Features of replacing Renault Logan CV joint

Replacing the drive on Renault Logan

Replacing the Renault Logan drive may be required to solve the following problems:

  • In case of damage to the device.
  • For the purpose of installing new hinge elements.
  • For installing anthers.
  • For the purpose of performing work related to other nodes.

If you decide to do the work yourself, you must clearly understand how to dismantle the left and right drive of a Renault. We will consider these issues in the article.

“Please note that the hinge elements of the drives have structural differences, so the units on the left and right sides are changed according to an individual algorithm.”

  • head at thirteen, sixteen, seventeen, thirty
  • knob
  • extension
  • penetrating lubricant
  • wheel bolt wrench
  • jack
  • hammer
  • brush

Rice. 6.8. Right internal constant velocity joint RC 462: 1 — retaining ring; 2 — hinge body; 3 — three-spike hub roller; 4 — clamps for securing the cover; 5 — hinge cover; 6 - spring.

To repair the right inner joint

Spare parts are supplied with two repair kits: a large one, which includes all the hinge parts, and a small one, similar to the outer hinge repair kit.

The left internal hinge consists of three rollers b (Fig. 6.9) on needle bearings, mounted on the axles of a three-spike hub. The function of the hinge housing is performed by the left semi-axial gear of the complex-shaped gearbox. Its internal grooves for the rollers are made similar to the grooves of housing 2 (see Fig. 6.8) of the right
internal hinge . The three-spike hub is fixed on the drive shaft 8
( see Fig. 6.9) with a retaining ring
7 . The rollers allow the hub to move axially in the slots of the side gear, so the drive can be lengthened or shortened to compensate for the mutual movements of the suspension and power unit. The sealing of the hinge is ensured by a cover 5 , fixedly fixed using a holder 4 on the gearbox housing. drive shaft , rotating inside the cover in bearing 3 , is sealed with an oil seal 2 installed under the cover in a removable unit common with the bearing.

Rice. 6.9. Left internal constant velocity joint GL 69: 1 — mud deflector; 2 — oil seal; 3 - bearing; 4 — cover holder; 5 — hinge cover; 6 — three-spike hub roller; 7 - retaining ring; 8 - drive .

To repair the left inner hinge, spare parts are supplied with two repair kits: a large one, which includes all the hinge parts except the side gear, and a small one, which includes the hinge boot and the bearing assembly with oil seal.

To lubricate the outer joints and the right inner joint, use a special lubricant with molybdenum disulfide MOBIL CVJ 825 BLACK STAR (supplied with a joint repair kit, the domestic equivalent is CV joint-4). The splines of the inner joint are lubricated with MOLYKOTE BR2 grease, and the left inner joint is lubricated with transmission oil for the gearbox.

Removal and installation of front wheel drives Renault Logan

The front wheel drives are removed to be replaced if damaged or to replace the hinges and their covers.

In addition, the front wheel drives may need to be removed to gain access to other units.

The internal hinges of the front wheel drives are different in design, so the left and right drives are partially removed using different techniques, described separately for each drive.

To remove the left front wheel drive, do the following.

Remove the engine crankcase protection.

Drain the gearbox oil.

Remove the decorative cap of the left front wheel.

Loosen the hub nut and wheel bolts.

When loosening the hub nut, the vehicle must be on the ground; loosen and tighten the wheel bolts only with the vehicle standing on the ground.

Apply the parking brake to the vehicle, place traction blocks under the rear wheels, and raise the front of the vehicle using secure supports. Remove the front wheel.

If your vehicle has anti-lock brakes (ABS), disconnect the harness connector from the wheel speed sensor.

Disconnect the left tie rod from the steering arm.

Loosen the shock absorber strut nut and unscrew the nut to the end of the thread, but do not remove it.

Disconnect the ball joint from the steering knuckle by pressing the lower arm down and overcoming the elastic resistance of the anti-roll bar.

Move the shock absorber strut slightly to the side while simultaneously removing the shank of the outer constant velocity joint from the hub.

If you cannot remove the hinge shank by hand, knock it out of the hub with light blows of a hammer through a spacer made of soft metal or wood.

Make sure that the drive shaft does not come out of the side gear, this may cause the joint rollers to fall into the gearbox housing.

Remove the three bolts securing the inner drive joint boot holder to the gearbox housing

Remove the inner joint from the grooves of the side gear and remove the drive.

When removing the hinge from the axle gear, check by hand how tightly the rollers fit on the axles of the three-pin hinge hub.

If they run poorly, remove the drive carefully so as not to drop the rollers into the gearbox housing.

Also be careful when reinstalling the drive.

Install the left front wheel drive and all removed parts in the reverse order of removal.

After installing all parts, fill the gearbox with oil.

Install the wheel and tighten the wheel bolts until they stop, without fully tightening them.

Place the car on the wheels, removing them from the supports, and tighten the hub nut.

Finally tighten the hub nut with the car standing on the ground, the nut tightening torque is 280 Nm (28 kgf/m). It is strictly prohibited to move the vehicle with the hub nut loose to avoid damage to the hub bearing cage.

Do not reuse hub nuts.

Tighten the wheel bolts.

Install the decorative wheel cap.

What tools should I stock up on?

To replace the drive shaft on any side of the Renault Logan, you will need the following list of tools.

  1. A lifting device for hanging a Renault Logan car (in extreme cases, you can use a jack with a safety support).
  2. A set of ring and open-end wrenches, as well as heads with a handle (ratchet).
  3. You will also need an extended wrench that will allow you to overcome the high tightening torque of the hub nut.
  4. Pliers for removing the retaining ring from the shaft groove and a device for dismantling boot clamps.
  5. Medium sized hammer.

This is just a minimum list. Other instrumental components may be required at the discretion of the owner.

Necessary tool

To replace the right and left drives, you will need a specific set of tools with which you can carry out this process.

  1. To start work, you will need a car lift; in extreme cases, you can use the standard jack of your Logan.
  2. It is necessary to have a set of wrenches with socket and open-end ends.
  3. It is not recommended to carry out this repair without a ratchet and a set of socket heads.
  4. A long wrench of about 1 meter is required to unscrew and tighten the hub nut.
  5. Tool for removing and installing crimp clamps, as well as for removing and installing external locking rings.
  6. A hammer weighing 1 kilogram.

This list includes the minimum set of tools required to replace the right drive.

How to choose a new part and what tools to stock up on?

The original oil seal is difficult to buy separately. Usually the element is sold with anther included. In addition, it is expensive - about 600 rubles. But you can buy a similar cuff that is installed on the compressor of a GAZ-66 car or a KAMAZ fuel injection pump. Dimensions: 28.5x46.5 (Pazovsky, with one side) and 28x45 (KAMAZ, two sides). Components of different sizes are needed for car modifications 1.4 or 1.6 with a number of valves 8 or 16. To check, before installation, try to insert the oil seal into the inner and outer races of the drive. You can pre-lubricate the rubber with oil to make the outer edges fit easier.

As for the tools, you need to prepare:

  • a puller for removing the tripoid, which is a device with threads and grips;
  • set of screwdrivers and keys;
  • pliers, mandrels, hammer;
  • a chisel, or better yet, a drift made of soft metal;
  • mount;
  • heads of different sizes and knobs for twisting the hinge;
  • container for draining transmission fluid.

Logan wheel drive device

The Renault Logan car has two drive shafts - right and left, at the ends of each of them there are external and internal CV joints (they are also called “grenades”). The external hinges have the same design, the internal hinges differ:

  • the left three-pin is located directly in the gearbox housing;
  • The balls of the right inner CV joint are located in the housing (clip).

The right drive shaft is significantly longer than the left; it has a rubber-metal damper, which is designed to dampen resonant vibrations while the car is moving. Anthers are installed between the shafts and constant velocity joints; they prevent dirt, dust and moisture from entering the joints; for tightness, clamps are attached to each side of the anther.

Causes and signs of Renault Logan drive failure

The main symptoms of a malfunction are the following:

  • systematic knocking during control;
  • creaking when turning the steering wheel left or right;
  • vibration in the steering wheel when driving over uneven and rough terrain;
  • constant oil leaks in the area where the gearbox, front axle, and CV joints are located;
  • knocking sound when starting from a standstill.

The main causes of breakdowns are:

  • long-term operation of the part without intermediate preventive maintenance and replacement of worn elements;
  • depressurization, lubricant leakage, dry operation;
  • defect factor, violation of manufacturing technology;
  • poor quality previous repairs;
  • violation of the basic rules for using a car;
  • features of the style and manner of operating a technical device;
  • mechanical damage to the drive due to an accident, traffic accident, collision.

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How to replace the right drive of Renault Logan? If the drive on the right side is faulty, replacement is carried out as follows: Perform operations one through nine described in the previous section.

Move the inner hinge casing; here your right hand will come in handy, the force of which will be sufficient. Once the housing comes off the spline type shank, remove the right wheel drive from the front.

How to change the drive on Renault Logan on the left side

After performing repair work or replacing the device, return all elements using the reverse algorithm. Which side to shoot from?

When trying to figure out whether to remove the right or left drive of a Renault Logan wheel, it is enough to remember what actions you will have to perform. It’s not difficult to find the oil seal, but it’s not worth wasting time - why disassemble the entire chassis when you can quickly get to the part. If the oil seal on a Renault Logan is being replaced, the required drive is removed.

The part is installed on both sides, so the driver should know in advance which one to work with. In principle, the cost of the drive is low, and many motorists prefer paired repairs.

  • head at thirteen, sixteen, seventeen, thirty
  • knob
  • extension
  • penetrating lubricant
  • wheel bolt wrench
  • jack
  • hammer
  • brush

What tool will you need?

When replacing Renault drives, the following work will be required:

  • Removing the casing installed on the crankcase.
  • Dismantling and installation of mudguards.
  • Ball drop.
  • Removing the steering linkage.
  • Tightening the shock absorber fixing nut.

To replace the drive (left and right) on Renault, prepare the following tool:

  • Key TORCH T20 and T30.
  • Screwdrivers with different types of “blades” (phillips and flat).
  • Keys for "ten", "eighteen" and "thirteen". You will also need keys for “sixteen”, “nineteen” or “twenty-one”
  • Hexagon to "six".
  • Wheel removal wrench.
  • Socket wrenches for “thirty” and “thirteen”.
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