Muzzle attachment flash suppressor Kayot-MK (DTK) Saiga-MK, AK 74


The history of this carbine, unlike the previous model, begins in the 1970s. According to experts, this rifle unit was developed at a mechanical plant in Izhevsk specifically for saigas, which at that time were making devastating raids on agricultural land.

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The Saiga was developed on the basis of the Kalashnikov assault rifle. The features of the carbine include the following:

The number indicates what kind of ammunition the weapon fires. In addition, the line also includes models:

  • "Saiga M";
  • "Saiga MK";
  • "Saiga 308";
  • "Saiga 9".

This is a rifled weapon. What is better - "Saiga" or "Vepr"? Which model should you prefer?

Procedure for partial disassembly

  1. Separate the magazine from the receiver.
  2. Remove the cleaning rod.
  3. Recess the corrugated square button on the receiver cover and separate it by moving it backwards.
  4. By pressing forward, remove the return mechanism clutch from the grooves and remove it together with the spring from the groove of the bolt frame.
  5. Move the bolt carrier back. After the piston exits the gas tube, smoothly, avoiding the stops of the bolt cylinder catching on the guides on the receiver, remove it backwards and .
  6. Remove the bolt cylinder from the bolt frame by tilting it down and turning the bolt clockwise.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • The trigger mechanism of the carbine is similar to the AK-104, it just does not have an automatic fire sear, and the bolt has three degrees of locking. Therefore, “Saiga MK” version 03 can be considered a trouble-free and “indestructible” representative of a firearm.
  • Due to the short barrel, the effective range of the shot does not exceed 300 meters, and the accuracy of hits is more consistent with military weapons than with hunting weapons.
  • The ergonomics are outdated, the stock is not comfortable enough, it does not have an adjustable, or even a shock-absorbing butt pad. Due to the short barrel, the sound of the shot hits the ears hard.
  • There is no way to install optical sights without tuning; the brutal iron rear sight and front sight are not equipped with fiber optic threads.
  • Many owners of this carbine would like to have a magazine that is at least similar in size to a combat magazine and can hold 30 rounds. But these are not produced.

Carbine Saiga MK isp. 03 7.62x39 mm (photo)


  • Self-loading carbine with folding stock. The trigger mechanism is driven by powder gases discharged from the barrel bore through a gas outlet pipe.
  • The design is completely identical to the AK-104 combat assault rifle, the only thing that makes the Saiga MK version 03 different from it is the absence of an automatic fire sear. Provision is made for blocking the trigger when the stock is folded.
  • The pistol grip, butt, fore-end and gas tube cover in the basic version are made of black impact-resistant plastic.
  • Sights are a traditional AK rear sight-ruler with a slider and a high closed front sight, both made of metal.

Operating principle

Based on the use of part of the powder gases from the barrel bore, which activate the trigger mechanism.

  1. The carbine is removed from the safety by lowering its flag, located on the right side of the receiver, down.
  2. The bolt frame is retracted, for which you need to hook the first phalanx of the index finger of your right hand onto its lever, and then release it so that the bolt frame itself, energetically and with a characteristic click, returns to its original position.
  3. When the bolt frame is returned, a cartridge from the magazine is sent into the chamber, the bolt rotates and locks the barrel. At the same time, the trigger is cocked and the trigger is placed on the sear hook.
  4. After pressing the trigger, the trigger is released and strikes the firing pin, the firing pin of which punctures the cartridge primer. A shot occurs.
  5. When fired, part of the powder gases return to the gas tube and put pressure on the bolt frame piston, forcing it to move back and compress the return mechanism spring. As a result, the trigger is cocked and the cartridge is supplied from the magazine to the loading line.
  6. When the bolt frame is returned back under the action of the return mechanism spring, actions similar to step 3 occur, after which the carbine is ready for the next shot.

Shooting from the Saiga MK 03 carbine is presented in this video:

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