Fuel consumption Lexus RX 300

Lexus RX 300 2021 is a restyling of the fourth generation of the Japanese premium crossover. The model retained the general style, but the developers slightly refreshed both the exterior and interior, making one of the most popular cars of this brand in the world even more modern. High quality finishes, an excellent level of equipment and a fairly powerful engine ensure demand for the RX 300 among Russian and Ukrainian buyers. Although the average price of such a vehicle is about $50,000.

Appearance and dimensions of Lexus RX 300 2021

At first glance, the car has not changed that much when compared with the 3rd and 4th generations. However, the restyled version also has several features of the updated exterior:

  • improved front bumper design and body kit with additional relief;
  • massive hood protrusions located on the sides;
  • a traditionally large radiator grille consisting of a fine mesh - around this element is trimmed with a chrome strip, and in the upper part is the manufacturer’s logo;
  • updated optics, which can be LED or xenon;
  • cutouts for ventilation of the brake system, under which there are “fog lights”.

When looking at the crossover from the side, you can note the impressive shape of the lid and small windows with chrome trim. On the same side, enlarged mirrors and additional relief are noticeable, which the pre-restyling version did not have. From the rear, the car looks aggressive - thanks to the roof with a protrusion on which the brake light is located, the unusual shape of the glazing and massive triangular dimensions connected by a chrome strip.

The car is quite large - its body length is 4.89 m, width 1.895 m, height 1.71 m. The wheelbase dimensions of 2.79 m provide enough space for the knees of second-row passengers. And the ground clearance is 20 cm – good maneuverability. The curb weight of the vehicle, depending on the configuration, is from 1.96 to 2.155 tons. The maximum is from 2.5 to 2.575 tons.

Lexus RX 300 interior

Inside the new 2021 Lexus RX 300 model, you can notice the high quality of the interior, which is decorated with soft leather, soft plastic, wood and metal inserts. The center console houses large air vents and a clock, climate control panel and many other useful controls. A little lower there is space for various small things, closer to the driver’s seat there is a gearbox selector, and the passenger seat has cup holders.

Particular attention is drawn to the multimedia system, which is equipped even with the basic version of the crossover. The most advantageous configuration has a screen with a diagonal of 8 inches, while other modifications have a 12.3-inch screen. Optionally, you can replace the standard audio system with a Mark Levinson (available by default on the Lexus RX Luxury). In addition, among the options there is the possibility of installing two 11.6-inch screens for second-row passengers.

All the seats of the premium crossover received a comfortable relief - according to the developers, their task was to imitate the seats of a limousine. There is enough legroom, and the reclining backrests can be adjusted to suit a specific passenger. And the absence of a large central tunnel in the floor ensures a comfortable ride even for a person sitting in the middle of the rear sofa.

Description Lexus RX300

The prestigious Lexus RX 300, built on the Toyota Camry platform, entered mass production in 1999. In five years, half a million first-generation Lexus RX 300 were sold worldwide. After modernization in 2004, the Lexus RX 300 received a more powerful engine (with a displacement of 3.0 liters and a power of 204 hp, equipped with a modern VVT-i variable valve timing system) and expanded functionality.

To control options, the Lexus RX300 offers a large information screen located next to the driver's seat. The touch screen surface allows you to work with information by simply pressing your finger. The driver's seat of the RX300 is electrically adjustable.

The standard version of the Lexus RX-300 is equipped with xenon headlights, an active safety system, an audio system, leather upholstery, climate control, a motion stabilization system and other functions that provide a high level of comfort. Once you get behind the wheel of a Lexus RX-300, you can forget about all your pressing problems and just get real pleasure from driving this luxurious car.

The next model from the RX family is the Lexus RX 330, capable of accelerating to 100 km/h in just 7.7 seconds. The stabilization system works together with the Brake Assist emergency braking system and a modern program that monitors the air pressure in the tires, allowing the Lexus RX 330 to perform the most difficult maneuvers even in complete off-road conditions. Several levels of passive and active safety of the Lexus RX 330 guarantee effective protection for the driver and passengers of this car.


The new fourth generation Lexus RX has significantly changed its appearance and has become even larger in size. The first thing the new car received was an even more massive radiator grille. The signature hourglass-style grille features a mesh shape in various mesh or horizontal stripe versions and features subtle chrome inserts at the edges. All Lexus optics are LED, including narrow headlights, original taillights, running lights and triangular crystal foglights located unusually high on the huge bumper. The headlights are three LED lenses assembled into a block, made in the shape of an L and repeating the Lexus brand logo. The adaptive lighting system, which even on pre-restyling Lexus models illuminated the side of the road when turning, became fundamentally new. Now, when you turn the steering wheel, the lens from the bumper, located next to the fog lamp and turned outward, lights up. Automation is responsible for the operating conditions of this backlight, changing the brightness of the LEDs.

The hood contains a large number of raised bulges. This geometry makes it possible to enhance the aerodynamic qualities of the SUV, and also visually adds elegance to the overall aggressive image of Lexus and emphasizes the rapid dynamic character. The stern contains large elements that correspond to the overall proportions and emphasize the dominant character of the car. The taillight structures take up a lot of space on the hood, with the lights partially located on the side fenders and on the tailgate. A massive spoiler covers the rear window, and the chrome exhaust pipes, integrated into the protective structure of the rear bumper, have a new geometry and have become more massive. The bumper itself, in addition to two exhaust pipes, is equipped with a compact diffuser. The most noticeable new feature of the exterior was the original Lexus roof, which received a design with a floating effect. The C-pillars are framed in black plastic, which matches the color of the tinted glass of the tailgate and the side windows on the rear doors. The rear side windows themselves have an original design and are reduced in size. The new Lexus is equipped with massive wheel arches, and the wheels, even in the basic configuration, now have a diameter of 20 inches, which emphasizes the sporty character of the car.

Fans of a sporty style can make their Lexus even more spectacular - the F Sport package allows you to install graphite wheels of an original shape, in a shade of body color. A large number of nameplates and branded symbols decorate the sports equipment of Lexus both inside and outside. The hybrid modification, which does not have a sports package, is equipped with emblems with the inscription “Hybrid” on a blue sky background. The emblems look especially impressive on the aerodynamic sill trims. The Lexus exterior is not only spectacular, but also practical. The rear view mirrors are heated and equipped with a memory function. The windshield is also heated. The glass is tinted and equipped with UV protection. The tailgate now has touch controls. A sensor located in the door emblem recognizes the driver's hand or elbow. If you hold your hand near it for a few seconds, the trunk door will automatically open. Along the entire perimeter of the SUV there is a protective strip of plastic that frames the door sills and wheel arches of the original shape. And the lower spoiler at the front directs air flow to the lower part of the body, thereby increasing the stability of the car.

The redesigned RX has new dimensions. Its length increased by 120 mm and amounted to 4890 mm, its width increased by 10 mm and reached 1895 mm, and its height remained the same 1690 mm. The wheelbase has increased by 50 mm and is 2790 mm. Ground clearance increased by 20 mm and amounted to 200 mm.


After the generation change, the Lexus Er X received a completely different level of design. Now the interior has become not only luxurious, but also received individual features. There is not a hint of simplicity in the interior - all materials are of the highest quality, high-quality leather, the best types of plastic and luxurious Alcantra fabric. In premium trim levels you can see the real art of hand-crafted leather. Precious wood finishes feature details crafted from a single trunk with a single structural pattern. The dashboard is superbly designed and evokes a cascading waterfall. The upper level on the right flows smoothly into a platform for the multimedia screen, integrated into a graceful recess in the center console. On the left is a small elevation, under which the speedometer, tachometer and on-board computer screen are located. The smooth curve extends to the chrome deflector grille. On the right, another wave forms, formed by an air duct with a chrome insert and an elegant glove box. The individuality of the design is emphasized by a wavy chrome line on the central panel, which separates the platform of the infotainment complex, smoothly bends around the vents and descends to the bottom of the panel. The highlight of the panel design is the analog clock, which stands out against the backdrop of innovative equipment.

Multimedia is represented by a 12-inch touch screen, which displays data from the navigation system. Here you can also receive information on Lexus maintenance, connect a rear view camera and display an image from it on the screen, and also control an audio system with 9 or 15 (in premium configuration) speakers. You can watch movies in HD format on the screen. As an additional equipment, you can install 11-inch screens in the headrests of the front seats and take care of the leisure of passengers on a long trip. The design of the steering wheel is noteworthy. The rim consists of sections finished with various elements - leather, high-quality smooth plastic, and in premium versions - expensive types of wood. On the side spokes there are controls for the multimedia and audio system functions, as well as 2-zone climate control.

The Mark Levinson branded audio system deserves special attention. It is made specifically for Lexus, has an individual character and sounds best in its interior. The company's engineers, as a matter of principle, do not install universal acoustics in Lexus. All speakers are designed specifically for the RX and its design. Another detail in the car is aluminum inserts and linings. Such interior parts for Lexus are produced by Yamaha at factories that manufacture musical instruments. The production of parts is quite complex - wooden veneer is glued onto an aluminum sheet, which is cut with a laser beam to the metal base. After this, the element is opened with varnish, and a finished part of the Lexus interior is obtained.

Technical specifications of the 2021 Lexus RX 300

The model is supplied to the Russian, Ukrainian and other markets with one power unit option - a 2-liter engine with a capacity of 238 horsepower. In the basic configuration of the model, the engine is complemented by a drive mode selector. You can choose between Normal, Eco and Sport. For F Sport and Luxury, 2 additional modes are offered – Sport+ and Custom. The drive can be front-wheel drive (only for the basic version) or all-wheel drive. Acceleration to 100 km/h is completed in 9.2-9.5 seconds. Average fuel consumption is 7.8-7.9 liters per 100 km. Vehicle speed is up to 200 km/h.

The trunk volume of the updated crossover is 506 liters, less compared to the pre-restyling version. This is not the best indicator in the class. But when folding the second row of seats, the space becomes approximately 3 times larger - 1,626 cubic meters. m. The absence of a loading lip makes loading easier, but due to the high ground clearance, problems may arise with heavy loads.

The list of crossover safety systems is impressive even for the basic version, which received 10 airbags and active head restraints. The top-end configurations have an even higher level of protection. And the body has become more rigid compared to previous versions of the Lexus RX - due to new welding points at the openings and wheel arches. Therefore, according to the crash test results (Euro NCAP standard), the car received 5 stars out of 5.

Model history

The initial plan of marketers is reflected in the fact that more than half of the Lexus RX300

were implemented in the USA. When creating a new car, the developers took the well-tested Lexus ES300 sedan at that time as the basic design. Compared to other brands, it was somewhat rustic, but still undoubtedly belonged to the super-prestigious, luxury category of cars.

The popularity of the RX300 among wealthy car owners is largely due to its stylish appearance and thoughtful interior comfort, combined with unsurpassed chic. A potential buyer had to walk around the car and sit in the driver’s seat with lateral support and 8 adjustment positions, put his hands on the perfectly shaped steering wheel, and he was simply unable to refuse to purchase a Lexus RX300.

Photo Lexus RX300 - rear view


The crossover has enough competitors. And on the list of the main ones are the Land Rover Discovery and Volkswagen Touareg models. The peculiarity of the first car is a durable body, a large selection of engines (including diesel) and excellent dynamics. At the same time, the car is inferior to the RX 350 when cornering, mainly due to the high center of gravity and large mass. The cost of the latest versions of Discovery is also high - but in this indicator the crossover is slightly ahead of Lexus.

Built on a modular platform, the Tuareg is on average cheaper than the PX 350. It also features low fuel consumption and good dynamics. True, such a car is intended mainly for urban use and smooth roads. The cross-country ability of the VW Touareg is average, inferior to Lexus. But the German manufacturer can offer 3 engines at once - 2 gasoline and 1 diesel.

Options and prices

The Lexus RX 300 2021 crossover in a new body is already on sale in Russia. Official dealers offer 4 vehicle configurations (with 5 equipment levels):

  • The basic version received an increased number of USB connectors - now there are 2 of them in front and in back. The same Executive trim level has a multimedia system with an 8-inch screen and support for wireless connection of gadgets running Android and iOS. And also - a touch control panel, push-button engine start and a rearview camera, audio with 9 speakers, a sunroof and power adjustments for the first row of seats.
  • The differences between the Premium version are the increased size of the touch screen, which has a diagonal of 12.3 inches, and 12 speakers of the audio system.
  • The F Sport trim gets additional interior and exterior trim options (including Flare Red), 15 speakers and premium Mark Levinson audio.
  • For the top version, the manufacturer has provided for the installation of a projection display and panoramic cameras. As well as a whole range of driver assistance systems.

In Ukrainian showrooms you can find the PX 300 2021 model year at a price of 1.558 million UAH. This is the price for the basic Business package, which official dealers offer with automatic transmission and all-wheel drive. The top version Executive+ is sold at a price of 1.78 million UAH.

Table 1. Car configurations.

NameMotorcheckpointTransmissionPrice, million rubles
Executive2.0 l, 238 hp, gasoline"machine"Front wheel drive3,67
All-wheel drive3,91
F Sports4,53


Fuel consumption Lexus RX300 2003, jeep/suv 5 doors, 2nd generation, XU30

Engine capacityPowerTransmissionDrive unitFuelConsumption
3.0 l204 hpAutomatic transmissionfour-wheel drive (4WD)Gasoline AI-9512,2

Fuel consumption Lexus RX300 restyling 2000, jeep/suv 5 doors, 1st generation, XU10

Engine capacityPowerTransmissionDrive unitFuelConsumption
3.0 l201 hpAutomatic transmissionfront-wheel driveGasoline AI-9513,0

Fuel consumption Lexus RX300 1998, jeep/suv 5 doors, 1st generation, XU10

Engine capacityPowerTransmissionDrive unitFuelConsumption
3.0 l201 hpAutomatic transmissionfront-wheel driveGasoline AI-9513,0
( 2 ratings, average 4 out of 5 )
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