The most popular weapon in the Russian army in 2020

Our guide to the best weapons in PUBG covers the best pistols, submachine guns, assault rifles and sniper rifles. And also the best melee weapon in the game.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is a treasure trove of weapons that you'll find in the most unexpected places. If you are extremely lucky, you will find a powerful deadly device in the box that can kill enemies in no time.

There are so many different types of weapons in PUBG that it can be quite difficult to get used to each of them. After all, you'll only be able to try out a limited number of weapons in a match, and each one has its own quirks to consider.

If you've been wanting an all-in-one guide to guns that are the best of the best, then the good news is that we've done the hard work for you. In our guide to the best weapons in PUBG you will find a list of the most powerful weapons, as well as our thoughts on why they are superior to other guns.

To make things clearer, we've divided this article into a few different categories so you know exactly what type of gun we're looking at in each. Here's our list of all the best melee weapons and weapons you can throw in your backpack.

It's worth noting that more weapons will be added to the game over time, and we will do our best to update this guide as the game develops. Bookmark this page to stay up to date with all the latest events!

Be sure to visit our main PUBG guide when you're done. It contains all the most important tips and tactics you need to win more games.

Best pistols:

Your best bet is to destroy someone at close range.


Currently, the P18C is the only pistol in the game that can fire in full automatic mode. This makes taking out targets at close range absolutely insane, especially early in the game when players are less likely to be wearing body armor or helmets and heading to the same places.

Like every pistol in the game, the P18C is not very good at long ranges, but if you can control its powerful recoil, this weapon will become your best friend on the battlefield.


The P1911 fires 45 ACP. This gives it fantastic close-range shooting performance compared to many other pistols that use the less powerful 9mm caliber. It won't be as effective at range (as you'd expect), but it more than makes up for the range limitations when you're killing an enemy at close range with just a few well-placed shots

Show of force

The “Tsar Bomba,” or as it was also called “Kuzka’s Mother,” was tested on Novaya Zemlya a year and a half before Nikita Khrushchev’s official statement about the presence of such a powerful weapon in the USSR. Compared to the American thermonuclear bomb, the Soviet one was four times more powerful. While testing it, scientists exploded three minutes after it was dropped from a bomber. The height of the nuclear mushroom was 67 km, and the fireball had a radius of 5.6 km. The shock wave circled the globe three times. The created ionization for over thirty minutes interfered with radio communications for several hundred kilometers. At the epicenter of the explosion, high temperatures turned the stones to ash. At the end of the test, experts concluded: the Tsar Bomba is a “clean” weapon, since 97% of its power came from the thermonuclear fusion reaction, without creating radioactive contamination.

Best submachine guns (SMG):

When you need to explain the situation to the enemy as soon as possible...


You can sing Vector’s praises endlessly. This thing has an absolutely insane rate of fire that can tear apart an enemy in a matter of seconds. The weapon is also easy to control when held. Even the front sight is comfortable!

It's not all smooth sailing, however, and the Vector's only downside is its rather small 13-round magazine, which depletes too quickly. You can't shoot past if you suddenly bump into an enemy.

Luckily, this is a submachine gun that you can generously outfit with all sorts of attachments, so make it a priority to equip this baby with an extra magazine to turn it into a truly formidable weapon. It's so good that we happily use it instead of an assault rifle at close ranges.


A proven member of the submachine gun category, the UMP9 is a conventional weapon that does decent damage at close to mid-range and has both a comfortable front sight and mild recoil.

You can also apply all sorts of modifications to the UMP9, including grips, silencers and clips, which will make it even easier to use. Just because you see these weapons in boxes all the time doesn't mean they're bad. It's just reliable enough to stay in your inventory until after victory.

Atomic Bomb Gadget

In July 1945, the Americans tested the first atomic bomb, Gadget, based on plutonium, near Alamogordo. In the same year in August it was dropped over Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

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This event demonstrated to the whole world that the United States has powerful weapons. Five years later, the leadership of the USSR also officially announced the presence of such atomic weapons, which in their destructive power are not inferior to the American ones.

Best shotguns:

A weapon for delivering pain over short distances.


You may have to reload after every couple of shots, but the S686 is the most destructive of all shotguns. Pulling the trigger twice quickly will fire both barrels immediately, often resulting in a kill at close range.

Don't be fooled into thinking this is a shotgun, which means it only works at close range. In our experience, it is also surprisingly powerful at long ranges, especially when equipped with a stopper that reduces pellet spread.

If you aim well, the S686 will completely destroy your opponents.

Best assault rifles:

Our pick for the strongest close to mid-range firepower in the game.


The M416 is superior to almost all assault rifles as it is by far the easiest to use, has decent damage, and can be equipped with any modification.

In its unmodified state, the SCAR-L is pretty much on par with the M416, but when fully modified it comes out on top in terms of damage per second (DPS), stability, and fire rate.

Overall, it's a brilliant example of its class that doesn't do anything fancy and just gets the job done, no matter what situation you find yourself in.


As a rare weapon that can only be found in crates, the Groza is an AKM assault rifle with the insane fire rate of a submachine gun. This makes it by far the most powerful assault rifle in the game when you're within range of your target. Start shooting at someone too far away and your effectiveness will be significantly reduced.

The Groza has other obvious drawbacks that you should be aware of, the biggest of which is its long reload time of 3 seconds (without boost reload) and the apparent lack of modification slots. Treat it like a pseudo-assault rifle and you'll be too charmed to notice its flaws.


In almost every aspect, the QBZ95 is inferior to the M416. However, it beats the M416 when it comes to handling. It has a constant recoil rate that makes it much easier to use when holding the trigger, meaning it is the ideal weapon for those who value accuracy and ease of use over damage output.

While the QBZ95 is not as powerful as its peers, it is certainly one of the easiest assault rifles to use. Don't bury these weapons!

While everyone oohs and ahhs about nuclear weapons, submarines, and stealth aircraft these days, modern warfare is typically infantry warfare on land. And the infantry needs small arms. The past hundred years have seen dramatic changes in the nature of modern warfare, as intense rivalries between nations have given rise to new, far deadlier weapons systems. Airplanes, missiles, tanks, submarines and other inventions that were practically non-existent in 1914 quickly took key positions in armies around the world. But there is one invention that, although it was born more than five hundred years ago, still occupies an extremely important place on the battlefield. We are talking about infantry weapons and fire support equipment. No matter how high-tech the armies of the world become, after World War II, combat operations still cannot take place without the participation of one form or another of infantry. In his famous work on the Korean War, This Kind of War, historian T. R. Fehrenbach wrote: “You can fly over the earth forever, you can bomb it, destroy it, turn it into ashes and destroy all living things. But if you want to protect and defend it, preserving it for civilization, you must do it on the ground, throwing your soldiers into the mud, as the Roman legions did.” With that in mind, I present to you the five deadliest small arms in the world. AK-47 The undisputed king of war is the Kalashnikov AK-47. This extremely reliable type of small arms is widely used on the battlefields of third world countries. The AK-47 has become an icon and one of the most recognizable symbols in the world - from America, where works of rap music are dedicated to it, to Zimbabwe. AK assault rifles are currently used by Islamic State militants, the Islamic Taliban, various groups in Libya, and both sides in the Ukrainian conflict. As history goes, the AK-47 is the brainchild of the late Mikhail Kalashnikov. Drafted into the Red Army, Kalashnikov demonstrated his talent as an inventor and small arms designer while recovering from war wounds. By 1947, he assembled a prototype of his machine gun. (But there is some indirect evidence that the AK-47 was at least partially created by the German designer Hugo Schmeisser, who designed a similar Stg44 assault rifle in 1942.) The AK-47 is the world's first standard assault rifle to be adopted for service. It used a new 7.62mm cartridge that had less recoil and was lighter than the cartridges used in traditional infantry rifles. The 7.62x39 mm cartridge hit the target more accurately when firing in bursts, and the infantryman, thanks to its light weight, could take more ammunition into battle. The AK-47 has proven to be durable because it is a weapon of the simplest design. You can learn to shoot it very quickly, and as a result, it becomes possible to create large armies or militias simply by distributing AK-47s to the population. It is extremely easy to use and requires minimal care and maintenance. The machine can be disassembled in a matter of seconds, and it can operate practically without lubrication. All this is very important when the soldiers or fighters are often illiterate, poorly trained or conscripted. In total, approximately one hundred million AK-47s of various modifications have been manufactured in the world. Production of the machine gun was established in countries such as the Soviet Union, China, North Korea, Egypt, Yugoslavia and most members of the Warsaw Pact. As the Independent newspaper noted, there is one Kalashnikov assault rifle for every 70 inhabitants of our planet. Even Israel and Finland, which were never allies or satellites of the USSR, created their own versions of this machine gun. The most modern version used by the Russian army is the AK-74M chambered for the lighter 5.45mm cartridge. M16 family rifles

The modern M16 rifle got its start in 1956, when inventor Eugene Stoner tested its predecessor, the AR-15, at the infantry school at Fort Benning. This rifle would be adopted by the United States four years later, and only by the Air Force. The ground forces began receiving it in 1965, and the marines in 1966. The original AR-15 was a reliable, innovative weapon. But because the rifle's powder composition was changed at the last minute and misconceptions about how to clean it arose, it proved unreliable in Vietnam. The problem was aggravated by the fact that the M16 directly used the energy of the powder gases generated during the combustion of gunpowder to chamber the cartridge. The latest version of the M16A4 weighs 3.99 kilograms and has a 30-round magazine. The effective firing range of the rifle is 550 meters, and the rate of fire sustained for a long time is 12-15 rounds per minute. The 5.56mm SS109/M855 bullet, which emphasizes armor-piercing characteristics over lethal force, is being phased out in NATO armies and is being replaced by the M855A1 ammunition. In 1967, a modernized version of the original M16 model appeared - the M16A1 rifle, and by 1986 - the M16A2. The M16A3 rifle is produced in small quantities for the Navy SEALs, and the M16A4 entered service with the Marine Corps. The M4A1, currently in infantry service with the US Army, is exactly the same as the M16, but it has a shorter barrel and is equipped with a shortened telescopic stock. Fire from this machine gun is fully automatic. The M16 has become a reliable weapon over time. Having a modular design and being an easily adaptable weapon, it comes in different modifications - from a carbine to an infantry machine gun. It comes in the form of automatic squad weapons and sniper weapons. In recent years, its civilian version, also called the AR-15, has seen widespread development following the repeal of the federal ban on automatic weapons. The author of the article has two such rifles. M240 machine gun The M240 machine gun is a medium-caliber automatic weapon in service with the US Army and Marine Corps. It is also in service in 68 countries around the world, and for so long that at least one of the countries that purchased it at one time - Rhodesia - has already ceased to exist. The M240 is an American version of the FN-MAG machine gun, created in the 1950s by the Belgian arms company Fabrique Nationale. The MAG, as it was then called, used the features of various types of infantry weapons from both the Allied and Axis armies. The machine gun gained enormous popularity and was adopted by many NATO countries. Over the years of use, MAG has managed to shoot everywhere, from South Africa to the Falklands and from Afghanistan to Iraq. The M240 can be used to engage single targets such as enemy troops and light vehicles, as well as suppressive fire. With a heavier 7.62 mm caliber bullet, the machine gun has a maximum effective fire range of 1800 meters. The M240 weighs 12.25 kilograms, has a spare barrel, tripod and other accessories and spare parts, the total weight of which can be up to 21.3 kilograms. The machine gun fire mode, which can be maintained for a long time without overheating of parts, is 100 rounds per minute. Its rate of fire is up to 650 rounds per minute, but in this case overheating is inevitable. Obviously, since the M240 is in service in a large number of countries, the methods of its use are very diverse. But the use of the machine gun in the US Army is typical for many of its buyers. In the American army they install it on armored vehicles and issue two machine guns per infantry platoon. The Marine Corps has six machine guns per company, allowing the commander to use them very flexibly and widely. PC machine gun

The Kalashnikov PK light machine gun solved the problem of the Soviet Army to provide high firepower at the squad level. Like the AK-47, the PK is widely used throughout the world. Where there is an AK, a PC is always nearby. The PC was also invented by Mikhail Kalashnikov. It resembles the M240, but is actually the same class of PC as the M-27 infantry automatic rifle in service with the US Marine Corps, or the Minimi/M-249 light machine gun, which is a squad automatic weapon. The PC plays an important role as a squad automatic weapon. Although most infantrymen around the world use weapons capable of full-automatic or burst fire, a well-trained soldier rarely fires in long bursts because the machine gun is inaccurate and the magazine quickly runs out of ammunition. But the Kalashnikov machine gun acts as the squad's automatic weapon. The PC has a heavier barrel and frame that can withstand the recoil and heat of sustained fire. When mounted on a tripod, it is said to have excellent accuracy up to 800 meters. To simplify soldier training and solve logistics problems, there are many similarities between the AK and the PC. The Kalashnikov machine gun has the same sight as the AK-47, making it easier to learn how to shoot. They also have the same ammo. If a machine gunner runs out of ammunition, machine gunners can help him out, although the cartridges will have to be inserted into the belt. The PC can fire at aerial targets when mounted on a bipod or tripod, although in practice it can only be used to shoot down low-flying helicopters and, perhaps, drones. QBZ-95 Light Automatic Rifle The QBZ-95, or Type 95 automatic rifle, is in service with the Chinese army. Designed to replace the Chinese copy of the AK-47, the QBZ-95 is different from all other Chinese rifles. All branches of the PLA armed forces and branches of the armed forces, as well as the Chinese police, are equipped with it. The QBZ-95 is made using a bullpup layout, in which the trigger is moved forward and located in front of the magazine and firing mechanism. This makes the rifle shorter. As a result, the barrel of the QBZ-95 is 9 centimeters longer than that of the M4 assault rifle, but the overall length is shorter. The rifle has a carrying handle, although if sights and other optics are mounted on it, using the handle becomes problematic. A whole line of infantry weapons has been created based on the QBZ-95. Crews of combat vehicles and special forces have a version with a shortened barrel. To increase squad firepower, a version with a longer and heavier barrel is available. Unfortunately, the heavier version cannot use belt-fed ammunition and can only use 30-round magazines, which limits the ability to increase firepower. The rifle uses a unique 5.8 mm caliber ammunition developed in China and not used outside its borders. It is a mystery to us what justifies the need for such a cartridge. Apparently, it does not have any significant advantages compared to NATO and Russian cartridges, which are well developed, tested and have many modifications and purposes. One possible explanation is that the QBZ-95 cannot use ammunition from foreign supply sources. This rifle was not widely used overseas, but the stature and size of the Chinese military earned it a place on this list. Kyle Mizokami lives in San Francisco and writes for The Diplomat, Foreign Policy, War is Boring, and The Daily Beast. In 2009, he co-founded the defense and security blog Japan Security Watch.

InoSMI materials contain assessments exclusively of foreign media and do not reflect the position of the InoSMI editorial staff.

Best sniper rifles:

To go about your business from a relatively safe distance.


The most powerful semi-automatic sniper rifle in PUBG is the AWM. Capable of destroying enemies before they can blink, this is a treasure that can only be found in crates; simply put, this weapon is an absolute monster. Shoot someone in the head, whether they're wearing a level 3 helmet or not, and they're dead. Take two shots in the body - also dead.

You typically get an 8x scope out of an AWM box, which means an easy path to long-range dominance. It is also flexible enough to support other scopes at shorter ranges, and has a tremendous bullet velocity, meaning there is virtually no projectile trajectory. Even the sound of her shooting is incredible, with a meaty “boom” that echoes from every bullet that hits the target.

The AWM's main drawback is its semi-automatic firing, meaning it takes time to reload between shots. In addition, it only requires unique 300 caliber ammunition, which is only found in boxes. Miss too many times and you'll end up in a puddle.


Suffice it to say that the KAR98K is an excellent sniper rifle. It is also semi-automatic, meaning it has a very slow rate of fire, but makes up for this with incredible long-range accuracy.

Best DMR rifles:

Fast, furious and truly destructive. What else is needed?

Mini 14

Even though the damage output is not very high, it is one of the most versatile weapons in the game. It also has the fastest bullet speed, making long-range combat quick. It can also be fitted with various modifications so that you can customize it to suit your needs.


The latest addition to PUBG's arsenal is SLR, and based on our experience with it, we expect it to be nerfed in the near future.

The SLR chambers 7.62mm ammunition and looks like any other standard rifle. Start shooting this thing at an enemy and you'll quickly realize that its damage output is insane. At medium to long range, you can confidently pull the trigger quickly without any heavy recoil and kill your opponent in three shots.

Best machine guns:

Our pick for the best rapid fire weapons in this category.


The M249 is a beast, capable of firing 100 bullets in less than ten seconds. You'll only find it in crates, and for good reason - this thing destroys enemies.

Ideal for clearing rooms or shooting from a distance, the M249 is like an assault rifle on steroids, but it takes a while to get used to. It kicks quite a bit and you can only attach scopes to it, making this beast difficult to tame.

RK "Topol-M"

The core of the group of strategic missile forces was the Topol-M missile system (modernized). The weapon is a three-stage monoblock solid-fuel missile, which is contained in a special transport and launch container. She can stay in it for up to twenty years. A characteristic feature of this missile system is the theoretical possibility of replacing its solid warhead with a warhead that can be divided into three independent parts. Due to this, Topol-M becomes invulnerable to many air defense systems.

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According to the current agreements, military engineers of the Russian Federation are not allowed to make such a replacement. However, in light of recent events, it is possible that these agreements will be revised.

Russia is a country in which huge funds are allocated for the modernization of strategic and tactical nuclear forces. The Russian Federation's possession of conventional nuclear weapons and systems with nuclear components over recent years is an effective counterbalance to NATO countries.

Best melee weapon:

When you're out of ammo, hitting your face with a frying pan is the best option.


PUBG's iconic weapon is also the best choice when it comes to strong melee combat with enemies. It will kill you instantly if you hit anyone with it, and most importantly, it is bulletproof

Wearing it is akin to wearing extra armor, as it can easily deflect bullets coming at you from behind. Just great.

And that’s all, Dear Friends. We hope that the guide “Best weapons in PUBG: A selection of the best weapons from each category” was useful to you. Look for more guides for all games on our website! Good luck with your royal battles, and enjoy the game!

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