What to buy instead of a new Renault Sandero: 7 alternatives from the secondary market


  • Volkswagen Golf VII
  • Honda CR-V III
  • Skoda Octavia III
  • Subaru Impreza WRX III
  • Lexus IS II (before restyling)
  • Volvo XC70 II (P24)
  • Suzuki Grand Vitara III (restyling)

Renault Sandero is one of the ten best-selling cars in its class. Last year, according to AEB, it was bought 30.5 thousand times, thereby placing it in eighth place in the top. Now the second generation Sandero is on sale on the new car market after the 2018 restyling. In the average configuration, the car costs 781 thousand rubles.

There are three trim levels to choose from with three 1.6-liter engines of 82, 102 and 113 liters. With. They are paired with a four-speed automatic transmission and a five-speed manual transmission. In most trim levels, the car is equipped with air conditioning, two airbags, heated front seats, fog lights and an audio system. Single-zone “climate” and stabilization system are available only as an option, even for maximum performance.

Among the minuses of the Sandero, owners note hard plastic, a small trunk (320 liters) and high fuel consumption for such a “baby”: in the city with an automatic transmission - 11.4 liters per 100 km. We decided to find out which is better than Renault Sandero, and found more interesting options on the secondary market for a nominal 780 thousand rubles.

Car ratings

French cars are in demand on the Russian market. The first models in modern Russia appeared in 2006 and firmly occupied a leading position. Renault Sandero is in demand among domestic buyers. Based on the results of 2021, they are among the top twenty vehicles sold in the Russian Federation.

Sandero and Sandero Stepway in a new body.

At the end of last year, the cars had their bodies updated. After a number of changes, the cars acquired aggressive, sporty features and looked more expensive. Renault in 2021 took fourth place in terms of sales in Russia. Of all the models sold, Sandero (including Stepway) took second position. In total value, dealers sold 31.6 thousand cars.

Volkswagen Golf VII

The seventh generation of the German hatchback can be bought on average for 660 thousand rubles. The Golf was equipped with nine engine options and three gearboxes. In the aftermarket, it is often sold with a 1.4 liter engine (122 hp), a six-speed manual transmission or a seven-speed robot.

The German handles perfectly and accelerates to 100 km faster than its classmates - 9.3 seconds. Even with an automatic transmission, it consumes 6.2 liters in the city, which is almost twice as economical as the Sandero.

The Golf is superior to the “French” in terms of comfort: the interior is spacious, the ergonomics are well-calibrated, the trunk is 380 liters. Options include a dual-zone climate control system, a navigation system, a blind spot monitoring system, and even active braking.

If you buy it, be prepared for a long warm-up of the interior in winter at idle speed. By 100 thousand km, the pump fails, and the turbine valve may also break. All Golf malfunctions depend mainly on the manner of operation and maintenance.

Every second Golf, according to statistics from avtocod.ru, is offered with repair work in mind, every third - with an accident, every fourth - with unpaid fines, every seventh - with incorrect mileage.

Every fourth car has no problems.

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Honda CR-V III

"CRV" is superior to Sandero in many ways. It is larger, more powerful, richer equipped and has better maneuverability. On the secondary market, it is found with 2.0 liter (150 hp) and 2.4 liter (166 and 170 hp) engines, most often with a five-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive.

Options include leather interior, navigation, xenon, front and rear parking sensors and much more. The interior of the TsRV is spacious; the rear is comfortable for passengers with a height of 180+ cm. The trunk, with a volume of 556 liters, can easily fit a couple of large suitcases.

The disadvantage of the Honda CR-V III is its immodest “appetite”. In the city the car consumes 13.1 liters. When choosing a car with a mileage of more than 100 thousand km, pay attention to the steering rack, front shock absorbers and driveshaft crosspieces: by this time they usually wear out.

On average, the third generation CR-V is sold in the secondary market for 750 thousand rubles. Every third crossover is sold without technical and legal problems.

Every fourth car is sold with incorrect mileage, an accident or unpaid fines.

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Skoda Octavia III

The Czech liftback is definitely worth paying attention to for family people. On average they ask for 690 thousand rubles. Compared to the Sandero, the Octavia is better equipped, has a more spacious interior and a larger trunk (568 liters). Options include a rear view camera, power-adjustable seats with memory, keyless entry and leather trim.

On sale Octavia is most often found with four engines: 1.2 l (105 hp), 1.4 l (140 hp), 1.6 l (110 hp) and 1.8 l (180 hp). The gearbox options are five- and six-speed manual, six- and seven-speed robotic, as well as a six-speed automatic.

The most economical option is with a 1.2 liter engine. This Skoda consumes only 5.8 liters of fuel in the city. The fastest option is with a 1.8 liter engine, accelerating to 100 km/h in just 7.3 seconds.

The disadvantages of the Skoda Octavia III are increased oil consumption (consumption of up to 0.5 liters per 1,000 km is considered normal by the factory), failure of the clutch and mechatronics of the DSG, and weak rear shock absorbers.

Plus, this is a very problematic car; finding a “clean” copy on the secondary market is very rare. Every second Octavia III, according to statistics from avtocod.ru, is sold with an accident and repair costs. Every third car has been used as a taxi or is leased.

Every fourth copy is offered with incorrect mileage and unpaid fines. Single Octavias are listed as collateral and are sold with a duplicate title.

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Among the advantages of the Sandero Stepway, it is necessary to note its good driving performance.
It performs great on our roads. A spacious interior and a spacious trunk with the ability to expand are a big advantage for long trips. In addition, this car is economical, and most parts of the common Sandero hatchback can be used to repair it. In order to buy Renault Stepway at the most attractive price, you need to contact. This company is the official dealer of Renault in Penza and Kuznetsk. Here you will be offered a wide choice, as well as assistance in selecting the required equipment. In the store of this company, along with the sale of basic models, you can order the car to be equipped with additional equipment. At the same time, its cost will be quite affordable.

Subaru Impreza WRX III

This car is suitable for those who like hotter cars. 2.5 liter turbocharged engine with 230 and 265 hp. With. and all-wheel drive will not leave you indifferent on the road. The car accelerates to 100 km/h in just 6 seconds instead of 10.7 Sander seconds in the fastest version. True, the consumption of the Impreza WRX is almost two liters more - 14.4 l/100 km.

Despite this, the car is quite practical. The trunk is only 20 liters smaller than the Sandero, and the interior is more spacious.

In terms of options and level of equipment, the Suba is not far from the French, except that the plastic is softer and the seats are more comfortable.

The “Japanese” needs to be serviced frequently and carefully - this is perhaps the main disadvantage of the car. If you don’t want to condemn the engine, constantly monitor the oil level and the condition of the oil pump. It is better to change the oil every 5,000 km or more often.

The paint quality of the Subaru Impreza WRX III also leaves much to be desired. Most cars for sale have multiple chips and scratches.

The average cost of a WRX III on the secondary market is 700 thousand rubles. Every second car is sold without any problems.

Every third Subaru is offered damaged, every sixth - with unpaid fines, every seventh - with a duplicate title. Less common are cars with traffic police restrictions and high mileage.

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The Sandero car belongs to the “B” class, the model has a hatchback body. Even though this car was created on the Logan platform, there are still quite a lot of differences. Sandero is distinguished by its expressive silhouette with smooth flowing lines and attractive optics. This is a fairly practical car that is ideal for a large family.

In all respects, the Stepway car is associated with a recognizable stylish crossover. In essence, this model is considered an off-road Sandero model. But Stepway has acquired an additional body kit and increased ground clearance. Therefore, this variation is called the best for city roads; the car can easily drive through icy, snow-covered streets.

Lexus IS II (before restyling)

A Japanese premium sedan can be purchased on average for 675 thousand rubles. It is superior to Renault in class and generally rides and handles better. All this thanks to the rear-wheel drive platform and a powerful 2.5 liter engine with 208 hp. With. Despite its age (produced 2005-2008), the model is still relevant and looks and feels more expensive and interesting than the Sandero.

Most often, IS is found with a leather interior, bi-xenon, front and rear parking sensors and a full package of electrical adjustments. American versions are distinguished by a sunroof and large multimedia, but there are fewer of these on the market.

Among the minuses, I would like to note the short lifespan of radiators and pumps. The fifth cylinder of the engine suffers first, so when purchasing, be sure to check the compression in it. Consumption is higher than that of the “French” - 12.7 liters in the urban cycle, but this is not surprising given the engine size. But the dynamics are excellent - 8.4 seconds. up to 100 km.

Finding a problem-free Lexus IS II on the secondary market will be difficult. Only every tenth car is given away to “clean” ones. Most of the cars are offered with a calculation of repair work, accidents and a duplicate title (every second copy).

Every third car is sold with unpaid fines, every fifth - with traffic police restrictions, every seventh - with incorrect mileage.

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Engines and transmission

It is quite difficult to make a choice between the Gili Emgrand GS or the Renault Sandero Stepway, since both cars have only one powertrain option. Of course, taking into account the configuration, settings and transmission, the power of the unit changes, but the volume remains the same. As for transmissions, the French have a larger choice of gearboxes, since the manufacturer equips the car with a manual, automatic or CVT, while the Chinese use either a manual transmission or a CVT. As mentioned earlier, the motors transmit torque exclusively to the front wheel axle.

The new Chinese car received a rather interesting power plant with a volume of 1.8 liters, or 1,799 cm3. This engine can generate 98 and 133 horsepower, depending on the selected configuration and preset settings. 170 Nm of torque is transmitted to the wheels. The engine is paired with a traditional 6-speed manual gearbox in a budget modification, or is complemented by a CVT in more expensive trim levels. Despite the rather modest power figures, the Gili Emgrand GS looks like a very dynamic and responsive car.

The French hatchback can be purchased with only one powertrain option. We are talking about a 1.6 liter engine with a volume of 1,598 cm3. Depending on the selected modification of the unit, power is produced at 82, 102 and 113 horsepower. Potential buyers can purchase this car with a 5-speed manual transmission, a 4-speed robot, or a modern CVT. 152 Nm of torque is transmitted to the wheels.

Given this combination of power plants and transmissions, it is difficult to single out a clear favorite in this part of the comparison, however, thanks to a larger selection of transmissions combined with the power of the engines in the Sandero, the Frenchman looks a little more interesting. Of course, this is only an objective assessment, since the Chinese crossover also looks quite interesting, and it cannot be discounted, since Gili is already positioned as a compact crossover, and not a hatchback.

Volvo XC70 II (P24)

The Swedish station wagon is one of the best offers for your money (from 550 to 1100 thousand rubles). It is superior to Sandero in many respects. Its ground clearance is 210 mm, that of the “French” is 170 mm. The drive is often all-wheel drive. Trunk - 575 l. The salon is very roomy and well equipped. If you are going on an expedition, the Volvo XC70 will become not only a means of transportation, but also a home. With the rear seats folded down, a mattress can easily fit into the trunk.

The trim levels include leather trim, bi-xenon headlights, a sunroof, electrically adjustable seats and dual-zone climate control, navigation and a rear view camera.

80% of aftermarket offers are a 2.4 liter 185 liter diesel engine. With. with six-speed automatic transmission. It consumes only 8.6 liters of diesel fuel in the city and accelerates an almost two-ton car in 9.5 seconds.

The weak points of the XC70 are the “souring” parking brake, peeling roof rails, the power steering pump, which can fail by 100 thousand km, and an automatic transmission that does not like overheating.

70% of Volvo XC70 II is sold with repairs included. Every third car is sold with an accident, every fifth - with unpaid fines, every sixth - with a duplicate title.

Cars sold less frequently are leased, pledged, with reduced mileage and traffic police restrictions.

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What is the difference between Renault Sandero and Renault Sandero Stepway

The difference between the standard Sandero and Stepway is easy to determine, first of all, visually. High ground clearance, special body kits, and roof rails immediately give it away as a “Stepway”. In addition, the transmission gear shift on the Stepway is carried out, unlike the usual Sandero, by means of a cable drive.

The crossover has a more youthful style than the hatchback, which with its whole appearance encourages you to start a family and go out of town on cheerful Saturday evenings. If we talk about differences in the suspension, the manufacturer equipped the crossover with an anti-roll bar to the coil spring and shock absorber struts. In addition, “Stepway” received a new, eighth generation ABS system, and in addition to it - an additional brake and an electronic brake force distributor.

To summarize, it is worth saying that although the cars are virtually identical in most operational parameters, they are perceived completely differently and are suitable for completely different purposes.

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