Checking the level and changing the oil in manual transmission Honda Civic 2005 - 2011

Honda Civic engine oil volume

EnginehpYear of release (beginning-end)Engine oil volume, l
1.3i-DSIgBLDA295200720103.60 (3.20)
1.4i-VTECBL13Z199200820114.20 (3.60)
1.4i DSiBL13A783200520084.50 (3.70)
1.8i-VTECBR18A2140200520114.50 (3.70)
2.2i-CDTiDN22A2140200620106.80 (5.90)

Popular engines in the Russian Federation: 1.8 l.

Honda Civic oil change

Changing Honda Civic oil The interval for changing engine oil depends on two values: the duration of use of the oil and the mileage of the car. This is characterized by such aspects as the deterioration of the operating properties of the oil during engine operation during the operation of the vehicle, as well as during the process when the oil undergoes natural aging. If the car is operated in rather difficult conditions, for example, when the vehicle is subjected to daily starting in winter at low temperatures, or when urban traffic prevails in heavy traffic, where there are traffic jams and frequent stops, then the oil change interval for the engine and its filter element will be significantly shorter than the period recommended by the technical maintenance regulations. Along with changing the engine oil, the oil filter must also be replaced.

How often does engine oil need to be changed?

Depending on the operating conditions of the vehicle, mileage, year of manufacture and the characteristics of the engine oil being poured, the intervals for its replacement will also depend. On average, the replacement frequency is 10,000 km or every six months; under severe operating conditions, these intervals are halved. Severe conditions requiring a reduction in the engine oil change interval include:

  • The predominance of trips is short distances of no more than 6 km.
  • The predominance of trips is short distances up to 16 km in winter, at sub-zero temperatures.
  • The predominance of trips with low speed traffic in urban mode, with the presence of frequent stops, as well as with the engine idling for a long time.
  • The vehicle is operated in fairly dusty conditions.

How to check the oil level?

Prepare a clean rag, remove the dipstick to indicate the engine oil level, wipe it, then lower it back all the way and pull it out again. Now inspect the level at which the oil mark is located; the acceptable range is between the minimum and maximum marks. By its appearance, you can also determine the degree of contamination of the engine oil and assess its condition for the presence of impurities.

If the maximum mark on the oil dipstick is exceeded, the oil will burn, which will contribute to increased oil consumption, in addition, the spark plugs will be oily and the formation of soot will increase.

If the oil level is below the minimum mark, then such an oversight will lead to severe wear of all engine parts and may cause it to seize. When topping up the missing level of engine oil, use only the oil that was previously poured into the engine during the last change.


  • Before you start checking the oil level in your car's engine, it must be placed on a flat, horizontal platform. The check should be carried out on a warm engine, but always with the engine turned off and left in this state for about 5 minutes; such a break is required for the remaining excess oil to drain into the crankcase oil pan.
  • Do not allow used motor oil to come into contact with exposed areas of the body, as this can cause various skin diseases, such as skin dermatitis or cause a malignant tumor. Be careful when handling used oil and wash your hands thoroughly after completing the replacement process.

Changing the engine oil

To change the engine oil in a Honda Civic car engine you will need:

  • A garage with an inspection hole or an overpass; you can also use a jack if you have trestle stands.
  • To remove the oil filter cap and drain plug, you need the replacement sockets included in the kit.
  • Empty container with a volume of about 10 liters.
  • Clean rags.
  • Copper sealing washer for the threaded drain plug; it can come complete with the oil filter, but it is better to make sure and stock up on another one, because this part is consumable, is used one-time and must be replaced each time the plug is unscrewed.
  • Oil filter element.
  • Let's move on to replacement

  • First, you need to warm up the engine to operating temperature; this will be necessary in order to bring the dirt particles in the engine oil into a state of suspension.
  • Drive the vehicle into the pit or use a jack to support it.
  • Place an empty container for used engine oil down under the oil pan drain plug.
  • Let the engine cool slightly, this will take 5-10 minutes.
  • Take a spanner and unscrew the screw plug. Drain the oil, be extremely careful, the oil will be hot.
  • Move a container under the oil filter. Using a spanner wrench, unscrew the oil filter cap. Pull out the element, wait until the old oil drains. Replace the element with a new one, remembering to install all the necessary gaskets and O-rings. Screw the oil filter cap back on.
  • Screw in the oil pan drain plug and install a new copper ring, prepared in advance, under it.
  • Fill the engine with new engine oil. Start the engine, let it run for a while, and make sure that the warning light on the dashboard that monitors the drop in oil pressure goes out. This will mean that the new filter has been filled with fresh oil.
  • At the end of the work, check the system for tightness and for the absence of oil leaks from under the cover on the oil filter housing and from under the oil pan drain plug.
  • Good to know:

  • The cause of an engine oil leak is not always a system depressurization. If you find oil stains under the hood of your Honda Civic, don't panic. The presence of strong temperature fluctuations puts pressure on the engine oil, and it can escape through the pores of the sealing gaskets on the engine. If you find large oil leaks, stains and puddles in parking areas or in the engine compartment, you should quickly find the source of the leak and try to eliminate it as soon as possible.
  • Disposal of used motor oil is also very important in order to protect the environment from its harmful effects. Avoid getting used oil into the soil, the consequences of this will be disastrous. The drained oil, which has spent its useful life, is poured into a specially prepared container and handed over to special companies for further processing.

Oil selection table by season (winter, summer)

Oil for Honda Civic 7th generation 2000-2005.

YearViscosity SAE all season
from +25 to -25 °C
from -35 to +5 °C
from -5 to +45 °C
Gasoline APIDiesel APITypeRecommended Manufacturers200010W-30 10W-40
5W-30 5W-4020W-40 25W-30
SHCFsemi-synthetics, mineral waterValvoline, Kixx, G-Energy, Rosneft, CONSOL200110W-30 10W-40 15W-40 15W-30
5W-30 5W-4020W-40 25W-30
SJCF semi-synthetics, mineral waterMobil, ZIC, Lukoil, Valvoline, Rosneft, Mannol200210W-30 15W-40 15W-30
5W-30 5W-4020W-40 25W-30 25W-40
SJCG semi-synthetic, mineral water Xado, ZIC, Lukoil, Valvoline, Kixx200310W-40 15W-40 15W-30
5W-30 5W-4020W-40 20W-30 25W-40
SJCG semi-synthetics, mineral water ZIC, Lukoil, Valvoline, Select, Kixx, G-Energy, Rosneft, Mannol, Lotos200410W-30 10W-40 15W-40 15W-30
5W-30 5W-4020W-40 20W-30 25W-30 25W-40
SJCG-4semi-synthetic, mineral waterMobil, Rosneft, Select, Mannol, Lotos200510W-30 10W-40 15W-40 15W-30
5W-30 5W-4020W-40 20W-30 25W-30 25W-40
SJCHsemi-synthetic, mineral waterMobil, Select, Mannol, LotosYearViscosity SAEall season
+25 to -25 °Cwinter
-35 to +5 °Csummer
-5 to +45 °CGasoline APIDiesel APITypeRecommended Manufacturers200510W-30 10W-40 15W-40 15W-30
5W-30 5W-4020W-40 20W-30 25W-30 25W-40
SJCHsemi-synthetic, mineral waterMobil, Select, Mannol, Lotos200610W-40 5W-40
5W-40 0W-3020W-40 25W-30 25W-40
SHCH-4semi-synthetic, mineral waterMobil, ZIC, Lukoil, Valvoline, Rosneft, Select200715W-40 10W-40 5W-40
0W-30 5W-40 5W-3020W-30 20W-40 25W-30
SJCH-4semi-synthetic, mineral waterMobil, Lukoil, Valvoline, Rosneft, CONSOL200810W-40 5W-40
0W-30 5W-4020W-40 25W-40
SLCH-4semisyntheticsMobil, ZIC, Lukoil, Valvoline, Rosneft, CONSOL200910W-400W-30 0W-4020W-40 25W-40SLCIsemisyntheticsMobil, Xado, ZIC, Lukoil, Valvoline, Kixx, G-Energy, Rosneft, Mannol201010W-40 15W-4 0
0W-40 5W-4020W-40 25W-40
SLCI semi-syntheticsMobil, Xado, Valvoline, Kixx, G-Energy, Rosneft, Mannol201110W-40 15W-40
0W-40 5W-4020W-40 25W-40
SLCI-4semisyntheticsMobil, Xado, ZIC, Lukoil, Valvoline, Kixx, G-Energy, Rosneft, Mannol201210W-40 15W-400W-30 0W-4020W-40 25W-40SMCI-4semisyntheticsMobil, Lukoil, Valvoline, Xado, ZIC, Kixx, G -Energy201315W-40
0W-40 5W-4020W-40 25W-40
SMCI-4semi-syntheticsMobil, Xado, ZIC, Lukoil, Valvoline, Kixx, G-Energy201410W-40 15W-40
0W-40 0W-3020W-40 25W-40
SMCI-4synthetics, semi-syntheticsCastrol, Mobil, Xado, ZIC, Lukoil, Valvoline, Kixx

Fluids: Motor oil, everything you need to know

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Who knows anything about butter? By all accounts, in all this time that I have been working on Honda Civics, I have realized that most people repeat the same thing, the main thing is that the oil is the same as most. In this article I will try to explain what oil is, other than as a means of lubricating moving parts of engines.

Official Honda recommendations for engines of different years

In general, Honda D series engines require about 3.5 liters of oil (VTEC systems require 200 grams more), replacement is about 8000 km , after all, the car is more than 10 years old. The dipstick shows a minimum to maximum of 1 liter of volume. The dipstick is a type of “spare oil tank”, that is, for normal engine operation the oil must be at least below the MIN mark . If you overfill the oil by 300-500 grams (this is a lot), then there is a high probability that at high speeds the front or rear crankshaft oil seal may be squeezed out. Further, old-timers, real drivers from the time of our parents, said that “if it takes you no more than a liter from oil change to oil change, then everything is fine.” The oil must be consumed, burn out, etc. The main thing is to understand this expense for yourself. Consumption of one liter of oil per 1000 km is already a repair. Usually replacing caps and rings helps. I have never heard of an engine being bored to repair size; there was a hone. But this was 1 case, and then at my own request. By the way, if you are assembling an engine from scratch, then 4 liters will not be enough for you, usually it is 4+1, for lubrication and so on. To understand the article, you will probably need to talk about it

Recommended services for selecting automobile oils

If you already have preferences in the brand, then everything is even simpler. It is enough to go to any service for selecting automobile oils of the desired brand and the manufacturer will select the oil that will be compatible with your engine. The table contains the most popular brands and selection services from these brands. We go to any of the sites in the table and select the make, model of the car, engine and year of manufacture.

Oil brandLink to selection
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