Survival knife with flint and sharpener Ganzo G8012, green

A survival knife should do exactly what it says in its name—help you survive. This is a tool with dozens, if not hundreds of different functions

A survival knife should do exactly what it says in its name—help you survive. This is a tool with dozens, if not hundreds of different functions. You can use it to cut, dig, chop wood and nuts, defend yourself, provide first aid, cook, pitch a tent, make a fire, hunt, or give signals. Below we have listed the 6 most important characteristics of a quality survival knife.


Size certainly matters, but when it comes to survival knives, bigger is not better. If the blade is too large, then the ability to use the knife for delicate, painstaking work is reduced. On the other hand, a blade that is too small will make it difficult to perform larger tasks like buttoning or planing.

Batoning, or splitting firewood, occurs as follows: you drive the knife into the log from above with something heavy, and then, holding the handle, continue to hit the tip sticking out from the side.

The ideal knife size is approximately 25 centimeters. The Blackbird SK-5 pictured below measures 25.4 centimeters in length, with a blade measuring just under 13 centimeters.

Testing the Ganzo G8012 knife

A thick spine prevents normal cutting of food. And the structural features of the blade are unsuitable for jabbing strikes. The tip of the blade is massive - it is not difficult to pick a hole with it. You shouldn't be afraid of a break. As already noted, the product does not arrive to all customers sharp. We were lucky - razor sharp, shredding the newspaper.

Field tests

It was decided to start testing the strength by planing the pieces of wood. A dry stick of unknown origin yields to the blade with some difficulty. This should be related to the sharpening angle. At the beginning of the movement, it is difficult for the edge to catch on the material. And then cuts off even chips. Let's test further:

  1. We try to sharpen a freshly cut cherry with a diameter of 3-3.5 cm into a spear - the result and speed are much faster.
  2. There was no doubt about the quality of the felling; the trunk of a small bush with a diameter of 4 cm gave way on the fourth blow. The result is excellent.
  3. We didn’t have time to experience the chopping abilities. The problem is more serious - dry pine. Chips fly in all directions, the Ganzo knife behaves like a hatchet.
  4. It is difficult to scratch the wood with the tip of the blade. It is not at all suited for piercing blows - it is definitely not a cold one. But digging out the hole turned out well.
  5. The tin can opens simply and effortlessly. The tip and cutting edge have not undergone any changes. No complaints.

The protective layer is not the main thing in the blade.
During the inspection, the anti-reflective coating was scratched. It also additionally helps the metal with anti-corrosion resistance. There are no more complaints.

Product cutting

It should be understood that the Ganzo G8012 knife is intended for survival. Having a thick spine and the wedge being reduced to ¾ of the blade, there will be no perfect cutting. In emergency conditions, believe me, there is no time for an even sausage. Let's start the test:

  1. We try to cut the bread, there is enough spiciness, the pieces come out quite good.
  2. With sausage and cheese it’s more difficult. You need to get used to it, getting it in the right position; the pieces are not even, but edible.
  3. We cut the frozen chicken; the blade does not want to penetrate its body with its tip. Having pierced the carcass with great effort, the cutting moved.
  4. Cuts bones and tendons well.
  5. Peeling vegetables is difficult. Doesn't want to pick up the skin on onions and potatoes. There was some trouble with the onion, we cleaned it with our hands.

Immediately my appetite woke up.
But cutting it into pieces is really no problem. The large cutting edge angle prevents the surface from snagging during lateral movement. As soon as the blade stands perpendicular, the problems disappear.

Fixed blade

A knife with a fixed blade is much more reliable and durable than a folding knife. For some simple everyday operations, a folding knife may even be more convenient, but when it comes to truly serious survival situations, the blade of your knife must be securely locked.

A connection of any kind is a potential weak point. So to reduce the risk of breaking your key survival tool, choose a knife better suited for chopping, chopping and rough slicing.

Stunning selection of branded knives

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Surface-mounted handle

This means that both the blade and the tang must be made of a single, continuous piece of metal. Trimming the tang is usually done to make the handle more comfortable and lighter, but a knife with a full tang looks much stronger, more reliable and more substantial than its trimmed counterparts.

Over time, the cut shank may begin to “walk” inside the handle, especially after operations such as chopping wood. If somehow the handle itself breaks, then using such a knife will be much more difficult and dangerous.

While a knife with a full tang will simply need to be wrapped with rope for effective use. In a word, a solid and single piece of metal is one big advantage. It is quite easy to identify such a knife - in most of them the belly of the handle looks like a sandwich with a layer of metal in the middle.

Survival knife Böker Apparo

Many thanks to comrade mistwalker for this review! I just couldn’t pass by and not prepare it for you. First person review.

A couple of years ago at the BladeShow in Georgia (Atlanta) I met Newton Martin. At that time, survival knives were the most interesting topic for me, so I went straight to his table. They cracked for life, for steel and their combinations. We agreed that I would somehow take one of his knives for testing. A little later I saw the Apparo designed by Martin on the cover of Tactical Knives Magazine.

They released a Böker knife, which, I must admit, intrigued me.

The price is right, I want a knife, I have the money. Briefly speaking…

This is the “baby”. Very tightly assembled. Comfortable heavy guard. Manufactured by Böker (Plus series).

The blade is made of 440C steel. I think that fans of knives and knife related topics do not need to be explained about this steel. For the rest, I will only say that bearings and parts of pipeline fittings are made from 440C steel (high carbon content, hence the C marking).

On the butt there is a very unusual, in my opinion, saw.

The handle is wrapped with a thin cord. It's hollow inside.

The lid has an O-ring that prevents moisture from penetrating into the inner container.

A pleasant surprise is the compass inside the lid.

Personally, I still have room. I haven't figured out what to put there yet. I think about taking out the matches and putting in the flint. Then there will be even more space.

In the meantime, inside the knife I have NATO matches in a tube and water purification tablets.

Bamboo cutting

The knife did a very good job of cutting and even sawing bamboo. Pay attention to how even the cuts are.

The saw performed surprisingly well. By the way, it is very easy to clean.

Small young sticks also did not pose a serious challenge.


It is quite unusual to see a saw on a knife, the design of which is different from a conventional serrated blade. With Böker Apparo copes very well with both dry and “green” wood. Moreover, the saw on dry wood also cleans itself.

When working with a knife on the green edge, pieces of wood remain on the saw, but...

...they are easily brushed off the knife.

The fine workmanship is also excellent.


A traditional job for a fixed-winger is lifting sewer manhole covers. There was no lid - I had to pick at the board.

Confidently tears out entire pieces of woody flesh.

And the tip was not damaged in any way. Which is good news.

Excalibur or fracture test

I drove the charge into Pugo’s carcass and my Böker Apparo knife, like a sword into a piece of wood.

And I tried to break it. The knife didn't break. But the piece of wood crunched and fell apart.

This way you can get yourself not only worms, but also beetles. Bear Grylls, hello


I decided to give the knife a bath. And what do you think? I kept it in cold water for 15 minutes.

An air bubble has appeared in the compass button.

But the rest of the contents of the handle were not damaged.

Not a drop of moisture inside.

Dry and comfortable.

Wood cutting

I decided to prepare some firewood.

It chops great. The only thing that upset me was the cord on the handle. It rotates a little when swinging and hitting wood. But it doesn’t slip, which is generally very good.

The wood did not leave any serious damage on the blade.

And still no major problems.

Kindling shavings

The knife copes with this task perfectly. The handle is comfortable and does not wrinkle.

Rock it!

Let's hammer on the hard wood a little more.

And, as you can see, there are no shifts in the position of the blade. It stands straight and dead.


The wood was chopped. Now we will stab.

At least spread some caviar on it. Like through butter.

Small scratches appeared on the blade.

In bright sunshine you can see small bright dots.

But still no deformation. RK is very suitable for use.


I've been using knives like these for years. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. I can confidently recommend the Böker Apparo survival knife. It's worth the money. And it should be on the belt of everyone who actively walks in the forest. Speaking of the belt. Here is the scabbard:

Archived article. via []

Spear Blade

The point should be sharp. It seems obvious and sounds like a tautology, but there are “survival knives” with angular, rounded, curved or blunt points. There are many reasons why your knife should have a spear-shaped blade. Firstly, this is important in case of self-defense from an animal or from a person. All knives that are not sharpened at the end reduce the possibility of using it as a weapon, especially when there is a thick layer of fur or clothing.

A knife with a spear-shaped blade can also be used as a hunting tool - either on its own or when tied to a long stick and turned into a full-fledged spear. In the second case, it would not be a bad idea to have a hexagon in the sheath to unscrew the handle and make the spear more convenient.

A spear-shaped blade is much more convenient for cleaning small objects such as pine or walnuts, acorns, cleaning fish, drilling and making holes, mending clothing and equipment, and making bait.

Ganzo knife user reviews

To use flint, there is a special recess on the blade. When testing the products, we tried to light pine shavings after cutting, but it didn’t work. I had to resort to using a piece of cotton wool; it caught a spark. This must be taken into account. People's opinions are mostly positive:

Mikhail, 26 years old, Moscow: “I got a knife. The parcel arrived quite quickly. The knife is coated with some kind of oily liquid, providing additional protection against corrosion. There is no flint! I was ready for this. Even on YouTube the video talks about this - the Chinese don’t hear. Fits my big hands perfectly. Happy with the purchase."

Yuri, 33 years old, Novotroitsk: “On the advice of a friend, I ordered a knife from the Chinese. Reliable with a thick blade. Made monolithically, it looks solid. Breakable and heavy, can cut thick branches, razor sharpening out of the box. Stainless steel grade 7Cr17Mov. Let’s check whether it matches the advertisement or not.”

Maxim, 25 years old, Bryansk: “The choice of this model was conscious. There are plenty of descriptions, testimonials and reviews on the Internet. Arrived in Bryansk in 18 days. Cost 1,700 rubles. For the money it’s a good power knife, it chops, cuts, it’s easy to edit, the handle is comfortable, collapsible. I'm happy with everything. I recommend it for purchase. There is no flint, but I knew about it in advance.”

In user reviews, we often hear about shortages in the package sent. It’s the flint that’s missing, but we couldn’t find out what was wrong. The gentlemen from Ganzo should pay more attention to reviews and work with users.

Blade with one-sided sharpening and straight bevels

Your knife should not have a double-edged dagger blade - its capabilities are completely unnecessary for most, if not all, survival tasks. Moreover, such a blade design can be harmful. Straight slopes are great for cutting bark for starting a fire. A rounded or beveled butt makes such an operation almost impossible. Just like when you split firewood with a knife or cut brushwood, a sharpened butt will become a big hindrance for you in this matter.

Solid and smooth end of the handle

The end of the handle is often used as a hammer or for crushing. For example, it is convenient for them to hammer in tent pegs, or to make an ice hole during winter fishing by hitting it with a stick and thus driving a knife into the ice. Some knives have a rounded or curved end, which eliminates the crushing function. Therefore, having a straight and durable end, your knife will only expand its functionality.

The 6 criteria above should help you choose a survival knife. Everything else is a matter of taste. Some people tend to liken a survival knife to a magic wand, but we should not forget that the most important thing is the skill of the wizard.

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