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Technical parameters of the SG 553 rifle in CS GO

The Swiss rifle SG 553 costs 2.75 thousand dollars in the game, and for this money, in addition to the weapon, you get a thirty-round magazine and three more magazines in stock. The cartridges are NATO and their caliber is 5.56x45mm, so there will be no problems with ammunition, because many weapons have the same cartridges.

The rate of fire of this assault weapon is 666 rounds per minute, and the magazine reload time is 2.8 seconds. Due to the presence of a sight, the mass of this automatic weapon is quite large and your character will not move around the location quickly - 210 units per second. So it’s better for you to reload in advance, because you won’t be able to quickly escape from your opponents at such speed.

For killing opponents with this Swiss automatic weapon in normal mode, gamers are given a reward of one hundred and fifty dollars. If you are going to use this assault weapon during the competitive mode, then the cash bonus will be doubled. But still, this weapon is not so cheap that you can buy it for economical rounds and expect to make money with it.

The shooting power of the SG 553 rifle from cs go is two hundred units, and the range of hitting targets is fifty meters. The damage is equal to thirty points, so such an assault weapon, due to the presence of a scope, can be used as a sniper rifle. The armor penetration of this Swiss “attack aircraft” is one hundred percent, and the recoil is adjustable and equal to 69 percent.

So, judging by these indicators, you will be able to destroy armored opponents even at a long distance and earn yourself points and cash bonuses. By using the scope's zoom feature, you can quickly spot your opponents and eliminate them before they can get within killing distance of you.

Among the main advantages of this automatic assault carbine are a high rate of fire, serious accuracy of the first shot, fast reloading, increased scope and a relatively low price. Hitting an opponent's head always means the death of your opponents, since the armor-piercing ability is excellent.

The disadvantages of this Swiss rifle include considerable dispersion during a long burst, considerable weight and therefore slow running, considerable recoil, and the fact that aiming through the optics does not allow you to move quickly.

Such automatic weapons are perfect for defense, since the optical sight and high armor-piercing power will not allow opponents to approach you within striking distance. Using the sight, you can kill enemies in the head at long distances and thereby quickly be able to destroy all those who believe in their fortune.

It is not recommended to use the sight for too long, since if you are aiming at enemies, your angular vision is reduced, and opponents can move around you from the side. So it needs to be checked from time to time. What happens at medium distances to avoid getting into trouble.

Delivery and customs clearance of weapons from Switzerland

We have selected reliable and trusted companies for delivery from Switzerland to the Russian Federation (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan and other cities of the Russian Federation). Direct deliveries with suppliers: cargo delivery and customs clearance.

  1. ✅ BuroImporta LLC - website tel. 8 (499) 348-29-89 mail:
  2. ✅ ImportR LLC - website tel. +7(499) 322-98-16 mail:
  3. ✅ Delivery Asia (Air transportation only) - website tel. mail:
  4. ⁉️Would you like us to add your organization? Write to us by email

The cost of selecting manufacturers who produce/produce goods in one country will be 7,990 rubles.

Skins for SG 553 from CS GO

If you liked the Swiss assault rifle SG 553 in a game situation, then you can make it more attractive with the help of colorful pictures. You can find skins for SG 553 in cs go either in weapon cases, which are located in all locations, or on the Steam trading platform.

Using beautiful skins for firearms, you will not only make your character more stylish and impressive, but also increase the fascination of the plot of the entire game. So if you have the opportunity to apply beautiful coloring, do not miss the opportunity to make the character more impressive.

And if you plan to make a complete copy of the SG 553 gaming carbine from cs go, you will need to find a drawing of this automatic weapon on the Internet. With this drawing, you will make it easier and faster to make a model that will become a beautiful addition to your collection of in-game weapons from the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

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Factories and wholesale manufacturers from Switzerland

  1. Toys for children over 8 years old, made of plastic, depicting weapons - “blasters”, complete with a detachable “video camera”, with metal elements, with sound and light effects, Hasbro SA (SWITZERLAND)
  2. Toys for children over 8 years old, made of plastic, depicting weapons - “blasters”, complete with a detachable “video camera”, with metal elements, with sound and light effects, Hasbro SA (SWITZERLAND)
  3. Toys for children over 3 years old made of plastic, depicting weapons, blasters, slingshots, rocket launchers, swords, including light swords, crossbows, bows, “repulsors”, including those that shoot balls, water, arrows with various attachments Hasbro SA ( SWITZERLAND)

Suppliers from Switzerland

When purchasing in bulk, you need to choose the right production in Switzerland, where on the one hand the price is lower, but on the other hand you can save on delivery or directly to Moscow, Kazan or St. Petersburg.

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