Fuel pump VAZ 2110 - common faults, causes of failure, self-replacement

The fuel pump on VAZ 2110 cars is an important element of the car’s fuel system. It is responsible for pumping gasoline from the tank to the engine under pressure. Due to the poor quality of gasoline, this element very often fails, which in turn significantly affects the unstable operation of the vehicle’s internal combustion engine.

In today’s article I will tell you about the main reasons for the fuel pump malfunction, how to understand that it is the one that has failed, and I will give step-by-step instructions for dismantling and installing this element of the car.

Design of the VAZ 2110 fuel pump for injection and carburetor car models

Two types of fuel pumps are installed on VAZ 2110 cars, depending on the type of car engine. The first type, mechanical, is installed mainly on carburetor models, the second type is electrical, which are installed on inverter tens.

Mechanical fuel pumps, which were installed on the first modifications of the VAZ 2110/2112, have a simple design. It is based on a set of membranes made of special rubberized fabric that is resistant to the chemical action of gasoline. The pump body has two valves: inlet and outlet. The membranes are driven by a rod (pusher). It is driven by a cam mechanism rotated by a camshaft.

Such a mechanical fuel pump can serve for decades until the drive rod wears out or one of the membranes breaks. And even then, if this happens, you can replace these elements in half an hour.

With an electric fuel pump, things are much more complicated. Its design is based on a small electric motor. It is no different from a regular one, although it works completely immersed in gasoline. The pressure in the system here is created not by a membrane (although there are such pumps), but by a specially shaped impeller mounted on the electric motor shaft.

The VAZ 2110 fuel pump is located directly in the car’s tank.

The service life of the electric fuel pump is 150–200 thousand km. But it can fail much earlier. The main cause of breakdowns when the resource is not used up is additives added to gasoline, as well as various kinds of mechanical impurities. The former destroy the brushes and commutator, while the latter clog the valve mechanisms.

VAZ fuel pump replacement - installation

Changing gaskets on a VAZ 2107 car with a mileage of 100 thousand km before replacing the fuel pump

it is necessary to check the minimum protrusion of the pusher, since the correct position and stroke of the fuel pump diaphragm assembly largely depends on it. If this is not done, either the fuel supply from the fuel pump will be reduced, or the diaphragm will fail prematurely due to a rupture. The protrusion of the pusher can be changed by selecting gaskets between the cylinder block and the spacer.

1. When checking the minimum protrusion of the pusher, you should take into account the gasket between the fuel pump and the spacer. For greater measurement accuracy, install two spacers (temporarily) between the spacer and the block.

2. Then set the minimum protrusion by slowly turning the crankshaft, pressing the spacer against the block, and measure the protrusion of the pusher. The amount of protrusion should not be less than 0.8 and more than 1.3 mm.

3. If the pusher protrudes by more than 1.3 mm, the gasket between the block and the spacer should be replaced with a thicker one, respectively, if the pusher protrudes less than 0.8 mm, replace it with a thinner one (0.3 mm).

If repairing the fuel pump is impossible

and it has completely failed,
the VAZ fuel pump will need to be replaced
. in this case, buy the model that suits you and install it in the reverse order of disassembly.

Causes of malfunction

During operation, VAZ 2110 car owners may encounter some difficulties associated with this element. Malfunctions of the VAZ 2110 injector fuel pump can be as follows:

  • element failure due to breakdown;
  • a dirty tank or low-quality gasoline with foreign inclusions that contaminate the pump filter.

The very first sure indication that the VAZ 2110’s fuel pump is faulty is the following symptom: the engine “jerks” during operation , especially at medium and high speeds . This indicates that the fuel pressure is insufficient. But this is precisely what the fuel pump is responsible for. But sometimes the reason should be sought in the injectors , as well as the RTD.

Fuel pump VAZ 2110 disassembled (in the photo you can see the dirt in the glass)

There are main signs of a malfunction of the VAZ 2110 injector fuel pump, in which you should definitely take action to check this component:

  1. A loud noise that the element has not previously made.
  2. The vehicle refuses to gain speed and also does not move when engaging first or second gear.
  3. The car moves jerkily and behaves strangely on the road.
  4. The engine suddenly stopped running.

Each of the VAZ 2110 fuel pump malfunctions must be carefully considered in order to understand what to do if you encounter them.

What is the device in question?

The fuel pump on the VAZ 2107 injector is presented in the form of an electric motor with a pump, which pumps gasoline from the tank.

The pump design has an electric motor that is powered from a 12V vehicle network. The design of the electric motor consists of a rotor, brushes and a commutator, which are constantly in gasoline. Many will think that such an injector power system for the VAZ-2107 car is quite dangerous, but not everything is so simple.

Spark and gasoline are a dangerous compound that can lead not only to fire, but also to explosion. This would happen, because sparking occurs in the electric motor of the gasoline pump, if not for the fact that gasoline belongs to the category of liquids that do not conduct electric current. In addition, gasoline does not burn if there is no air, and the fuel circuit is exclusively closed. Thus, the design of an electric fuel pump on a VAZ 2107 car is presented.

Car owners find out where the VAZ 2107 injector fuel pump is located only when there is a suspicion that it is faulty. On carburetor sevens, this device is located in the engine compartment near the engine. Many may think that this device is located there on injection sevens, but no. The device is located directly in the car’s gas tank, which simplifies the fuel pumping system. If you open the trunk and lift the carpet, you can see its outlet pipes. This arrangement of the device in question simplified the process of pumping fuel, but thereby complicated access and replacement of the product when it fails.

How to check the fuel pump on a VAZ 2110

If the gas tank is full, the battery is in normal condition, the spark plugs are dry and give a spark, and the starter turns the engine, then the reason is the fuel pump. A more common reason is that after turning on the ignition, power does not flow to the fuel pump.

Assembling the fuel pump VAZ 2110 (installing the insert)

In the same way, it manifests itself when the car is moving, when power is lost and the engine begins to stall. Another important aspect is the supply of the required amount of fuel.

When to replace

Such minor repairs are carried out as the grid becomes dirty, which happens quite quickly, given the quality of domestic fuel. The correct approach is to change all consumables at the same time, guided by the frequency of pouring new oil into the engine.

During this procedure, you can replace the air and oil filters, as well as the fuel pump mesh. If you make it a habit to change this mesh only after it is completely clogged, the pump will constantly work with increased load, as a result of which repair or even replacement of the VAZ 2110 fuel pump will quickly be required.

The first sign of a faulty fuel pump is the engine refuses to start. After turning on the ignition, you can hear a slight buzzing sound of the operating gasoline supply device, which stops after it creates the necessary fuel pressure in the system.

If after this the car engine does not start or even the sound of the VAZ 2110 pump cannot be heard, then you need to check the presence of gasoline pressure in the line. This is done using the bleed valve on the ramp. The verification procedure will be discussed below. If there is no fuel, it becomes clear that the fuel pump is not working or its screen is clogged.

Step-by-step instructions for checking a mechanical fuel pump

First of all, let’s check whether the supply system of your VAZ 2110 is working at all. To do this, you need to take the following steps:

  1. Remove the pump fuel hose from the source or discharge fitting;
  2. Manually press the fuel pump lever several times;

  3. If the pump is operational, a strong stream of fuel will immediately flow through the fitting;
  4. If there is no jet or it is very weak, it will be necessary to carry out other checks.

Next, check the operating condition of the intake valve:

  1. Disconnect the hose from the suction fitting so that both hoses are eventually removed, each from its own fitting.
  2. Simply plug the suction fitting with your finger, then pull the lever several times to manually pump fuel. If everything works fine, your finger will begin to be sucked into the fitting. This effect indicates that the pump is working properly. Therefore, we look for the problem in the tank or lines.

  3. If there is no suction, you will have to disassemble the device to replace the inlet valve. Its tightness is most likely broken.

The next step is to check the VAZ 2110 fuel pump for leaks for this:

  1. Place your finger on the hole from the injection fitting and pump up the fuel several times using manual pumping;
  2. In this case, a stream of air should come out of the hole, significantly repelling the pressed finger;
  3. If the stream turns out to be weak or does not exist, the fuel pump simply does not pump.

In this situation, there are two options - look for the problem inside the fuel pump device, disassembling the pump, or change the entire unit.

Step-by-step instructions for checking the electric fuel pump VAZ 2110

To check the electric fuel pump on a VAZ 2110, you will need an indicator sold in any car store. The installation of the indicator, in each specific case, should be done in accordance with the instructions that come with it. Then the engine is started and, after a few minutes, it is turned off. After this, the indicator readings are studied: normally, the pressure should not drop below 1.6 atm. – otherwise, you will have to replace either the injector or the regulator.

You can also check the fuel pump using a pressure gauge. It is connected directly to the fuel rail, and the device itself is connected to the windshield of the car (this is done under the edge of the hood).

The process of checking the pressure in the fuel pump VAZ 2110

As soon as the ignition is turned on, it is necessary to take the pressure gauge readings (they should not exceed 380 kPa and be less than 300 kPa). After accelerating the car (it would be optimal to do this up to 3rd gear), you again need to take the pressure gauge readings, which, if the fuel pump is working, should not vary much and go beyond the specified range.

If the car stalls while driving, first of all, check the relay on the fuel pump. This procedure consists of connecting a special light bulb to the fuel pump connector. After this, turn on the ignition. If the light stays on for a few seconds, then the fuel pump relay is working properly.

If fuel starts to leak, you just need to change the filters or gaskets. It may also be necessary to replace the diaphragm, or, in rare cases, valves.

Remember that extreme care must be taken when working with the fuel system. It is best to immediately go to specialists who know exactly how to check the fuel pump quickly and efficiently.

Strange crap found. Replacing the fuel pump VAZ 2107

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check the serviceability of the fuel pump using the MTL-2 pressure gauge; this is the most correct way. You can somewhat roughly estimate the pressure using air pressure gauges to check tire pressure. On the bottom side of the fuel pump there is a neat former VAZ 2107 from 2004. Color 2107 injector. To do this, screw a rubber hose to the sensor and connect it to the fuel system.

The pressure the VAZ 2107
injector fuel pump when the ignition is on should be 4.0 atmospheres, and when the ignition is running 2.8-3.2.
Replacing the fuel pump mesh on the injector with your own. In reality, the pump pressure is different and was slightly less, but this may be an error in the pressure gauge. The carburetor pump is checked by setting the camshaft position by cranking the engine so as to ensure free movement of the pump foot. The hose is unscrewed from the carburetor or filter and the presence of fuel supply is determined by pressing the foot.

Choosing a fuel pump for the top ten - what to look for

When choosing a fuel pump for a VAZ 2110, confusion often occurs between the concepts: the fuel pump module and the fuel pump itself. In the first case we are talking about the assembly structure, which we remove from the tank, in the second case we are talking about the fuel pump motor .

The choice of a fuel pump is carried out according to the following criteria: reliability and quiet operation, because the quieter the pump operates, the more comfortable it is to use.

When choosing a fuel pump, you must purchase the same product with the same part number. Often, among many analogues, car enthusiasts highlight the Bosch fuel pump, which is used on 1.6-liter cars and is equipped with a fuel level pressure regulator.

Bosh fuel pump for VAZ 2110 – pros and cons performance and characteristics

The manufacturer Bosch produces its own fuel pump for each type of fuel system. Why, after the original fuel pump fails, do people install a Bosch fuel pump from a VAZ 2110? How does the pressure and performance of the fuel pump compare with the original one? If you put it with high pressure, will the flow rate increase?

Consumption does not increase due to the performance of the fuel pump, since on cars the return line is activated and excess fuel is returned to the tank, there is also a fuel pressure regulator, from the name it is clear, I think what function it performs.

Consequently, there was a 2.8 bar pump, they installed a Bosch VAZ 2110 fuel pump with 3.8 bar and it will only get better. Fuel consumption may increase if the fuel pump does not create sufficient pressure in the rail and the injectors begin to pour gasoline, which does not burn, rather than spray.

Photo: Bosh fuel pump is recommended for installation on domestic car models, including the VAZ 2110

Most often, the characteristics of gasoline pumps (not only Bosch, but also from other manufacturers) may differ in length, pressure, location of terminal chips, and that’s it. The fuel pump mesh does not differ in seating, but it may differ in shape.

The chip for the terminal can be remade or supplied from the same VAZ. The length of the fuel pump is important, since its operation depends on this when the fuel level in the tank is low, and if it is in the module, then you need a match to install it.

What is a fuel pump and what is it for?

So, the first thing I want to talk about is what a fuel pump is
and what it is intended for.
As you can already understand from the name, the gas pump comes from two words: gasoline and pump, that is, it is a pump that pumps gasoline, everything seems to be clear here, and there is nothing complicated about it. In the fuel system, the fuel pump
- if compared with the human body, can be called a heart, since our heart is also a kind of pump or pump that pumps blood, providing the body with everything vital. Life is impossible without a heart (fuel pump), and this also applies to a car with a non-working gas pump. The car turns into a static pile of metal that is incapable of anything.

How to replace the fuel pump on a VAZ 2110 with your own hands - step-by-step instructions

In order to replace the fuel pump on a VAZ 2110, you must perform the following procedure:

  1. Disconnect the negative battery terminal;
  2. Relieve the residual pressure in the fuel rail using a special fitting;

  3. The “tens” fuel pump is located under the rear seat of the car. We recline the seat and unscrew the protective cover;

  4. Disconnect the electrical terminal block of the pump, unscrew the fuel supply and drain lines.

  5. The rubber gaskets for the tips of the lines should be replaced;

  6. On a VAZ 2112, the fuel pump is held in place by eight bolts on an O-ring with a lining

  7. All you have to do is remove the old fuel pump and install a new one according to the indicating arrow on the body of the product.

As you can see, removing and installing a fuel pump on a VAZ 2110 is a simple procedure that does not require any special skills from you.

Prevention and useful tips

For trouble-free operation and increasing the life of the fuel pump, professionals recommend:

  • refuel only with high-quality fuel;
  • maintain the maximum fuel level in the tank;
  • do not use a car with a discharged battery;
  • promptly replace the fuel filter;
  • use sport driving mode less often.

Self-diagnosis and replacement of the fuel pump is quite simple. To do this, you just need to carefully follow the recommendations of professionals. The same applies to preventive measures. Refuel with high-quality gasoline and do not forget to replace the fuel filter on time. Then you will have problems with the fuel pump much less often.

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