We buy Renault Sandero and Sandero Stepway: students without “tails”





Which choice?

There is no point in buying a Sandero as a base car. Doubters can take a look at the interior of the Access version, which is dominated by gray plastic. Instead of grippy door handles, you only find recesses in the armrests, and a gaping hole in the front panel literally screams about the absence of a radio, and in everything else minimalism reigns. Central locking, air conditioning, electric mirrors and windows, heated seats? Forget about it. Thank you that, unlike Logan, they did not skimp on the power steering.

The only thing you can choose is the body color. The palette consists of eight colors: in addition to white acrylic, you can get any of seven metallics by paying an additional 10,000 rubles - an insignificant amount in these days.

Opinions of car owners

“I recently purchased this model second hand. The mileage was already over 100,000 km. My experience managing it is about 3 months. I'm pleased with the fuel consumption. According to the previous owner, the chassis was not subject to major repairs, only consumables were changed. The salon is spacious enough to accommodate four people. The three of us in the back seat are still a bit cramped. The luggage compartment is spacious, and the second-row seatbacks fold down to further increase luggage space.”

“So far I can only leave positive reviews about this car. Not the first car in my career, but so far the most indelible impressions from it. Comfortable seating and spacious interior, relatively low fuel consumption, although it could be lower. Repairing a car is quite simple; most technical work can be done with your own hands. Spare parts are inexpensive, and analogues are easy to find.”

“An excellent car for driving around the city. Traffic jams, traffic lights, short trips - that's all for him, and fuel consumption is not too high. On the highway, the engine is frankly lacking. If you are not sure, it is better not to overtake, since the acceleration dynamics are not the best. The interior of the car is made quite inexpensively, hard plastic, etc. Despite this, the ergonomics of the interior and other technical characteristics deserve attention.”





At first glance, the optimal Sandero is Confort, which costs 53,000 rubles. more expensive than the "base". It no longer looks so dull: the center console is finished in metal-painted plastic, the air duct surrounds and door handles are made from it, and the seats are covered in a more pleasant fabric with elegant stitching. However, you will still have to pay extra for air conditioning, a radio and all kinds of heating. This is not profitable - with such a set, the car will cost the same as the initially richer Privilege version. At the same time, Confort will somehow be deprived of chrome body trim elements, an on-board computer, an external temperature sensor and glove box lighting. The chair here is not height adjustable.

With the Privilege you don't have to pay extra for side airbags and you can get ESP. This car is not sold with the base 1.2 engine (75 hp). However, there is no need to grieve. For an additional payment of only 52,000 rubles. they give away the time-tested 8-valve 1.6 (82 hp). If you don’t mind spending another 20,000, you can choose a more powerful engine - 1.6 liters (102 hp). More about its pros and cons below. In the meantime, I note with regret that the optimal Sandero, depending on the engine, now costs 600–620 thousand rubles. Just six months ago you could have chosen a Megane for the same money. The proposal for Stepway looks more interesting. And not only because it looks taller and looks like a fashionable crossover. Metallic paint, driver's seat height adjustment, heated front seats and electric mirrors - all this is already included in the “base”. You will only have to purchase an air conditioner and an MP3/USB/Bluetooth radio. It turns out that the completely self-sufficient Stepway Confort 1.6 l (82 hp) costs 612,500 rubles. Why is it not optimal?

New Renault Sandero 2021: photo and price, hatchback characteristics

Renault Sandero 2, which survived the restyling, started sales in Russia in July. If we talk about the trim levels and prices of the new model after modernization, the balance of power remains the same. The new French hatchback is one of the best deals on the market, being a formidable contender in its segment.

In total, the new product’s arsenal includes: 3 basic configurations, two engine options, mechanical and automatic transmissions. In total, this allows you to get 6 different versions, differing both in the level of equipment and technical characteristics.

The restyling of the 2021 Renault Sandero primarily affected the design of the exterior and interior. The exterior was decorated with modified bumpers and lighting equipment, and the interior received improved materials and a more advanced multimedia system.


Pros and cons of Renault Sandero 2

+ Pros

  • Controllability
  • Design
  • Reliability
  • Salon

- Minuses

  • Build quality
  • Patency
  • Noise insulation
  • Light
  • Dynamics

Reviews from Renault Sandero II owners

In general, when using a car, a strange feeling of some kind of toy and unreality does not leave. Before this, there were cars of many budget and semi-budget brands, but Stepway, despite not the cheapest price among its classmates, surpassed them all with an off-scale level of “budget”. Moreover, sometimes it is not even clear what the designers achieved other than unnecessary inconvenience for the owner with one or another “solution.”

The new Renault Sandero 2021 has everything you need - heated seats, heated windshield, central locking on all doors and trunk, extra. seat adjustment and a full-fledged climate control system, and not the poor mechanical adjustments like in the base!

Accelerating dynamics. She's gone. At all. Humble yourself. At the traffic light you will be overtaken by cyclists, street Tuziki and teenagers on Desna mopeds. Switching logic. Patience, gentlemen, only patience! If you are used to driving a manual, you know how to control a car, then forget about it! Do you hear? Forget it completely! A manual transmission may suddenly start shifting gears when turning a corner in winter.

In general, I like the new Sandero: compact dimensions, good suspension, maneuverability, high-torque engine, interior and exterior. Low build quality, lack of pre-sale preparation and disgusting quality of service from the office. dealer. High fuel consumption - 9-10 l/100 km.

I’ll tell you straight - the car does NOT move and it just starts jerking, although you don’t even touch the pedals. As for the dynamics, the car accelerates slowly, but brakes simply amazing. For a measured and not too fast drive - the car is just right. It makes no sense to drive this car more than 80-90 km/hour. Overall I'm happy with the car.

Reviews from Renault Sandero car owners with photos on auto.mail.ru, drom.ru, drive2.ru and auto.ru

Renault Sandero 2021 prices and specifications

The price of Renault Sandero 2021 in Russia ranges from 743,000 to 935,000 rubles; the hatchback is offered in Access and Life trim levels.

Equipmentprice, rub.
1.6 (82 hp) Access MT5743 000
1.6 (82 hp) Life MT5820 000
1.6 (113 hp) Life MT5880 000
1.6 (102 hp) Life AT4935 000

* MT5 - five-speed manual transmission, AT4 - four-speed automatic transmission

Technical specifications Renault Sandero 2


Body typehatchback
Car classB-class
Length / width / height, mm4070 / 1733 / 1523
Wheelbase, mm2589
Ground clearance (ground clearance), mm155
Trunk volume, l320
Curb weight, kg1100 — 1151
Fuel tank volume, l50

Engine and transmission

engine's typepetrolpetrol
Volume, l1,61,6
Power, hp82102
Torque, Nm134145
Gearbox typeMechanicsmachine
Number of gears54
Drive unitfrontfront
Acceleration 0-100 km/h, s13,911,9
Max speed, km/h163171
Fuel consumption, l
- city9,411,4
- track5,76,7
- mixed7,18,6
Fuel typeAI-95AI-95

Engine and transmission

engine's typepetrol
Volume, l1,6
Power, hp113
Torque, Nm152
Gearbox typeMechanics
Number of gears5
Drive unitfront
Acceleration 0-100 km/h, s10,7
Max speed, km/h177
Fuel consumption, l
- city8,5
- track5,6
- mixed6,6
Fuel typeAI-95

Mail.ru Auto

After a change of generations, a 1.2-liter four-cylinder engine appeared under the hood of the Renault Sandero 2021 model year - it replaced the outdated 1.4 unit of the same power (75 hp). Do you think Sandero with a 1.2 engine won't run? In urban conditions, he unexpectedly turned out to be a nimble man! The engine growls cheerfully and willingly pushes the tachometer needle past 6 thousand revolutions. And the higher the speed, the greater the difference between the 82-horsepower 1.6 and the 75-horsepower 1.2 - after 100 km/h the speedometer needle barely creeps to the right, and it will take forever until it touches “140”. If you often drive on highways or on two-lane roads (especially when fully loaded!), where you need to overtake slow-moving vehicles, then it’s better not to even look at the 1.2 engine.

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Video test drive of the new Renault Sandero

Read test drives of Renault Sandero on CarsGuru, Kolesa.ru, Mail.ru Auto, Autoreview



As for aesthetic issues... who cares what is more important. But, to Renault's credit, one cannot help but notice that the French designers tried. Logic, even a certain classical rigor, appeared in the appearance of Sandero II. But the abundance of chrome on the front end is rather a minus. They worked quite elegantly with the rear lights - they are now interchangeable with the Logan sedan, and the French were able to fit them well into the overall style.


Behind the wheel

The designers of the second generation Logan / Sandero family used not only compasses and rulers, but also patterns. That's why the new Sandero no longer looks like a victim of desperate savings. It's a similar story with the salon. Yes, the plastic is hard everywhere, but the interior looks neat. The doors do not swing open at an impressive angle, but close quietly and nobly. The front seats are soft but lack lateral support. But the steering wheel is good. The comfortable rim of variable thickness fits perfectly in your hands.

With the change of generations, the new Renault Sandero 2021 body has parted with many shortcomings. The power window buttons have moved from the center console to the doors. The horn button has disappeared from the end of the left steering column switch. But the seat heating buttons still stick out in their old place - on the plastic edging under the seat cushion. And the windshield cleaning area is still modest - dirty sectors increase the already rather large blind spots.

Photos of the new Renault Sandero 2021

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Outside and inside


The new nose, which the company's chief artist Laurens van den Acker has now made a family feature of all Renaults, suits the Sandero almost better than any other model. And although the geometric design has sunk into oblivion, the silhouette of the car is still recognizable, and the dimensions remain almost the same. However, the main thing has changed - Sandero looks livelier and more interesting. Just as a good suit hides figure flaws, so the new body perfectly transformed the old frame. Even the regular Sandero has retained decent ground clearance, which is extremely important for our roads. And Stepway can even boast of a ground clearance of 195 mm. The doorways received additional rubber seals: now, when you open the door, snow will not fall from the roof into the interior. Just keep in mind that the door itself has only one intermediate fixed position - in a tight parking lot this will create certain inconveniences. Even worse, the upper acute corner of the “wicket” protrudes greatly. When manipulating the door, have time to dodge.


Don't believe your eyes!
The sofa is cramped. There will be enough legroom only if short people ride in front. Don't believe your eyes! The sofa is cramped. There will be enough legroom only if short people ride in front

Don't believe your eyes! The sofa is cramped. There will be enough legroom only if short people ride in front


There are other shortcomings. The hood hinges are still uncovered, so dirt and ice will inevitably contribute to corrosion. The front wheel arches are protected by full plastic fender liners, but for some reason the rear wheel arches are left defenseless - as are the plastic gas tank pipes. Finally, the mudguards were made rigid - they are easy to break off when meeting a curb. However, Renault makes up for many of its shortcomings with the liveliness of its interior decoration. The dashboard has become more elegant - it was borrowed from Fluence. Stepway scales, however, turned out to be overloaded with risks. But they were amused by these red blood cells - the more of them, the higher the speed and revolutions. And the center console in the Privilege trim sports a black polished plastic finish. Not to say it’s very beautiful, but there is a hint of respectability. But in terms of “sofa” disciplines, the car is still lagging behind. A person 180 cm tall inevitably supports the backrest with his knees in the exercise “behind himself”. New door trims have pockets, but the width of the cabin has been reduced by several centimeters. And one more thing: in order to lower or raise the windows in the rear doors, from now on you no longer have to reach for the floor - the power window buttons are located on the armrests. It’s a pity that additional lampshades, a central armrest for the sofa and hooks above the doors on which to hang clothes never appeared.


A large amount of pseudo-chrome on the bumper does not make the regular Sandero more solid than the Stepway.
A large amount of pseudo-chrome on the bumper does not make the regular Sandero more solid than the Stepway.

A large amount of pseudo-chrome on the bumper does not make the regular Sandero any more solid than the Stepway


  • Multilayer door seals
  • Stainless steel secondary muffler
  • Stylish Stepway exterior details
  • Hood gas stop
  • Plastic lining on arches and bumper


  • Hard, brittle mudguards
  • Unsightly view of the underside of the sofa
  • Little legroom in the second row
  • Bare metal in the trunk
  • Rough mirror folding mechanism with unprotected guts
  • Sharp, traumatic corner of the rear door
  • Poor location of the neck of the windshield washer reservoir

Behind the wheel



On and off roads


The new Sandero is a little stiffer than its predecessor on small bumps, but has practically not lost in comfort and energy efficiency. Many passenger cars can only dream of being able to swallow potholes just as painlessly. Moreover, both students are excellent students in this discipline. Do you think that when “lifting” the Sandero for the Stepway version, the engineers used the cheapest method - installing spacers? Nothing like that - they used other springs and shock absorbers. Hence, the suspension travel has not been reduced. It's a pity, cars don't welcome hot driving. In urban modes everything is more or less predictable. However, already at 110–120 km/h the rather amorphous steering wheel gets in the way, the car yaws, forcing you to steer, and on the waves of asphalt you cannot avoid swaying. In Stepway, these shortcomings are more noticeable - the extra 4 cm of ground clearance inevitably worsened aerodynamics and stability. Remember that ESP (if equipped, of course) works quite late, and the drift of the front axle begins, on the contrary, a little earlier than expected.


The car's 1.6-liter power units remained virtually the same. They differ from each other essentially only in the cylinder head, but they are transported differently. Eight-valve 82 hp. I lost a couple of “horses”, but received a dozen newton meters in return. The engineers also tinkered with the manual gearbox, increasing the final drive ratio and slightly lengthening the fifth stage.

Body and interior.

Despite the great similarity in the technical characteristics of Sandero and Logan, these two cars are completely different in appearance.

The Sandero hatchback has its own unique style. It is distinguished by smooth, streamlined shapes and a memorable wide radiator grille. Steel wheels Fourteen-inch wheels are decorated with decorative hubcaps.

Despite its compact appearance, the car is quite spacious. The back seat can easily accommodate three passengers.

Sandero cannot boast of a large trunk. Its volume is only 320 liters. However, this disadvantage is easily compensated for by the ability to fold down the rear seats.

The interior is made of high-quality wear-resistant materials. Scuffs on buttons, steering wheel and other plastic elements with mileage of more than 100 thousand km. The car features incredibly thick glass that can easily withstand impacts from cobblestones on suburban highways. However, owners often complain about the heated rear window breaking.


Even from the stern, any Stepway looks better than a regular Sandero.
Thanks to the roof rails and trim on the fenders, bumper and under it. Even from the rear, any Stepway looks better than a regular Sandero. Thanks to the roof rails and trim on the fenders, bumper and under it

Even from the stern, any Stepway looks better than a regular Sandero. Thanks to the roof rails and trims on the fenders, bumper and under it

Have the innovations changed the character of Sandero? As before, the engine pulls easily from the bottom without forcing you to change gears again. True, the speed is now not growing so actively - the electronic settings are to blame. But already around 3000 there is a noticeable pickup. The gearbox in the gearbox also corresponds to the capabilities of the engine: Renault quite confidently reaches cruising speeds of 100–110 km/h. You expect more agility from a car with a 16-valve engine. But it turns out that you need to rev up the engine often, otherwise you might stall. When starting in snow or on loose ground, this is especially depressing. But if you get used to this character, you will notice how much faster the Sandero 16V is at medium and high speeds. Moreover, unlike the 8-valve engine, you begin to regret the absence of a sixth gear. It turns out that the limit of comfortable driving is at approximately the same speed. In this light, I would not overpay for the extra two dozen forces. By the way, the fuel consumption of both 1.6s is approximately the same and higher than stated (in the city it is 11–12 liters). The record holder in terms of efficiency is the 1.2-liter engine. Here you can believe in the promised 8 l/100 km. True, like all small cars, his appetite greatly depends on his driving style. Due to the short main pair, you can live up to 60–70 km/h. However, in order to maintain a hundred, the engine has to be driven at full speed, and the tank, naturally, empties faster.


On slippery surfaces, roll is minimal, but the flaw in the power steering is especially noticeable.
Yes, and the front axle begins to slide quite early. On slippery surfaces, roll is minimal, but the flaw in the operation of the power steering is especially noticeable. And the front axle starts to slide a little early

On slippery surfaces, roll is minimal, but flaws in the operation of the power steering are especially noticeable. And the front axle starts to slide a little early


The new Sandero has become younger and has become a completely modern and comfortable car. The most profitable and talented version, as before, turns out to be Stepway. In these times, a supermini with the makings of a crossover for 612,500 is quite a good deal. At the same time, any hatchback lacks more driver-like driving characteristics and an automatic transmission for complete perfection. However, many would be much more grateful for maintaining an attractive price tag.

We buy Renault Sandero and Sandero Stepway: students without “tails”

Powertrain and transmission

The exact volume of internal combustion engines that equipped front-wheel drive Renault Sanderos is 1390 cc. cm.

At the same time, the power characteristics of the 1.4 engine had a decent figure, which was equal to 75 hp. With. (55 kW at 5500 rpm).

The engine is located transversely, traditionally in the front of the car. Its torque is 112 Nm at 3000 rpm. Each of the four cylinders is equipped with 2 valves and arranged according to the L4 pattern. The fuel supply system for the Renault Sandero engine is injection, distributed.

According to reviews from many Renault Sandero owners, the five-speed manual gearbox was quite confident and reliable, however, it also had some technical shortcomings. Thus, many were noted for the inconvenient operation of the clutch pedal. To change gears, the pedal must be pressed almost all the way. It’s hard to get used to this feature, although it can’t be called a minus. You can also note the insufficient acceleration dynamics of the Renault Sandero when switching to higher gears. This is especially noticeable when driving at high speeds in suburban mode.

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