Turret Japanese Germans. 7.92 mm machine guns - army type 98 (te-5) and naval type 1

An excerpt characterizing the Aviation Machine Gun

- What, my lord? It must be now. You that? The hussar lieutenant colonel grinned into his mustache in the tone of the orderly, got off his horse, gave it to the messenger and approached Bolkonsky, bowing slightly to him. Bolkonsky stood aside on the bench. The hussar lieutenant colonel sat down next to him. – Are you also waiting for the commander-in-chief? - the hussar lieutenant colonel spoke. – Govog’yat, it’s accessible to everyone, thank God. There’s a problem with sausage makers! Nedag Egmolov joined the Germans. Now, maybe it will be possible to talk in G'ussian. Otherwise they don't know what they were doing. Everyone retreated, everyone retreated. Have you done the hike? - he asked. “I had the pleasure,” answered Prince Andrei, “not only to participate in the retreat, but also to lose in this retreat everything that was dear to me, not to mention the estates and home... of my father, who died of grief.” I am from Smolensk. - Eh?.. Are you Prince Bolkonsky? It would be great to meet you: Lieutenant Colonel Denisov, better known as Vaska,” said Denisov, shaking Prince Andrei’s hand and peering into Bolkonsky’s face with especially kind attention. “Yes, I heard,” he said with sympathy and, after a short silence, continued: “Here comes the Scythian war.” This is all hog'osho, but not for those who take the rap on their own sides. Are you Prince Andgey Bolkonsky? – He shook his head. “It’s very nice, prince, it’s very nice to meet you,” he added again with a sad smile, shaking his hand. Prince Andrei knew Denisov from Natasha's stories about her first groom. This memory, both sweet and painful, now transported him to those painful sensations that he had not thought about for a long time, but which were still in his soul. Recently, so many other and such serious impressions as leaving Smolensk, his arrival in Bald Mountains, the recent death of his father - so many sensations were experienced by him that these memories had not come to him for a long time and, when they did, had no effect on him. him with the same strength. And for Denisov, the series of memories that Bolkonsky’s name evoked was a distant, poetic past, when, after dinner and Natasha’s singing, he, without knowing how, proposed to a fifteen-year-old girl. He smiled at the memories of that time and his love for Natasha and immediately moved on to what was now passionately and exclusively occupying him. This was the campaign plan he came up with while serving in the outposts during the retreat. He presented this plan to Barclay de Tolly and now intended to present it to Kutuzov. The plan was based on the fact that the French line of operations was too extended and that instead of, or at the same time, acting from the front, blocking the way for the French, it was necessary to act on their messages. He began to explain his plan to Prince Andrei.


  1. Machine gun // Great Soviet Encyclopedia: [in 30 volumes] / ch. ed. A. M. Prokhorov. — 3rd ed. - M.: Soviet Encyclopedia, 1969-1978.

Design Armor shield · Magazine · Cartridge strip · Cartridge box (box for tape) · Muzzle brake · Sight · Barrel · Bipod · Machine tool · Turret · Machine gun nest · Machine gun crew
ClassificationTank · Aviation Ship · Armored personnel carrier · Casemate Curved-barreled · Large-caliber · Multi-barreled · Anti-aircraft machine gun · Twin mount · Quad mount

Pistols · Shotguns · Rifles · Machine guns

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