Renault Sandero or Sandero Stepway: a step higher


Renault Sandero and Sandero Stepway.
The front seats have different upholstery fabrics, and in the pseudo-crossover there are STEPWAY inscriptions on the backs. Renault Sandero and Sandero Stepway. The front seats have different upholstery fabrics, and in the pseudo-crossover there are STEPWAY inscriptions on the backs.

The front seats have different upholstery fabrics, and in the pseudo-crossover there are STEPWAY inscriptions on the backs.


For comparative runs we went out onto a snowy field. The ice crust formed due to the thaw slightly compacted the snow, the height of which varied from 150 to 300 mm. The standard Sandero is capable of walking through snow up to 180–200 mm deep, while the Sandero Stepway can cope with snow depths of 220–240 mm. It is important to remember that the Sandero's front bumper is abnormally fragile: it cannot withstand even light contact with slightly above average icy snow. Of course, it’s also a matter of the temperature, which dropped to -20 ºC on the day of the test, but it’s also a matter of cheap plastic. In general, you have to be extremely careful when driving this car in snowdrifts frozen over after the thaw.


The instrument clusters of the Sandero and Sandero Stepway hatchbacks differ little: on the Stepway the speedometer scale is decorated.
The instrument clusters of the Sandero and Sandero Stepway hatchbacks differ little: on the Stepway the speedometer scale is decorated.

The instrument clusters of the Sandero and Sandero Stepway hatchbacks differ little: on the Stepway the speedometer scale is decorated.

Sandero Stepway is noticeably more crossover in this sense: its front bumper is clearly better adapted to contact with frozen snow. As a result, its cross-country ability is indeed noticeably higher than that of a standard hatchback. But there are also general complaints about cars. A typical example: a car moves quite easily in the snow; There is a slight rise ahead, but the engine suddenly loses speed, and the car loses speed accordingly. “Pest” is a rude ESP that cannot be turned off. Of course, electronics are responsible for safety. But for a crossover, even a single-wheel drive one, the non-switchable stabilization system is by no means an assistant, since it does not allow driving over rough terrain with a slight slip. A sudden loss of traction interferes not only in deep snow, but also on wet grass - on any slippery surface! The manufacturer needs to think about introducing a switchable ESP, especially since it is not that difficult to implement. It’s no good when a machine itself kills its positive qualities. And we give the owners of these cars old-fashioned advice. If you are stuck in a harmless situation precisely because ESP strangled the engine at the most inopportune moment, remove the appropriate fuse to de-energize the system - and get out of captivity brazenly, unceremoniously, with juicy slipping. Just don't forget to put the fuse back in place later.

Defy authority

The good geometric parameters of the Sandero Stepway pseudo-crossover prompted us to experiment: we tried to improve the cross-country ability of a front-wheel drive car and even compare it with an all-wheel drive car with a similar engine base - and therefore we also took a Nissan Terrano to the test site. How can you improve patency with little blood? Of course, put on chains! We paid 4,000 rubles for a set of chains for the front wheels. And they didn’t regret it! The tall Sandero Stepway walked across the snowy field like a cheeky little tractor. It seems that now he will dig in and begin to thrash his front wheels helplessly, but no - he rows!

Options and cost

A rich list of engines, two gearboxes determine the presence of 6 modifications at once.

It is expected that the minimum Access package will cost the buyer 554,000 rubles. For this money, a 1.6-liter engine with a capacity of 82 horsepower with a manual gearbox will be available. Other options include the following:

  • heated rear window;
  • full-size spare tire;
  • crankcase protection;
  • factory tinted rear windows;
  • anti-lock braking system;
  • one driver's airbag;
  • mountings for child seats;
  • LED optics;
  • updated multimedia system;
  • protection of the body from corrosion.

The average modification of Renault Sandero 2021 - Life will cost more - from 629,990 rubles. In addition to the options included in the minimum version, the following nice additions will appear here:

  • power windows on the front windows;
  • Cruise control;
  • air conditioning system;
  • steering wheel height adjustment;
  • body-colored rear-view mirrors and door handles;
  • heated front seats and mirrors;
  • navigation system;
  • Bluetooth wireless system.

If the buyer wants to purchase a more powerful engine (113 horsepower), then he will need to pay an additional 60,000 rubles.

The top-end configuration will cost from 719,990 rubles. It additionally installs premium options, which are much more expensive among competitors:

  • side airbags;
  • climate control instead of air conditioning;
  • leather steering wheel with raised stitching;
  • driver's seat height adjustment;
  • power windows on the rear windows;
  • four speakers;
  • USB and AUX connectors.

EquipmentEngineVolume, l.Power, hpcheckpointDrive unitAcceleration to 100 km/h, c.Max. speed, km/h Consumption per 100 km, l.Price, rub.
Accesspetrol1.682Mechanicsfront13.91649.4 / 5.7 / 7.1554 000
Lifepetrol1.682Mechanicsfront13.91649.4 / 5.7 / 7.1629 990
Lifepetrol1.6113Mechanicsfront10.71788.5 / 5.6 / 6.6689 990
Lifepetrol1.6102machinefront11.917211.4 / 6.7 / 8.6719 990
Drivepetrol1.682Mechanicsfront13.91649.4 / 5.7 / 7.1719 990
Drivepetrol1.6113Mechanicsfront10.71788.5 / 5.6 / 6.6759 990
Drivepetrol1.6102machinefront11.917211.4 / 6.7 / 8.6789 990

* — information on prices is for reference only. Check with your local dealer for exact pricing.

For an additional fee, you can order 15-inch aluminum alloy wheels, rear parking assistant, and heated windshield. If you add an automatic gearbox to the car, it will cost 30,000 rubles more, and the forced version of the engine will require an additional 40,000 rubles.

The popularity of the French hatchback before restyling gives reason to believe that the updated car will also be popular in our country. It is equally convenient for both men and women, and has compact dimensions that allow parking even in small free spaces.


The Stepway, which looked good to us in the field test, differs little from the regular Sandero on a flat road. In terms of maneuverability and controllability, the cars are almost indistinguishable from each other. True, Stepway is a little tougher on the highway. The suspension of the standard Sandero more confidently conceals large irregularities and even small snow and ice ripples formed on the asphalt after another snowfall and temperature change. But these are minor things. What is more significant is that the Sandero Stepway has positive qualities that the standard car does not have. Yes, Sandero Stepway is 42,000 rubles more expensive. It turns out about a thousand rubles for each additional millimeter of clearance. A bit expensive? But sometimes these millimeters are so important!

Increasing Sandero ground clearance - possible risks

First of all, before starting to look for solutions to the issue of increasing ground clearance, the driver should think about the possible risks. This step carries with it several tangible troubles for which the motorist must be prepared. Let's consider possible solutions to the problem of low clearance and the side effects they carry:

  1. Increasing ground clearance by replacing tires and wheels with similar ones with a larger diameter. This option allows you to “raise” the body above the road, but voids the manufacturer’s warranty on the car.
  2. Increasing ground clearance by replacing spacers on the upper supports of the suspension springs. Allows you to add about 3 cm to its height, but also voids the warranty.
  3. Increasing the ground clearance changes the picture of the car's rigidity and handling, as well as its dynamics, regardless of the method of increasing the height.
  4. The efficiency and accuracy of speed sensors is changing.
  5. The center of gravity changes, which leads to difficulties in driving at high speeds.
  6. The process of adjusting the wheel alignment becomes difficult.
  7. Possible increase in fuel consumption.

It is possible to recommend increasing clearance based on the above-mentioned number of side effects only at the owner’s own peril and risk. This procedure is justified for Sandero if the car is regularly used on bad roads and at low speeds.

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Renault Sandero, Sandero Stepway, Lada Kalina, Lada Kalina Cross
Renault Sandero, Sandero Stepway, Lada Kalina, Lada Kalina Cross
P.S. A crossover can be created in many ways.
Relatively expensive - use passenger components and assemblies in combination with a newly developed body. An excellent example is the Renault Duster, built on Logan units. The second way is much simpler and cheaper: give a passenger car an off-road appearance, slightly increase the ground clearance and slightly modernize the mechanical components. This is exactly our case. Do such budget front-wheel drive sub-crossovers have a right to life? Undoubtedly! Especially if the original model is inexpensive and has high ground clearance from birth, modifications will not raise the price to the skies. In our opinion, Renault Sandero Stepway and Lada Kalina Cross are ideal examples of the successful implementation of such a concept. Renault Sandero or Sandero Stepway: a step higher

Updated Sandero Stepway 2021

The model was presented to the public again in its native Paris at the auto show in the fall of 2021. With each update, the model appears to car enthusiasts in a more interesting form. It seems that the manufacturers themselves believed in the fact that they were producing a real crossover, it appeared so serious and attractive to the public.

Let's take a closer look at the restyled version.

Body and dimensions

Let's list the innovations of the popular model:

  • the appearance of the original radiator grille. It received a chrome finish;
  • the optics lights in the front and rear parts have changed in shape;
  • both bumpers have a different look;
  • the lower edge of the car body parts and the sills are finished with protective plastic, which protects it from chips;
  • a spectacular spoiler appeared above the rear door;
  • The air intake has increased in size.

These cosmetic touches gave the 2018 Sandero Stepway a modern, expressive appearance. A slight increase in size made it more solid. Now the dimensions of the model are equal: 4,080 x 1,757 x 1,618 mm, the wheelbase remains unchanged. Car enthusiasts now have more color variations. The palette includes a variety of bright shades that make the car more attractive.

Reducing the overhangs has improved the vehicle's maneuverability, which, combined with the unchanged high ground clearance, makes it possible to travel on any road.

Interior equipment

There are few updates to the interior. I would like to note that the cooperation of the French with their alliance partners from Nissan is making itself felt. Japanese ergonomics are evident. The instrument panel has a minimum number of control knobs. All of them are within reach, which is convenient when driving a car. It is convenient for the driver to track the necessary information on the panel. It is displayed in three “holes” of the dashboard, and is protected from the sun by a powerful visor. In the central place there is a speedometer, at the edges there is a tachometer and an on-board computer display.

The austere interior decor is enlivened by silver-look inserts located on the steering wheel, doors, and console. Once again, as in the first generation model, finishing materials have been improved. They have become of higher quality, but it is still difficult to call them elite.

In Stepway 2021, however, as in all Renault models, I would like to note the efficient operation of the interior heater. With such a “stove” it is impossible to freeze even in the most severe frosts.

The interior is now more comfortable. This was facilitated by the appearance of various “small things”: cup holders on the tunnels, rear headrests, 12 V sockets, etc. The luggage compartment of Stepway 2 remained unchanged: 320 liters in the standard position, 1,200 liters when the backs of the rear row seats are folded.


French manufacturers began to pay more attention to safety systems compared to similar ones in a simple hatchback and a first-generation car. As confirmation - the result of EuroNCAP crash tests - 4 stars.

Let's tell you what the updated version of Stepway is rich in:

  • the appearance of an anti-lock braking system (ABS);
  • installation of electronic brake force distribution (EBD);
  • Cruise control;
  • equipped with 4 side and front airbags.

Of course, one can complain about the lack of advanced security systems: monitoring blind spots, monitoring the driver, etc. However, remembering the cost of the car, everything becomes clear.

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