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Self-propelled flamethrower Wasp Mk II 1944

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The main British armored personnel carrier during the Second World War was the light tracked multi-purpose armored personnel carrier Universal Carrier.

It was developed in 1938 by Vickers-Armstrong based on the famous English Vickers Carden-Lloyd wedge.
The “Universal Transporter”
was a low, open-top armored vehicle, adapted to mount a
or a
. The Universal Carrier was used by the British Army and the armed forces of the British Commonwealth countries during the Second World War in a variety of roles: as a reconnaissance vehicle in infantry and reconnaissance units;
tractor for artillery systems; armored observation and command vehicles; carrier of weapons (machine guns, anti-tank rifles and mortars); ammunition transporter. On its basis, the self-propelled flamethrower Wasp (Wasp) was created .

flamethrower , made in Canada, was mounted on the
Universal Carrier
and was produced in two versions: Mk-I and Mk-II.
The modifications differed in the way the flamethrower was attached. The fire mixture was placed in a tank installed outside at the stern of the hull. The working pressure was created by compressed nitrogen or carbon dioxide, which was contained in 2 cylinders of 10 liters each. The vehicle was quite compact and fast, but weak armor protection and the lack of a roof made this self-propelled flamethrower very vulnerable. Its advantages
include maneuverability, small size and comparative cheapness.
There was a smoke exhaust device, which increased the vehicle’s chances of escape with impunity. Performance characteristics of the vehicle: length – 3.7 m; width – 2.1 m; height – 1.6 m; ground clearance - 203 mm; weight – 3.7 t; armor – 4-10 mm; engine type - V-shaped 8-cylinder carburetor liquid cooling "Ford"; engine power – 85 hp; specific power - 13.3 hp/t; speed on the highway – 48 km/h; Power reserve – 200 km; main weapon - Ronson flamethrower; tank capacity for fire mixture – 360 l; flame throwing range - up to 75 m, ammunition - 10-12 fire rounds; additional weapons - 7.71 mm Bran machine gun; ammunition - 2 thousand rounds; Wasp Mk II
self-propelled flamethrowers were first used in battle in July 1944 during the Allied landings in Normandy.
They were used primarily as infantry support weapons, while the Churchill-Crocodile flamethrower tanks operated in conjunction with tank units. The Osa flamethrower
proved to be an extremely effective weapon, exerting great psychological pressure on German soldiers.
During the Great Patriotic War, three Wasp Mk II
were transferred to the USSR under Lend-Lease.
The Wasp Mk II flamethrower unit
in the form of fragments was donated to the Central Museum of the Great Patriotic War by an employee of the search association, veteran of the Great Patriotic War V.B. Easy life in 1999. Restoration work was carried out in 2000 at the 38th Research Institute of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation (Kubinka).

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Appearance and Design

No one will argue that traditional atomizers designed for cigarette puffs are always small in size, and Wasp Nano MTL RTA 100% meets these requirements. We can immediately say that this atomizer is small in size, so it is perfect for stealth setups. The mounting diameter is 22 mm, so it will look great on most box mods designed specifically for such atomizers.

If we talk about the decor and decorations of the tank, they are absent - the tank looks strict and to some extent minimalistic. An important feature of the Wasp Nano MTL RTA is the use of plastic instead of traditional glass. Moreover, not only the tank itself is made from it, but also the evaporation chamber, which is also translucent, making the tank look original and non-standard. It is worth saying that using plastic rather than glass has another advantage - if it falls, the likelihood that it will break is minimal.

The tank volume deserves special attention. With standard glass installed, it is only 1.2 ml, which is not much even by MTL standards, but you can always install a complete bubble glass with a volume of 2 ml - practically the standard for cigarette bottles.

Design Features

The design of Wasp Nano RDTA almost completely copies that of the drip device of the same name. However, this time the color palette of the device was not limited to just one option. The user has three possible colors and materials to choose from. In terms of dimensions, the device measures a modest 31.1mm in height and an old-school 22mm in diameter. The Wasp Nano RDTA holds only 2 ml of liquid, which is not surprising for its size.

Compared to the first "Wasp", our new product today has not changed much in its design. Wasp Nano RDTA has side airflow, adjustable by rotating the upper dome.

It is possible to quite accurately adjust the tightening of almost any tightness. As before, the spiral will be blown through two holes in the racks located opposite each other.

Due to the materials used in the manufacture of the device, the tank drip does not really need a removable drip type. However, the manufacturer has added the ability to install any 510 drip types directly into the dome itself.

The filling system in Wasp Nano RDTA is implemented in an extremely interesting way. There is no separate filling hole here and the liquid will need to be poured directly into the grooves for laying the cotton wool. The grooves themselves are of an impressive size and can be closed (or opened for refilling) using a special valve.

In terms of its design, Wasp Nano RDTA is a very simple and uncomplicated device. While other tank drips have as many “chips” as possible, the Oumier company takes a slightly different path. And this, in any case, is not bad.


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Today's First Look is dedicated to a new device from the Oumier company - the Wasp Nano RDTA.

The Chinese company Oumier, although to some extent a newcomer to the vaping market, can already boast of a couple of good devices that have gained some popularity among users. One of such devices can be called the recently released single-coil Wasp Nano RDA. This drip device, unlike other similar devices, could boast a rather unusual design and decent taste. Today we will get acquainted with the logical continuation of the famous “Wasp”, but in the RDTA format. Meet Oumier Wasp Nano RDTA.

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