difference is the replacement of filters.

    The operating algorithm is as follows:

    1. We warm up the engine to operating temperature, but it is better to change the oil immediately after the trip for 15–20 minutes.
    2. We install the car on a viewing hole, overpass or lift.
    3. Open the hood and remove the oil filler cap.
    4. Using a 13 key, unscrew the engine crankcase protection, four bolts.
    5. a torx45 key to unscrew the plug ; for a 1.6 F163D engine we use a 17 key . We unscrew the plug only after we have cleaned the pan of dirt and oil residues.
    6. We unscrew the cap, hold it with our hands and substitute the prepared container.
      The oil is hot, so be careful. Leave the container under the drain hole for at least 10–15 minutes so that all the oil drains out. Be careful not to get burned!
    7. Remove the oil filter. For 124-horsepower 1.6-liter and 1.8-liter engines, to remove the filter, use a 24-inch socket, loosen the filter housing, be sure to place a small container under it and unscrew it by hand. We take out the filter element with the housing from the glass and, overcoming the resistance of the plastic latches, remove the element from the housing.
    8. On the 1.6 F163D engine, to remove the filter it must be unscrewed. We use a puller if we cannot unscrew it by hand. We also substitute a container, since waste will flow out from under the filter.
    9. Install a new filter. On a 1.6-liter 124-horsepower engine and on a 1.8-liter engine, we replace the o-ring, insert the filter element into the glass and tighten the housing until it clicks with a 24mm wrench, having previously cleaned the inner surface of the housing with a rag.
    10. On the F136D engine, inspect the inner surface of the filter thread, lubricate the o-ring with oil, pour 150–200 g of oil into the filter and screw the filter in by hand until it stops.
    11. We wipe the drain hole and plug, change the O-ring and screw on the drain plug.
      It is better to use a new sealing ring for the oil drain plug!
    12. Fill in new oil through the neck in a volume of about 4.5 liters. Reinstall the cover.

    Check and first start after replacement

    After filling, start the engine for 2-3 minutes and look at the oil pressure indicator; the warning light should go out. After this, we inspect the plug and filter, make sure there are no leaks and check the oil level. If necessary, top up to normal. Keep an eye on the oil level, good luck to everyone and good roads!

    Chevrolet Cruze: oil and oil filter change

    Regular oil changes are the key to long engine life. Timely implementation of this procedure extends the life of internal engine parts, reduces their wear and increases vehicle performance. Use only the engine oil recommended by the manufacturer.

    Depending on the configuration, a Chevrolet Cruze car can be equipped with an electronic system for calculating the frequency of engine oil and filter changes (CHANGE ENGINE OIL). This system warns the driver about the need to change the oil. You can read more about this here.

    According to the regulations established by the manufacturer, the engine oil in the Chevrolet Cruze engine must be replaced after 15 thousand kilometers of the vehicle or after a year of operation (whichever comes first). In difficult operating conditions of a car in a big city or in a very dusty area, it is recommended to change the engine oil every 10 thousand kilometers.

    For the Russian market, the Chevrolet Cruze is produced with 1.6 and 1.8 engines. In this article we will tell you how to change the oil and oil filter for both options.

    How to change the oil in a Chevrolet Cruze engine (1.6, 1.8): instructions, photos and videos

    To get started we will need the following tools: – a set of wrenches and sockets; – flat and Phillips screwdrivers; - gloves; – a container with a volume of about five liters for used oil; - gloves.

    What you need to buy: – motor oil (5 liters); – flushing oil (if the oil is replaced with a different viscosity or from a different manufacturer); – oil filter; – rubber gasket for the crankcase plug.

    It is recommended to drain the oil on a warm engine immediately after driving. If the engine is cold, start it and allow it to warm up to operating temperature. In some cases, an engine flush may be necessary, for example, if the viscosity or manufacturer of the oil changes.

    The procedure is as follows: 1. Warm up the engine. 2. Remove the crankcase protection.

    3. Unscrew the oil filler cap on the engine.

    4. Place an oil container under the crankcase. We unscrew the plug with an asterisk wrench (be extremely careful - hot oil will start pouring out of the hole).

    5. Drain the used oil into a previously prepared container. 6. Check the rubber gasket in the drain plug. If the gasket has dried out, become stiff, cracked or lost its elasticity, it must be replaced (ring article number - 90528145). 7. Remove the oil filter. On the 1.8 engine, the oil filter is located at the front of the engine. After unscrewing the oil filter housing, remove the filter itself. It is attached with latches, you need to pull it out.

    8. Wait until the oil has completely drained, then tighten the drain plug. 9. Pour fresh engine oil into the new oil filter (the filter should not be filled to more than a third of its volume). 10. Lubricate the filter O-ring (included with the filter) with fresh engine oil, then insert the new filter into the housing and screw it back in (three-quarters of a turn from the moment the ring and the engine cylinder block flange come into contact). 11. Pour new engine oil into the engine lubrication system slightly below the average level. And screw on the oil filler cap. 12. Start the engine and let it idle for several minutes (the oil pressure warning light should go out two to three seconds after the engine is started). With the engine running, inspect the drain hole and oil filter: there should be no oil leaks. 13. Turn off the engine and check the oil level. Add oil to the system if necessary. We tighten the plug and filter. 14. Enjoy running the engine with the new oil!

    Changing the engine oil yourself in a Chevrolet Cruze

    The entire procedure for changing the oil in a Chevrolet Cruze engine with your own hands is conventionally divided into two main processes, each with its own stages of work.

    The first process involves the following preparatory steps:

    • purchase of consumables and components;
    • choosing a level place to work;
    • warming up the oil for better circulation.

    The purchase question emphasizes the purchase of not only oil and filter, but also other components. Gaskets, sealants, seals and other parts - any detected wear and malfunctions are eliminated along with changing the lubricant.

    To simplify access to the main components of the system, it is recommended to use a repair pit, overpass or lift. If these are not available, use a jack and supports to evenly lift the car.

    Before draining the lubricant, the engine is warmed up - this step speeds up the process. However, taking into account this factor, attention is paid to the accuracy of actions. The temperature of the oil and its toxicity are emphasized, which can lead to thermal and chemical burns. To avoid this, it is recommended to carry out the entire procedure in special clothing and gloves.

    Taking into account the recommendations presented, to change the oil in a Cruze 1.6 or 1.8 engine, you will need the following equipment :

    • rubber gloves, overalls, a clean lint-free rag or rags;
    • a set of keys, gates with attachments, screwdrivers, probe;
    • container for draining used lubricating fluid;
    • new oil, filter, gaskets and other replacement components.

    The step-by-step instructions for the main work process provide the following procedure :

    • in the lower part of the car, remove the engine protection, if provided;
    • Place a container under the drain to collect the lubricant and uncork the plug;

    • While the oil is draining, change the washer on the plug;
    • the container is moved under the filter, it is carefully unscrewed;

    • remove the cartridge from the seat and clean the internal cavity dry;
    • lubricate the rubber seals with oil, install the new cartridge in place, tighten the filter and drain plug;
    • a new lubricant is poured into the system, focusing on a volume of five liters, but the final result is usually calculated based on the amount drained;
    • After adding new oil, warm up the engine for 10-15 minutes.

    As the engine warms up, new lubricant fills the entire system. After this, its level is measured; it should not go beyond the permissible limits of the dipstick.

    Some car owners recommend checking the filter and lubricant condition after a few days. If the color quickly changes and sediment appears, it is recommended to make a new replacement and clean the engine. In certain situations, a full diagnosis in a specialized service will be relevant.

    Which oil to choose

    According to the technological diagram, the oil change interval is 15,000 km. Although experts recommend, to increase the service life, changing the lubricant every 10-12 thousand km. A lot depends on the choice of oil quality, especially the efficiency of the engine, as well as fuel consumption.

    New oil filter.

    What kind of oil is suitable for Chevrolet Cruze? This question interests many owners of this vehicle. First of all, it is necessary to choose a high-quality liquid that has all the necessary physical, technical and chemical properties. Secondly, it should not be a fake, but an original. When purchasing, it is worth checking all certificates and packaging; the operation of the main power unit will depend on this.

    Many Cruz owners choose oil produced by Zik, in tin packaging. It is difficult to counterfeit, but in the modern market of consumables for a car, anything is possible. Recommended for use also include: Lukoil, Esso, Mobile, Shell, Novoil and others. In the service manual for changing Lada Kalina engine oil, there was a table with recommended fluids, as well as their markings.

    Consequences of untimely oil changes

    The consequences of an untimely oil change on Cruise will be tragic for the power unit. This behavior of the owner can cost him a significant amount of repairs. Let's consider the main ones:

    • Carbon deposits on the cylinder walls. This may entail repairing the piston group.
    • The loss of physical properties will lead to overheating of the engine, since the oil will not cool the parts.
    • Loss of crankshaft hardness, subsequently the engine may knock.
    • Rotating the liners will lead to a major overhaul of the engine.
    • Other consequences.

    Replacement frequency, what oil to fill

    According to the manufacturer's regulations, service changes of engine oil on the Chevrolet Cruze are carried out after 15,000 kilometers or at intervals of 1 year. But many motorists consider this interval to be a little too high, recommending that it be reduced taking into account operating conditions.

    According to the passport and the operating instructions, the tolerances that the engine oil must have are given. The manufacturer's recommendation indicates the use of original oil, in this case it is GM Motor Oil 5W-30 Dexos2.

    The manufacturer allows the use of analogues, the only thing is that they must be approved by General Motors. The following oils are most popular among car owners:

    • Castrol EDGE 5W-30
    • Elf Solaris LLX SAE 5W-30
    • Liqui Moly Top Tec 4200 5W-30
    • Mobil 1 ESP 5W-30
    • Shell Helix Ultra ECT C3 5W-30
    • Total Quartz Ineo MC3 5W-30
    • Valvoline SynPower MST C3 5W-30
    • Wolf Official Tech 5W-30
    • ZIC X9 LS 5W-30
    • Lukoil Genesis Claritech 5W-30

    How much oil is in the engine lubrication system, volume table

    ModelEngine capacityMotor markingHow many liters of oil are in the systemOriginal oil / factory filled
    Chevrolet Cruzegasoline 1.8F18D44.5GM Motor Oil 5W-30 Dexos2 / Or any with Dexos2 approval
    gasoline 1.6F16D33.7
    gasoline 1.5M15A
    gasoline 1.4A14NET
    gasoline 1.3M13A
    diesel 2.0Z20D15.4
    diesel 1.7A17DTE
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