Rocket car battery: characteristics of a Korean battery

The first Korean batteries, the quality of which met international standards, were released in 1952. Most of the technologies used were borrowed from Japanese companies, which have been developing autonomous power supplies for a long period of time. After some time, the Global Battery plant was built in Korea, after which production capacity increased significantly. The Rocket battery is a controversial proposition, with many advantages and disadvantages.

Appearance on the world market

To begin with, the company built the Central Institute of Battery Technology, the purpose of which is to conduct various experiments and research to discover new technologies. After the opening of the research center, the Korean plant received the certificates required to supply products to the world market.
Currently, Rocket batteries are supplied to 140 countries around the world. Original components produced under this brand are installed on Kia and Volkswagen. This is due to the fact that the Rocket car battery has an average service life and a very affordable price.

About Rocket

The South Korean company Global Battery has been producing acid batteries for more than sixty years.
Today, the batteries of this company are very popular and are exported to one hundred and forty countries around the world. In the early 90s, a second plant was built in the city of Gwangju, equipped with the latest industry requirements. The company has more than 1,000 employees (as a result, the electric plant produces about 3.5 million batteries annually).

Internet resource of the company:

Main characteristics

There are simply a huge number of different models of car batteries on sale. Although certain standards have been adopted for their production, not all models are suitable for all cars. The features of the manufactured Rocket battery lines include the following points:

  1. A large number of battery sizes. Different cars require batteries with different housing sizes.
  2. Capacity is considered the most important selection criterion. This figure can vary from 44 to 230 Ah.
  3. Batteries can be produced in different types: low maintenance, maintenance free and maintenance free.

Another important parameter is the magnitude of the starting current. In this regard, the Rocket 30 battery does not stand out among other middle-class products; it has an average performance. Most of the battery can produce a starting current of 580 A, which is quite enough to easily start the engine.

Briefly about the range

Here the Koreans took care of an abundance of standard sizes and containers. This allows you to select a battery for both a small passenger car and a heavy truck. The company produces:

  • MF is a series of low maintenance batteries.
  • SMF - maintenance free batteries.

As for the capacity, it starts from 45 A/h and reaches 230 A/h. Quite an impressive run-up, although currently this is quite normal. Many manufacturers try to cover as many types of equipment as possible with their products, and the Koreans are no exception. Some brands of cars are equipped with a Rocket car battery as standard. These include Daewoo, Kia, Volkswagen and some others. This indicates that the vehicle manufacturer trusts the brand and there is a corresponding agreement. Well, now let's move on and look at something else interesting.

Criterias of choice

When choosing a Rocket battery, the characteristics of which may be indicated on the label, it is recommended to pay attention to the expiration date:

  1. Over time, the active elements that are used in the manufacture of batteries may deteriorate.
  2. Too long storage leads to the destruction of the plates, and they begin to crumble.
  3. If the plates are severely damaged, the battery may work, but the declared capacity will no longer be achieved even with timely maintenance.

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? That is why, when choosing the appropriate power source model, you need to pay attention to the release date. If the battery is older than three years, it is recommended to pass it by.

The Rocket Global 900r battery may be labeled with its release date. The KJ5K16 brand can be deciphered as follows:

  1. The first two letters are used to designate the city in which the battery is produced. This information can be ignored.
  2. The next figure points to 2015.
  3. The letter K indicates the month of issue. You can count in alphabetical order. In this case, the specified month is November.

It is believed that after two years have passed since the release of the energy source, it loses its basic operational characteristics. Even when stored under recommended conditions, the battery loses its properties.

Where are Rocket batteries used?

Rocket acid batteries are used as starter devices in various cars and motorcycles. Due to the fact that the company's products are represented by a very large assortment, every owner of a truck or car will be able to choose the most suitable model for himself.

A large number of standard sizes allows you to select a device for any car. Most batteries are manufactured with direct and reverse polarity. The terminals can be either European or Asian (ASIA type).

Technologies used

The Korean plant was originally built on the basis of Japanese developments. It was this moment that made it possible to achieve high results in the manufacture of batteries. Features of the production of Rocket batteries include the following points:

  1. The plates are obtained using “drawn” technology. It has made it possible to significantly extend the service life of the product and eliminates the possibility of damage due to deep discharge.
  2. A strong discharge does not lead to a decrease in capacity. As a rule, with a complete loss of charge, the capacity indicator drops to a critical value, which leads to destruction of the plates.
  3. During the production of plates, packaging is carried out. In addition, the body is characterized by the presence of a large number of stiffeners. Due to this, the degree of susceptibility of the battery to vibration occurring during operation is reduced.
  4. Covers with a labyrinth system are often installed. It removes gases, but at the same time water returns back. This design solution made it possible to reduce water consumption during operation of the power source.
  5. The manufactured enclosures are highly airtight. Due to this, the required level of safety during operation is ensured.

Numerous tests indicate that Rocket batteries provide a stable power supply at high temperatures, and can also produce current at the required voltage in winter. At the same time, the products of the Korean manufacturer belong to the low and medium price category.

Technical characteristics of the model range

This brand produces batteries with a capacity ranging from 45 to 150 ah, which allows you to choose a battery for both a passenger car and a truck.

Car batteries

The following Rocket battery models can be used for installation in passenger cars:

  • Rocket 6CT-45 – this model is ideal for small cars. Capacity – 45 Ah; starting current – ​​430A; overall dimensions: 238x129x225 mm.
  • Rocket 6CT-65 - a battery of this type is suitable for medium-power gasoline cars. Capacity – 65 Ah; starting current – ​​580A; overall dimensions: 232x173x225 mm.
  • Rocket 6CT-70 – can be used to replace the Rocket 6CT-65 model. Capacity – 70 Ah; starting current – ​​600 A; overall dimensions: 260x173x222 mm.
  • Rocket 6CT-80 – used for installation on powerful gasoline and diesel passenger cars. Capacity – 80 Ah; starting current – ​​650 A; overall dimensions: 260x173x222 mm.
  • Rocket 6CT-90 – used for installation on powerful diesel passenger cars and minibuses. Capacity – 90 Ah; starting current – ​​750 A; overall dimensions: 303x173x225 mm.

All of the listed Rocket battery models belong to the SMF category, that is, to maintain the product in working condition throughout its entire service life, you do not need to open the lid and add water to the cans.


Cargo batteries

The following Rocket battery models can be used for installation on trucks:

  • Rocket 6CT-100 – used for installation on small trucks and buses. Capacity – 100 Ah; starting current –870 A; overall dimensions: 330x173x232 mm
  • Rocket 6CT-120 – used for medium-duty trucks. Capacity – 120 Ah; starting current –1000 A; overall dimensions: 330x173x240 mm.
  • Rocket 6CT-150 – installed on powerful diesel trucks and special equipment. Capacity – 150 Ah; cold cranking current –950 A; overall dimensions: 508x222x238 mm.

Both truck and passenger batteries from this manufacturer can be produced with different polarities, so when purchasing, you should pay attention to which side of the case the positive terminal is located on. For the most part, all truck batteries are made using MF technology, which means you will have to monitor the electrolyte level and add water if necessary.

Consumer Reviews

The opinion of car enthusiasts regarding the battery in question is divided: some are satisfied with their purchase, others point to the occurrence of a large number of problems during operation. Often the advantages of a Korean battery include the following:

  1. Long service life. It is achieved through the use of the most modern technologies in production.
  2. The manufactured housing is characterized by high tightness and strength. To ensure such qualities, a mesh structure with a large number of stiffeners is created.
  3. The starting current is at an average level. In most cases, it is quite enough to easily start the engine. However, in winter some problems may arise.
  4. The price tag is below average. This determines the availability of the offer. After four years of service, you can replace the battery with a new one and not waste time servicing the old one.
  5. Recent reviews indicate that the Korean manufacturer has significantly improved the quality of its products. That is why Rocket batteries have become very popular in the Russian market.

Reviews found on specialized resources also indicate that Rocket batteries are often defective. That is why when choosing a battery you need to pay attention to the release date and technical condition. You cannot purchase models with mechanical defects, for example, a swollen body.


Kirill, Saratov

I used a 60 Ah Rocket battery in a Kia Ceed. The battery was made in an Asian form factor. In total, the battery served for almost 7 years. The car started at ─25 ─30 degrees Celsius without any problems. Never lit a cigarette or pushed it.

Moreover, twice during use it completely sat down for me. Once the fault was in the electrical network, and the second time I forgot to turn off the heater. At the same time, I often listened to music in the parking lot for 30-40 minutes, and then the Rocket battery started the engine without the slightest problem.

After the battery served its purpose, I purchased a Bosch battery. In principle, it is no worse than Rocket, but significantly more expensive. I can definitely recommend Rocket batteries to all car owners.

Mikhail, St. Petersburg

I had a Rocket SMF battery. I bought it a few years ago, around 2015 or 2021. Just in the winter when my old battery died. The first winter the battery worked without problems, but in the second at ─20 the engine started to misfire.

I used the Rocket battery on an old Mitsubishi Lancer. Shortly before purchasing the battery, the vehicle's on-board network was revised. Therefore, there were no problems with the operation of the generator and other elements.

Yes, I checked the battery itself. Periodically measured the voltage on it. I did not measure the density because it is maintenance-free. The peephole showed “everything is buzzing.” That is, the problem is simply that the Rocket was producing insufficient starting current at subzero temperatures.

Unfortunately, I do not have a device to measure the starting current. But I don’t see any other reasons for the failure to start the engine. Otherwise, there are no complaints about the battery. It works flawlessly. However, as serious cold weather sets in, problems begin. Most likely, I will soon buy myself a new one, and leave this Rocket as a spare. It will come in handy if there is some kind of emergency, you need to drive in the cold, but the standard battery does not work.

Maxim, Tyumen

Two years ago I purchased Solaris along with a Rocket SMF battery. The model is called 60B24L. At first I thought that its capacity was 60 Ah. But for Asian batteries, the capacity is marked with some kind of estimate. The actual capacity is 49 Ah. This is for a 20 hour discharge.

The battery design is Asian with narrow terminals and a flat top cover. The battery is maintenance-free, and there is a peephole to check the state of charge. Pretty bad because you can't add water or measure the density of the electrolyte. That is, it is impossible to say for sure whether the battery is charged or not.

He has no other shortcomings. According to the previous owner of the car, the battery lasted 3 years. And it has been working for me for 2 years now. He shows no signs of dying. In winter the car starts well. For maintenance, I only charge once a quarter from a standard network device. Overall, I can recommend this product. And in general, South Korean-made batteries deserve attention as they have an attractive price-quality ratio.

Battery charge

Almost all Rocket car batteries belong to the group of maintenance-free energy sources. When choosing them, many motorists believe that periodic maintenance is not necessary; simply install and connect the battery, and it will last during the warranty period. It is recommended to service the battery for the following reasons:

  1. In many cases, the generator cannot fully charge the power source. A similar problem is associated with a malfunction of the generator itself, driving characteristics and other issues. Using a special charger can solve the problem of insufficient battery charge. Experts recommend charging periodically, especially in winter.
  2. Electrochemical processes inside the structure can occur due to the filling of the plates with electrolyte. This substance is represented by a combination of acid and distilled water in a certain percentage ratio. Natural processes during battery discharge can lead to a decrease in the amount of electrolyte, as well as changes in its density. If the housing has filling holes, maintenance can be carried out by adding electrolyte or water.

Various instruments can be used to determine the state of the energy source. The discharge level can be determined using a multimeter, the density by conducting a test with a special device.

The battery charging process is characterized by quite a large number of features. Recommendations for recharging the charge are as follows:

  1. It is recommended to charge the battery in a ventilated area. In this case, flammable substances should not be located nearby.
  2. After removing the battery from the car, the surface is cleaned of contaminants. Particular attention is paid to the condition of the terminals, since oxidation and corrosion increase the resistance and reduce charging efficiency.
  3. To replenish the charge level, it is recommended to use a special charger that allows you to control the voltage and strength of the supplied current. Modern ultrasonic devices can control all parameters automatically and automatically stop the current supply when fully charged.
  4. If the charger has a manual setting, it is recommended to set the current to about 4 Amps. If the battery is in good technical condition, it takes about eight hours to fully charge.

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Do not open the cover to charge or service the battery. This is due to the fact that after the seal has been broken, the battery cannot be used. Processes undergoing can lead to the release of electrolyte .

Maintenance and charging

Most Rocket calcium batteries are maintenance-free, so you don’t have to monitor the electrolyte level during operation. It will be enough just to clean the case from dirt and dust from time to time. Charge if necessary. The only exception to this rule are models intended for freight transport. Such products can be fully serviced, but some models for this type of transport are produced using SMF technology, that is, completely maintenance-free.

Batteries from this company should be charged like other acid batteries. To effectively replenish the supply of electricity, it is enough to charge the battery with a current equal to 10% of the nominal capacity of the battery at a voltage of 14.4 volts. This operation should be performed for no more than 10 hours in a row.

With European terminals

Operating the Rocket battery

Many negative reviews can be attributed to the fact that the battery was used in violation of basic rules. In some cases, the operational life is only one year. Recommendations for using batteries are as follows:

  1. Periodic maintenance is required. In most cases, it consists of charging the battery and replenishing the electrolyte level.
  2. The temperature of the electrolyte must not be allowed to increase, as this leads to the destruction of the main elements. Often the battery temperature rises due to use under heavy load or improper charging. In addition, mechanical damage can lead to serious problems during operation.
  3. Do not operate the power source in poor technical condition.
  4. The terminals must be periodically cleaned of dirt. To do this, you can use rags and a special solution.

As practice shows, Rocket batteries last no more than three years. The manufacturer guarantees a service life of more than five years, but in practice such a case is extremely rare.

Some reviews indicate a service life of about seven years with proper use and timely maintenance. In most cases, products manufactured under this brand are purchased due to their relatively low cost.

Tips for choosing

When choosing a battery, you should first look at the dimensions and type of case. Deviations in size can lead to unsuccessful placement of the battery in its place. Only a small difference in height is allowed compared to the original battery.

The starting current indirectly affects the starter rotation speed. As a guide, it should not be less than 440 A. It should be borne in mind that the higher the starting current, the higher the cost of the battery.

You should also pay attention to the polarity. The original battery is of the Asian type, that is, it has reverse polarity

If you purchase a battery with a direct sequence of terminals, problems may arise during installation due to insufficient wire length.

The original battery installed on the Rio 3 is maintenance-free. This introduces certain nuances during operation. When choosing batteries from third-party manufacturers, it is better to give preference to low-maintenance batteries.

How to find out the release date and decrypt the code

When a battery is manufactured, a special code is applied to its cover, which can be used to determine the release date of the battery. You can decipher such a code very easily if you know the principle of encoding information. The marking of Rocket batteries is deciphered as follows:

  1. The first two letters are the manufacturer (KS – Changwon; KJ – Kwangju)
  2. Using the following number you can determine the year of manufacture (7 - 2021, 8 - 2021, 9-2019, etc.)
  3. The next letter indicates the month (A-January, B-February, C-March, etc.)
  4. The last two digits are the number of the month.

In this way, the exact production date of the battery can be determined. For example, code KS9A01 indicates that the battery was manufactured on January 1, 2021.

Did you have or do you have a Rocket ? Then tell us in the comments about your impressions of it, this will greatly help other car enthusiasts and make the material more complete and accurate.

About the technologies used

This manufacturer gained experience from leading Japanese brands. Consequently, some of the technologies were borrowed from them. These include the method of manufacturing plates. Instead of conventional casting, the “drawn” method is used. Its essence lies in the fact that the plates are less susceptible to corrosion and crumble only in rare cases. Metal elements are crimped, which significantly increases their strength and durability. The grain size of the active plate has been slightly reduced, this has a positive effect on the durability of the battery.

The developers decided to completely abandon the use of antimony alloy. Instead, the plates began to be made from a lead-calcium alloy. This made it possible to get rid of such a negative effect as self-discharge. Therefore, even if the battery is not used for a long time, it is almost not discharged, this is a very big plus. Lead-calcium alloy has other strengths:

  • works stably at high temperatures;
  • provides high starting current at low temperatures;
  • water practically does not evaporate;
  • gas formation is reduced.

As you can see, there is quite an impressive list of benefits. The key disadvantage is the high cost of production, which affects the price tag of the battery on the counter.

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